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Raion awoke gently. The smell of cherry blossom invaded His senses and the texture of fine silken hair was upon His throat. He lay still, eyes still closed as soft hands untied the haorihimo fastening His juban and drew the panels aside. He felt the still chill air brush across His body begging Him to tense but He remained motionless. Gently her hand caressed His chest, fingertips exploring the contours with youthful fascination, idly following the line of scars long faded and seeming to reach deep below the surface of the skin to touch His very soul. The hand slid down His stomach to rest upon His member, not moving just cupping, waiting for the blood to fill Him as she knew it must. Her lips closed on His nipple, the tongue teasing the center into life, then pearl white teeth gripping the hardening nub and she sucking as a child weaning on its parent, taking comfort and strength.

Perhaps yesterday He might have pretended to wake with a start, feign embarrassment to cover hers and rising put distance between them, but today He tarried, lost momentarily in her need to please Him and perhaps more His need for her. It had been too long, too many moons had waxed and waned since He last tasted a woman’s love.

A sigh escaped her lips as she felt the shaft in her hand blossom, growing hard and wanting at her touch. Still she supped at His chest but stretched her hand down to touch the spherical carriers of the seed that in time she hoped to feel upon her tongue and perhaps, if allowed, deep in her being. As she caressed His sac she felt the shaft dance, jump with the joy of a stag filled with joy and vigor. She gripped the base between her thumb and forefinger, her tiny hand stretched completely but unable to fully enclose Him. Her stomach rippled with want, her nipples throbbed with need, but she held her rising passion back allowing only for His delight.

Raion allowed His eyes to open slightly, looked upon her face, her cheeks and lips full of color and desire, her hair shimmering like polished ebony in the breaking morning light as she knelt above Him. She was naked, her skin pale and smooth as alabaster, her slim frame seeming without fault of any kind, each contour shaped as if by a sculptors hands. He stretched His right hand upwards to touch her but found it captured in her left hand and pushed back to rest beside His head on the pillow.

“Rest Daimyo. Be still while Your servant sees to Your needs.”

Her whispered words had barely escaped her lips before they pressed on His, the tip of her tongue moistening the entry before delving inside to coat His inner mouth in her taste. The kiss was so gentle but had a depth that seemed to purge any remonstration from His mind.

Her attention returned to the swollen shaft in her grasp and tightening her grip at the base she moved the fingertips of her left hand up and down, from top to bottom in a tantalizing dance. Using pads, then nails, then pads again she played as if holding an enchanting new toy, precious beyond expression.

“My Lord perhaps needs some lubricant?”

As if no answer was necessary she passed the tips of her fingers deep between her labia lips before continuing her teasing, pleasing strokes with digits now coated with her warm and viscous fluids.

Raion lay still, barely. Her ministrations were causing His member to swell beyond comfortable to kızılay escort a point where each touch produced an almost electric shock. His mind attempted to understand her adeptness at her art, whilst His body simply craved more and more.

Releasing the base of the shaft she moved her right hand perhaps to halfway between top and bottom before wrapping her thumb and forefinger once more. Gently she pulled down, allowing the mushroom head to totally escape its covering and exposing the sensitive ridge with its ultra-sensitive frenulum. Having again passed her fingertips through her now amply lubricated labia lips Madoka continued her teasing exploration of her prize, but now solely concentrating on the glands.

“But Daimyo you are different. There is no join between your foreskin and shaft.”

Madoka held Raion’s member fast and leaning forward inspected her discovery.

“There, I see a tiny mark of scar tissue. I think as a boy My Lord was too big for His own skin.”

Raion smiled at her humor. He was growing fonder of this girl’s ways momentarily. She was the first to notice, or at least comment about the scar and it showed a remarkable eye for detail.

“My Lord must tell His servant how this happened, if He is willing of course. However that conversation can wait for less pertinent times.”

As she spoke madoka repositioned herself between Raion’s thighs carefully making sure His juban was free enough to allow Him adequate movement. Placing her hands under His knees she gently moved His legs upwards and outwards then ran her tongue from anus to sac and down again.

“My Lord tastes good this morning.”

Raion bucked like a newly captured stallion.

“Relax Daimyo, the day has barely begun.”

The next lick was slower and much firmer. Raion found Himself pulling His knees further to His chest as madoka salved Him utterly. Her tongue was amazingly strong, the pressure sublime and she had no hesitation in any of her actions. Momentarily stopping she reached up to place her own pillow on top of Raion’s to give Him a more complete view of the proceedings. Settling back she sat in seiza with her thighs spread very wide exposing her hood and labia entirely. Reaching down she spread the lips with one hand exposing her vulva then pulled the hood up showing the hard clitoral tip laying beneath.

“You see how excited You make me My Lord. My body weeps for You in pleasure.”

Her hands moved upwards to cup her breasts then began to pinch and tease her nipples.

“You find my breasts to Your liking My Lord?”

No response from Raion was required as His member jumped and sac tightened with excitement.

“I think more lubricant is needed My Lord.”

Madoka placed the three fingertips of her right hand in her mouth and having moistened them thoroughly slid them knuckle deep into her vagina. She stilled for a moment but from the flex of her hand Raion could see she was stroking her inner walls. Her eyes glazed momentarily before she regained her composure and removing the fingers wiped the delicious honey around His anal bud.

“I love to taste myself Daimyo.”

Lowering her head she began lapping around His now pursing orifice. The tip of her tongue bored inwards and seemed to penetrate Him completely, but not satisfied she again thrust the fingers into her wetness before probing His etlik escort anus deeply with her middle digit. Raion shuddered uncontrollably and a small bubble of precum exited His meatus to glisten in the ever brightening light. Madoka leaned forward just enough to take the very tip of His glands between her lips and with a swift wipe of her tongue consumed the excretion lustily almost smacking her lips in delight.

Her finger had found His prostrate and was gently massaging the oblong intrusion through His anal wall. Her mouth gently began sucking at His testes heightening the already overwhelming sensations of pleasure racking His body. Pressure began to build and Raion’s body seemed to float upwards from the bedroll towards a heavenly release.

Madoka’s finger withdrew and her mouth released His frenzied orbs.

“My Lord is in not too much of a hurry?”

Raion’s member was throbbing, the veins standing out like tree roots thrusting from the earth around some great tree. Shaking, near to ejaculation He felt her hand lightly bend His member at its base, as practiced by classically trained geisha in such moments and magically the urgent need for release dissipated.

Madoka rose and standing astride His hips again spread her labia wide.

“My Lord may I be permitted.”

Her voice was soft and polite but held within it a degree of need that moved Him.”

“Yes madoka yes.”

“Thank you My Lord.”

The short sentence ended with a moan, a guttural cry that told of the pent emotion and pressure bottled within her tiny frame. The moan became a cry, the cry a scream and from her vagina shot spurt upon spurt of ejaculate to arc and land hot upon Raion’s belly, chest and face. Madoka’s legs shook as if caught in an earthquake, her head thrown back as her screams reverberated around the sparsely furnished room and echoed throughout the structure.

Raion shook too. The sight of such unrestrained expulsion on command was far beyond anything He had experienced before either as instigator or observer and had again bought Him close to the point of ejaculation. This girl had fired Him like no other had done in an eon and know He understood why chouko had connived so carefully to ensure this meeting.

Madoka breathed deeply as her cervix continued to fall and rise like an out of control skyscraper elevator. The release had been extreme, her body ached from the control she felt in His presence even when she was the aggressor.

“Thank you My Lord.”

She returned to her kneeling position and began cleaning up every drop of wetness on His body. First His face. Light kisses sucking at His skin, across His cheeks, forehead, eyes, chin and finally His mouth, leaving the pungent scent and taste of her sex on His lips. Moving to His chest and shoulders her tongue lapped hungrily. She became a kitsune, fox spirit, taking every drop of nourishment for her own. Now His belly, tongue darting side to side, mouth sucking to draw the last vestiges from His indented umbilicus. Moving her position down a little she lathed His thighs from knee to groin. Long lascivious strokes that cleansed whilst causing Him to shudder as she grazed. Finally His member. First either side across the lower belly, then raising the hard pulsating shaft beneath in its shadow. The shaft she cleansed simply by swallowing it deep demetevler escort into her throat to stroke all sediment away with the massaging use of her throat muscles.

Raion wanted to moan desperately. He stopped Himself momentarily then as she swallowed Him deep the moan became uncontrollable and had to escape. Reaching down in desperation His hands fought for a grip on her hair but deftly she avoided His grasp and releasing Him from her trachea stood again astride His hips but this time with her back towards His head. Bending at the waist she spread her ass cheeks wide and spread a thick layer of fresh lubricant from her labia across her pulsing anal orifice. Slowly she lowered herself and reaching between her legs grasped Raion’s twitching member firmly as she aligned it with her waiting, yearning depths.

Her orifice felt burning hot as His urethra pressed against its quaking opening. With her hand clamped around His base all He had to do was watch as she pressed downwards onto the head. The tip pierced her easily, the mushroom stretching her hole until finally bursting through the ring to be griped in the vice of her contracting muscle. For what seemed an eternity she remained motionless as her sphincter and the spasms of her canal continuously pumped against His head. Finally as the ripples dissipated she pushed down swallowing His shaft deeper and deeper into her core till the protuberance of her buttocks pressed lightly against His groin. Again she remained still. Reveling in the feeling of being totally filled by His being, letting the tremors of her own near orgasmic state work like massaging fingers over His shaft.

Raion wanted to thrust. Every muscle in His being was wound as tight as a cocked mangonal. Respect made Him wait, respect for this girl whose every movement, every thought was set upon His pleasure and service. To act now for simple self-gratification would be to ignore both her physical artistry and her spiritual submission.

Madoka placed her hands on the floor behind her body either side of His waist and leaned back. His member slid deeper, further than anything had penetrated her anal canal before, seeming to invade the very pit of her stomach. She felt her next orgasms approaching, knew the building fire in her uterus would soon spill down and release her whole being in a flood to pour uncontrollably from her body. She raised her hips, weight taken evenly between feet and hands and felt His shaft slide outwards till only the head was still gripped tight in her sphincter.

Pausing momentarily she clenched her anal muscles hard and thrust down again taking Him all in one swift and hard descent. Pausing once more she felt His member throbbing inside her and judged He was on the verge of an uncontrollable full ejaculation. Again she raised her hips, once more only the head remained, again she thrust down muscles clenched but on hitting rock bottom rebounded to indulge His shaft in one complete hard firm stroke.

Raion was lost. No pretense of control remained within His pervue, nothing existed but this fragile nymph cavorting self-impaled upon His rigid shaft. The moment came and He surrendered, eyes bulging and breath exhaled to leave His lungs empty of air. Semen erupted from His scrotum, flooded through His penis to exude in one hard excruciating ejaculation deep into her bowel.

Madoka felt His hot forceful infusion of her body and responded in the only way she could, a total evacuation of both cervix and bladder, yet still she managed control enough to pump the piston two more times before she heard Him scream.

“Madoka, madoka!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32