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I tried really hard to have a relationship with Carrie. Well, I guess we had one, it just wasn’t the one I wanted to have.

Carrie was about 5’5′, maybe 110 lbs, strawberry blonde hair, red in the winter (real red, not magenta), with a spattering of freckles, a perfect ass, smallish but beautiful breasts. Her hair was cut in a pixie style. And it was stuck out everywhere, but that made it sexy.

I met her in community theatre into which I threw myself after my divorce. I was easily ten years older than she, but we became fast friends. I wanted more, but she was reticent. We were in shows together, so we spent quite a bit of time with one another. Between shows, we developed the habit of going out to dinner together every Friday night. Everyone thought we were a couple. She often stayed the night at my house, and we slept in the same bed. But all we did was sleep.

Carrie made it very clear that she was off men for a while. She loved me as a friend and trusted me. I wanted so much more, and thought more would come in time. I spent holidays with her and her family. They thought we were a couple.

A sweet moment came one day when we were at the gas station filing up her Miata which she insisted I drive. It was summer, the top was down. And my ex-wife pulled up in her 20 year-old Thunderbird and her new alcoholic love interest. Seeing us, she spoke and asked who the girl was. Carrie was great. She said, “I’m Carrie. You must be Joyce. I’ve heard so much about you! Michael and I were just going out to the country for a picnic. Would you and your friend like to join us?” She grabbed my arm and pulled me down so my cheek was next to hers and smiled her biggest smile. It was perfect.

My ex-wife made an excuse and quit calling and bugging me.

But for over a year, we never quite got to the level of romance I was looking for. When she explained to my friends one weekend that men were only good for free dinners, I realized it would never be what I wanted it to be. I confronted Carrie about this. She seemed really taken aback. “I don’t use you. You are my friend. You don’t use dinner as a way to get into my pussy. I wasn’t talking about you.”

That’s when I told her about my true feelings for her. I explained that I thought we were perfect together and should be a couple and think about a life together. She looked downcast. She explained that she was through with romance and only wanted friends. And she walked out of my life.

I stayed in contact and we went to dinner infrequently after that, but it was not the same. Then one night she told me she was converting to Temple of God, and we would not be friends anymore. Her job was to go on a mission trip and then to find a good Temple of God man to marry and have lots of babies. I left astounded.

Carrie had never shown any maternal instincts, and hated to have someone else telling her what to do. Where this came from, I had no idea. But that was the end of our friendship.

A couple of months later, Carrie called. “This Saturday, I’m going through the cleansing ceremony, and Monday I’m leaving on my mission trip. I’d like to see you before then.”

I was surprised, but asked where she wanted to eat. It was our thing.

“Can I just come to your house Thursday or Friday night?” I said that Friday was better for me. “I’ll get there about eight,” she said and hung up.

When she arrived that Friday night, I hardly recognized her. She was without makeup, on which she had previously prided herself, and she was wearing a simple house dress, like my grandma used to wear. Carrie was always a fashion plate.

She walked in the door and kissed me deeply, rubbing her body up against mine. I could tell she had no lingerie under that simple frock.

When she finally released me from the embrace, she held my face in her hands and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Tomorrow, I am giving myself completely to God and my church. But I have one really big sin I must commit before that. I really need to fuck you. If I don’t, I will regret it for the rest of my life. I need to fuck you really hard. I’ll repent later. But for now, I need it. Michael, will you fuck me?”

How could I argue?

Her peasant dress was joined at the front by a ribbon that wound through eyelets and was topped by a bow. She undid the bow and pulled the ribbon through, releasing kaçak iddaa the sides which dropped away, revealing her beautiful breasts and her pubic mound.

“Will you have me?” she asked.

“I always wanted to make love to you, but if you want me to fuck you, I will.”

“That’s beautiful. Let’s make love…all night long.”

She stepped up to me, sitting on a stool, parted my legs and rubbed her bare pussy on my cock, still clad in jeans. She took my face into her hands and kissed me deeply. I reached inside her frock and stroked those beautiful breasts I had so admired for so long. I pulled on those hard nipples and made her breasts my own.

Carrie sighed. “Your touch is perfect, just like I always knew it would be.”

“If you knew, why have we waited until now?”

“Shush. Just love me.”

We kissed deeply and I stroked her breasts for a long while. She opened my jeans and began to stroke my hard cock. Eventually, she pulled down my jeans to free my dick and began to suck it. She treated my cock as if it were a special treat of which she could not get enough.

My cock went down her throat and she didn’t hesitate. She licked and tickled the head. Then she sucked harder. She teased, then took me full into her mouth. In pretty short order, I said, “If you don’t stop, I’m coming in your mouth.”

She released my cock long enough to say, “What do you think I’m trying to do here?” at which point she sucked my cock down the back of her throat and I came in spurts into her mouth. She sucked down every drop.

When I was sucked dry, she stood and took me by the hand and led me to my own room. She lay me down on my back and then lay down on my chest, on her back. As we lay there, I began to explore her. My arm came around her and began to massage her breast and play with her nipple. My other hand sought her sweet, now very wet sex. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair then eased a finger to part her lips. She was very wet.

My one hand continued to entice her breast while my other ventured deeper and deeper into her. My thumb discovered her small, but very erect clitoral object as I was exploring her digitally. I ventured a finger up inside her femininity, then two. My thumb found a home on her clitoris and my fingers beat a tattoo in and out of her very wet opening. In short order, she was writhing and pushing my fingers deeper into her pussy. She replaced my thumb with her own fingers and rubbed her hard clit mercilessly. And she came. I felt the throbbing climax in the hand that was titillating her. And the nipple I was pinching became rock hard.

When she uttered a muffled scream into my neck, I knew I had done well. And my cock had responded to all of this feminine heat. As Carrie’s pulses faded away, my dick slowly grew and pushed its way up between her legs, touching her now dripping pussy.

Without a word, Carrie parted her legs a bit, and guided my now rock-hard cock into her wet, open pussy. I’m not hung like a porn star, so basically just the head entered her, just past her dripping lips.

“Aaaha,” was all she said. She reached down and rubbed herself and me intermittantly. She played with my cock, slightly pulling it out and pushing it in. I was in her control completely. She played with us for a bit, but this position did not allow for much movement.

She got off of me, pushed my legs apart and knelt between them, facing away from me. She pushed her ass toward me, took my raging dick in her hand and poised it between her pussy lips. She then, slowly, eased her wet, tight pussy down on my waiting cock. Watching this in slow motion and feeling all my nerves firing was so powerful, I almost came into her then. But, I resolved to hold back and give her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

It was wonderful to admire her amazing ass and her beautiful bare back as she rode my cock, forcing it deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and massaged them. Then I moved my way up her back. I reached around and stroked her tits as she leaned back into me, all the while taking my cock deep inside her pussy.

I thought she was going to come, but she stopped, my dick firmly implanted in her pussy and straightened up. She didn’t move for a few moments. Then she leaned forward, allowing my cock to slip out, and knelt on her hands kaçak bahis and knees. As she eased down onto her elbows and pushed her ass up in the air, I recognized an invitation.

I knelt behind her and took my now dripping, very hard cock and poised at the lips of her wet pussy. I reached down with my fingers and parted those very lips. I slid my cock into her pussy, which now felt as if it were a velvet glove. I began to move in and out of her. In fairly short order, I was pounding my hip bones up against her ass cheeks as my cock pile-drove into her wet depths. She began to moan and squeal and make yipping noises.

“Keep pumping me! I love how my tits move when you fuck me like that! Get as deep as you can!” I fucked her for all I was worth. I reached around and rubbed her clit as I pounded into her, but it was hard to hang onto the little nub.

It wasn’t long and I began to feel her pussy begin to erupt in waves. Her breath became short, and little sounds came out of her mouth until she full-blown screamed, “Fuck, I’m coming! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, oh………..” And she collapsed, pulling me down with my still hard dick in her pussy.

Once the pulsating subsided and her breathing returned to normal, she looked over her shoulder and said, “You are still hard. I can feel your hard cock inside me. You didn’t come?”

“I was trying to hold on, to give you an additional flourish,” I answered.

“Flourish away. What do you have in mind?”

“Just lay on your back. I want to see your face and feel your breasts when I come inside you.”

“That sounds romantic. Touch me, feel me, look at me, but definitely fuck me more,” was her response.

She lay back, spread her knees and welcomed me into her once more. She locked her legs around my waist as I began slowly to fuck her again. Slow didn’t last long, and gentle caressing of breasts became hard squeezing of tits. From all appearances this was fine, as Carrie began the hard breathing again and met my thrusts with her own.

I felt her pulses begin just as she felt mine. She screamed and dug her fingers into my back as I unloaded two years of myself deep into her. We made all kinds of animal sounds and collapsed together.

I pulled a blanket over our sweaty, musky-smelling bodies. We dozed off, bodies entwined.

Sometime later, I awoke from a dream of having my cock stroked. I opened my eyes to look directly into Carrie’s green eyes. They were glowing. Her hands were touching my face. I slowly realized that she was above me and was rubbing her wet pussy up and down the length of my now hardening dick.

“Hey there, sleepy-head. Do you know what part of you wakes up first?”

“I’m thinking that part had some help.” She giggled and bit my ear and pressed harder against my cock.

“I really want you again, but I thought it rude to just ride your cock while you were still asleep. May I continue?”

“By all means, continue.” She raised up and impaled her pussy on my cock, hard.

And she stopped.

My cock deep in her, she stopped and breathed deeply. “This is just as amazing as I thought it would be.”

“I’ve imagined this moment many times, and it is better than anything I thought of,” I replied. And I was full of questions. If you thought it was going to be amazing, why weren’t we doing this two years ago? If you are that into me, why are you going away? What the hell?

But I couldn’t voice those questions because she began to move her hips, not up and down on my dick, but forward and backward. My cock was definitely moving inside her, just not in the usual up and down, in and out motion. It was kind of a back and forth motion. Our pubic bones were sliding between each other. It was incredible. My cock got harder and I felt her juices lubricating our movements.

At that point, my questions became irrelevant. I reached up and began massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples intermittently. She sighed. I think she liked it.

“Your breasts are absolutely the sexiest in history,” I said as her nipples hardened to nearly an inch.

She continued to slide back and forth. “No, they are too small, and they are kind of oval shaped.”

At this point, I had both of her breasts in my hands. “I’m a man who likes breasts, and I am telling you, yours are perfect. They fit perfectly in my hands as I suck on illegal bahis your nipples,” I said as I pulled her toward me so that I could suck on them. One of the few advantages to being a short man is that you can suck on the woman’s tits while you fuck.

She sighed and said, “Whatever you say.”

That’s when she switched to sliding her pussy up and down my dick. Each time she came down, it was hard and we made a wet splatting sound. It seemed to make her even more excited.

She kept that up for quite a while, and I continued to pay close attention to her breasts. I was getting close to orgasm, and I knew she was as well. But then she changed positions slightly.

Without letting my raging cock slip from her very wet pussy, she raised up and leaned back against my legs which were upraised and bent at the knee. They made a natural back rest for her. She began to slide her pussy up and down my cock once again, but this time she started rubbing her clit vigorously. She licked her fingers and attacked her clit while her pussy attacked my cock, deep in, deep out.

I was an engaged spectator at that point. I couldn’t reach anything but her thighs, which I stroked. And her pussy sucked in my cock completely. Her fingers were very adroit on her clit, periodically dipping down for pussy juice for lubricant and to feel my dick plunging deeper and deeper into her.

I couldn’t believe either of us held out so long, but once Carrie started to come, I was right with her. Her pulsing pussy and her screams pulled my dick into her as my load spilled in rapid pulses.

We collapsed in a heap and I held her close. We were sweaty and smelled again of musk, but I just covered us with a blanket. We slept again.

At some point in the night, I awoke. A pale moonlight was coming through the window. Carrie was lying on her back, covers at her waist. I feasted my eyes on her breasts. I’ve always been a small breast man. Something about the way they stand up no matter the woman’s position is really exciting.

I couldn’t resist. I reached out and began stroking Carrie’s tits and started to suck on a nipple. Her body responded before her mind did. She pulled my mouth harder to her breast and began to rock her hips. I let a hand stray down to her pussy and a finger to part the lips. I was about to go for her clit when she awoke.

“That’s a nice way to wake up. Keep doing what you are doing,” she said.

I switched to the other breast and kept sucking and let my fingers do the walking on and in her pussy. She got harder and wetter. At some point, she reached over and grabbed my now hard cock and began stroking it, pumping up and down. When she reached over and scooped up some her own pussy juice to act as lubricant, I knew I was lost.

My fingers continued their deep exploration of Carrie’s depths and she pumped my cock. Her breaths shortened and her hips rose up to meet my finger thrusts. Those exciting noises she made began again, and I came on her belly while she came on my hand.

“Sorry for the mess,” I said a little embarrassed. “No,” she said, “It’s what I wanted. And I got you all wet,” And she began to rub my jizz all over herself. “Now you’re in me and on me. I like that.”

We once again fell asleep in a lover knot. When next I awoke, sun was streaming through the windows. It was later than I imagined.

And Carrie was gone.

I wandered out to the kitchen. There was a doughnut and a flower on the table…and a note.

“Michael –

Thank you for being so wonderful. Being with you and making love with you was everything and more than I had ever imagined. You probably won’t understand, but I’ll try to explain. You were the sin I had to commit before I could give myself to God. To become part of the Temple of God, you have to rid yourself of any worldly desires.

I’ve never had desire for things, but since we’ve known each other, I’ve had a deep desire for you. I confessed this to the deacons. They decided that I should fulfill that desire in order to dispense with it.

My problem is that, what we did last night has only increased my desire. So, I have to go away. I don’t know what I will tell the deacons. But I will leave on my mission trip day after tomorrow. Please don’t try to contact me or follow me.

Just know that the time we have had together has been the highlight of my life, and what we experienced last night was beyond anything I could have imagined. But now I must go with God. He has called me.



And that was it. I was without her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32