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“How are you doing?” I said reflexively as you walked through the door.

My brain hadn’t even processed that it was you making a surprise visit. An always welcome surprise visit.

“Oh hey!” I said once I realized it was you. “So good to see you!” I added as I walked over from behind the counter to great you.

I gave you a great big tight hug. Being taller than you my chin was above your shoulders and I could smell your beautifully scented hair. It felt so good to hold you again though, even just briefly. The softness of your body against mine. Your full breasts pressed against me. I didn’t want to let go but it had to happen sometime.

“What brings you out this way?” I asked, reluctantly letting you go.

“Oh, just killing some time. Figured I would see what your up to.” you replied.

We made small talk for a bit while I showed you around the store. Fortunately, It was a slow night and my coworker was able to handle the trickle of customers that came in.

You looked incredible standing there. Your jeans seemed nearly panted on, and I had stolen more than a few glimpses as I walked down the aisle behind you. You had on a tight fitting green top which showcased all your curves up there. What I wouldn’t give for a quick fondle I thought to myself.

It was difficult to keep my thoughts straight talking to you but we chatted about our lives and what was going on. The topic turned back to the store and I mentioned how most of the store was really inventory, not for sales. Pointing to the ceiling and basement I explained how we had everything stored here or there. I asked you if you wanted to check it all out and you agreed so we walked into the back. I showed you boxes and more boxes. You were kind and acted impressed.

“Let me show you upstairs.” I said, trying to get you a bit further from the door separating us from the retail space. You agreed and into the next room we went and then up the güvenilir bahis stairs. I made sure to do the gentlemanly thing and let you go first. That of course provided me with a splendid view of your ass.

We get to the top of the stairs and step a bit into the room which is filled with boxes and more boxes. You turn around to face me and I step closer to you. We are mere inches apart. Neither of us say a word as we look deep into each others eyes. I reach around to the small of your back and gently pull you even closer. Our lips touch and then open. The warmth of our tongues dancing together, our eyes close as we momentarily lose ourselves in each others embrace. I could stay like this forever I think to myself. Finally, after what seems like minutes we release each other and catch our breathes.

“Too bad there’s not bed up here, right?” I say jokingly while hoping you don’t notice the bulge in my pants.

“But we can sit down if you want. The boxes are pretty strong.” I find a full, strong looking box and take a seat.

You walk over and kneel down in front of me. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. Without saying a word you work on undoing my belt, then the button on my pants and finally the zipper of my pants. All that is left is my cock straining against my underwear. You pull that down and around my balls and out springs my cock. You grab it with one hand and before I know it you’d devoured it into your warm mouth. You suck on it hard as you can and then raise your mouth up to the tip and then slowly back down and up again.

Then, to my surprise you let it go and stand up. Swiftly, your pants come down around your thighs. Your legs are held together by your jeans but that doesn’t stop you. You look back at me and catch me staring at your ass. Awkwardly, because of your jeans, you slowly start to let yourself down. I grab you by the hips to help with support and guidance. My erection is standing straight up. güvenilir bahis siteleri Still, on our first try we miss and I can feel the tip of my dick against jeans. We re-adjust and my cock finds its mark the second time. The extra lubrication from your mouth makes it all the more easier. Once the tip is in you let yourself go a bit and soon you’re sitting on my lap impaled by my shaft. You shift and twerk your butt a little to tease me.

“How did I get this lucky?” I ask.

“Luck had nothing to do with it.” you reply.

My hands move up from your hips and under your shirt. My mouth finds the back of your shoulder and gives you a soft kiss and then another. I make my cock tense up inside you and you respond by squeezing me back. Forever a tease, you are. I move my right hand up even further until it is over your bra. I want so badly to hold your breast in my hand. To pinch your hard nipple ever so gently and tease you back. Alas, I think to myself it’s probably not a good idea to get to undressed. So I let my hand wander up more, to the center of your chest. Gently I rub my fingers up and down with my lips dancing slowly on the back of your neck.

“Don’t you have to get back to work?” You ask teasingly. How I could be expected to think about work, I’ll never know. Especially with my seven and a half inches spreading your pussy open.

“Rick can handle himself for a few more minutes.” I respond.

“Just a few more?” you inquire. “Well them I better get what I came for then.”

“Oh really? And what would that be?” I ask.

“You know what I want, and where I want it.” you blurt out with semi excitement.

Honestly, never in a million years had I expected tonight to work out the way it had. I went from waiting on asshole customers to having a beautiful woman like yourself sitting on my rock hard cock.

“You mean to tell me you came all the way down here to visit me so you could leave with iddaa siteleri a pussy full of my cum?” I spoke quietly into your ear.

And just like that you stood up. My cock felt so cold all of a sudden but without so much as a word you found some boxes next to us and bent over. I practically scrambled to get myself up from sitting and over behind you. It didn’t stay cold for long as I guided it inside you. Again you squeezed me. I responded by grabbing your hips and pulling your ass against me and as a consequence my member traveling even further into you.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t going to be one of our more romantic trysts. I had a hold of you by the hips and I planned on using my leverage for however long it took. You felt so tight, legs pinned together because of your jeans. I pounded into you like the waves onto the shore.

Just then I heard a voice from downstairs.

“Hey man, can you come downstairs? Someone needs your help.” Rick shouted upstairs.

“I’ll be right down, one minute.” I yelled out.

They would have to wait. As soon as I heard the door close I resumed my pounding of you, this time I was going at you like my life depended on it.

“Give it to me, cum in that pussy.” you said. “I think I’m going to…” you got out and then trailed off.

I could feel you spasm on my cock. I pushed two or three more times and then rammed into your vagina. My balls emptied into your wetness. I grabbed your hips and thrust myself as deep as I could go. Filling you with a warm gooey, white semen.

No sooner had I pulled out and stepped back you reached down and pulled up your underwear and pants. Sealing my load inside your body. I quickly got my underwear and then my jeans up. We just looked at each other contently.

“Don’t you have some place to be?” You asked of me. And with that we proceeded back downstairs and out front. Rick never said anything but I think our flush faces and the sweat on my brow gave us away.

The customer who had been waiting came right over before I could give you a proper hug good bye but I told you I’d see you next time. Soon I hope. Just like that you walked out the door. Till next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32