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All characters are 18 years of age or older. Our story reaches its climax. Some mysteries are resolved while still others deepen. What will happen when the truth behind the monolith is revealed?


I had to get back and she understood that. I left her with that evil twinkle in her eye. The drive back to the university took only a few minutes. The engineers had set up the scanner once again. This time they were attempting a top down scan to see if any new enigmas popped up. They had to jimmy rig a stable platform for the scanner to be able to hit at the proper angle. This time however there were no glitches but what the laser picked up made no sense. It was going to take some new coding on the part of the engineering department to properly analyze the data and that meant more time.

Carol and her assistant spent their time firing laser pointers out the various shafts to see how great the distortion inside the monolith was. They took their measurements and left more confused than when they began. The thing defied us to analyze, measure or comprehend it. It looked so damn normal when you looked at it but looks were so damn deceiving. I spent my time reading the Mal Contentis. Granted my Latin was rusty as all hell but it came back quickly enough. The tome read like a bad horror comic. It spoke of prehumen races that came to the earth millions of years before the rise of humanity. They had once been masters of our world and would one day be so again. I think it was that fear that drove Squiggles to let the cancer eat him alive. He actually believed this tripe. I had to know why. But first I was going to decipher the damn symbols and get my doctorate.

I found the sketches and drawings of spells, runes and esoteric diagrams. Among those images were the cryptic symbols that were on the monolith. So whoever made the damn thing had access to one of the other three copies of the Mal Contentis or did they? Did Squiggles or his widow have a hand in making the obelisk? Did someone find it and place it on the campus grounds? It made a sick sort of sense. It would take years to fabricate something this complex. Of course I could simply be grasping at straws. I pushed the why out of my thoughts for now and began translating the glyphs. It was slow painstaking work but at least I was in my element.

It took nearly two hours to pry the meaning out of the first symbol. I had to take the context of several diagrams and the description of what sort of being this circle was meant to summon to the earthly plane. The second symbol took a little less time. I took a break after I had cracked four of the symbols and I looked at them and their meanings. I had little background in mysticism so I went out and decided to pick the brains of the rest of the team. Maybe one of them had a minor in sociology or psychology. No luck in that department so I called the Chancellor and informed him I was one eighth of decrypting the symbols on the monolith. He was thrilled and looked forward to seeing my finished report.

It looked like the others were making less progress than I was. Since I was making some head way I decided to return to the tome and continuing working. I buried myself in my work. Hours went by and the more I read of the Mal Contentis the more disturbed I became. It was three in the morning when I took a break and called it a night. I put everything into my briefcase and left. The campus center was abandoned and only the monolith remained. I guess they went home hours ago. I didn’t blame them one bit. I began driving home but I found myself parking outside my mom’s house. I guess my subconscious was telling me I needed to bleed off some stress. I know I promised the widow not to but fuck it. I used my key and let myself in. I slipped off my shoes and went upstairs.

I knew where all the creaky boards were and avoided them. Mom’s bedroom door was open and I looked in on her. She was alone since dad was off on his fishing trip. I walked over to the side of her bed and glanced down at her. I stripped down and gently stroked her cheek. She purred as she opened her eyes. My erection was right at mouth level.

“Open wide,” I said and she just smiled as she opened her mouth. “That’s a good little slut.”

I slid my cock between her lips as she started sucking me off. Mom was moaning as I began fucking her face. I pulled down the covers so I could see her body better. I groped her tits and mom moaned even louder. Mom shifted to a kneeling position with her head facing me. I grabbed either side of her head and she moaned louder than ever.

“Do you want me to blow my load down your throat or in your pussy?”

Mom pulled back, spun around and offered me her backside. Her ass was high in the air now and I never hesitated. I slid my cock into her cunt and began thrusting. Mom gasped as I began to hammer her from behind.

“I missed you,” she whimpered. “Fuck me… break me… make me yours…”

“I missed you too,” I growled as I pummeled her.

“Are bursa escort you going to fuck my ass?” She asked as she shoved her hips backward.

“Do you want me to?” I asked as we built up a perfect rhythm.

“Oh god yes,” she growled. “I need to feel your cum shoot into my ass.”

“I guess I am going to have to sodomize my mother, again.”

“You say the sweetest things.”

I hammered her at a nice steady pace when I heard the footfall behind me. I knew it was inevitable. Sis stepped into the room and watched me fuck our mother. I glanced over at her and she looked like someone had stolen her favorite toy. I told her to get undressed and kneel next to mom. Sis giggled and did as she was told.

“Wait a second, you two have been intimate?” Mom asked and sis told her that it had only been once. “I see. So he used that powder on you too huh.”

“Yeah, I was the test subject,” Sis whimpered as she played with her pussy. “We had no idea it would turn me into a cock hungry slut.”

“NNNNN so close,” Mom whimpered. “Just a little bit more…”

The next sound was my mother crying out and grinding her ass against me. Sis lifted her ass up as high as she could and wiggled it. I eased out of mom and moved behind Briana. I asked her if she were sure and she just nodded vigorously. I slid into sis and she gasped.

“I forgot how big you were,” she whimpered.

I started moving and another gasp escaped my sister’s lips. Mom in the meantime was working her fingers into her ass getting it ready for round two. I watched her and slammed my cock into sis’ pussy. She was grunting in time with my thrusts now. Damn she felt good wrapped around me. I watched my mom’s fingers as she fingered her own ass. I licked my lips in anticipation. I could have called Carol. Hell, I could have just gone over to the widow’s place and had an eager partner but here I was violating the two women that meant the most to me in life.

“I’m glad you came,” Mom purred. “I thought you hated me.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Sis managed between grunts and grasps of pleasure.

“I thought you two hated me for what had happened,” I admitted.

“NO,” they said in one voice.

“We love you sweetie,” Mom said.

“I need you,” Sis added. “I need this.”

I hammered at sis with my cock and she praised me for it. Mom watched intently and I could see the anticipation in her eyes. I felt the first tingling in my toes and I could tell sis was close to losing it too. I slowed down so I could savor the pleasure she was giving me. As we neared the end my mother rolled onto her back and spread her legs giving me a clear view of both her holes as she teased them. I smiled and hammered sis with slow hard thrusts. She warned me how close she was and I decided it was time to finish round one. I dug my nails into her ass flesh and hammered her for all I was worth. I shot my load deep inside of her and she came seconds later.

“Damn that was hot,” Mom growled watching her two babies fucking like bunnies.

“We are a twisted bunch,” I said and they both agreed.

I caught my breath while sis left and washed up a bit. Mom continued to get ready for round two and I wondered if that single dose of the aphrodisiac was responsible for this. I asked mom about it. She admitted to watching me masturbate and spying on my while I was in the shower. The drug just removed those annoying obstacles between us she said. I watched her diligently get her ass ready for my cock. Sis returned as I moved to stand next to the bed. I got mom into position and lined up the head of my cock with her asshole.

“Here we go,” I said and began pushing.

“I wanna see,” Sis said as she bent over and watched the whole thing unfold. “Damn, I don’t think I could take you in my ass that is way too big.”

“UNNNNNN gods you are stretching me out,” Mom growled and then the head popped in and she was panting like she had run a mile. “Give me a minute.”

I shoved sis onto her back so I could play with her until mom was ready. I slid two fingers into her cunt and began teasing her. As I finger fucked her mom nodded and I began pushing the rest of my cock inside of her slowly. Sis was moaning in our mother’s ear as her excitement grew. I stopped fingering sis and changed tactics. I slid one finger in her pussy and one up her ass. Her eyes went wide as I pleasured both her holes. Mom nodded a second time and I began moving my hips nice and slow. Both of them were grunting, growling and moaning. I moved both my hips and my fingers faster now. Sis begged for more fingers so I stopped long enough to place both slick fingers in her ass and the other two in her wet slit. Now that both of my playthings were happy I returned to driving my cock up mom’s tight little ass.

“Damn you’re tight,” I growled and mom just nodded too winded to speak for now.

“I love your fingers in me big brother,” Sis whimpered.

I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure mom bursa escort bayan was giving me. I smiled and sis asked me what I was thinking about. I shook my head but then mom called me on it. I admitted that I was fantasizing about my cock being stuck through a glory hole and some nameless slut taking my dick up her ass. That got them going as mom admitted to having a similar fantasy about being the girl on the receiving end of a glory hole. Sis asked what we were talking about and mom explained it to her in graphic detail. Sis liked the idea and began to squeeze her pussy around my fingers.

“Would you let me suck you off brother dear if I was on the other end,” she asked as I felt the first inklings of my second climax.

“Sis, I’d let you suck me off anywhere you wanted,” I fired back as I began hammering away at mom.

“Oh god he’s getting even bigger,” Mom wailed. “He’s going to come in my ass!”

“You are a better woman than I am mom,” Sis admitted. “I could never take anything that huge inside of my butt.”

“Why do you like anal sis?” I asked gritting my teeth.

“I caught mom and dad doing it,” she said. “I saw the look on her face and wanted to know what it was like.”

“Close…” was all I could say.

“Give it to me,” Mom grunted. “I want to feel you shoot inside of me.”

I thrust as hard and fast as I had in her pussy. Sis was getting close too as my fingers pushed her closer and closer to her own climax. I felt the wave crashing over me and I hollered as I rammed my hips against my mother and ground my fingers inside of my sister. Mom came with me and sis just a little bit later. What a picture we made. Mom and sis were on their backs with me sitting on the floor next to the bed huffing and puffing for air.

“So are you blaming me for your anal fetish?” Mom asked.

“Well, it was you taking dad’s cock up your poop chute,” Sis replied.

“Oh that’s just great,” Mom growled. “You can’t take responsibility for your own body for once.”

“Me, you were the one fucking your son when I came in,” Sis fired back. “You are such a slut!”

I got up and headed for the bathroom to wash up. The bickering continued with each of them blaming the other for my leaving. I did a quick cat bath and dried off. I went back in and they were still bitching and moaning. I got dressed as they laid there throwing blame and insults at each other.

“I love you,” I said and turned to leave.

“Love you…” Mom said.

“I love you too,” Sis replied before returning to her argument.

Women are fucking nuts. I shook my head and walked down the stairs. I still had a good twelve hours of work left to do on the glyphs before I had them all deciphered. I drove home and decided to finish my work someplace that was peaceful and quiet. I was about halfway home when the texts from Mom and sis began. Mom apologized for my sister while sis said she was sorry that mom drove me away. I couldn’t help but laugh at their antics. I did love them but they could be a handful. I got home and out of habit started a pot of coffee. I slipped into my pajamas, poured a cup of coffee and slipped beneath my sheets. I lay there ferreting out the meaning of symbol after symbol. I got up occasionally for another cup of coffee or to take a piss.

The doorbell rang and I looked at the window and saw the streamers of light coming from between the slats of the blinds. It was dawn already. I got up and opened the front door. Standing on my front porch was none other than Detective Hardy. I greeted her and offered her a cup of coffee. She shook her head and told me it was official business. I stopped my progress to the kitchen and turned to face her. She looked upset and I waited patiently for her to speak.

“Where were you last night?” She asked as she took out her notebook.

“I spent most of the night at the university. I left there around two thirty or two forty five. I went to my mom’s house to check up on them since my dad was off on a fishing trip. I stayed there about an hour and then headed home about four o’clock. I’ve been here since then.”

“Ok,” she said as she scribbled down my account. “Someone bonded Loveless out of jail last night and he was found murdered early this morning. I will have to check the security video to verify your alibi.”

I could tell she was relieved that I was at the university. I could also see that she was upset that she had to ask me these questions. I told her it was okay and that I was fine being questioned. I knew I couldn’t get any details out of her since it was an ongoing murder case but she looked disturbed by the whole affair. She left curtly and I closed the door behind her. I forgot about the cup of coffee and pondered who would want Loveless dead. Was there someone else involved in all of this? Did Loveless have a partner? If he did were they going to come after a nonexistent scroll again? I didn’t like the thought of that. I took a quick shower and got dressed and took escort bursa my materials to the university so I could catch up with the others.

The university was abuzz with the news of the professor’s murder. I caught up with Carol and she hugged me when she saw me. I held her as she cried. I told her I was fine and that seemed to calm her. She told me she had worried that I was also a victim of the killer. We agreed to work together so she could keep an eye on me. I asked her if any progress had been made but she shook her head. We grabbed some breakfast at the cafeteria and I filled her in on what I had learned so far. I took out the printouts and flipped them over showing my analysis of each character. She found it all interesting but couldn’t figure out why someone had built the monolith in the first place.

“I have found references to similar objects in the book that Squire’s widow had given me. They are reputed as portals of some sort but the text is quite vague about how or why they were created. According to the author the portals open to places where madness reigns and the old gods dwell. Yeah I know pretty dark stuff.”

“Who wrote the book you are using?” Carol asked.

“No one knows,” I told her. “I did a paper on the Mal Contentis while I was working on my Master’s degree. There were originally thirteen copies of the book but it was confirmed that nine of them were destroyed by Inquisitors. The owners of those books were put to death and burned alive. The odds that the widow was in possession of one of the four remaining copies freaks me out to be honest, it is just too convenient.”

“I see what you mean. The monolith appears and suddenly a copy of a rare book falls into your lap. What are the odds of it just being a coincidence? I think we are being used. Someone set things in motion and it all began with the theft of the scrolls.”

“I don’t like to admit it but you are right. But who did this and why?” I asked feeling vulnerable like never before.

We finished our meal in silence and headed off to my tiny office. Carol took out her laptop and began working on her aspect of the monolith puzzle. I pulled out the heavy tome and continued decoding the glyphs. I was able to, after long exposure to the text of the Mal Contentis, translate the meaning of the symbols in under a half hour now. By the time we were ready for a bite of dinner I was finished. Paranoid that something might happen to my work I took my briefcase with us to the restaurant. I was starved and ate a huge amount of food. Carol asked me when the last time I had eaten and I couldn’t give her an honest answer. She had that motherly expression on her face and I couldn’t help but smile. We returned to the university with Carol leading the way. We walked hand in hand to the corner of the university dedicated to astronomy and astrophysics. I had never been in any of these buildings and was surprised when I learned the campus had its own planetarium. Carol took me into the domed building and I had that childlike glee as she fired up the projector.

“This is the first holographic planetarium in the country.” She said as the room filled with billions of stars. “One of our major donors gave us the equipment to upgrade our facilities.”

“I am blown away,” I told her as I walked through a sea of stars. “What about exo-planets?”

“I am glad you asked,” She said and pressed some more buttons. “Carl, can you show us the exo-planets in your database?”

“I would be happy to,” a cultured voice said through the speakers. “Here are all the exo-planets discovered as of today.”

I watched the display change and I actually clapped my hands like a little kid. There was the parent star and rotating around it the planet astronomers had discovered. Carol smiled and then whispered something to Carl and the display changed again. She let me try and figure out the importance of what I was looking at. It took me a few minutes as I walked around stars to make the connection. It was the pattern off the crystal the widow had given me. The next changes in the display were satellite images of the Middle East. There were six of them. I asked which of the images had Luxor in it. Five of the images disappeared and only one remained. I pointed to Luxor and then five other sites mentioned on the crystal. I asked Carl to draw lines between the six locations to see what point was at the center of where the three lines met. Carol extrapolated the distances and highlighted the location of the dig sight.

“That’s it,” I said. “Can you give me the GPS coordinates of that point?”

“Of course sir,” Carl replied pleasantly.

I memorized the location and felt my heart tripping in my chest. That’s where I would go and seek my fortune. I just had to convince the university to fund the dig or find a private backer. Carol shut down the projector and flew at me and hugged me tight. I held her close and she whispered in my ear.

“When do we leave?”

“You really want to go out into the middle of nowhere to look for something that might not even be there,” I asked and she nodded. “I don’t want to be selfish…”

“I am offering,” she whispered in my ear. “No guilt… this is me wanting to be with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32