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Family cruise was going fine. We had some bad luck weather on embarkation day leaving out of Fort Lauderdale, but we had left that behind and actually it had been gorgeous ever since. A new itinerary for us, 7 night cruise with stops in Havanna, on to Jamaica, and then where every boat in the Western Caribbean seems to find its way sooner or later, Cozumel. Not that that’s a problem, Cozumel is an outstanding port with so many different experiences to please anyone. It never gets old. It was day 5, a Sea Day en route to Cozumel, then a full day there and a final Sea Day before getting off the ship the following morning for the flight home.

Kids were having a blast, as they always do, and Lizette and I were actually getting along better than we have at some times in the past. Married life. “Nobody’s perfect,” I always tell myself. We actually got a prime spot on the pool deck thanks to setting out a few things on the way to breakfast, before the rush.

“Oh Darn!” Lizette sighed. “I forgot my sunglasses in the room. I know right where they are. On the bathroom counter. Would you be sweet and go get them for me? Oh, and here’s my Seapass. On the way back, how about get us a couple Pina Colada’s from the good pool bar, not the one that uses the cheap stuff?”

“Sure thing, Hun.” I said, mustering a convincing non annoyed voice while pulling off my shirt. Married life. Go with the flow. Almost to the stairs, I remember our deal to not use the elevator and just take the stairs.

“Oh Fuck me!” I thought to myself.

Our balcony isn’t exactly in the bowels of the ship. It’s on the 9th deck, but this is a big ship and the pool is on 16, and we just got up here and settled.

“Fuck it. This one is on her. I’m taking the elevator,” my thoughts continued while pressing the button.

“They’re Blue,” A familiar voice so distinct and sweet called.

It was almost haunting how happy and enthusiastic it sounded, because I knew from the first utterance it was a voice I’ve thought of every day for 3 years, wondering if I’d ever hear it again.

I exclaimed, “Holy cow, Katie! I know it’s been 3 years, but I’ve thought of you every day. As if I could forget your eyes are brown.”

As the doors of the empty elevator opened, she shoved me in, put her index finger to my lips, and said lustfully, “Not my eyes, silly. My panties. My thong panties.”

This ‘what’s the spicy weather’ type of deal was our morning greeting nearly every day for 6 electrifying months, if not in person, via text, before things got too complicated and she ran out of my life. I thought I had been living up to the point I met her. Wow, was I wrong. Nothing could ever be the same after that day. The camaraderie and release with Katie was not the new everything, but it was definitely what made me feel the most alive, and even turned a shitty day into a great one. So when she ran, all I could do was keep hope alive and try. She later told me my trying so hard pushed her further away and made her return all the more unlikely and harder for her.

Her hand on my lips dropped to my ass and pulled me close. Or rather pulled her close. I’m 6 foot, and reasonably well put together and she’s just 5’3″, so it’s a matter of physics. It was clear regardless that she wanted to get close, very close. And that she wanted it to be her coming to me. I dropped my head down by hers and our mouths met, open. It was on. She speared me with that hot, silky tongue that tasted of Mimosa, and pressing 12 said, “My room’s on 12. How about a tour?”

The doors opened and we were headed down the hallway giggling like drunk, giddy teenagers.

“Seriously Katie! What are you doing here?”

“Same as you, I guess. Family Cruise. I saw you by the pool 2 days ago. I wasn’t sure what to do, or even what I thought. But I haven’t stopped thinking about you since then. It’s turned me so absent minded I forgot the Sunscreen onboard when we got off in Jamaica yesterday. Rest of the family had the good sense to spend some of the day in the shade. I figured my skin could handle it. Look at me. I’m a Lobster. Anyway, the other day at the pool, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I’m sure now. I want you in me. Let’s do what we do best and figure it out later.”

With that, she shoved her hand down my suit and took hold. She wasn’t disappointed. I was sprung. The fact that we still had 2 housekeepers to walk past didn’t seem to faze her at all. Like I said, it was on. She was way past wanting. This was needing.

Opening the door while staring into my eyes she said sultrily, “Just so you know, once isn’t going to be enough.”

“When has that ever been a problem for us?” I retorted.

What she loved the most about that confidence is that she knew I could back it up, bring it all day. She loved confident talk almost sincan escort bayan bordering on brassy because let’s face it, she wanted a man. She knew I thought the world of her, so if there was an occasional comment that could be interpreted the wrong way, she knew better and wouldn’t. Anyway it was fuck time. And this is what she wanted to hear.

“See?” she said, sliding off her panties. “Blue. Just like I told you. Except for this wet spot. I guess that’s Navy now,” as she placed them in my hand.

“Wow they are wet, and hot!,” I thought.

She was wasting no time. On a mission, she dropped her sundress to the floor.

“Oh, Baby! You are burned!” I said with empathy. “First slow down. Let me catch up,” sliding my suit off. “Ok, that’s better. Guess I’m going with the cruise theme. You’ve got the main sail at full mast.”

I’m not sure who was more bug eyed. It had been a long time. Too long. She looked as good as ever. I told her often back in the day that I didn’t know how she did it, always having been so beautiful, but that somehow she seemed to only look better as time went on. This became apparent from old photos she had shared with me. She looked great, and she knew it. She knew this was no silly flattery. From the look of her fully engorged breasts and nipples there was no doubt she thought I looked great too. Her tits looked a full size bigger than I remembered, and I remember accurately. They were always a real handful, and mouthful. Perfect. Of course they were. They were hers. Even with the red bikini top outlines from yesterdays faux pas with the sunscreen, the real life shit that happens-ness of it was alluring.

“Ok, this is so amazing if it’s a dream I don’t want to wake up,” I thought.

I then said aloud, “Where is your family?,” hoping as hard as I could to keep dreaming if I was.

“We have private flow rider lessons for the next 90 minutes. You see how burned I am. I can’t be out in the sun. Relax, we have time. They won’t be back any time soon.”

She gave me another good shove and knocked me backward onto the bed. So surprised, I actually went down pretty hard and my meat was standing straight up for her. Full mast indeed! No surprise there. I’ve never needed inspiration in growing large at the right times. Now not a teenager anymore, it didn’t happen too often at the wrong times and I was happy that those embarrassing days were behind me for the most part. Our eyes were now connected, as she began to lower her body. First time we met, what grabbed me instantly was the most beautiful and captivating set of eyes she had. Striking. Stunning. Timeless. Her high arching eyebrows, like two dark rainbows, only made them all the more incredible. The kind of perfection you didn’t know could exist, until you’ve seen it. Eyes that were so beautiful, they left me wondering if I even knew how to dream if I hadn’t yet dreamed of them. These were eyes you could get lost in, not be able to find your way out, and not want to. I guess this is what happened for me because there are parts of me which still haven’t caught their breath since the moment we met all those years ago.

As she lowered herself the swollen, prideful head of my cock interrupted our eye lock. She began to edge closer and I eagerly anticipated her opening her lips, wide, to envelop the mouthful atop the pole between us, while looking up at me with those perfect puppy dog eyes. That would have to wait. She needed me in her pussy. She pounced like a jaguar. With equal precision and ferocity to the big cat, she hit her target. All the way down, balls deep, on the first stroke. A risky move, for at times we were a pretty snug fit, often taking a little while to get all the way home, even with significant foreplay. I guess she knew how wet and receptive she was. She knew to trust it, and she was right. We dodged injury and were off and running.

There are no bad positions for sex. Each has their own perfect moment. Cowgirl suited us just fine after our 3 year break. The break was for her fear of losing control, losing the will to resist fucking up her life over me, and just feeling mixed up and guilty over everything. It was just as hard on her as it was on me. She said someday she would return, but that it had to be on her terms, when she was ready. That time was now. Starting like that was the completion of allowing her to come to me. Being on top allowed her to show me how deeply she wanted us to kiss and fix everything with no words. Words were once again welcome, but no words for now was artful, and in keeping with the moment. When she reared back, well, there were those perfect tits for me to ogle and fondle, adorned with a few strands of her long, silky, midnight hair. This is how she needed those first few moments, and it was amazing. The walls of her eryaman escort cunt gripping me just right, so wet and hot. I was drinking in her lust as I could feel her nectar of passion which had already fully lubricated me now begin to ooze and roll down my balls.

I had to get my feet off the floor and onto the bed in order to better provide proper resistance to her grinding away. I managed to sit up on the edge of the bed still inside of her. I stood, holding her by the ass with one hand, with her arms loosely enough around my neck to allow eye contact.

“It’s been a long time. Don’t laugh. I want it missionary. Make me a lady.”

Not that I would laugh. Our humor was perfectly connected. We were always up for anything wild and crazy, and I’ve always been able to make her cum easily and repeatedly in pretty much any position. But we both knew and agreed there is no better way for clitoral stimulating orgasm via fucking than the old school, sex ed style missionary position, and she wanted her world rocked. So I lowered us into a better position on the bed without withdrawing from her, and we went to work on what came naturally for us. The sensation of her fully erect nipples etching my ever so slightly sunburned and muscled chest, like ice cube play, was amazing. Everything was. The taste of her mouth, the smell of her hair. The smell of our full on passion. I decided right then there was no way I was getting in the pool that day. I was going to keep as much of her nectar on me as I could get away with. It smelled sweet enough I could maybe get away with blaming it on a spilled drink if questioned.

I knew what she liked, and I delivered. Long, deep, powerful and irregular strokes, mashing her clit between our pubic bones at random intervals for varied amounts of time, but with the pressure where it is maximum pleasure without pain. A few times I think maybe it just started to hurt her a little, or maybe they were just squeals of delight. What ever it was, it only seemed to fan the flames. She always liked it like that. In this position she liked me to cup half of her ass with one hand, and then play with the crease where her tiny, sweet little ass meets the back of her leg with the finger tips of the cupping hand. Tracing her sweetness across it, lubricating, and also doing the same between her cheeks, taking more finger paint from her slit as needed. Tickling, teasing, painting her asshole with the fruit of our passion, and then leaving it wanting while paying attention to some of the less sensitive areas. Saying in the language of touch, “Yes babe, I know. All things in due time.”

It went on like this for some time, and then she said, “We have to hurry a little. I want you to come with me the first time I go, and I’m ready. Can you deliver?”

“Anything for you babe, you know that!”

Seconds later she began to quake and softly bit my lip to signal. Even without the general body movements, the now rapidly altering clutch her cunt had on me was screaming, “I’m cumming now, and hard. Fill me.” So the lip bite was an unnecessary signal, but a nice cherry on top, and I began to spurt and pump cum deep into her, now keeping clit mashed between us. I pulsed and twitched for a long time afterward, still inside of her, still keeping pressure on her swollen bean, and her own aftershocks continued for a considerable period past that.

I lifted my head and again we had eye contact and contented smiles.

“We have to get you back to the pool,” Katie murmured, content and spent, still in her whimsical haze.

“I thought you said once wasn’t going to be enough? You know me. I’m ready now.” I was confused.

“You see how sunburned I am. With any luck, I’ll be too sunburned to get off the boat in Cozumel tomorrow. If you can fake a convincing enough hangover, tomorrow you can give me a tour of your room, and we’ll have more time besides. You were great to let me drive the bus today. I needed that. Tomorrow, you’re in charge. I only have 2 requests. One is roll me over! And the other is we are way over due for some 69. So tomorrow, you’re the artist, but make sure you fit those things in, k?,” she said, now coming back to earth but still feeling very enchanted.

None of it needed to be said. We loved taking turns choosing, and we liked the same things anyway. Saying these things was more about signaling she was definitely back. The break was over. She knew I loved everything about 69, including the view of her inviting asshole. And we both knew by roll me over she meant, yes some doggy for sure, but also that there were some holes of hers that were yet to be properly serviced.

“Now be sweet and fetch my panties. I don’t want to get up. It’s been so long, I’m going to keep as much of your creampie inside of me the rest of the day as I can manage.”

She etimesgut bayan escort cupped her hand over her slit and raised her feet so I could help her put on her panties. We were never shy. She raised her bent legs higher than she needed to for me to help her slip on her panties. It was obvious she did this to give me a glimpse of her asshole. I gave her an appreciative wink, and we donned the rest of our clothes. Easy for me. Just swimsuit and flip flops. We didn’t get everything off our to do list in this romp, but this was just fine. We both knew the pleasure of the slow burn of unmet desire.

“I’m a first timer on this ship. And I know you’re not. Where can we grab a quick drink that maybe I haven’t had yet, and catch up quick before I send you back to the pool? And don’t forget the sunglasses.”

Katie now completely satisfied, had regained her sharp wit. Best of both worlds.

“How’d you know about that?” I asked, wondering how she could know.

“I’m actually sitting pretty close to you, just in the shade. If you can get out of your head what I look like naked for a few seconds and remember this sundress, I’ll be pretty easy to find. I’m planning on spending most of the day there, with my eye on you. Not out of jealousy. Enjoying the slow burn of anticipation for tomorrow.”

Classic Katie. She’s back. My wits are now back as well.

“Great orginal drink? I know just the place. Boleros. I’ll take you there and order for the both of us. Let it be a surprise for now. I know what you like.”

Back down the hallway, this time with her hand not in my shorts, we made our way to Boleros.

“2 Coconut Mojitos, Please.”

I was pretty sure she hadn’t had one before and regardless of whether she had, I knew she would enjoy it.

“It’s a great Mojito, made the right way, in a tall glass with dried, lightly sweetened shredded coconut on the rim where the salt would be if it where a margarita. Not too sweet, just clean and exciting.”

The drinks arrived, and we sipped.

“You never fail to impress. You can order for me anytime. But I do like when we talk about the wine first, just because it’s such an enjoyable conversation,” Katie added.

We chatted on kids and catching up with life in general for a couple minutes. Then she put her hand on my knee.

“The break was so hard on the both of us. I was so mixed up, with everything. Among other things, not knowing if you were gonna wind up going Fatal Attraction. Now I know. Always safe, no matter what. I know everything you told me was sincere and true. I always believed you, but I had to reacquire feeling comfortable with things my own way. Good news, I wasn’t totally sure about that, even when I shoved you in the elevator, but I gotta tell you, I just decided to take the plunge anyway, and I’m so happy I did. Our sex felt more right than I ever thought it could. Right enough that we are keeping in touch, and just see how it goes. Right enough that if I get to feeling weird, I’m gonna talk to you about it. And if that happens again, I’m thinking I should be able to wait it out rather than running. Just try to remember, good things come with…I mean to, those who wait.”

“LOL, nice non subtle hint.”

I squeezed her thigh, adding, “Just keep in mind. I’m never a threat to your marriage, and you’re not to mine either. But the fantasy is pretty incredible. If any of that ever changes, it would only be at your option. So don’t worry. I like you comfortable with things. Guess what? I believe you too. I’m on Cloud 9, babe. Taking it as it comes sounds great.”

“OK, OK. Now get your ass back up to the pool.”

I rose for my dash to my room for the glasses and back to the pool, but before I could leave, she grabbed a hold of my ass.

“One last thing. I know when it fell apart and you suggested ‘Taco Tuesday’ to try to bridge the gap until I felt better, that you were totally joking, and totally serious at the same time. I loved how we were able to communicate like that. FYI, Taco Tuesday kinda sounds like a better idea to me now than it did then. So, we’ll see. See you at the pool.”

I left on a dead sprint and checked the time. Only 40 minutes had elapsed. I can pull this off if I really hurry, I thought. I’ll say I misplaced the seapasses and had to turn the room upside down, but I finally found them.

I made it back to the pool and said to Lizette, “Babe, your glasses. I chatted our room steward a while in the hallway, and then, wouldn’t you know it, I misplaced the seapasses but I finally found them. And darn it, I forgot the Pina Coladas. I’ll be right back with them.”

I headed for the good pool bar, the one that doesn’t use the cheap stuff, as requested. On my way back, I found that familiar sundress, telltale remarkable eyes now hidden behind some very fashionable oversize sunglasses. I could feel the eye lock through her lenses, and my own. Her shifting feet let me know we could both sense this, and that luxurious, slow burn of anticipation for tomorrow, and for whatever comes after.

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