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Chapter Twelve

He smiled when he saw her approaching, Owen couldn’t help it; it was purely natural reaction whenever she came to pick him up. She was the bright spot at the end of another dreary, frustrating day in Research, yet this was not just any day, it was the Friday at the end of his first week. He now had two days to relax and be surrounded by the ones he loved before starting the drudgery again.

“Hello, Master, how was your day?” Veronica asked warmly, with a look of love as Owen wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight.

“Better, now that you’re here,” Owen said, at that he and Veronica shared a laugh before their ‘hello kiss’ in the middle of the law firm’s reception area.

As Veronica drove them away from the law firm, Owen had to pause to consider the changes that this week had brought. It was one week today that the fateful Friday night out where everyone in the family got drunk to celebrate Veronica’s and his end of schooling. The following night was when Veronica and her mother, Karen had submitted to him and became his Slaves. At the time, Owen wasn’t sure how long it would last, and was positive that within a week they would both ask to be released. Sure, Karen was sincere in her assertion to become his Slave, but if her daughter, Veronica walked away, wouldn’t Karen do so too? Owen was convinced Veronica would walk away from him any day now, yet here they were, Friday evening of the first workweek and a few things were evident, even to the doubtful Owen.

For one, Veronica had chosen the job that was closer to Owen’s law firm, even though it was with the smaller company and paid a little less. Veronica said it was because she liked the work environment and wanted the experience of running a small company. Owen knew that part of the reason was so that they could carpool. This was not like the Veronica he knew; the Veronica he knew would have chosen what was best for her, period!

Another thing was that since becoming his Slave on Saturday night, Veronica had not put up nearly as much of a fuss or resisted his authority as Owen had expected. In fact Owen had only needed to spank her once, and even then she acquitted herself beautifully! Veronica had balked at Taryn’s order to do the dishes, even though Veronica herself had cooked dinner. Everyone else was busy doing some other chore so that is why Veronica was chosen to do the dinner dishes and clean up the kitchen. Yet when Owen stepped in and told Veronica that her attitude and behaviour was unacceptable, she genuinely listened to him and sincerely apologized to Taryn and him. When Veronica was told that she was to be spanked for her outburst, she was sad, yet agreeable. At the right time she laid herself across Owen’s lap in the proper manner and even counted out each spank, not complaining once. When the spanking was over she was tearful but they were genuine tears of shame and regret that she had been disobedient and let her Master down. Owen could see in her eyes that her emotions were genuine, not fake, put on, or show. It was clear that she Veronica was genuinely trying to be a good and obedient Slave! This concept was hard for Owen to accept and was why he didn’t trust her long-term commitment.

If Veronica was going to run from being his Slave, Owen wanted her to do it sooner, rather than later. As they traveled home together, chatting about their days there was a genuine spark of attraction between them. Owen liked her, genuinely liked her, and knew that she genuinely liked him, and this was a problem. Owen didn’t want to get his heart hurt by another uncommitted Slave, like he had with Rebecca. Even though he didn’t Collar her, everyone at Heather’s knew that Rebecca was his ‘Mouse’ and treated her like his Slave. Rebecca had turned on him after they had to part ways, and that was what hurt.

On Sunday morning, the family had their first “Family Meeting” since before the house burned down and it was a first for Karen and Veronica. It was explained that everyone in the house had a job and was responsible for that area yet everyone helped each other out where needed. As well it was explained that every week the family held this meeting so each person could explain what was going on in their area of responsibility. Problems were discussed and solved and any larger issues were to be debated by everyone before Owen made his final decision. As everyone expected, it was stated that Owen was “The Master of The Family” and was in essence the “Father and Husband” of the family. This meant that he had final say on all matters pertaining to the family, yet Owen preferred to have everyone’s input. Because matters were to be discussed freely, this is why that during the family meetings everyone may talk freely. Owen didn’t have a problem with discussion during family meetings as long as everyone respected each other and his authority.

The first thing Owen did was to assign duties to everyone and they went as follows: Owen: Maintenance (handyman), bursa escort Taryn: Meals, Rosina: Laundry, Karen: Household Budget, Veronica: Household Cleaning. In essence Owen kept everything the same, Karen pays the bills with her own money as she always had been doing, Taryn worked upstairs to earn the room-and-board for Owen, Rosina and herself. The Thompson family kept their finances separate, even though he has taken on the responsibility of Karen and Veronica.

When the issue of sleeping arrangements was brought up and the need to change things around so that Owen had his own room, Owen dismissed this. Once again, Owen expected Karen and Veronica to walk away from him, not believing in their long-term commitment to him so he did not want to change things around only to have to change them back a few days later. There was some discussion, and a few of the ladies try to argue that it isn’t right for him The Master of The Family, to share a room with anyone. Owen argued that the family isn’t ready yet, and that he doesn’t see how it will work, everyone will be cramped no matter how they rearrange things. When anyone tried to offer a solution, Owen shut them down, and after the third attempt the discussion was closed.

The same pattern followed over the two weeks: Owen and Veronica carpooled to work, Owen had a dreary day, yet Veronica had a great day at work. When they got home, Veronica would try hard to prove that she was a good and faithful Slave and Owen would view this with scepticism. On the surface, everything was fine, the family was happy, yet there was an unspoken tension which everyone knew about, yet didn’t mention.

There was the “Inner Family” of Owen, Taryn and Rosina, and there was the “Outer Family” of Karen and Veronica. Two things, other than Owen’s attitude reinforced this: one was the sleeping arrangements, and the other was the finances. While Owen made sure to spend a night with each woman, in turn, Taryn and Rosina’s things were in the same room as Owen’s, therefore they still shared a room together. Owen, Taryn and Rosina shared a single bank account yet Karen and Veronica still had their separate ones. In a family which was supposedly founded on “All for one, one for all” it was an insult for Karen and Veronica to be treated this way. They felt the insult and hurt, yet did not voice their concerns, for fear of insulting Owen and being rejected and turned away from the family they desperately wanted to be a REAL part of.

At the following Family Meeting, the issue of sleeping arrangements was brought up by Karen, even offering Owen her room. Karen suggested that she move in with Taryn and that Rosina could share a room with Veronica. All four ladies embraced this plan, yet still Owen rejected it out of hand. The following week the tension grew and at the third family meeting, Veronica decided to bring things to a head, she had to be heard.

“I just received my first paycheque, Master,” Veronica said respectfully as she placed her paycheque on the table. “I give this to you so you may use it to bless out family, Master,” Veronica said as she slid her paycheque towards Owen.

“That won’t be necessary, put it in your account, you earned it,” Owen said dismissively as he shoved the paycheque back towards Veronica.

“Yes, I earned it, and I want to give it to The Family, I want to do my part!” Veronica said firmly as she pushed the paycheque back towards Owen.

“You do, do your part by helping out around the home,” Owen said in an equally stern manner as he shoved the paycheque back towards Veronica.

“Where does your paycheque go? Where does Rosina’s paycheque go?” Veronica said in a daring manner as she briskly shoved the paycheque back towards Owen.

“In the bank!” Owen said with a growl as he harshly pushed the paycheque back at Veronica.

“What account? Separate ones or a joint account . . . for YOUR family!” Veronica retorted with a growl as she pushed the paycheque back at Owen with the hardest shove yet.

“What’s your problem? I am your Master and I have told you to put your paycheque in your account!” Owen said angrily as he flung the paycheque back at Veronica.

“My problem is that you are playing favourites! You don’t respect Bella or me! You make us feel like outsiders in our own house!” Veronica said in a forceful and hurt tone of voice as she leaned in and glared at Owen, her eyes reduced to slits.

“FAVOURITES!” Owen shouted in disgust as he stood up.

“YES, FAVOURITES! You share a room with Mistress Red and Cat, and you only share a bank account with Mistress Red and Cat even though Bella and I have repeatedly asked you to treat us as equals!” Veronica ranted as she stood up to square off against Owen.

“EQUALS? You’re SLAVES!” Owen snorted in disgust, Veronica was about to respond when someone else spoke up on her behalf, an unlikely ally.

“She’s right,” Taryn said calmly before she glanced at Owen and Veronica and added, “Sit down, both of you.”

“What?” bursa escort bayan Owen replied in a puzzled manner as both he and Veronica sat down, quietly.

“She’s right about all of it. You refuse to change anything around here. Other than you taking Bella and Dee-Dee on as Slaves, nothing else has changed around here. On one hand you keep saying that we are one large family and must look after each other yet on the other hand you behave as if we are still two families. We are still in the same rooms as before, even though it no longer makes any sense. You refuse to let Bella and Dee-Dee contribute to the family finances. Are we one family or two?” Taryn calmly stated in a respectful manner.

“EXACTLY!” Karen emphatically agreed, her eyes wet with pain and releasing tension.

“Well tha . . . that’s just . . .” Owen started to stammer out a reply, his face flush with confusion, anger and pain.

“C’mon! C’mon I gotta hear this! Why? Tell me why you don’t treat us right?” Veronica said in a daring, challenging and provocative manner.

“BECAUSE YOU’LL LEAVE SOON!” Owen blurted out and then fell silent.

“That’s it? Even after all we’ve done these past three weeks, you still doubt our commitment?” Karen asked Owen with a hurt and pained tone of voice.

“I admit when this all started that I was scared and confused about becoming your Slave. Sure, I only did it to learn to be a better Mistress, but I never knew that I would be learning to become a better person. I am happier than I ever have been, I feel at peace and I am more loved now than I ever have been. I don’t want to go anywhere!” Veronica said in a confident and sincere manner as she looked at Owen.

“I don’t want Bella and Dee-Dee to go anywhere either! I love them like the family they are! The only one resisting this is you, Master,” Rosina said in a sincere tone to Owen who still had his head bowed.

“What must we do to prove our loyalty to you and our desire to remain a part of this family?” Veronica said with a genuine tone of voice.

“Yes, tell us and we will do it, Master!” Karen asserted in an urging tone of voice.

“Yes, Master . . . ANYTHING!” Veronica added in an urging tone of voice.

“Anything?” Owen said in a curious tone of voice as he lifted his head quickly. “Okay, you all want a little ‘family bonding experience?’ Okay. You want a challenge, some sort of ‘right of passage?’ Okay, let’s go,” he said as he stood up and started walking towards the dining room exit.

“Now?” Taryn asked curiously as Owen dashed into his bedroom and retrieved a small duffle-bag.

“Now!” Owen said in a commanding tone of voice as he poked his head back into the dining room.

Without a word of protest the ladies got up and started going towards their respective bedrooms to change for the mystery outing. They were all surprised when Owen told them that they were fine they way they were. All four ladies were shocked as they looked at each other in their ‘around the house’ dresses and Slave-Collars. Yet without a word of protest they all piled into the old Oldsmobile and looked out the windows, as Owen drove them away from the Spa to some mystery location. If anyone knew or suspected where they were going they never said it, as the sped towards the industrial side of town. Taryn and Rosina just looked at each other with wide eyes and a knowing look as the car turned down the back alley, behind Heather’s.

Owen rolled down the window and swiped the pass-card, which Heather had given him when he left, through the card reader mounted to the side of the wall. The large overhead door sprang to life and started to open up. It wasn’t until they were parked in the indoor parking lot, with the overhead door closed before anyone spoke up.

“Where are we?” Karen asked Taryn in a whisper as they all started to get out of the car.

“Heather’s” Taryn replied with a hushed tone of voice as the car doors closed.

“Do you mean that place where he . . .” Veronica interjected in a hurried whisper as Owen continued towards the metal door, not pausing one bit.

“Yep,” Rosina said.

“Oh shit,” Veronica replied in a drained tone of regret.

The four women had to hurry to catch up to Owen and just as he just swiped his card though the inner card reader they did so. As the buzzed sounded and Owen opened the door up, the women were gathered behind him, all looking a little worried as to what was going to happen. The same large black man was standing there at the door in his usual tight, black-leather pants, black shoes and spiked leather collar. Owen walked past him, giving him a quick nod on his way halfway down the hallway. It wasn’t until Owen was standing in front of the storage closet that he stopped and turned to face the four women, the stern look still on his face.

“Here we are at Heather’s and you will all get a taste of what it really feels like to be a Slave! You are all free to leave at any escort bursa time, but remember, for today, if you leave and walk away from me on The Floor, you are walking away from me in real life. If you leave the floor then you are leaving my service and will no longer be my Slave. Is that clear?” Owen said with a commanding and demanding tone of voice as he looked each woman in the eye.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn, Karen, Rosina and Veronica replied in unison.

“Good. Red, get them changed, I will meet you out on The Floor. Do you remember what to do, from when Mouse brought you here,” Owen said to Taryn in the same commanding tone of voice.

“Yes, Master, it was only once and is has been a while, but I remember what is required,” Taryn replied respectfully as she nodded slightly.

“Good, get it done,” Owen said sternly before he turned and disappeared into the men’s change room.

“So what is required of us?” Karen asked in a timid and fearful tone of voice as Taryn opened up the storage closet.

“Well . . . here is what you are to wear,” Taryn said as she handed Karen two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs.

“Where’s the rest?” Karen replied in a shocked tone of voice as she looked up to Taryn with a look of horror on her face.

“Along with your Collar, that’s it,” Taryn said as she handed Veronica a similar sets of wrist and ankle cuffs.

“And you thought the dress was too daring,” Veronica said to Karen in an attempted moment of levity.

All four women were equally apprehensive about what was going to happen. Nothing was said as they changed in the women’s locker room yet they all gave each other glances of support as they put their clothes away and put on their Slave uniforms required for entrance onto The Floor of Heather’s. When all four women were wearing only their Slave-Collars, wrist and ankle cuffs they walked towards the door leading to The Floor.

“I’m sorry I got us into this,” Veronica said in an ashamed and embarrassed manner as she hung her head.

“No, this is not your problem . . . this is Master’s,” Taryn said as she put her hand on Veronica’s shoulder in a gesture of support.

“What?” Veronica asked in shock as she looked up into Taryn’s face.

“You were correct in everything you said and did; even challenging Master on it. You waited until the Family Meeting and brought the problem that we all knew was there and demanded that something be done about it. I suppose I should have talked to him privately, much earlier. That was my failing, but I thought he would get over it when he saw how earnestly you have been striving to be a good Slave. I am sorry, it was my job to see these problems and quietly correct them before they get this bad. I am sorry,” Taryn said as in a sincere and regretful manner.

“Well, if it is HIS problem, what do WE do about it?” Veronica asked in a worried expression on her face.

“We do what he asks. If we do whatever he asks of us today, sooner or later he will clue in that we all want to serve him. If he takes it too far, then I will step in and challenge him on it,” Taryn said in a confident and comforting tone of voice.

“Let’s just hope that today will be the end of it. I just want to be treated like a real part of this family, I want to be made to feel like an equal!” Karen said earnestly, with the furrowed brow of a frustrated expression.

“We will,” Taryn said as she put her arms around Veronica and Karen in a show of support.

That quickly grew into a group hug before all four women filed out and entered The Floor. Karen and Veronica looked around the room and were in shock to see various sets of BDSM equipment lining the walls. If that wasn’t enough to shock them, seeing men and women not only in various states of undress but engaging in a variety of sexual and BDSM acts certainly did.

As could be expected Heather herself was in her red outfit, standing in the centre of The Floor yet she was not observing everything as one might expect. Instead, Heather was talking to Owen and thank goodness the ladies couldn’t hear her because Heather was giving Owen hell for not visiting sooner. Truth be told, Heather almost kicked Owen out, took his pass card away and banned him from her place. However, Owen was able to pass his absence off with the excuse of being too busy at school. Owen and Heather walked towards the four women who had been waiting by the entrance to the women’s change room.

“Well, isn’t this a quaint picture of family unity?” Heather said with a smirk on her face as she and Owen approached Taryn, Karen, Rosina and Veronica. “I had a feeling about you and the other two,” Heather said with a glance to Owen as she stopped in front of the four women.

“Is that why you sent me home with two Slave-Collars instead of just one?” Owen asked Heather in a knowing tone of voice, with a raised eyebrow.

“Exactly, I knew you and I didn’t think these poor things stood a chance to resist you, and here they are,” Heather said with a knowing chuckle in her voice as she ran her finger along the D-Ring of each Slave-Collar. “What are you hear for?” Heather asked in a serious tone as she turned her attention back to Owen.

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