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“Hello, Mary?”

“Yes, it’s me. Hi, Claire.” Claire was my best friend from high school and now we are much older (well not that much). I think we have known each other for 15 years.

“Want to do something tonight, girl?”

“Ha, are you kidding? Matt is coming home tonight after a week.” I had been married for about 5 years and Matt traveled some but not too much. I also know how he feels about being away. “And, you know what he is like after a week.” Now I am not a prude but, unlike Matt, I do think that sex has a proper time, place and mood. It seems that Matt just likes sex anytime, anywhere, and the most unusual place the better. It has always been a source of friction for us.

“I didn’t know he was coming back so soon,” Claire said almost like a question.

“Yes, and I missed him big time!”

“Well, okay. I had tickets to the opening of Twin Towers but I will find someone else. Talk to you tomorrow.” Without waiting for my reply, she clicked the phone down as she always done. She always seems to be in a hurry going from one thing to another and never has time for the niceties.

But, Claire is a great friend and she always brings a smile to my face.

About an hour later, I hear Matt’s car pull into the garage and I anxiously wait as he unpacks the trunk and comes into the door. “Just leave your luggage in the laundry room and I will take care of it later,” I called out. “Okay.” Matt walks slowly into the kitchen very quietly and gives me a hug and a short kiss. This is very unlike him since he normally lifts me up and swings me around when he gets home from a trip and he is usually very passionate and animated.

“Everything alright? Bad trip?”

“I am pretty tired and sorry if I don’t seem like myself.”

“What did you find a honey to keep you busy?”

“You know better than that!” And of course I did know better. Matt can be a lot of things but he is always honest and faithful to me.

We had a quiet dinner and Matt still seemed distracted, almost distant. We talked about some stuff—like the conference and his boss, Jeff, who went with him. Jeff was about our age but his dad started the small computer software company where Matt works. Although his quietness concerned me only a little, I have to admit that I started to imagine all kinds of crazy things like the company folding and Matt losing his job to something that Matt didn’t want to tell me happened on the trip. I chose to suppress my inquisitiveness, feeling that this was not a good time to put too much pressure on him. Matt would tell me eventually—he always did.

We spent some time with our usual activities. Matt turned on a mindless TV show (of course I think most shows are unless they are on PBS or some education oriented cable channel.) I spent my time reading—my favorite activity.

About nine o’clock, Matt started to stretch bahis siteleri and indicated he wanted to go to bed. It must have been some trip for him to go to bed before the baseball game was over.

“I can go to bed now if you are really tired. I can read in bed just as easily as on the couch.”

“Thanks, I am just so drained from the trip. Sorry I am not much company.”

“It’s okay. Do you want the bathroom first or should I?”

“You go ahead. I need to get some paper from my suitcase. Have a bid meeting tomorrow and I want to get a headstart on things.”

So, off to the bedroom I go. I have picked out in my mind a nice silk pair of pajamas I rarely wear. Tonight just seemed like one of those lazy kinds of nights. I knew that Matt was acting so tired that I knew this was not going to be a typical trip-ending night. Off I went into the bathroom so that Matt could have it when he got back here.

I was busy washing my face when I heard the bedroom door open and Matt come into the room. “I’ll be right out, sweetie.”

“That’s okay, take your time.”

I quickly finish up and come into the room. To my surprise, the bed has been turned down and on my pillow was a single red rose.

“What is this and who was she?” I chuckled. A warm feeling came over me.

“I just thought you deserve some attention. It’s not much.”

“Yeah, it is, and just the right amount. You know, something about you makes me love you even more every day.”

“Knock off the mushy stuff.”

“You started it.”

He laughed a tired laugh and went into the bathroom. As usual, he left the door slightly ajar. I noticed that on his side of the bed were some papers that were obviously printouts of computer code and also some web pages he printed. I started to arrange his paper when I looked at the web pages. One set was obviously a story called “Carla and Marie.” So I yelled into the bathroom, “So, honey, what’s this about Carla and Marie?” Matt sheepishly said back, “Well, it gets lonely on the trip without my beautiful wife so I learned about web sites with, ahem, reading material. Just toss it aside, and I will find a place for it.”

I was about to put it neatly on his night table when I started to read the paper. You know how much I enjoy reading. It turns out that this is a story about two college friends, and as I learned later, it was a common theme about first time lesbian sex, where one is only slightly more experienced and she finally is getting up courage to see whether her friend is interested.

I can tell you that my first thought was just give me my murder mystery. This doesn’t interest me. But I kept reading to see why Matt would like this kind of reading. As I got into it, the scenes shifted to playful interchanges between the girls as Carla is subtly convincing Marie that it’s okay to kiss another girl if you are friends. canlı bahis siteleri I have to admit that it was starting to sound like a thoughtful piece as Carla’s arguments had some sense to them.

Carla at point says to Marie, “You know, sex is really just friction created with a hand, or a kiss, or a tongue or some long object. That is why vibrators and dildos work. Those fingers, or tongue have no sex—only the person to whom they belong. Making love, however, takes an emotional tie such as boyfriends or just friends or someone you love. So, if two women love each other as friends, why can’t they enjoy making love?’ That seems to be convincing to Marie and they start to kiss.

As I read on to the description of the lovemaking, I have to admit I was getting into it. I think it was also because Matt has been away and I missed him. Pretty soon, I noticed that my nipples were getting harder as I read about Carla kissing Marie’s nipples and every so often I would close my eyes to try to envision the scene. All of this was starting to have an effect on me and I started to caress my breasts unconsciously. As I got to page two, I noticed that my breath was a little shallower and I was feeling warm. I unbuttoned my top three buttons on my pajamas so I could touch my breasts a little better. I hadn’t even noticed that Matt had come into the room and was looking at me with a smile on his face.

The story progressed to the point that both girls were fondling each other while Marie was now experiencing kissing another girl’s nipples. And both were getting close to orgasm. It was at this point that I felt another hand on my leg moving slowly up. I didn’t want to stop reading so I just let Matt continue to rub my leg, closer and closer to my mound. Besides, it was feeling good and I didn’t want it to stop. All of this, the description in the story, my rubbing my breasts and Matt’s caressing was having a monumental effect on me. It felt like one of those times that you rarely get—maybe every year or two.

As Marie approaches orgasm in the story, I am about to go crazy myself from all of Matt’s attentions. He soon has my pajama bottoms off and he is very gently licking between my legs working his way to my clit. God, this is feeling really good and it happened to coincide with Carla doing a similar thing with Marie. I couldn’t put the story down but Matt was flicking his tongue on my clit sending little waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I put the story down for a moment in order to remove my top and continue to pinch and rub my nipples adding to my pleasure. I felt so naughty and selfish. I really am not into oral sex but this was one of those times that I couldn’t control myself. And Matt was being so attentive and gentle that it just seemed so right.

Breathlessly I say, “Matt, I need you so bad. I can’t take it any longer. Please, canlı bahis come up and make love to me.”

“Baby, I AM making love to you so lean back, and enjoy.”

I don’t know if it was the story, or the constant attention that Matt was giving my clit and pussy, but the waves of pleasure became stronger than I ever felt before in my life. Especially when Matt never left my clit when he talked to me so each syllable sent another explosion through me. I am going to lose it any minute and I knew that I should try to repress myself since I don’t ever go wild. But it was getting so hard and actually the repression was causing me to explode even more.

“Oh my God, Matt. I can’t take it anymore. I uh,uh am ….” There I was knocking the pages to the floor as my head is jerking uncontrollably back and forth on my pillow. My body is lifting itself off the bed slightly all by itself and Matt is kissing, and sucking on my clit. I know that I can’t control anything—my voice, my breathing, my hands as they pinch my nipples hard, or even my thinking. I have become an animal just reacting to all of this stimuli. I have never come like that before and I knew that I would go crazy unless it stopped. It lasted for what seemed like days but was really only a few minutes. Slowly I was coming back down from the high and I could once again focus on my bedroom.

“Matt, that was totally awesome. I have never felt like that. I shouldn’t have been so selfish though.”

“Nonsense, darling. I enjoyed every minute of it and I could see that you might like something besides murder mysteries.” Matt chuckled a little bit. “I wanted so much to give you this gift tonight instead of my usual selfish sex.”

“But what changed this?”

“Well, on the trip back, a car went screaming past us. Jeff was driving and he had to veer off the road to keep from hitting the other car. I realized that we almost got killed and how selfish I was with you and I wanted to just make this your night.”

I felt so much more love for Matt at that moment. And I just gazed at him as he turned off his light and settled down for the night.

The next day, Claire knocks on my door. I was still in a state of bliss from the night before and Matt had gone to work. I gave him an extra long kiss and told him to knock them dead at the meeting that afternoon.

“So, I guess Matt came home okay last night?”

“Sure did. But we went to bed early,” I said slyly.

“Want to go to the mall?”

“Sure, I just need to get ready to go. I will be finished in a few. I have some wild eyebrows to pluck a little and I will be ready to go.”

So off I go to the bathroom and Claire as usual follows me into the bedroom. We chat a little through the door as I start to take some tweezers out. After a minute or so, we stop our chat and I notice how quiet it got. And then I thought, “Oh no, I left the story on the night table and this is going to be so embarrassing.”

Opening the door, my fears were realized as I saw Claire reading the pages intently. But also, I noticed a kind of distant look in her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32