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She had a huge presentation to work on. Her staff had pulled in long hours, but tonight it was just going to be her and the new Quality Manager going over each slide. Although she managed most of the people at this site, he reported up a different line of management and was brought in against her recommendation. And he knew it, too. She hadn’t met him yet and tonight was a big night – she wanted this presentation to be perfect. She also wanted control and so she arranged the meeting on her turf!

He was due to arrive at around 5:00 pm. She was going over her notes at the table in her office. She felt him there before she saw him. She looked up to see him and realized that her turf or not – there was going to be a problem with control. He oozed confidence, which she always found extremely attractive. His eyes reflected intelligence and curiosity. She was instantly attracted to this man. All right, she thought to herself, she can compose herself. She’s the consummate professional – this presentation is extremely important.

“Leeza?” He walked in, put his hand out to shake mine.

“Yes.” He had a warm firm handshake. “And you must be Glenn?” He smiled and it lit up his face. Concentrate, Leeza, concentrate.

“Let’s go to the conference room next door. That way we can use the computer set up if we need to,” Leeza said.

They walked in to the conference room. It was very comfortably furnished with settees, easy chairs, and coffee tables as well as the more conventional conference table and chairs. She watched him take in the room – owning it as he walked in. He waited for her to sit before he did and she admired the manners.

She sat and gave him his copy of the presentation to go through. His voice was deep, feral and, although soft, almost hypnotizing. He was articulate. They went through the presentation page by page and his input was surprisingly accurate and valuable. She found that his ideas were creative and that he did, in fact, know his business. She felt his proximity, smelled his very masculine scent, and absorbed his presence. His hands, oh God, his hands were wonderful. He was pointing something out during the presentation and he was using his hands. She forgot her spot – she forgot everything just from imagining his hands on her. She MUST put herself together. Her arousal was overwhelming her. She had to get through this. She couldn’t tell if he noticed.

She got up to finally practice the presentation at the front of the room using him as her audience. His eye contact was piercing. After a few minutes, he got up and slowly walked towards her almost kaçak iddaa trapping her against the wall. He did not touch her but he was less than an inch away from her at any given point. He looked at her in her eyes, deep inside her. “What is that you want, Leeza?”

She should have been afraid of him invading her space or something. Instead, her arousal was palpable. Her nipples were poking through her bra and she almost ached for that one-inch between them would lessen. Her mouth was dry and she found herself licking her lips. He looked at her doing that, it was the only time his gaze left hers. “Tell me, Leeza. What do you want?”

She was trying to find her words. Words were always her friend – she was never at a loss for them. Even all her essays in school were marked ‘wordy’. But now – feeling this man’s power so close to her – now she couldn’t find any. She stared at his lips wanting to taste him. She looked in his eyes again hoping he would read in to it her want. He still stared, unmoving. He wasn’t going to make this easy for her.

“Leeza….” He said.

All thoughts of professionalism left her body. All she wanted was him. To be taken by him.

“Take me,” she said. “Right here, right now. That’s what I want.” She didn’t even know what she was asking.

His eyes smiled before it reached his lips. Before she knew it though his mouth was on hers – taking. She responded to him with everything she had. Up until that point, his mouth was the only part of him that was touching her. She didn’t even know what to do with her hands. As if reading her mind, he lifted them over her head, pushed his knee between her legs and pushed upwards right to that spot that has been throbbing since she saw him, and held her hands tightly over her head.

She never felt like this. Why was it that a simple act of having your hands trapped over her head made it feel like she was surrendering herself to him? His kiss became more powerful and possessive. He released her mouth and whispered, “Is THIS what you want, Leeza?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned. “Yesssss. More please.”

“Yes, always more,” he said with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

She didn’t care. She just wanted it not to end. How long has it been? A while since she’s been with a man – never with someone like him though. His thigh moved firmly in to her most sensitive area.

“Keep your hands up here. Do you understand?” He asked looking in to her eyes. She nodded – again without words. He bent his mouth and through her blouse ever so softly took her nipple in his mouth. Hearing her gasp in pleasure, he took the kaçak bahis other one. She was writhing on his knee, pushing down in to it. The light touch to her nipples made her ache for more – more – more of his mouth, his touch, his everything.

“Harderrrrr, please,” she begged. “Suck them harder!”

He rewarded her and sucked the left nipple deep in his mouth –through her blouse. She struggled to keep her arms over her head. She struggled to stand, yet his thigh kept moving around sending her closer and closer to ecstasy, keeping her upright and climbing. She wanted the build to wash over her body – waited for it, knowing it was soon. As if he knew her body better than she did, he wasn’t allowing it; he kept her right at that edge. She was a big bundle of edgy nerves only thinking of that one climax that was just out of reach.

He unbuttoned one pearl button at a time kissing down her chest as he did so keeping that thigh doing magical things never letting her slip from that edge. He took her hands down long enough to remove the blouse and he unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was too wrapped up in her pleasure to care that she was in the conference room in just her lingerie.

She went to unbutton his shirt and he took her hands and said, “Keep them behind your back.” But he did remove it himself, revealing a broad chest with just the right amount of hair. Then he removed his knee from her and she felt immediately empty. He undid his pants revealing a very aroused cock under burgundy silk boxer shorts. She couldn’t help but stare and want. God did she want. No – she needed… she craved…she HAD to have him.

He took one of her hands from behind her back up to his face. And while staring in to her eyes, sucked one finger at a time while she was feeling that climb again. His tongue went to her palm and he licked it sending her higher still. Who would have known that such a spot have a direct wire directly to her pussy? He continued for a moment staring in her eyes noticing the sheer surprise at the discovery of new spots. He took her hand and put it down first to feel the bulge in his shorts and she grabbed on to it. His hand over hers stroking up and down – still staring in to each other’s eyes.

She wanted him inside, she felt empty waiting for what he could give her. He then took her hand to her own sheer panties and moved them to the side. He took her finger and moved it from the top of her pussy down over her clit and farther. “Ohhhhhhhh GODD!” she gasped.

“You like touching yourself for me, don’t you, Leeza? I like it – you’re so wet for illegal bahis me, aren’t you? You’re hungry for me, aren’t you?” His questions were sending her higher and his fingers holding hers were unreal.

“Yes..hungry…wet, need you… please….” She couldn’t even form a sentence.

“Show me how hungry then, Leeza. Suck it!”

He took her head and pushed her down. She kneeled willingly and removed his boxers. His fingers in her hair, he urged her forward as she first licked his balls then up his shaft. He was so hard, thick. She licked around the rim, then took him deep in her mouth. Hearing his low gasp made her want even more. She took him deep loving how he filled her mouth. His hands kept moving her head down, down, deeper.

“Deeper, Leeza, take me deeper.” And she did, she was gagging and still couldn’t get enough. Still he didn’t stop. “Swirl your tongue, Leeza.” Hearing his instructions were sending her even further in to that place of ecstasy. She never before came from sucking a man and she felt that close. Sucking and taking him farther and deeper, gagging, swirling her tongue, she heard him moan. She was also almost there.

Moaning in to his cock, letting him feel those vibrations. He pulled her up, not letting her finish what she started, and again stopping the elusive orgasm that he’s controlled the whole time. He removed her sheer panties in one swift movement and unhooked her bra letting it fall as well. He pushed her back against the wall and pushed his very hard throbbing cock against her. “Is this what you want, Leeza?”

“Yesssss, hurry, put it inside me!” she cried.

He bent down and sucked her right nipple hard – taking it in – sending the wire of pleasure to her pussy. Never had she been on the edge for this long. Then at the same time her nipple was knowing the best pleasure of its life, he moved her back on the conference room table and thrust deep inside her. She was so wet and couldn’t stop the climax even if she wanted to. She started to come immediately and it seemed to come from her toes on up and the roots of her hair on down. Her contractions sucked him in deeper and when he began to thrust in and out she thought she would die from pleasure. Each orgasm fed the next, never letting her body stop shuddering. She squeezed him and when he stared deep in to her eyes and saw him finally releasing control, she came again. Hearing his deep growl was the nicest sound she’s ever heard.

After a while he got off her and came out leaving her empty. And standing there, totally glorious in his nudity, dressed her slowly saying nothing. He then dressed himself and put together her papers, telling her she was going to do very well in her presentation and walked out. She couldn’t even find words to say goodbye, but she knew that he would be back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32