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****This is another story from my collection. Was one of the first stories i started out with. Over time I got better at writing so I’ve made some changes from the original draft.****


The thunder rumbled loudly; the clouds let their burden loose and the rain kept falling. It had been like that all day and Deji had had no other option than to stay indoors. Not that he had anywhere to go anyways. With the midterms he had next week, he had planned to lock himself in his room and do a lot of reading, now that Tunde, his roommate was out of town for the weekend and not in bed with one of his numerous girlfriends.

There were some weekends when he would want to spend some time indoors and would meet another girl in bed with Tunde and would be forced to leave the room. The last time this happened, he had finally had it and was going to talk it out with him this weekend, but Tunde had received a call from home that his older brother had arrived from the UK. A brother Tunde really looked up to and had constantly yakked lovingly to him about. He had therefore left for the weekend. Sweet bliss for Deji.

He had gone to the market opposite campus to buy some food stuff. His plan was to stay indoors throughout the whole weekend studying. What he had not thought about was PHCN (the erratic power company in Nigeria) being their usual self during the unforeseen rain and once there was the hint of lightning and thunder, the electricity went off. So as the evening wore on, he had to rely on his battery-powered lamp and when that one died as well, he had no choice but to use his kerosene lantern.

He sat at his desk near the window and stretched. He had been reading, sleeping, and resume reading all day and it was now 6pm. He looked outside at the rain which had by now subsided a bit, probably taking a break itself. A few cars drove by in the pouring rain. He stared out the window, deep in his thoughts. His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed a figure walking towards the hostel gates.

“Which right thinking person would risk his health in this kind of weather?” he thought. He looked on and saw it was a young lady. From his 2nd floor window, he saw the girl was soaked to the bone.

“Poor girl” he thought “I don’t envy the guy who she came to see.” He decided it was a good time to stop reading for the day and packed his books aside, dismissing the girl from his thoughts.

He had just put some water on the stove to prepare some eba when he heard a soft knock on the door. At first he thought it was the rumbling of the thunder but the person knocked again. Thinking it was one of his hostel neighbors wanting to borrow the usual two cups of garri or one small bowl of soup, he grumbled and locked his cupboard. He went to the door and opened it slightly. To his surprise, it was the lady he saw in the rain about ten minutes earlier.

“Hello.” He greeted her.

“Hello. Please is this Tunde’s room?”

“Depends on which Tunde you’re asking.”

“I mean Tunde Olanipekun.”

“Yes this is his room. I’m his roommate.”

“Oh. You must be Deji then.”

“Yeah I’m Deji.”

“Please is he in?”

“Unfortunately he is not. He left for Lagos on Thursday. He won’t be back till Monday.”

Deji heard her swear quietly under her breath. “But I told him I was coming today and he said he’ll be in. Why did he have to do this to me?”

“I’m sorry. Tunde doesn’t really think straight that much. You’re not the only person he has disappointed. Please do come in.”

The poor, shivering girl stepped into the room. Deji found Tunde’s towel hanging on the bathroom door and handed it to her. She gratefully took it and wiped her wet face and arms. Her clothes were so wet and stuck to her body. He could see her nipples pushing out through the fabric of her native Ankara.

“So where are you coming from that you would risk yourself in this heavy rain?” he asked. It had started up again, hammering hard on the roof.

“I’m coming all the way from Ilorin oh. He told me he would be around and that I should come down. I told him I couldn’t make it but he pleaded. I had to cancel my plans in school, all for nothing. “

“Hey take it easy, like I said you are not the only one he has disappointed. I know Tunde very well.”

He stared at his watch. “There is no way you can go back to Ilorin tonight. Maybe if the rain dies down a bit, we could get you a place to stay for the night. I hope you brought a change of clothes because you surely look miserable.”

“No, I didn’t. My plan was to see him and then later on head to my sister’s. I didn’t know it was going to rain so badly.”

“Well, you need to dry those clothes up a bit. You’ll definitely get a flu or something if you remain in them. Let me get you something hot to drink while you take care of yourself.”

“Thank you very much. I…I really don’t know how to thank you.”

“Just promise you will not go running after a man in the rain next time.”

The girl laughed. Deji walked to his wardrobe and handed her one of his flannel tops and sweatpants.

“I hope you don’t mind. They may be a bit big for you, but they bahis siteleri should keep you warm.”

“Thank you. They will be just fine,” she responded gratefully.

Deji headed in the kitchen to prepare his food and a hot beverage for the girl. “Such a pretty babe,” he thought. “It’s a pity she’s wasting herself on a womanizer like Tunde. But hey, who am I to judge? One man’s meat is another man’s fish, abi how dem dey talk am sef?”


About ten minutes later, he heard her come out of the bathroom and he took the food and beverage out to the room. She had already changed into the clothes he gave her. Her eyes gleamed when she saw the food.

“I hope you don’t mind eba” he said. “I really did not go out all day.”

“Eba is fine. As I am right now I can eat anything,” she responded.

She sat cross-legged on the mattress and they settled down to eat. As they ate, he took time to study her. She was light skinned, nice figure, with moderately large breasts. She had a slight belly but who doesn’t like a little flesh on a voluptuous woman? From what he could see her hips were well rounded. She also had a perfect gap between her front upper teeth with sweet, rosy lips.

She was a 200-level(sophomore) student of a university about three hours away, studying geography. She hoped to go to flight school with her knowledge and be an airline pilot one day. She had met Tunde at a birthday party held by one of her friends’ father in Lagos, and for the past few weeks they had been exchanging calls.

By the time they had finished eating and talking and he had cleared the dishes, it was already dark outside. The rain had still not stopped, though it had reduced in intensity a bit.

“I don’t think you can go out again. It’s already dark and your sister’s place is quite far. Besides this rain is not letting up. I don’t want you getting wet again, and I doubt it if your clothes are dry yet. You may have to stay here for the night.”

“No I don’t want to impose,” the girl said, though he could detect a slight hint of relief in her voice. “You…you have been too nice to me. I don’t want to be an inconvenience to you.”

“No, you’re inconveniencing me. I don’t want you going out all alone. It’s very wet and dark out there. You can just stay and be on your way tomorrow. The mattress is big enough for the two of us. Besides you will not be able to get a cab to town again tonite.”

She rested her chin in her palm and stared at him. “You’ve been too good to me. I really don’t know how to thank you.”

“You don’t need to do that.” He paused as they both stared at each other, then she smiled.

They kept on talking for some time. After a while she yawned and stretched, her breasts almost popping the buttons off the shirt. “I guess I’ll go to bed now” she said.

“Yeah. You need the rest. I just need to do a little more studying.”

“Okay. Don’t let me get in your way. Thank you once again for letting me stay. Good night.”

She lay on the big mattress on the floor and covered herself with the duvet. Deji stared at her for a few minutes before he turned back to his books.


Two hours later, Deji finally convinced himself he was just deceiving himself. He knew he was not going to learn anything, not with the presence of a lovely babe in the room. His heart had been beating ever since. He wasn’t concentrating. He looked at his clock. It was almost 11:00pm. He looked over at the girl sleeping a few feet from where he sat. She had rolled onto her back. In her restless sleep the duvet had come off her. The flannel shirt had ridden up a bit to expose her belly and the top two buttons had come undone and he could see most of her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and they bulged against the fabric. The loose sweatpants had moved a bit downwards as she had rolled around restlessly, giving him a glimpse of her red panties. He felt his rod begin to tingle and grow and his mouth go dry as several thoughts about the sleeping girl began to flood his mind.

He shook his head. “No, I can’t take advantage of her”. He decided to take a shower to calm himself down a bit.

After his shower, he changed into a loose pajamas bottom and singlet. Their bodies touched briefly as he lay down and he adjusted and moved away a bit. The girl murmured in her sleep and turned and cuddled up to him, giving him a full view of her breasts, squashed against his arm. He couldn’t move away any further as he was already on the edge of the mattress. Every fiber of his body was begging him to make a move, but he knew it would be wrong. He tried hard to control his now raging boner and think silly thoughts.

“Anyways, she just needed help…you brought this upon myself…you should have let her leave when you had the chance…but I wouldn’t allow such a young lady be out on her own in the dark and in the rain…well I guess I have to tough it out till morning, or probably…”

Groaning loudly, he jerked awake to find her kneeling over him. She was licking and drooling on his dick, sucking hard on the cap. It took him a couple of moments to figure out what was going on.

“Wha…what canlı bahis siteleri are you doing?!” he gasped, trying to sit up.

Two quick strokes of his rock-hard member sent bolts of pleasure from his loins to his brain and he gasped.

“Shhhh!! Just relax.” She replied.

It was still raining outside. As his eyes adjusted to the dim glow of the flame from his kerosene lamp on the table, the first thing he noticed was that somehow his duvet was off him and his pajamas bottom had been pulled down. She was kneeling alongside his body and her heart-shaped butt was sticking in the air as she bent over slobbering his dick. Her top was fully unbuttoned, her lovely breasts hanging over him, her hard nipples grazing his tummy. He tried to sit up again but she gently pushed him back.

“Just relax and enjoy yourself. This is just to show my appreciation.”

“But you don’t have to do this. I’m happy enough to help you.” he gasped.

“I just want to be grateful. You’ve been too good to me. Let me take care of you okay?”

Well how could he argue? A girl with a dick in her hands is as much power as she can get over a man. She went back to sucking him, her tongue playing and tickling his swollen head. Trembling, he reached out to grasp one of her swinging boobs, pinching the nipple between his fingers. Her muffled moan told him she liked that. His other hand reached out for her other breast and he began to squeeze and massage both.

Her sucking became too good for him and soon he began shooting his seed into her mouth. He told her he was about to cum, but that only gingered her further and she stroked and sucked his cock harder. She gagged as the eruption hit the back of her throat, but clamped her mouth shut as he emptied himself in her mouth. He fell back on the pillow panting and gasping and though the room was cool, he felt himself sweating.

She lay over him, dragging her bare breasts against his body and over his chest till he was staring in her face. She kissed him and he could taste the remnants of his salty cum in her mouth. Without saying anything, he reached up to pull her top off. She helped him out by shrugging it off. His hands began to wander over her body, her back, down to her grab and squeeze her arse. He pulled her closer to him and his mouth found one of her nipples and he began to bite and suck it. His fingers found their way to her damp crotch and he began to stroke her already hard clit. She started panting and grinding her pussy against his fingers, breathing “Yes…Yes…do that…Oh YEAH…” through her gasping mouth. He pushed his hand into the sweatpants and moved her panties to one side. He inserted one, two, and then three fingers into her wet snatch. He stroked her G-Spot while his thumb continued to rub her nub. She pulled away from him and lay on her back pulling her pants and then panties off and throwing them both aside as she did.

“Please, kneel over me” she begged. “I want to play with you as you finger me.”

In a jiffy he had pulled off his singlet and knelt over her head. He bent over her and this time he went one further by bending over her and placing his mouth over her cunt and start licking at her clit. That sent a shudder through her and a loud moan escaped her lips. She grabbed his dick again and fed it into her mouth. Soon he felt himself growing hard as she pumped and sucked him to erection. He concentrated his tongue on the side of her clit, rubbing round in circles while applying slight pressure. Her hips started jerking and her legs twitching as she removed her mouth from his dick and moaned in pleasure. He repeated this a couple of times before sticking his tongue into her, lapping up the nectar hanging on her inner walls. She started chanting in tongues while stroking his dick coated with her saliva and rocking her body on the bed. It wasn’t long before she cried out, raised her hips up and clamped her thighs hard against his head and the juice started gushing out of her uncontrollably. After a long while she let go and collapsed on the bed breathing hard.

“You want to kill me for my mother eh?” she panted. Deji laughed and lay beside her, his boner sticking out and waving in the air.

When her breathing was back to normal she reached for his dick again. She hovered over him; her boobs swayed in his face and her hand jerked up and down his throbbing shaft. He groaned as she straddled him and he buried his face between her breasts as she stroked his dick on her pussy. She gasped as the head slid in, slowly inch by inch until he was buried to the balls.

“God, this girl is tight,” he thought. She lifted herself up again until he was almost out of her, then she slid back down again. He wrapped his arms around her and began to thrust into her, matching her movements. Her fervor began to grow and her movements became faster and harder and he pumped himself in and out of her like a piston. Her moans and gasps were getting louder and at one point he had to muffle her screams by placing her lips in a kiss.

“YESS!! YESS!! OH YEASHHHHHHH!!” she kept on shouting in her throes of passion, not slowing down a bit in her canlı bahis movements. She continued to heave and hump, and he decided to lay back and watch while she pleasured herself over on his cock. He felt as if he was cumming all the while. Her pussy was just too good.

“P-P-Please slow down, y-y-you are g-g-a-going to m-m-make me c-KA-c-cum” Deji stammered, feeling the edge of his willpower begin to wear off fast.

“You want to cum? **pant** **pant** I…I don’t want you to cum yet. Please… **pant** w…oh my God…w-wait for me. Let’s…wow…**pant**…let’s **gasp**… c…cum together” she responded, bouncing on him with more energy than ever.

After a few moments he just couldn’t hold on anymore. If he let her continue, he was definitely going to explode. He pushed her off him and she landed on her back, sweating and gasping for air. He lay back for a few moments gritting his teeth, his cock throbbing and nodding uncontrollably, begging for release. After a while his urge to cum slowly subsided. She lay there beside him with her eyes closed as she tried to regain her breath, an amused look on her face.

After a couple of minutes when he recovered significantly enough to continue, Deji turned to her and pulled her gently towards him, massaging her lovely breasts. She thrust her arse into his crotch, grinding against his throbbing dick. He could feel himself releasing pre-cum in vast quantities as she did. He raised her leg up slightly and poked her vulva with his dick again. She purred and smiled.

“I thought you were tired?” she said weakly, turning her head to look at him.

“Your energy is surprising. You almost had me lose it then.” he reminded her.

“So do you want us to continue?” she asked as she continued grinding into him.

“Yeah. You haven’t cum yet.” he replied, and then slowly impaled her again.

“Who told you I’ve not?” she whimpered, her back arching in reflex. “You’ve made me cum more than twice already.”

He smiled and held her waist while gliding into her from behind. His hand reached beneath them and he felt the base of his dick where it was connected to her pussy. He massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples, kissing her deeply as she sucked on his tongue. He slowly fucked her that way, trying to control himself from releasing his gravy into her as he felt her muscles contract around him, desperate to milk him of all his natural resources.

He turned her on her stomach and placed a pillow under her hips. Her arse and pussy were now presented to him fully. He gently kissed her butt and rubbed his leaking head against her swollen cunt lips. He knew this was the last rush and he wanted to make sure it count. He leaned over her and slowly buried his shaft into her for the last time. Controlling his urge, he began to slam into her, prone boning her hard and fast. Her moans were getting louder and louder and he had to bury her face into the bed, her muffled screams still sounding awfully loud.

She began to shake and tense up as her orgasm began. She screamed and retched into the mattress as it hit her. Her cunt muscles griped him in a vice as they contracted in her passion. He couldn’t hold on anymore after that and with a few more powerful thrusts, he began to cum. He managed to pull out of her as the first throbs began. Moaning loudly, he jerked himself over her as one, two, and then three jets shot out. His splooge washed over her back and all over her twerking arse. He gave her five to six solid shots before the intensity began to reduce. He managed to milk himself of two more substantial jets which dripped over her already covered derriere. He collapsed on his haunches, gasping.

“Wow” was all he could say. “Wow.”


She slowly opened her eyes, wondering where she was. After a few moments she remembered and turned to see him beside her on the bed. She moved her lips towards his and kissed him lightly, his eyes slowly opening.

“That was intense,” she said. “I’ve not had it hard and long like that in a long while. Thank you.”

Deji smiled and kissed her. His cum over her back was already drying up in the cool air of the room. It was almost three hours since she passed out from their intense sex and her hard orgasm.

“I guess I need to take another bath. Do you mind washing my back for me?”

“Sure, why not,” Deji responded, standing up and pulling her up.

She sighed, weakly standing up and immediately fell back to the bed.

“Wow” she laughed. “My legs can’t even carry me anymore.”

Deji pulled her up again and this time they both staggered to the bathroom. He turned on the lukewarm shower and she shivered as the spray hit her body. He could see all sides of her as she stood with her back to him, her shapely round ass perfect. He poured some of his body wash in his hands. He soaped and scrubbed her back, down to her butt, back up to massage her shoulders. He turned her around and soaped up her lovely breasts and her tummy. They kissed gently, their hands together over her breasts. The shower was a small cubicle, and it meant that the two were unable to avoid body contact. The water poured over their bodies as they held each other, kissing passionately. To his surprise, he felt his dick tingle and begin to nod again. It grew and snaked against her as her breasts pressed against him. She felt it on her tummy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32