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It was a very hot night, the kind of night that naturally makes you feel good inside, warm and somewhat erotic. Madeline and I were out at a local club. I remember staring at her in the tight black tank top. Even without a bra her large round breasts looked full and alive. Through the material of the shirt I could see her nipples, making my cock stiff every time I thought about them. Looking into her green eyes I often had to look away. Yes, I was obsessed with her body and she with mine. In an instant we could make one another shake and need…this was dangerous.

The band was good and had the whole place going. Most of the men, whether with women or not had to steal a glance at Madeline. Her tight jeans accentuated the curves of her perfect ass molded on her petite little body. Eventually, the beer, music, sweat, red hair and green eyes got the best of me. I held her close during a slow song and pressed my cock against her. She forced her hip into mine. I could almost feel the fire from between her thighs and swore I could smell the sweetness of her pussy. I whispered that neither of us were going home tonight. Grabbing a 6 pack we were out the door.

After opening her door for her she pressed me against the car, her hips grinding against my hardening cock. She loved my cock, that girl, it was like her favorite toy, she knew it so well, and knew me so well.

Finally, we arrived at the local motel. Once in the door we were on one another. Against the wall was a long desk, which is where I pushed her to, still molded together in a deep kiss. I went down and began working erotik film izle on her neck, feeling my hot breath made her breath harder. Both of us soaked in sweat as I tasted the saltiness of her flesh. Brushing her red hair aside I began to nibble on her ear.

Pulling away I looked into her eyes and then down her body. In the shirt her breasts were seeming t about burst free, her nipples hard as I brushed my hand across them and pinched them, then leaning down taking a hard bud into my mouth, alternating between the two, creating wet spots, rising from the black cotton material.

Reaching over I found a cold beer, opening it and sharing a drink with her, then taking the full beer and dumping it down her cleavage. The combination of the cold beer and her hot body made her jump. I leaned down and sucked the beer from the material, then tore her shirt off, at about the same time that I saw the buttons flying in all directions from my own shirt. Then her hands were on my bare skin, then another beer over her breasts…my lips going crazy on her 36DD’s. Perhaps the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen.

As we pushed away from each other, she fell to her knees in front of me then turned me around against the desk. Feeling my thick cock through the tight material of my jeans she pressed her mouth over it. I could feel her breath and moisture, my loins throbbing. Reaching up, she undid my buckle, the button, the fly. She pulled my jeans to the floor and allowed me to step from them. She didn’t waste a second, and my boxers followed immediately. As the tight waistband film izle went past my cock it sprang free, straight up into the air nearly hitting her in the face. Soon her hands were wrapped around me, both of them barely covering half my length and girth. Then her mouth opened and closed around my prick, making a meal of the clear fluid at the tip, milking and sucking as I ran my fingers through her hair and fucked her face. Let me tell you, this girl knows how to suck cock.

Soon, I was one slippery mess and nearly exploding in her mouth. I pulled her to her feet, quickly tore off her jeans and threw her down on the bed. I loved her petite body, her large breasts bouncing. I jumped on her, but she turned me over, and I was on my back, her astride me. Before I knew it that sweet trimmed pussy was on my face and I was licking her crack from her ass to her clit. She was soaked! My tongue was alternating between probing her asshole and licking her open pussy. Madeline slid down my body, grabbed my stiff cock and impaled herself on it. We fucked in unison, slowly at first, grinding our hips together, then harder and faster, her wetness running down over my balls, her ass and pussy soaked.

No, Madeline knew that I was obsessed with one thing, and that was fucking her virgin asshole. Rising up off me, she reached back behind her and grabbed my meat by the base, running the head around her tight asshole and back into her pussy. Looking in her eyes, I knew tonight was the night my anal fantasies would come true. She began to sit back, the head slowly parting her tiny opening. Seeing seks filmi izle the pain in her face, I allowed her to be in control, even though the urge to thrust all eight thick inches of my dong in her tight hot virgin hole was hard to resist.

Eventually, the head slipped past her tight opening, then the rest of smooth shaft followed until my balls pressed against her cheeks. She sat there motionless, mouth hanging open a bit from the pain and pleasure mingling, allowing her ass to get used to this new feeling of me. Then she braced her arms on my chest and, closing her eyes, she began to lift up. Her little ass was so tight that it actually pulled and sucked the foreskin of my cock up as she pulled! As she neared the top the foreskin released and went back to its normal position. She continued to do this very, very slowly. Her ass was so hot inside…

She picked up the pace as she realized that the cock in her ass felt great and the pain was gone. She knew I was helpless. It wasn’t long before my eyes closed and body tensed, my groans warning her I was about to come. Just as I was about to fill her tiny rectum with cum she hopped off my cock. I looked down to watch her grab my phallus and milk it into her mouth, waiting for the huge white blast of come that shot several inches through the air and into her mouth. It ran back out, then thee was another blast, then her mouth vacuumed around me, milking still more. I felt like all the cum in my body was being drained, like she was some kind of sperm-eating vampire. I watched her throat muscles contract several times as she swallowed my steady stream of jism. Eventually, I was finished, and she continued to clean me with her mouth, then came up to give me a big kiss…

Then it was her turn to relax while I made her cum. But that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32