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I liked looking at her in the dim lights of the studio. Initially she hadn’t even warranted my attention. I found her irritating and just another annoying person I had to deal with. I was stuck dealing with her for the entire day. Two guys had walked into the room behind her, one I knew and the other I didn’t. She had been all over that one for the better part of the day. More than anything I wanted to shut her up, her voice was so grating and she had nothing real to talk about. But she was supposed to model for me. My school was testing out a program where med students would team up with art students so both could better learn their anatomy. I was surprised when the two guys walked in, they were both graduated already. I knew this only because the one I knew was my boyfriend, the other guy was his older brother. It was obvious to me that this girl was his. I didn’t bother paying attention to her name.

The teacher explained to them what he had already told me. They were to sit and watch while I drew the girl, and ask me questions if need be. I wasn’t sure why she had volunteered -she wasn’t getting paid. The teacher had me do a few demonstration poses to give her a better idea of what she was in for, though for these she still had her clothes on. Then he left us to our business. So it was, we would be stuck in the same room for the next six hours.

I had other work I needed to get out of the way so I asked my ‘students’ to just hang around for a bit. I wasn’t at all enthusiastic about having to draw this girl.

“So, you get to draw naked people all the time?” she asked me. “What’s it like?”

“Why do you care?” I returned flatly. “It’s obvious that any form of art is completely beyond you. Shut up and let me finish.” She didn’t talk to me for almost an hour, much to my relief. For that time I was able to lose myself in the swirling colors of my oil paint, my idea was coming together nicely though an untrained person would have mistaken it for random splotches of color on my canvas panel. Which of course, she did. I was ready to slap her across her face. “Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” I growled. I turned on the stereo I had brought from home to drown her out.

“What do you know?” she demanded haughtily. She puffed out her chest a bit, then promptly dropped something on the floor. She bent over to pick it up, that was how she caught my eye.

“I know what you need,” I replied. I crossed the room and decided that I should have a little fun with her. I didn’t really care how she reacted to me. She would either like it, or she would leave and I wouldn’t have to listen to her anymore. I drew her to me and kissed the side of her neck. I pulled away and offered a seductive smile waiting for either reaction.

She was on fire. Her hunger for me was unmistakable, as was her inexperience. She trembled tying bahis şirketleri to hide her eagerness as my hands found her waist. She was in denial as her back arched and she pressed her firm ass into me. I could tell so easily. I had known, even before she had that she was attracted to me. Our boyfriends sat watching intently on the other side of the room wondering what I was going to do next.

The music from the stereo droned out Pink Floyd, I was making her dance to it. My hands moved her graceful hips in circles. With every passing second I could feel her giving into me. I smiled softly knowing full well that my own “spell” was working on her wonderfully.

At first glance she was just another wannabe, dressed in a tight pink teeshirt and short black skirt. Sneakers instead of sandals. Her light brown hair was styled from a magazine. But I liked her lightly tanned skin and slender body. Her breasts were smaller than mine but still decent sized. She had a nice ass too, that had been the first thing I noticed. I slid my hand over that ass and gave her a squeeze, she gasped and so did the guys. Though her boyfriend didn’t know that his brother was mine. I made sure they were both looking as I not-so-secretly hiked up her tight skirt. I smiled again at both of them.

I licked her earlobe startling her. “What’s wrong, bambina?” I asked. “Don’t you like me?” I moved my other hand to her breast and gave her another squeeze. She fell back against me breathing harder. I could tell she had never experienced this with a woman before and I for some reason wanted to make it worth her while. I pulled her closer, resting my mouth on the junction of her neck. “Don’t you like me bambina?” I whispered. She did.

She turned around to face me, she was glaring but her eyes were glazed with lust and anticipation.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Her voice was a raspy whisper that I found exciting.

I didn’t bother with an answer. I kissed her lips forcing them open with my tongue. She came right to me, still pretending to resist just a little then she pulled away. I pulled her back this time grasping her face probably with more force than needed but I liked being in control. When I pulled away, she pouted.

“You know,” I said turning away from her and grabbing the larger of the two sketch pads I had brought with me. “There’s really only one way you could ever look attractive to me.”

She really was glaring at me now. Of course I had to remind her of the real reason we were here, and how I had initially insulted her upon arriving. However, it was true. There was only one way I could honestly find her attractive.

“I want to tie you up. I want to strip you down completely, tie your hands and blindfold you. Then, I want to draw your helpless naked body and put you on display for everyone to see you for the bahis firmaları dirty slut you are.”

I tossed my sketch pad onto a nearby table and approached her again. She had no idea that I had some silk cord hidden under the model stand. I had a blindfold too. “Don’t look at me like that,” I said softly. “You should have known what I was into when you first saw me. Even you aren’t as stupid as you like to pretend.” I pulled her to me by her waist again. No resistance. She knew like most people upon their first meeting that I was very into bondage. Not that I bothered hiding it.

I kissed her again, her neck and mouth. She was trembling once again still not believing that she was so turned on by another woman, and in front of her boyfriend no less. Her eyes widened as she suddenly remembered that there were two other people in the room, one of which she really didn’t want looking at her naked. She looked at me, her eyes begging me not to remove her clothing. I pulled her shirt over her head anyway. I looked her over not bothering to hide my interest in her figure. She had the kind of body I enjoyed: plump breasts, mostly flat stomach and altogether slender torso. I had already decided I liked her legs when I saw her bending over to pick up the pencil she had dropped earlier. I still said nothing as I tugged off her skirt and bra. Her panties could wait a bit longer. I could smell her arousal when I slipped her skirt over her thighs. She tried covering herself from my boyfriend with her arms; I slapped her hands away.

“Don’t bother covering yourself. You were gong to model nude for me anyway and both of them are supposed to watch me draw. That was the assignment. You agreed to this.” Though she hadn’t agreed to me undressing her and being so forceful, officially anyway.

I took her over to the model stand holding her wrists in one hand and pulled out the hidden cord with the other. It was amazing what a simple slipknot with a few extra loops around could do to someone as they watched you. I decided to be a bit more gentle as I helped her lay down on the cold wooden stand and tied her to the railing I had scavenged for just this purpose. She sat for the most part, her arms up, I pulled her legs forward and spread them to my liking. She was looking at me completely helpless. It was so delicious I couldn’t cover her face with a blindfold. The idea of making her watch me had me wired. I could feel myself getting wet as I looked down at her. After a few quick sketches, I couldn’t keep away. I was too turned on by the sight before me to resist. I set my things down and approached her once more.

She was starting to tear up as I crawled onto the model stand and sat between her long legs. I crawled on top of her like I was sure her boyfriend did. I kissed her, letting her know what I wanted. She moaned into my mouth. kaçak bahis siteleri “Let’s get rid of these,” I whispered finally removing that annoying thong. She was completely shaved, I enjoyed that as well. “Bambina, you’re mine now,” I continued teasingly. “If you want you can pretend I’m him.” I pointed to her boyfriend. “It’s really not that different.” I accentuated my point with a short lick to her throbbing clit.

‘Not that different at all…’ Unless he didn’t do what I was about to. I didn’t hesitate plunging my tongue right into her sopping wet pussy. I held her legs wide apart. ‘That’s right boys, watch me.’

She didn’t disappoint me when she came not long after with a loud moan. Her hips bucked wildly as her juices flowed freely into my mouth. I buried two of my fingers inside her sending her over again mercilessly, she moaned louder.

I was on top of her again, holding my leg behind my hand to give more force as my fingers continued working her into a frenzy. “Don’t you like me bambina?” I teased, but I was as breathless as she was.

“Ohhh… Yes! Yes!! Ahh–” She screamed as another orgasm took her.

I pulled my shirt and bra off and pressed my breasts against her almost having an orgasm of my own in the process. Her hot skin felt amazing against mine. I kissed her lips, and nipped at her neck. I sucked her small nipples. Damn did I want it!

As if hearing the thought one of the guys pulled down my pants, and panties, and impaled me with his cock just as mercilessly as I had taken the beauty beneath me with my fingers. He thrust in hard and I closed my eyes enjoying every inch of that thick cock as much as the sweet pussy I was once again licking. I didn’t open my eyes when I felt her wet cunt get pulled away from me. She was about to get fucked too.

She let out a sigh of delight as the unoccupied guy entered her. He had her on top of him, inverted missionary, so I could keep at her. He wanted me to lick him too. I did, not caring which one it was, my boyfriend or hers. I let myself go. Now I was the one trembling. My own orgasm wracked my body and the one fucking me felt it, he came too. He pulled out and I pulled away from the other two only to slump down at the end of the model stand. My eyes were still closed as I was still savoring the feeling.

The others finished, she reached a high crescendo which made me picture her exploding. I imagined her face, what it must look like. I knew what it had for me.

A rough but still soft mouth found its way to mine, my boyfriend. He stuck his tongue in tasting his brother’s girlfriend curiously.

I finally looked up at him. “Can we do that again?”

He laughed a little, he was nervous. “Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Should I find a different girl to play with?”

He would like that idea much better, which was why I offered. Never mind that I had just fucked the girl I referred to as his brother’s jizz bucket. He kissed me for silence, finished undressing me then fucked me right on the floor. His brother fucked his girlfriend right next to us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32