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Matthew couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. His domineering boss had just pulled him into her office and milked his cock onto her face. She was on her knees in front of him, lightly stroking his cock.

She wasn’t finished.

The dark woman looked up at her law firm’s intern with half-lidded eyes. She held his reinvigorated cock in one of her delicate hands.

“Matthew, I need you to be quick about this,” she said. “I have a deposition coming up.”

Matthew looked down at Priya, one of the most feared defense attorneys in the state.

“Sure, Ms. Shanka,” he said. “How do you…”

Priya smiled. She gave the intern’s cock one more tug and rose onto her dark red high heels.

The attorney shimmied past Matthew and hopped onto her desk. Matthew turned his chair around to face her.

Priya slipped out of her suit jacket. She felt Matthew’s eyes on her as she began to unbutton her blouse.

The attorney hadn’t planned to take the encounter so far. But she saw potential in Matthew. She wanted to train him as quickly as possible.

“Here’s how this will work, Matthew,” Priya said. The intern’s eyes widened when he realized his boss didn’t wear a bra. “You’ll get me -” she tossed her blouse aside and revealed a pair of round, brown B cup breasts – “whenever I want you.”

Matthew continued to stare.

“It may be at the office or my apartment, but never your place,” Priya said.

She pulled both legs up to the table and Matthew watched her peel both heels off. Her toes were the same deep shade of red as her fingernails.

The attorney beckoned Matthew closer with a finger. He pulled his chair forward without looking away from her breasts.

Priya wrapped her small feet around Matthew’s cock. He took a sharp breath. The attorney pumped the intern’s kızılay escort cock with her feet.

“All I ask from you is that you stay away from other women as long as you … work with me,” she said. “It’s a health safety thing.”

Matthew gazed transfixed at his boss’s feet. She had an expert’s grip on his cock and wiggled her toes every few seconds.

Priya pushed the intern’s cock against his stomach. She raised her voice.

“Look at me, Matthew.”

He looked. Priya stroked the underside of his cock with one foot and grazed his balls with the toes of the other.

“Do we have an agreement?”

Matthew winced. He was close to an orgasm already.

“Yes, Ms. Shanka.”

Priya watched a small drip of precum fall onto Matthew’s chest. She smiled.


She slid off the dark wooden desk and unzipped her pencil skirt.

“Now do what you did with your girlfriend, Matthew.”

Matthew rose from his chair. Without the heels, his boss stood a few inches shorter than him.

The intern licked his lips and stared at Priya for a second. He put his hands on her arms and leaned in for a kiss.

Priya opened her mouth. Her intern’s lips were soft, and she found herself lost in them. He was a good kisser – a surprise.

Matthew continued for a few minutes. Then, without breaking their embrace, he tugged at her skirt until she pulled it down and kicked it away.

Matthew pushed his boss against her desk until she climbed onto it. He kissed her again.

“Spread your legs, Ms. Shanka,” he whispered.

Priya smiled and obeyed. The intern pulled away from her mouth and nibbled on her neck. She moaned.

Matthew moved a hand between his boss’s legs. Heat radiated from her.

The attorney sighed as Matthew began to rub the lips of her pussy. etlik escort She pulled his mouth away from her neck and kissed him again.

Matthew rubbed harder. His boss was soaking wet.

“I’m going to go inside, Ms. Shanka,” he said.

The attorney nodded and smiled.

Matthew slipped his middle and ring fingers into her. He lowered his head and kissed the other side of her neck.

Priya’s pussy gripped Matthew’s fingers tight. She threw her head back and he curled both fingers to rub her G-spot.

“Oh, Matthew,” she moaned. “I underestimated you.”

Matthew moved his hand in a slow circle. His fingers rubbed against her inner walls.

Priya’s breath became shallow. She wrapped an arm around Matthew’s neck and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Matthew’s cock throbbed. He moved his fingers faster and started to twist them in and out of Priya.

His boss began to whimper. She bucked her hips, desperate to feel more of him.

Matthew pressed his thumb down on Priya’s clit and fluttered his two fingers on her G-spot.


Priya bit her intern’s lower lip and came. She shook violently as her pussy spasmed around him.

Matthew rode his boss’s orgasm out until she slowed down. He passed his thumb across her clit a few more times while she continued to twitch.

The attorney had screwed her eyes shut while she came. She opened them as Matthew slipped out of her.

“Good boy,” she said shakily. “Clean your fingers off.”

Matthew hurried to follow instructions. Before he finished, Priya swung down, turned around and bent over her desk.

She reached a manicured hand behind her and tugged on the intern’s throbbing cock.

“I don’t expect you to last long,” she said. Her voice had regained its authority. “Don’t demetevler escort pull out when you cum.”

Matthew grabbed his thick cock and pushed it into Priya. The boy’s full seven inches slid inside her.

“Ohhhhh my godddddd,” she moaned.

Matthew had to stop moving to keep himself from an explosion. His boss had crumpled beneath him. Her pussy felt like a glove around his cock.

Slowly, the intern pulled his full length out of Priya. He pushed it back in and she moaned louder.

The attorney wanted to let loose with a string of filthy talk. But she knew it would drive her intern over the edge, and she needed more cock. She bit down on her finger to stop herself.

Matthew worked his way up to slow thrusts. Priya would clench his cock every time he pulled out. It was so tight he thought he’d pull her insides out with him.

The rhythmic motion drove Priya insane. She bit her finger hard enough to draw blood, then decided to switch tactics.

“Matthew,” she said very slowly.

The intern was smart enough to keep thrusting as she spoke.

“I want you to go as fast and as hard as you can. I don’t care -“

Priya felt her breasts push against the desk as her intern obeyed. His breathing sped up with his cock, and his balls slapped against her pussy every time he reached his full depth.

“OH! FUCK! YOU! YES!” Priya wailed.

Matthew lasted about three seconds after that.

He pushed as far as he could go into his boss’s vice grip and shot his second load in an hour.

“Gooooood boy, Matthew,” Priya moaned. Hot cum filled her insides.

Drained from the first encounter, the intern’s balls produced just a handful of blasts for Priya. He shuddered as the last of his semen coated her inner walls.

Priya let the intern breath for a moment. Then she wiggled off of his softening prick, letting his warm juices drip down her thighs.

The attorney stood, turned around and kissed her intern hard. She squeezed his ass.

“Get dressed,” she whispered. “And if anyone asks, I yelled at you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32