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1 – An Olympic tale

Authors Note,

This story was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. All characters in the story are created by myself and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

I’d love to hear your feedback, I have more parts planned so if you enjoy it and want to read more then please let me know.

Chapter 1 – Selection.

The phone rang on Demi’s desk shattering her out of her day dream, she reached down and answered it.

“I don’t know how you did it, but you made it through! You got selected,” the voice on the end of the phone said without even a greeting.

Demi’s knew what the voice meant and her heart leapt, this was the call she’d been waiting for, she’d succeeded she’d been selected for the Olympic Swimming team and she would get to defend her gold medal. The voice on the phone was her coach, Tara, a woman who’d been training her since she first joined the swimming team so many years ago.

“You realise that you were probably only selected because of your Gold medal don’t you,” Tara said.

Demi smiled, Tara was always hard on her, even the day she’d won the Gold Medal she had given her a brief smile before telling her to enjoy it because they’d be back in the pool training the next day.

Demi made a “mmhmm,” noise just to show Tara that she was paying attention.

“Good, cause your times have been slipping young lady and we need to get you back up the peak that you had in the last Olympics.”

“Yes coach,” she said with her mind wandering. She knew she hadn’t been hitting her previous times, and she knew with the young athletes coming through, especially the American star Amber she’d beaten her for gold and Amber had taken it very personally, especially in a later race when Amber had been disqualified for for doping.

Her coach continued to berate her for a few more minutes, then suddenly she said a quick good bye and then hung up. Obviously Tara felt that she’d said what needed to be said. Demi smiled and placed her phone on her desk. She could tell her coach was happy, she knew Tara well enough to be able to see through her abuse. “So I’ve made the team” she thought in disbelief. She couldn’t quite believe she’d done it. “I’ll have to make this opportunity count.”

Demi opened up the email program on her reception desk computer with the intention of writing an email to her manager explaining that she would need time off for training.

She got as far as the first line when the phone rang, it was an internal call and Demi wondered if she was about to be told off for using her mobile phone in work.

“Demi,” the CEO of the company voice said to her, he sounded happy, this was a good start. “I’ve just been told that you’ve been selected for the Olympic Swimming Team, why didn’t you tell us?”

“Er.. to be honest sir, I only just found out myself,” she said.

“Well this is great news, I hope that you know that R.M.E. will give you all the support you need, time off, transport, anything,” he said eagerly.

“That’s very kind sir,” Demi said happily.

“Excellent, and are you represented by any one yet Demi?”

“Represented sir?” Demi asked.

“Yes it terms of your media appearances and all that sort of stuff,” the CEO said.

“Well I wasn’t sure I needed anything like that,” Demi said trying to decline politely.

“Nonsense Demi, this is the modern world, PR is as important to an athlete as it is to a reality TV star. You play this right and you’ll be able to make a proper career for yourself,” the CEO added.

“I’ve got a proper career sir,” Demi said politely.

“Well we can give you a better career that working the reception desk Demi, we’ll make you a house hold name for years to come. So do you agree?”

Demi paused and bit her lip, “I’m not sure sir,” she said quietly.

“Well are you already represented?” he asked.

“Well no sir, but…”

“Excellent, I’ll send Jarvis down with the contract, Of course any chance you have to mention R.M.E. won’t be forgotten,” he added.

Demi sighed, she’d forgotten about the press, no doubt she’d have to pose for pictures just like she had after she’d won the gold first time around. Probably in gold tasteless clothes again.

The CEO continued, “Well I knew that you’d want to announce your section so I’ve arranged for the local paper to come and take your picture. They said they’d arrive in the next hour or two. I’ve arranged cover for you so you can run home and pick up whatever you need for the photographs.”

Here it was, the whirlwind of publicity, the hype, all seemingly designed to distract her from training. It had been bad enough for her last time and this time it seemed like it would be worse. She’d heard about the fuss made of gold medallists. Some athletes loved the attention and some hated it. She was definitely the latter.

“Oh one more thing, the paper asked if you had anything gold to wear,” the CEO added.


Chapter bahis siteleri 2 – Distractions

With the Olympic only a six months away instead of being in a swimming pool training Demi found herself in another photography studio changing into another ridiculous Gold outfit. She’d started off appearing on TV, she’d hated that. R.M.E. had said she’d come across shy, and she would have to work on sounding more confident. Demi had tried to argue that she didn’t want to be on TV anyway but they didn’t listen. Thankfully the TV appearances petered out and she was just doing the occasional TV advert and then they stopped. She’d been happy at this point, convinced that R.M.E. would let her concentrate on training, that is when the magazine shoots had started.

Every photo session turned out to be a battle of wills, time and time some sleazy photographer would dress her in a slutty shiny gold outfit and then try and convince her to reveal more and more to the camera. She detested it, sure she got money from the sessions, but she’d already had enough to live on. She needed to be training, not posing.

Demi’s boyfriend, Chris on the other hand seemed to love it. She’d been dating Chris since she’d been in school with him. He would collect every one of the magazines she appeared in. He’d buy two copies of each magazine, one to keep untouched, the other to cut out all of the pictures and put them in a scrap book. Demi couldn’t bring herself to even look at the pictures. She thought she looked disgusting. Why couldn’t people just let her swim?

“Are you ready?” came the impatient voice from outside the small changing room, well changing room was too good a description for the room, small toilet would have been a more accurate. Demi looked up at the lady who was doing her make up.

The makeup lady nodded, gave her a pitying look and then rubbed a hand on her shoulder in support.

Demi took a big deep breath and then with the Olympic Gold Medal around her neck she stood shakily in the thigh high gold shiny boots and gave herself one last look in the mirror.

She’d been given a pair of low waist gold shorts, and a matching halter neck bikini top, which tied together behind her back and had a zip down the front. To finish the outfit off she’d been provided with a pair of gold thigh high boots which were at least one size too small for her. Thankfully she’d been given a pair of long black socks under the boots, but that was the only item of underclothing she’d been allowed to wear.

With a large sigh she gathered her strength together and stepped into the studio ready to do battle.


Dennis looked at the back of his camera, he’d put a little sticker with the models name on it, he could never remember their names.

He’d never heard of this girl before, apparently she’d won a gold medal for swimming. She looked a little busty to be any sort of Olympic athlete but he wasn’t going to argue with the pay cheque.

This girl had a great body and an ok face, but she was shy and it showed in the photographs. She was making him work really hard to get any decent pictures. “Why is she wasting my time if she doesn’t want to be here?” he thought. He had a waiting list of girls that wanted to work with him and here was this ungrateful bitch using up his studio time.

“Lie back on that sofa Demi,” he said as calmly as possible. “Yes on your back, just like that.”

He watched as the blonde obeyed his orders slowly. He’d teach her a thing or two about wasting his time.

“Ok, now pull down the zipper on the front of that top, don’t worry it won’t undo, it’s properly fixed.”

When the busty blonde had complied and her sizable floppy tits had separated and formed a deep cleavage he took a couple of pictures and then he set to work properly.

“Now lift up your right leg up high into the air, show the readers how flexible you are.”

As the blonde complied Dennis watched as the tight gold lame material stretched out over the athletes cunt. The outlines of her pussy lips were clearly visable. He began snapping away furiously.

“Are you sure this looks ok?” the athlete asked nervously.

“Actually you’ve got a bit of camel toe there….. Demi, could you pull the waist band of your shorts up a bit.” Dennis asked cheekily.

The blonde did as she was instructed and she pulled the shorts up, they started to pull up causing them to ride up into her cunt, causing the fabric of the shorts between her legs to become a narrow strip.

“That is excellent, can you pull any further?” Dennis asked snapping away making sure to get the athlete’s face and medal in the photograph along with her barely concealed cunt.

The blonde athlete pulled harder and then winced.

“It’s kind of uncomfortable,” she said, “are you sure it looks ok? I am fully covered aren’t I?” she asked.

Dennis smiled as kindly as he could, “just a bit further please,” he asked.

The blonde athlete did as she was told and pulled the golden canlı bahis siteleri shorts further up into her cunt. Her bald pussy lips were now visible either side of the tiny strip of gold fabric.

“That’s great… Demi, now if you could put both legs in the air and lift your butt up that would be good and then we’ll be spent.” Dennis promised.

The completely naive blonde pulled her legs up high into the air and lifted her bottom up, now he could almost see the athletes asshole as well.

“Whoops, I can see a little bit too much there, could you pull the shorts to the right a bit and make yourself decent,” Dennis tried hard to hide his excitement.

The posing athlete did as she was told pulling the gold shorts shorts to her right. In one move Demi, wearing her Gold Medal exposed her cunt and asshole to the manipulative photographer.

The sound of the rapid fire camera echoed around the room as Dennis got his money shot.


“I don’t get it, I just don’t get it,” Amber said flinging the latest copy of Pro magazine across the room in disgust.

Amber’s trainer followed the discarded magazine with his eyes as it slapped against the wall of lockers and then slid to the floor.

“Why do they keep publishing articles and pictures about that big great fat has been, what has she got that I haven’t got? Why do they keep parading her round in Gold outfits, rubbing all of our noses in the fact that she won the Gold medal. How big an ego does that bitch have? Does she really think that appearing in every magazine is going to increase her chances of winning, or does she think that she’ll have some sort of career as a fat glamour model? I thought the British were supposed to be dignified and yet here she is parading herself around. It makes me so mad. That medal should have been mine,” Amber said without looking at her trainer once.

“Well you were discounted for drugs,” the trainer said quietly.

“Well that was a mistake, everyone knows that was a mistake, and I’m sorry, my ban has been overturned and now nothing can stop me winning that medal.” Amber ranted.

“Well you’ll have to actually beat Demi first,” the trainer pointed out.

“You and I both know that won’t be hard, we’ve both seen that training video of her, and we have her competitive times. The reason the GB committee haven’t run her in any of the competitions this year is they know she’s a has been. She’s only in the Olympic team so that she can defend her Gold Medal.”

“You know that’s not how it works Amber, someone obviously believes in her or she wouldn’t be on the British team. Plus she has one of the best trainers in the business,” the trainer commented.

“Well I have the best trainer in the business. But you are right, I think I’m going to give myself a bit of an advantage,” Amber said forming an evil smile.

“You aren’t going to do anything stupid are you?” the trainer said a worried tone in her voice.

Amber wasn’t listening she’d already flipped open her phone and was going through her numbers. She found the number she wanted and put the phone to her ear.

“Hi Liz,” Amber said and without for a reply she continued, “you know you said you were at that LA party the other week and met that Dean James dude, well did you get his number?”


Chapter 3 – A Handsome Stranger

“Come on Demi, you can do better than that,” Tara screamed at Demi from the edge of the Olympic Training pool. “Come on, where is that speed? Concentrate!”

Tara shook her head, Demi’s performance so far on the whole training had been way off, she was a shadow of her former self. Demi wasn’t even in the top ten of the UK swimming athletes let alone a contender to win the Gold medal. Last time Demi had been more focused, more driven and less distracted.

Tara had tried everything, she’d sent Demi’s boyfriend home, away from her. Getting rid of sex usually had a way of improving Demi’s performances. But it hadn’t worked. It had just made Demi even more like a lost sheep that was being guided around by other people. It was as if she had no desire to be competing.

All the photo shoots that Demi was doing weren’t helping either, they weren’t helping her concentration. They were also hyping her up as a gold medal contender which judging by her performance in the pool was going to lead to disappointment for everyone.

Tara had tried speaking to Demi, tried finding out what was wrong, but she hadn’t got far, it wasn’t her. She could do the demanding rough trainer but being a shoulder to cry on was not something she was comfortable with. She knew she had to try and do something or else this whole debacle would be the end of her and Demi’s careers.

Demi was starting to climb out of the pool, she was looking around the room completely unfocused. “Maybe it’s time to get the boyfriend back,” Tara found herself thinking.

“Excuse me are you Tara?” an American voice said politely from behind her.

Tara turned and looked at the owner of canlı bahis the voice. He was a clean, cute, fresh faced man in his mid twenties. He was slightly taller than Tara, he had tidy dark hair and a chiselled jaw. He was wearing tight blue jeans with a smart shirt and a suit jacket over the top. Despite the heat in the Olympic pool he didn’t seem to be sweating.

“Yes, that’s me,” Tara said realising she was gawping at him.

The man smiled kindly, he was obviously used to women checking him out and gave Tara a few seconds to recover before speaking.

“Hi there, I’m Deen James,” he said as he held out his hand.

Tara shook it and looked into Deen’s eyes, they were smiling. “Deen, can I help you.”

“Well yeah, I was wondering if you could tell me where Miss Scott’s changing room is?” he said releasing her hand.

“May I ask why you want to know where her changing room is?” Tara said a bit defensively all of a sudden. “If you want an interview you should know you have to go through R.M.E,” Tara said thinking him to be a reporter.

Deen’s eyes suddenly looked past Tara and over her shoulder, his smile widened and his eyes opened fractionally as if in surprise then they narrowed slightly with the unmistakable look of attraction. Behind her Tara could hear wet feet approaching.

“No, it’s nothing like that,” Deen began and quickly tailed off his mind obviously elsewhere, Tara turned to see what he was looking at. Approaching and removing her swimming cap was Demi. At that moment Demi looked up and her eyes locked on to Deen, she smiled quickly and then looked down to the floor, her cheeks flushing.

Tara looked back at Deen. He was still smiling and he was checking out every inch of her in her skin tight swimming suit, “Ok so you like her, and she likes you, but who are you?” Tara asked herself wondering what was going on, would this Mr James be a threat or an asset?

“Aherm,” Tara said getting Deen’s attention back on her, “you were telling me who you were?” Tara said as she felt Demi move up next to her.

“Oh yes, sorry,” Deen said, “I’m here to do Demi’s Sports Massage,”

Tara looked confused, “What happened to Bryoni?” she asked.

“Oh, there was some scheduling conflicts and I got called up, I hope you don’t mind.” Deen said.

“Oh my,” Tara said, “Well it’s quite unusual to have a male sports masseur, but I guess it’s up to Demi.”

Both Tara and Deen turned to look at Demi waiting for an answer.

Instead of her normal reaction when put on the spot of flinching, blushing or looking down, Demi looked straight into Deen’s eyes and replied.

“That would be lovely.”


Demi smiled at James as they entered the small private changing room together, there was a table in the middle. Boy was he hot. Like really really hot. He was slightly shorter than her and she didn’t normally go for short guys, but he had such intensity about him. He had stubble and was wearing jeans and yet still looked smart and tidy. He was a really good looking man, but he also seemed nice, he wasn’t arrogant, she wasn’t used to that.

“Would you like me to step out whilst you shower and get ready?” Deen asked politely.

Demi looked at him wondering if he actually liked her, how would she be able to tell, what were the signs? It had been so long Demi wasn’t sure she’d be able to remember.

“It’s ok,” Demi said, “you’ll see most of me in a moment anyway, and I’m kind of used to stripping off in front of strangers now,” she said honestly.

“You are?” Deen asked with surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, I keep getting sent on all these stupid photo shoots by my agent.” Demi said turning her back to Deen and sliding the straps of her costume over her shoulders. “Sorry I should explain, I normally work for a PR company as a receptionist, and when they heard that I was going to be on the Olympic Swimming team they decided to make themselves my agents. Ever since then I’ve had to parade myself in front of photographers.”

“You enjoy it though right?” Deen said.

Demi looked over her shoulder, he was trying to concentrate on laying out his towels and lotions but obviously couldn’t stop looking at her. “Maybe he does like me,” she thought to herself.

“Are you kidding?” she replied, “No I hate it, it so isn’t me, I’ve never liked having my picture taken, and so many of the pictures just look gross.”

Demi carried on looking at Deen and his eyes met hers.

“Oh wow, I was told you were a proper media grabbing attention whore,” he said with a teasing laugh.

Demi was shocked for a moment,. She’d never been called a whore before! Deen obviously hadn’t meant it in a malicious way though, he’d smiled, so he was obviously joking.

“No, that isn’t me at all, I wish I hadn’t had to do any shoots at all.” Demi laughed relaxing slightly. she looked to the front and resumed pulling off the tight costume.

“You must have got some good outfits from it though,” Deen said.

“Well yeah next time I ever want to wear a gold shiny outfit I have a whole wardrobe full of stuff,” Demi said without looking back.

“Not a fan of gold clothes?” Deen asked still with playfulness in his voice.

“You could say that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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