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Adrienne groaned in frustration. The professor walked through the classroom passing out the rest of the tests. The big, red, 52/100 mark glared up at her from the paper on the desk. Another F. With only two more weeks until finals, there was no way that Adrienne would be ready to pass the big exam in her grammar class. Maybe she should just drop it and switch her major, that way she wouldn’t have to take this stupid class. But she wanted to be a journalist so badly. Why did the school have to require so many stupid classes??

She flipped the first page of the test over, scanning over her many errors. Who cared what the predicate nominative was, anyways? Certainly someone could read a newspaper article and learn something new without the reporter knowing which word was the object of the preposition. Apparently the University didn’t see it like that, though, and if Adrienne didn’t make it through this class with a C or higher she wouldn’t be graduating for an extra year. She felt like ripping the test up, and thought she might just do that as soon as class was over. She flipped to the third page and sighed. At the bottom was a scribbled from her teacher.

“See me after class,” it said.

Professor Johnson wasn’t exactly a favorite teacher among the students. He didn’t have any special tricks to make going to class fun, and this was definitely the least fun you could have in class, even counting math. Ogling him was the only reason half of the women, and a few of the men, attended class. Adam Johnson was, for lack of words, hot. His long dark hair was always pulled into a ponytail at the back of his head, and Adrienne had heard girls whispering about what it must feel like to run their hands through it. His face was large, with chiseled features, a handsome nose and perfect red mouth. When he talked it was impossible not to look at those lips moving. His shoulders were large. It was hard to make out his chest from underneath his cotton shirts, but the snug fitting pants the shirts tucked in to left a good impression of a small waist, tight buttocks, and muscular legs.

After an interminable lecture on the use and placement of gerunds, during which Adrienne amused herself by watching his lips move seductively, Professor Johnson excused the class and began to gather the papers at his desk.

Adrienne put her books inside her backpack, along with the despised test, and walked up to the front of the room.

“Ah-hem,” she said, standing behind the teacher.

“Ah, Miss Courtalaine,” Professor Johnson smiled warmly while his eyes roamed up and down Adrienne’s body. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been doing very well on your tests. They aren’t very important in the long run, not worth much of the grade, and I’ll be dropping the lowest score. I was thinking maybe you could benefit from some extra study time.”

Adrienne flushed, color rushing to her cheeks as she furiously blinked back her embarrassment.

“It’s not that I don’t study, sir,” she said curtly, “Sometimes I just find it so hard to understand what the book is talking about. I don’t know the difference between subordinating conjunctions and correlative conjunctions. I think that if I could just sit down with someone and have that person explain the concepts to me, then I could at least pass the tests. But just reading about it isn’t doing enough.”

“Well,” said the professor, “Maybe we could work something out. There are tutors available between noon and two o’clock on Thursdays, do you think going over to them might help?”

“I have class,” she muttered. “Plus I’m afraid that two sessions aren’t going to help me too much.”

“Hmm…that does make it a little more difficult…Well, Miss Courtalaine, maybe we could work something out. Are you free after four o’clock?”

“My last class ends at three thirty.”

“My office hours end at three forty-five, but I could open my services up to you after that, before my five o’clock class, to help you study, if you would like.”

Adrienne’s eyes lit up. Spend time alone with this professor? She would love to!

“That would be wonderful, sir!” she exclaimed. “Thank you so much!”

After flashing him a beaming smile, Adrienne turned and walked out of the classroom as though floating on a cloud. This was going to be great!!


“Alone with Adam Johnson? Just the two of you? Oh my god Adrienne you are so lucky!” Adrienne’s friend Carly jumped up and down in her seat with excitement. “Do you think you two will get it on?”

Adrienne gave Carly a friendly shove from across the table. The dim bar was filling up rapidly. The club was the closest bar to the university and it was busy, even for a Saturday night. Groups of students sat around tables laughing with each other as one person or another told drunken jokes about blondes walking in to bars with hilarious consequences. Music blared over the shouting throng of students, and through all of this Adrienne and Carly strained to hear each other from the opposite sides of a table.

“How can you say such a thing?” she güvenilir bahis asked. “We’re going to be talking about, uhgh, grammar. Can you think of anything that’s less of a turn on?”

“You’re going to be alone in that man’s office and thinking about grammar? Puh-leeze, you’re only human! I bet verbs are the furthest thing from your mind.” Carly gave a tipsy hiccup.

The two girls giggled.

“We’re going to start meeting Monday,” Adrienne took another long drink of her long island iced tea. “I feel like I’m going on a first date. Do you think I should dress up to meet the professor?”

“Oh my god, yes! You should wear that black dress you bought last weekend.” The dress in question was a tiny, flimsy bit of fabric hanging off of two spaghetti strings. There was such little fabric to it that it could hardly be called a dress. When Adrienne had tried it on, she’d had to pull it down to keep her thighs modestly covered, and had purchased it exclusively for parties.

“I couldn’t wear that, it’s practically lingerie, for god’s sake!” Adrienne shook her head uncertainly and watched the ice clink around in her glass.

“Honey, I’m serious. You should really give this guy a go. When else will you have a chance to show off to a man this hot?” Carly rolled her eyes back. “He is drop-dead sexy. He teases us all day, for gods sake, why don’t you give him a little of his own medicine?”

“But he’s the teacher! I doubt he’s driving us crazy on purpose. And what do you think he would think of me showing up in more leg than skirt? He’d probably tell me to go home and get dressed.”

“Not if he’s human, girl. I think it’s more likely he’ll invite you over to his place to get undressed.”

“I don’t want to seduce him, I just want to pass the class.” Adrienne propped her chin in her hand, elbow resting on the table. “Of course, nothing says I can’t get learn in that black dress.”

“My opinion is ‘Go For It Girlfriend,’ do what that lust of yours tells you to do! I promise you, nothing bad could possibly come of it!”

“Maybe he’d ask me out,” mused Adrienne.

“Maybe he’d fuck you!” laughed Carly. “Maybe he’d bend you over that big desk of his and fuck your brains out, so that you couldn’t study no matter how hard you tried!”

“I bet that would be some wild ride,” giggled Adrienne, rolling her eyes. “I can just imagine him pounding in to me, chanting ‘A transitive verb is an action verb, it requires a direct object to complete it’s meaning into the sentence.'”

Carly burst in to fits of laughter.

“Honesty, Adrienne, if you can joke like that how could you have failed another one of the tests? Are there any opportunities for make-ups?”

“No, but maybe there’s some extra-credit I could do,” Adrienne joined in her friends laughter.

“So are you going to do it? Are you going to wear that dress?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know if I should…I want to, I really, really want to…maybe a couple more drinks will help me figure it out.”

Carly squealed in delight as someone placed their hands over her eyes and whispered/shouted “Guess who” in her ear.

Josh Kilgore slid into the booth next to Carly.

“What’re you two kids up to tonight?” he asked.

“Not much,” answered Adrienne. “Just having a good time.”

“Well, better now, I hope, since I’ve arrived.” Josh smiled at Carly, who threw her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on the side of his mouth.

“Everything is better with you around, sexy,” shouted Carly. “Come on, let’s dance.” Josh stood up and pulled Carly out of the seat behind him, they left Adrienne at the table as they made their way through the crowd to the busy dance floor.

Adrienne stared in to her cup. Alone with Professor Johnson. This could be a lot of fun. Maybe she would wear the black nothing of a dress, just to see how he’d react. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…right? Yes, she decided as she downed the last of her drink, it would definatly be something to think about.


All day Monday Adrienne was full of nerves. Butterflies seemed to have taken flight in her stomach, popping up to the back of her throat every now and then to remind her to tug down her skirt, or cross her legs higher so that fellow students wouldn’t be getting a peek at her lacey panties. It seemed like forever before her last class ended, and she made her way across the campus to Adam Johnson’s office.

Adrienne peeked cautiously through the door. The room was dark. Shades were drawn over the windows, dimming the room in to a pleasant dusk. A large wooden desk stood near one wall with a computer sitting on top of it. Papers were strewn everywhere, in piles, in folders, in wire baskets. There were two chairs sitting against the wall opposite the desk, and a large gray metal filing cabinet stood in the corner.

Professor Johnson was there, leafing through some papers, one of the cabinet drawers standing open. His eyes shot over to the doorway and took a double take when he saw her there in the revealing dress. Cleavage seemed güvenilir bahis siteleri to be pouring out the top of the scooped neckline, the clingy fabric leaving no part of her body to the imagination. Legs bare, her creamy skin was a pale contrast to the dark black of the dress and black straps of her high heeled sandals.

“Miss Courtalaine,” he said. “Please, come in. I thought we could work on the first section of the book today.”

Adrienne walked slowly in to the room. She shot the professor a warm smile, one that she hoped he would take as being slightly more than friendly. Walking over to him, she placed her hand on his desk.

“This is a nice piece,” she said, referring to the furniture.

“Thank you. I bought it at a flea market a while back. I’m glad you like it.”

Adam took a couple steps closer to her.

“Won’t you have a seat?” he motioned to one of the chairs. “Let me find my book–” He looked around spending more time looking at her legs than the top of the desk, Adrienne thought. Finally his hand found the book and he smiled. “Ah, here it is.”

Adrienne sat down in one of the wooden chairs. She crossed her legs and let her skirt shimmy up her leg, exposing a great deal of her soft thigh.

The professor sat down in the chair next to her, and held out the book. She didn’t look at it, but looked instead at his bare arm. She liked the dark hairs, and the way the deep brown freckles looked on his tanned skin. Looking at his face, she smiled at him again, and he smiled back. His smile was slightly to the side, almost like a smirk, and it caused Adrienne’s smile to falter for a moment. Was he smirking at her?

He broke the silence.

“Verbs,” he said. He glanced around the room, his eyes settling on her legs, then looked up sharply, waking from his daydream. “Verbs are very important…”

Adrienne stopped listening to him but instead watched his face. It was much like when they were in class, but she had never seen him up this close before. It was almost as if they were sharing a seat together, with no space between them. His chair was pushed close to hers, so that she could see the book he was. He continued his lesson but it all sounded like gibberish to her, gibberish from the most sensuous mouth she had ever seen. She watched his lips move, his tongue moving inside his mouth, the tips of his white teeth poking through.

She realized that he had stopped talking. Had it really been that long?

“It looks like it’s about time for me to get going,” He said, glanced at his watch. “I’m sorry we didn’t have more time, but, I have to get to my five o’clock class.”

Adrienne snapped out of her trance and reached for her bag. A pencil slipped off the book in her lap, landing on the floor next to her foot.

“Allow me,” said the teacher, kneeling down. As he reached for the pencil his arm lightly brushed against Adrienne’s bare leg. She shivered, a jolt of electricity shooting up her back.

“Here you are,” he said, holding up the pencil. His eyes followed the bare leg, crossed inches in front of his face, up to the short skirt. He could see her black panties peeking from underneath.

Adrienne took the pencil, standing up quickly.

“Thank you, sir. It has been very informative. Shall we say, same time tomorrow?”

“I think that that would be an excellent idea, Miss Courtalaine.”

“Please,” she said, slipping the pencil behind her ear, “Call me Adrienne.”

“Very well, Adrienne. I will see you in class tomorrow.”


Adrienne tapped her pencil on her desk impatiently. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on the book in front of her. Every time she looked back at the page, all she could see was Professor Johnson’s hand brushing up against her leg. Obviously he hadn’t meant to…had he?

She groaned in frustration, threw down her pencil and got out of the chair. She began to pace her small room, hands clutched in front of her body. Why couldn’t she get this man out of her mind??

It was dark out, nearly midnight, Adrienne had changed in to her nightgown long before. It was white, cotton, about knee length and sleeveless. She looked down at her body, giving it a once over. Yep, everything still there, arms, legs, breasts. She felt ridiculous. He couldn’t be attracted to her, could he? Not seriously. She stared at her face in the mirror, nitpicking every small detail about her soft features. He was her teacher, she was his student, that sort of thing might happen in stories but not in real life.

She sighed, smoothing out the skirt of her nightgown. Who knew what any man was thinking, let alone this drop dead gorgeous, handsome, sexy, smart, sexy, kind, sexy, but most of all sexy teacher? Maybe a nice, long, hot bath would help her think things through clearly. She could use some of those aromatherapy oils she’d been saving for just a day such as this.

Adrienne walked down the hallway to the bathroom, her towel and a book in her arms. Just the thought of the bath was already relaxing her. The iddaa siteleri hallway was dark; her roommates were probably already asleep. She opened the door to the bathroom slowly, the hinges creaking, and stepped barefoot on to the cold tile floor. It was smooth, but freezing. Adrienne walked on tiptoes to the toilet, where she set her towel on the closed lid, and knelt down next to the tub. She turned the water on and cringed at the gushing noise it made, breaking the otherwise peaceful silence of the house. With her hand, Adrienne checked the temperature of the water before plugging the drain, and then watched impatiently as the water flowed into the tub. When it had filled a couple of inches of the tub, she stripped off the nightgown and tossed it in to the corner. She couldn’t help taking a small peek in the full-length mirror, turning slightly to see her profile.

Not bad, she thought. Her butt didn’t stick out, just gave a hint of roundness. Small but supple breasts jutted proudly from the top of her chest. Her legs tapered nicely to shapely feet. Her eyes wandered up to her pubic hair and she noted that it was just about time for another trim. Oh well, she could take care of that in the morning. She flipped her hair back with her hands, twisting it in to a quick, thick braid, which she wrapped in to a bun. She tied the bun in place with a scrunchie. That would keep it out of her way while she was bathing.

With a flip of a switch the ceiling fan came on, adding it’s gentle humming to the noise pollution in the bathroom, and Adrienne stepped in to the tub.

First one foot and then the other, Adrienne lowered herself cautiously in to the steaming hot water. After an initial stinging of the heat, it felt great surrounding her skin. The water opened up the pores and soaked all the places on her body that stress had tensed up today, first while in classes watching all the male students gawk at her from their seats, then when she met with Adam Johnson later that afternoon. She rested her head on the edge of the tub and sighed heavily as the water covered her chest. Her legs relaxed to the sides, resting on the tub. With one foot she turned off the flow, and with one hand she grabbed her novel, an old erotic favorite that was perfect for a late night bath. She opened up to her favorite part on page 63 and began reading about Regan’s romp with the office janitor and started to stroke her pubic hair.

With her long index finger she wrapped the hair into curls, stroking it, swishing it around in the water. Her fingers started to move slowly from the hair to her inner thighs, rubbing against the smooth skin, lightly brushing her nether lips opening them in the water. The silky skin of her labia floated softly, letting water rush in to each tiny fold of the skin, tickling her insides. The water rippled over the tips of her nipples, leaving them wet and becoming erect in the air, chilly compared to the hot water she soaked in. Adrienne began to stroke her clit with her fingernail, scraping it lightly, rubbing it a very little bit with the tip of her finger. It started to throb as Regan’s adventures turned anal, and Adrienne moved her middle finger down to her puckered asshole, slipping in easily to the first knuckle.

Adrienne set the book on the side of the tub and reached down between her legs with her left hand, pushing her middle and index fingers in to her pussy, slipping the right middle finger in to her ass another notch. With her left thumb she resumed stroking and rubbing her throbbing clitoris which was now quite hot to the touch. Her hips thrust slightly, and she moaned behind her closed lips, shutting her eyes and throwing her head back.

Behind her closed eyes, she saw Adam Johnson standing next to the tub.

“Fuck yourself for me,” he whispered, in her dream. “I want to see you masturbate for me.”

The moans escaped her hips as her thrusts became slightly more violent. She checked herself, quieting down in fear that her roommates might hear. Most likely they wouldn’t be able to hear anything over the fan and through the walls, but it added a perverse sort of excitement to Adrienne to try to keep quiet while her passion mounted.

After very little stimulation Adrienne’s clit already felt like it was on fire, and her whole pussy began to tighten around her fingers, clamping while she struggled to relax and enjoy it. Her buttocks held tight to the finger probing them. She tried her best to relax, and slip her entire middle finger inside the small hole, but it was impossible…she was too far gone already. Her orgasm exploded, moans erupting from her open lips again, hips held high by her taut legs that pushed against the side of the bathtub. Shivers ran from her toes up to her head and down again. She could feel the spasms around the fingers in both holes, and each additional flick of her clit sent new waves of electricity through her body.

Gasping, she removed the fingers, washing them off in the water, and lay back against the tub again, relaxed, glowing in the aftermath of her climax. She shut her eyes and pictured the professor, smiling. Smiling at her, stroking her hair. Running his fingertips across her lips, and down her neck to her breasts, where he lightly pinched the nipple, making her squirm in reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32