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I had appeared for CET and its result were to be declared next morning. I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety. I stepped in to balcony for fresh air.

I was surprised to see my Mom in the balcony of her bed room. She was in just a full sleeve transparent shirt with top two buttons open. She wasn’t wearing any bra underneath her shirt. I could see her left breast almost naked. She was wearing flower-printed panty. I could see her beautiful naked legs in the building’s compound lights. She was smoking a cigarette. Oh my God! How sexy she is!

Mom didn’t notice me. She exhaled a cloud of smoke and moved her left hand through her hairs. Movement of her hand lifted her left breast and my heart started beating fast. My heart must have cried loudly without my knowledge. Mom noticed me immediately.

‘Good God! Rocky, what are you doing at this hour? Aren’t you sleeping tonight?’

My name is Rakesh. All my friends call me Rocky. Mom too is my friend.

‘Mom, I just couldn’t sleep!’

‘Darling, are you worried about your CET results?’ I told you Mom is my friend. ‘Come, I shall make you sleep. Come in the living room.’ She turned to go in.

‘Is Papa asleep?’

‘Yes, don’t worry about him.’ she disappeared.

I went in to living room with an erection in my shorts. I was surprised to see that Mom was holding a bed sheet. Why bed sheet? Was she intending to cover her milky legs with it? How sad!

‘Mom, how come you are still awake?’

She smiled. ‘It happens some time. You want to sleep but you can’t. She sat on a sofa and said, ‘Come my child, sleep in my lap.’ I buried my face in her lap. I inhaled deeply. Fragrance of her body filled my nostrils and I was happy. I felt her naked thighs. Electric current went passed through my whole body. Degree of my erection improved. Her fingers began moving in my hairs. She massaged my temples and I felt drowsy instantly. I had to hurry. I looked up. I couldn’t see her face because of two mountains moving up and down. I said, ‘Mom, you know what is one of my favorite wish?’

‘No, what is it?’

‘To travel back in time zone and become a small baby once again.’

‘What would you do by becoming a baby?’

‘Promise me you won’t laugh!’

‘Okay, I won’t laugh.’ Mom said.

‘I would suck your breasts!’

Mom laughed. bursa escort She said, ‘Funny idea. Rocky, you don’t need to go back in time zone for that!’

‘What do you mean Mom?’

”You can suck my breasts right now!’

‘Really?’ I jumped and nearly fall from her lap.

‘Silly boy!’ Mom unbuttoned her shirt. Her beautiful pair of breasts was exposed fully. She began fondling her breasts with her own hands. My eyes were glued at her beauty.

She smiled at me. She placed her hand around my neck and pulled me close. Her face inched towards me and she placed her lips on mine. A sensation ran through my body. She guided my hand on her breast and prompted to play with it.

What a feeling! I thought my cock would come out of my shorts any moment without notice!

I squeezed her nipples. She slapped me lightly. ‘Naughty boy!’ she said and dragged my head in to her breasts. She thrust one of her breast in to my mouth. ‘Suck baby, suck!’ she said.

I was just eighteen and my Mom was thirty eight. She was a sports teacher in a high school. She had a fantastic shapely body and was taking good care of it by doing regular exercises and Yoga. I had dreamed to play with my sexy Mom’s breasts many a times. My dream had come true. I was at the top of the world.

Suddenly it was dark. I realized Mom had covered my head and her naked breasts with that bed sheet. I understood the reason behind this emergency step immediately as heard my Papa’s voice.

‘What is going on at this hour in the night? What are you two up to?’

‘Cool.’ Mom said in a relaxed tone. ‘I am relaxing Rocky. Poor boy couldn’t sleep. He is waiting for his CET exams results.’

‘Oh yes.’ Papa said and must have disappeared in his bed room as my Mom removed the bed sheet from my head. I got up from her lap and said, ‘Smart Mom!’ I kissed her lips.

Now I pulled her in lap. I passed both my hands under her armpits and began fondling her breasts. I planted kisses on her back, neck and behind her ears. She unbuttoned my shirt and felt my chest. She squeezed my nipples first and than began sucking it.

I had a very strong erection. I was worried.

‘Any thing wrong?’ Mom asked and noticed a balloon in my shorts. ‘What’s this?’ she touched it. Before I could realize what was happening she had unzipped my shorts. bursa escort bayan My hard erected cock came out like a caged animal breathing in fresh air.

‘Vow! It’s good! It’s better than your Papa’s!’ she held it in her hands. She said, ‘Rocky, we have entered in to prohibited zone. Please keep this a secret!’

‘Of course Mom, I will!’ I said.

Mom slipped back the skin of my cock and placed it in her mouth and began sucking it. I was in heaven.

After twenty minutes my cock blasted thick liquid and her mouth was full of it.

‘That was great!’ Mom wiped drops from her lips and asked, ‘Rocky, feeling relaxed now?’

‘Yes Mom, thank you!’ I pulled her in my arms and kissed again and again.

‘Now it’s your turn to relax my nerves!’ Mom said.

‘Mom, I will do whatever you say.’ I said.

Mom pulled out her panty and widened her legs. She exposed her clean shaven pink pussy. She placed my hand on her pussy and said, ‘Boy, massage my pussy!’ I began rubbing it. After a while she guided my middle finger inside her pussy and asked me to push in and pull out in a rhythm. I began finger fucking my Mom.

It happened again. Suddenly Mom pulled that bed sheet again and covered her nakedness. Next moment Papa entered in to living room and asked, ‘What are you two doing now?’

‘Now Rocky is relaxing my nerves!’ Mom said again in a relaxed tone.


‘He is fingering my belly button.’ Mom said. ‘You know that’s how I feel relaxed.’

‘Yes, I know.’ He said and again disappeared in his bed room.

I was surprised. I asked, ‘Mom, how did you know Papa is coming?’

‘Boy, its twenty years since my marriage with your Papa. I can read his movements even in my sleep!’

Mom removed the bed sheet and exposed her naked body again. She said, “Rocky, lick my pussy!’ she dragged my head in to her pussy. I placed my tongue in to her wet pussy. I began licking her crack. Mom rubbed my head up and down on her pussy vigorously. After some time Mom pushed me away and said, ‘My son, now fuck your Mom!’

She removed her shirt also. She stood on her knees and asked me to enter in to her love hole from behind. She guided my rock solid erect cock in her pussy and placed my hands on her hanging breasts. I began pumping my cock in to my Mom’s pussy. She began making escort bursa wild sound.

After nearly fifteen minutes my cock blasted love-liquid in to my Mom’s pussy and Mom was happy like never before. We both were exhausted. Without bothering about our nakedness we lied down on carpet and slept in each other’s arms.

‘Rocky, I love you!’ Mom whispered in my ears.

‘I too love you Mom!’ I said in her ears.

‘Mom, can I ask you a personal question?’

‘Hmmm…yes, ask!’

‘Papa doesn’t love you any more?’

‘He has lost apatite for sex. He starts snoring the moment he hits the bed. I have to use my hand to satisfy my hunger. But now I have found a new lover in you! Rocky, you will fuck me whenever I want, won’t you?’

‘Of course Mom!’

She placed her left leg on my right leg. She passed her right hand under my neck and pulled me close to her body. She rubbed nipple of her left breast on my right nipple for some moments. She checked my cock and placed it near her pussy. She placed my right hand on her left buttock. She began moving her right hand on my naked back.

I felt her big round buttocks and inserted my middle finger in her ass.

‘Uhhhh…No!’ Mom objected. ‘Not now!’ She lifted her left leg little and said, ‘enter your tool in my love-hole!’

I thrust my cock between her widened legs.

I was about to start pushing my cock in the crack but suddenly Mom pinched on my back. She said, ‘Sishhh! Close your eyes! He is coming!’ before I could understand what my Mom said I heard my Papa’s voice.

‘Now what is this?’

I almost forgot to take a breath. Mom held me tightly. Mom too was tense as I felt her body shivered. We both were completely naked and were almost caught in the middle of the act. This time Mom had no time to pull the bed sheet. I wondered what reply my Mom could give now.

‘Sishhh!’ Mom said in a low tone, ‘Silence! Rocky is asleep!’

‘Okay!’ Papa said in low voice but his annoyance didn’t remain hidden. ‘Both of you are naked! What is going on?’

‘Poor boy has gone cold! I am giving him some heat of my body!’ Mom said in her usual relaxed tone. That was true. I was cold as a dead body. Mom was hot, super hot!

‘This is not correct.’ Papa said, ‘You will catch cold.’ He covered our bodies with that bed sheet and added, ‘AC is on!’

He disappeared in his room finally. My penis had lost its hardness. Mom began shaking it.

‘Mom, you are amazing!’ I said.

Mom smiled. ‘Let’s fuck! Rocky, we have a cover now!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32