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A Game of Hearts

“Have you ever…” Natalie drunkenly smiled, “you know. For someone?”

“Ever what?” I asked while taking another sip of wine.

“Jerked it,” she laughed awkwardly.

“Have I ever masturbated in front of someone? I mean, no.”


“Never. Have you?”

She recoiled back on her large white sofa and grinned. We had been friends for years. Having gone to the same college there were many late nights spent drinking in one another’s rooms, although nothing had ever happened. Now, here we were, adult roommates for the first time. Nat had been through a bad breakup and I was still settling into my new job in the city, so to make transitions easier, we decided to split rent on a nice, two story condo.

“Come on, Nat,” I laughed.

“Okay, there were a few times that Tiff and I might have gotten off together.” Tiffany was her college roommate.

“What? I knew it!”

“Not like that,” she said.

“Then like how?”

“Well, she had this stupid movie we use to watch—

“Oh my God. You watched porno and diddled each other?”

“Not each other!” She reached over to slap at me but missed. “We were in our own beds.”

“Still,” I grinned. “It’s pretty hot.”

Nat shook her head. Her face was growing red, either from embarrassment or the alcohol. I knew how to tease her at this point. “But you never have? Not even in college?”

“No. Guys just don’t do that.”

“Give me a break.”

“Give you a break?”

“Guys don’t masturbate together?”

“Not from my experience.” I said laughing.

“Would you do it for me?”

“No.” I suddenly grew shy.

“Why not?”

“We’re friends, and roommates and—

“We’re not gonna fuck,” she said. “I’m just curious how you do it.”

“How do you think I do it?”

“Okay, when was the last time you did it?” I could tell now that Nat was drunk or at least getting there. I took another drink from my glass and could feel the warmth in my stomach swell.

“Yesterday. After the gym.”

“You did it after the gym? Where?”

“In your bed,” Nat stopped moving, “I’m kidding. Shower. When’s the last time you did it?”

“A few days ago. I couldn’t sleep.” Nat’s wine was empty. “You really wouldn’t jack off for me?”

I shrugged. It had never really come up and I suppose it depended on the situation. In a way, I really was no longer shy around her. “I mean, I would if you really were interesting. I don’t find it that interesting. Would you masturbate for me?”

She shrugged, “Sure. I don’t see why not. We’re both here, not attached, horny.”

“I’m not horny,” I lied. I was.

Nat rolled her eyes. The silence became difficult as we both sat on opposite ends of the couch, waiting for the next person to speak. She was the one to break the silence, “Tell you what,” she sat forward, “I’ll masturbate for you if you do it for me.”

“At different times?”

“No. Like, I’ll start, and you can join in.”

“Right now?” I looked around the room.

“Are you expecting someone?”

“No, I just didn’t know.”

“Yes, right now.”

I shrugged, again, and sat my wine glass on the table beside me. “Alright, let’s do it.”

Nat nodded and we still both looked at each other, neither knew what to do. “Do you want to do it here or…”

“Here’s fine,” she said. “Here. Better idea. We’ll make a little game of it.” She got up wobbly and walked into the kitchen. I sat back on the couch, my heart racing. It was a mixture of nerves and hormones. It was true, I hadn’t ever masturbated for someone and the idea seemed mildly enticing. She returned a few seconds later holding a pack of cards.

“What the hell’s this?”

“Draw a card. The person with the lowest card has to begin.”

I rubbed my eyes and leaned forward. Nat held out the pack of cards. I drew from the middle and revealed a ten of spades. “There,” I held the card out. Nat’s face neither revealed joy or concern. She drew a card from the bottom and looked at it. She now was sad.

“Get going,” I laughed and threw my card down.

“Me?” She turned the Queen of diamonds around and did a slow jig. “You get going.”

My kaçak iddaa heard raced and my palms grew sweaty, yet the butterflies in my stomach were turning over and over. Nat laughed and perched upright on the couch as she slid her feet beneath her.

“How do you want me to start?”

“Take your clothes off,” she grinned from ear to ear.

“All of them?”

“Naked,” she laughed and brought the bottle of wine to her glass, filling it up. I sighed and stood up, pulling my socks off and throwing them beside the couch. Nat seemed to be in a state of extreme delight while she watched me shed my clothes awkwardly before her. Next came my shirt that I also flung to the side. Nat let out a “woo woo” sound as the shirt hit the ground.

“Please,” I put a hand up, “refrain from cat calling.”

I undid my jeans and slid them down and revealed my tight, form fitting boxer-briefs. Nat’s eyes fell below my belly button, obviously taking in the outline of my semi-swollen cock. Thank God, I thought, knowing that it did not totally shrink under the chill of the room. My heart still raced in my chest and the strong cocktail of nerves and excitement raged through my blood. I placed my fingers under the elastic band and Nat began rocking her shoulders to an imagined beat as if at some type of strange bachelorette party.

“Can I at least get a refill on my drink, or something?”

“Come on,” Nat reached to the bottle and held it out to me. It was nearly empty. I glanced into the depths of the bottle while nearly naked before my roommate and decide to drink three large gulps of wine before setting it aside. Nat cheered once again. As the wine hit my stomach my fingers gripped the elastic of my underwear and I pulled them past my knees and to my feet. My dick was semi-hard and extended straight out. It bobbed and flopped as I kicked my underwear up to my hands and tossed them to my pile of disrobed clothes.

“Someone seems excited,” Nat said with a loud raucous roar of laughter and covered her mouth with her hand. I glanced down at my own situation, noting that I had just recently groomed my pubic hair and shaved my balls. “At least you manscape.”

“Yes. I manscape.”

Nat leaned back and smiled at me, seeming to expect something.

I shrugged, “So. What do you want to see.”

“I want to see you jack off,” she exclaimed. “How you’d do it by yourself.”

“I’m not by myself.”


I sighed and moved to my old position on the couch facing her. Reclining back, I placed my left arm behind my head and reached down with my right hand and slowly stroked my shaft in an attempt to get it fully erect. Nat sat back and watched, slowly sipping from her wine glass. I could tell she was in a state of surprise and slight arousal, which could have been from the wine. In an attempt to distance myself from the situation of her constant gaze, I occasionally closed my eyes or looked down at my situation that was starting to become fully erect. The alcohol was not doing me any favors, neither was the fact that Nat was sitting on the opposite end of the couch, silently critiquing. I began to stroke myself faster as my heartrate and breathing increased. My dick was now hard, and I glanced down to Nat, who was still holding onto her glass.

I released my cock and smiled, “That’s pretty much it.”

“Oh, come on.”

“Come on what.”

“Come.” She laughed.

“It just doesn’t happen on command, you know. I’m dry dogging it here.”

“Dry dogging?”

“Yeah, I don’t have any lube. I have to use lube, most times. Besides, you weren’t even enjoying it.” I played around with her in this manner. I usually know what gets her going.

Nat laughed and pulled a strand of black hair behind her left ear, setting her wine glass to the side, “You have all the answers, don’t you?”

“Most,” I smiled and resumed steadily stroking my shaft.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Oh, it’s up to me now?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise and sat up on the couch.

She bit her lip and glanced away, coyly embarrassed. “Your show was a little lacking, to be honest.”


“Yeah, you did it for thirty seconds. I wanted kaçak bahis to see the goods.”

“You see the goods,” I pointed down to my exposed erection and surprisingly I noticed I was still fully hard. “Tell you what. Let’s draw cards, again. If you draw a higher card, I will jack it until I come. If I win…”

She glanced at me.

“You have to join in on the fun.”

Nat laughed again and finally nodded while reaching for the cards. I blocked her hand and took up the deck, shuffling quickly. It was the first time in my life I had shuffled cards naked with a full-on erection. I pretended not to notice and held out the deck to her. She drew the top card, followed by me. We threw them down at the same time: I had a King of Hearts while she had the three of spades.

“Come on!”

I laughed, loudly, and set the cards back on the coffee table. “Let’s see it. Strip down, woman!”

Nat shook her head and stood up, first undoing her jeans and sliding them to the floor. Her hips swayed back and forth as her smooth, slender legs came into view. I gazed at her thick, full ass cheeks while she bent over to remove her pants from around her ankles. She was wearing black lace panties with string band that hung snugly to her hips. The butterflies erupted in my stomach once again and began to spread to my—once again—swelling cock. Nat was slightly tipsy as she giggled and tried to toss her jeans onto the couch. She averted her gaze and I could see her face was now fully red.

“You alright,” I asked.

“I’m fine,” she laughed and clumsily tugged her grey sweater up over her head. She was wearing a black bra and I could see her full breasts pushed up beneath. Her stomach had a slight pudge to it that I found amazingly hot. I always admired her curved form from afar, but now seeing it, disrobed, the excitement was too much to contain. I sat back on the couch and began stroking my cock with my right hand again, making sure that Nat realized I was admiring her, less than graceful, striptease. She turned around and saw me, watching her, stroking to her. I was now serious, and my blood was pumping through my veins.

“Like what you see?” Nat pushed up her tits beneath her bras.

“I do,” is all I could say.

She reached around and unhooked her bras, letting the straps fall to her elbows but still holding the fabric in place, “What else do you want to see?”

I was stroking slightly faster and Nat kept glancing down at my hard cock that was throbbing and jumping under my touch. Even under the influence of alcohol, I could hold it at bay for some time. She was holding her tits up and swaying to non-existent music. Slowly her left hand trailed down and slid between her panties and she began to rub her pussy, watching me.

“Take it off,” I said. My blood boiled and I was fully aroused, stroking with a steadier rhythm while I watched her disrobe. My breathing came in short deep bursts. Nat dropped her bra to the floor, exposing her perky, fully breasts. Her nipples were hard and slightly dark, and I gazed upon them while I jerked myself. Nat’s hand continued to massage her pussy beneath her panties; her breathing steadily increased and face lost the essence of embarrassment and humor for arousal and desire.

“Do you get off to this?” She asked, sitting down on the edge of the coffee table. “Would you get off to me?”

I spread my legs wider, so she could fully see my shaft and smooth, tight balls while I jerked. Her legs spread and she pulled her panties to the side, revealing her full, swollen labia. She parted the lips with her finger slightly and I could see the pink of her pussy glistening with her juices.

“Are you wet?”

“I’m soaked,” she slowly moaned. “Are you gonna cum for me?”

I nodded and pulled my arm behind my head, “I still need some lube.”

She smiled and stood, pulling her panties down to the floor. Nat walked over and stood before me and I could see her perfectly shaved vagina and mound. Her lips were puffy, full and she left a small triangle of curly brown hair just above her slit. In all seriousness, I wanted to dive into her with my tongue and mouth taking her in, instead she reached down and began illegal bahis rubbing her pussy slowly. I could hear her juices as she slid two fingers inside and thrusted back and forth. Nat pulled out her glazed, gleaming fingers and rubbed it down the red tip of my cock and down my shaft.

“Will this help you?”

My dick danced under her touch, and my breath caught in my throat. I smiled and nodded. “It could help.” Nat smiled and sat back on the coffee table before me. She spread her legs and I could see her entire pussy exposed. Her juices were slick on my cock and I used them to move my hand up and down my hard shaft. Nat pulled her lips aside and began slowly rubbing her exposed, swollen clit. Her breathing grew heavy and she closed her eyes for a few seconds while her fingers moved and danced in circles across her pussy.

She smiled at me while I continued to stroke myself to her form. I could feel my balls tighten and my muscles clench. It was only a matter of moments before I exploded for her. Nat continued to tease herself and her stomach jiggled with each slight moan she began to exhale. It was exhilarating, sitting across from one another, naked, viewing one another in such an intimate moment. Nat reached up and tugged at her left nipple with her fingers as she slowly pushed two fingers into her pussy. I could hear the juices as her fingers moved in and out of her. Her head rocked back in pleasure and she pulled harder at her nipple. In that moment I thought of myself inside of her, pushing my hard cock in and out of her slick pussy; her legs wrapped around my waist and her hot breath on my bare neck.

I slowed myself, feeling my dick twitch under my grasp and a clear drop of precum glazed the tip. It twitched a few more times as I sat and watched Nat pleasure herself. Her wet fingers pulled from her pussy and she began rubbing her clit in quick, forceful motions. In this moment I realized she wasn’t stopping. Her face was contorted in pleasure, and her muscles suddenly clinched. She rubbed quickly, roughly until finally she released a loud, quick squeal as her hand paused on her clit. Contortions erupted from her neck to her legs. There was twitching and slight muscle contractions and she breathed deeply and smiled.

“Shit,” she laughed. There were a few blinks and she sat forward on the table. “I guess I lost that contest. Did you cum?”

In the dark I shook my head.

“Are you going to or what?” I could see Nat smiling and I was still admiring her naked form. “Come on. Let me see it. You saw mine.”

“You didn’t spray everywhere,” I joked and started to slowly stroke again.

“That’s what I want to see,” she gave me another smile and I could see she was starting to rub herself once again. “Do you usually cum a lot?”

“Most times. Depends.”

“Do you want to cum on me?”

I froze. This wasn’t part of the deal. My breath caught in my throat and my heart raced. Was she serious?


“Yeah, I think it’s hot. Here, I’ll lay down and you can on me.” Nat got up and lay down on the couch beside me. Again, my cock was getting ready to explode. She smiled at me.

“You sure?”

Nat nodded, “Come on, already.”

I leaned up and positioned myself over her. It was strange, at first, hovering above her naked body while I jerked. She reached down and was rubbing her clit once again and she propped herself up on her elbows directed my dick toward her stomach and tits. My dick was throbbing in my hands and I pushed my hips toward her body as to not potentially shoot my load into her face or hair. In less than ten seconds I felt the first twinge and a long strand of hot semen flung between her tits. Nat let out a soft breath as another, harder, longer strand of my juice sprayed onto her tits and stomach. My body heaved as I continued to release load after load onto her chest and stomach until after a few moments it slowed, and I leaned back. Nat’s tits and stomach were glazed with my sweet, sticky jizz that trickled down to her navel. She looked down at the load and back up.

“That was a lot,” we both laughed.


“Why are you sorry? I do need to go get a shower now, though. Should we meet back here?” She winked at me.

“Uh…sure.” I watched Nat’s naked ass sway as she left the room in a state of shock and unsure what was to come next.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32