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Double Penetration

It is a warm weekend in January when we finally get the chance to turn your newly bought house into a home. After three months of house hunting I was so relieved and happy that you had finally found something to make your own. Finding a wonderful job within weeks of making the move back to NZ made your spirit soar and erased from your mind forever any doubts you had about making the break from Europe. But now that you had found your house the final piece of the plan had fallen into place for you. I loved seeing your smiling eyes as we walked out of your Lawyer’s office with the house keys.

I remember cupping your face gently in my hands and drawing your lips to mine in a soft loving kiss. Feeling your warm moist lips caressing mine ignited a flame deep inside me that I had tried so hard to ignore. When the kiss broke I looked up at you and we both knew we were finally free to focus on each other and this indefinable relationship of ours. It was a wonderful feeling to know that we no longer had to reign in our feelings…..we were free to explore them and experience the journey they would take us on.

Although we had been in each other’s company constantly since your arrival back in NZ neither of us had acted on the feelings we both knew were bubbling beneath the surface. Within us there existed the fear that we would be moving too fast if we considered starting a relationship while you still needed time to settle back into life here…..and so we waited….and waited.

Along with the rest of your ‘family’ here in NZ I welcomed you back with open arms the moment you stepped off the plane….all of us so happy to have you back with us again. And so we are on this beautiful January morning four months after your arrival, driving with a car full of your clothes and books and boxes and boxes of your CD’s and DVD’s. My brothers are behind us with a ute full of some of your other possessions and your friends Allan and Heather should at this very moment already be at the house after going to the storage place where you kept your furniture and bringing it back to your home.

As I drive past Sumner Beach I look across at you and see you deep in thought. Wanting so much to be a part of you at that moment I reach across to softly caress your cheek drawing you back to me. I trace the outline of your lips gently as you smile for me before drawing my fingertip into your mouth and sucking gently. Instantly a tender moment becomes electrified with sexual tension as you leave me in no doubt of the unfinished business we still have to take care of. I gulp down the lump in my throat as I feel a dampness spreading from between my legs. Neither of us speak as I pull into the drive of your home, but both of us know we are deeply affected by your little playful display.

I switch off the car ignition but before I can reach for the door you pull me back to you and crush your lips to mine. Your tongue invades the warm cavern of my mouth and I welcome it, my own tongue swirling around it in a wet, sensual dance. When you break our kiss and look down at me I can see the warm flush on your face that I know to be on mine you plant soft butterfly kisses all over my face you whisper playfully to me ‘After the sun comes up tomorrow morning I may let you close your eyes.’ My pulse begins to race as you get out of the car. I sit in stunned silence watching your retreating back, powerless to do anything to hide the excited smile that makes its way to my bruised lips.

The rest of the day is spent with the men moving the furniture and boxes into the house and Heather and I unpacking the boxes in the right rooms. Although the day is very hot, the sea breezes floating in from nearby Sumner Beach do much to cool the house. There is a lot to get done but there is also a lot of laughing and even some ‘arguments’ between you and Allan as you disagree about where the furniture should sit. In the end you tease him by bowing at his feet and saying ‘Dad knows best. ‘ Before walking past me and saying in a staged whisper that everyone hears ‘Honey don’t worry, you and I can move it when everyone goes.’ That gets a good natured laugh from Allan and a promise that you will NOT set foot on his boat for the rest of summer. By mid-afternoon the house is almost as it should be but there are a lot of tired people sitting in your landscaped backyard enjoying the warm sun and a much needed drink. Some of the boxes still need to be unpacked but they along with all the heavy furniture are at least in the right rooms. And so amidst laughter and smart ass bantering between you and Allan we sit down to a light slap together dinner of Chinese takeaways.

At about 6pm my brothers get up to leave and promise to return tomorrow with some timber to help repair the back deck. They are almost embarrassed to admit that they will have to bring Mum with them tomorrow because she will want to see for herself that you are ok in your new house and more importantly that there is food in your fridge. güvenilir bahis I feel you gently squeezing my fingers in yours before releasing my hand and giving the boys a warm handshake before thanking them and seeing them out. With the boys gone the four of us clean the dinner away before finishing the last of the unpacking. An hour later we are all done…and although completely exhausted…we are nonetheless proud of our efforts.

Allan and Heather throw themselves on the couch in the lounge to catch their breath and as I walk past you to sit in the armchair beside yours you suddenly reach up and pull me down into your lap. I feel your arms wrap around me and I can’t help but return the hug…your warm breath on the back of my neck brings me to life again and suddenly I feel a new energy coming up inside me….an energy I want only you to see. I feel myself growing shy in front of your friends, wanting so much to communicate my affection to you but not wanting to do it in front of others. At that moment I feel a change in your caresses as if maybe you think you have moved too fast and I immediately regret my shyness. Wanting to communicate to you that we are still on the same page I bring your open palms to my moist lips and kiss them softly, squeezing your fingers as I go. We make small talk with Allan and Heather for a while but it becomes harder and harder to include them in a world that suddenly only you and I exist in.

I am so absorbed in you I am unaware whether Allan and Heather have picked up on what is happening between you and I but they eventually stand up to leave. We give them both a huge hug of thanks and see them to the door. Before Allan starts the car he pokes his head out the window and says ‘Julian, I forgot, you still have 3 boxes of stuff sitting in our garage’. You look over at me and I tell you you may as well take my car and follow Allan home to pick them up. I give you the car keys and send you on your way with a soft kiss. I wave the three of you off and close the door to go inside.

The hard spray of water from the showerhead is a welcome release from my aching muscles. I hold my face up to the warm needlelike massage. The room fills with steam as I let the water wash over me. The shower spray makes my nipples hard as I cup my breasts and hold them up to the water. I pour some shower gel on a sponge and work the suds all over my body. My eyes follow the sensual trail of the soap suds as they caress the valley between my breasts before moving down over my flat stomach to nestle in my naval and then travel further down to my neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair. The spray of the water stops its journey over my body and sends the suds spinning madly before being consumed into the plug hole.

The sudden rush of cold air into the shower stall tells me I have company now and the arms that wrap around my slick waist and draw my back to your warm chest tell me you must have broken every speed limit in the country to get back so fast. Nothing can describe how wonderful it feels to finally have your skin on mine. As we stand beneath the warm rain of the shower I spin around in your arms and wrap my own arms around you, holding you close against me, loving the feel of your hard body against mine. I move you so that you are standing directly under the water. I allow the spray to massage your shoulders as I soap the sponge with my shower gel. Rubbing you firmly I soap the aching muscles in your shoulders before moving the sponge down over your chest, stomach and arms. You stand there and allow me to touch you….everywhere.

You hold your face up to the water and let it rain down over your cheeks and mouth. When your chest and stomach is clean I rinse you off and then kneel seductively at your feet. You rest your hands lightly on my shoulders as I rub the soapy sponge over your feet and toes before travelling up and down your shins and calves. My lips kiss you as I go…my tongue flicking out to taste your skin as I rub my erect nipples up and down the hardened muscles of your thighs. That done I spread your feet apart so I can ease the sponge up between your thighs. I spread my knees apart and allow the spray of the water to bounce up from the floor of the shower and dance over my aching clit. Rather than ease the growing tension inside me it only serves to inflame my desire for you further so I close my legs and squeeze my thighs together. With the front of your thighs done I rub the sponge over your stomach before holding it above your hard cock and raining soapy water all over your pubic hair. I drop the sponge to the shower floor and my hands take over. My fingers gently caress your soapy testicles, my reward is a soft moan from you which encourages me further. I move my fingers up to your pubic hair and lightly scratch my way through it working the white soapy suds as I go. Your cock is so hard and red and I have all but ignored it until now, focusing only on gently caressing your testicles with my fingertips. Pulling myself up to my güvenilir bahis siteleri feet for a moment I reach for the showerhead and pull it off the wall. Holding it over your beautiful cock I rain the water down, wrapping my fingers around your length and gliding them over your velvet hardness.

For a moment we stare transfixed at the play of my hands but when our eyes meet and lock you see in me that this desire I have for you goes beyond the physical. You see in me a need to be one with you….to combine my mind with yours and celebrate the differences between us while embracing the similarities we share. As warm water rains down over you I flick my teasing tongue over the head of your cock leaving you in no doubt of what I plan to do to you before the end of the night.

I replace the showerhead on the wall before cupping your face in my hands and looking deeply into your eyes. I like what I see reflected in them. You drop your face to my chin and lick along my jawline before moving down to my neck. I feel your lips nipping at the sensitive skin on my neck before you draw them back and replace them with your teeth. The electricity of your tiny bites move like lightning bolts through my body. Your hands move to my waist when I am no longer certain my legs can hold me up. Before I slide to the floor of the shower and dissolve into nothing like the soapy water draining down the plug hole you thrust your hard thigh up between my legs and start moving it in sensual circles on my clit. My eyes widen in surprise at the unexpected pleasure of your body against mine. My fingers dig into your muscled biceps as my orgasm approaches.

Your thigh rubs more firmly as your fingers find my hard nipples and roll them between your fingers and thumbs before cupping them in turn into your mouth sucking them hard as you draw a soft moan from deep within my throat. I am unsure whether it is the play of your lips on my nipples or the sensual caress of your thigh on my clit which eventually causes my body to explode but at this point in time I do not care. All that matters to me now is your body against mine and the intense pleasure we can bring each other. My finger nails dig into the flesh of your shoulders as my climax takes hold. I arch my back against you forcing my nipples deeper into your mouth, you bite them firmly and the mix of pleasure and pain is my final undoing. I love the feel of your arms around me as they encircle my body and calm me through my climax…the way your hands caress my back as the spasms of my orgasm rock through my body.

When all is calm and my body shakes no more you draw me back into your embrace and kiss me softly. I return your kiss, caressing your lips with mine as our tongues dance. Before you are able to draw me deeper into our kiss I break away. There is a mischievous grin on my face as I bend down to retrieve the discarded sponge. ‘I forgot to wash your back’ I whisper seductively before picking up the shower gel and squirting some onto the sponge. You watch me closely, curious to see what I will do. I smile up at you when the sponge is all soapy again. With my free hand I reach for my left nipple and cup it to my face before saying ‘I can’t clean your back unless my nipples are really hard Honey….so give me a second and I will make them nice and hard for you.’

You laugh softly because you know that if my nipples were any harder they would cut diamonds, but you don’t say this. You realise you like seeing me touch my body. So you watch as I draw my nipples up to my tongue and flick them back and forth before rubbing the sponge over them and my flat stomach. When, finally, I am as soapy as the sponge I slowly spin you around until your back is to me, then I draw your body against mine and start rubbing my chest against your back… is a slow way to clean your back and there are probably far more effective ways of cleaning than with hard nipples and a soapy stomach but as I run my tongue up and down the pulse in your neck and breathe warmly in your ear I doubt there are more fun ways than this.

From behind you my hands reach around and close over your erect cock. Gripping it firmly I stroke it in my soapy fingers. There is no friction as my fingers glide over you. Stroking you faster as you arch your back and lean your head in the crook of my neck. Before it is too late to stop you spin yourself around in my arms and stop my stroking fingers. You reach behind me to shut the shower off but pause when I whisper in your ear ‘Let me taste you Honey’ You do not stop me when I drop to my knees and glide the tip of my tongue along your throbbing cock before drawing you in past my soft lips and sucking you hard. My fingers reach for your sensitive testicles and massage them gently while I continue to suck you hard. Your long moan causes me to lift my eyelids and look at you.

The soft smile you give me spurs me on. I take my mouth off your cock for a moment to suck very softly on your testicles…taking each of them into iddaa siteleri my mouth I play my tongue over them, gently licking them and sucking them while my fingers wrap around your length and start a similarly sexual massage. I feel your hips start to thrust towards me. I take the hint and return my sucking to your cock head, loving the taste of you and the feel of your fingers as they tangle in my hair, drawing me ever closer to you. I run my fingernails up and down your thighs as the thrusting of your hips increases. With the finger nails of one hand leaving angry red lines up and down your thigh the fingers of the other hand gently caress your testicles….the contrast of feeling is not lost on you as I feel you thrusting more deeply into my mouth.

A split second before you explode you pull out of my mouth to rain your warm come on my face and chest. I hold my face up to you and suck gently on your testicles as you stroke your hard cock above me. The erotic nature of our adult play amongst the suds and steam of the shower stall is not lost on me. You lean against the wall of the shower for support and pull me back up to my feet.

Gently you lift my face up to the water and allow it to rain down over me, washing away all evidence of our naughtiness. From behind you cup my breasts in your hands the exact moment you bend your face and suck lightly on my neck. The play of your tongue on my skin leaves me in doubt that we are not finished. A smile makes its way to my lips as I reach my hand to the back of your head and hold it close as your tongue traces circles on my ear. I love the caress of your fingers on my breasts, pinching my nipples, rolling them between your fingers. I love the way you thrust your hips against my buttocks and the way your still hard cock nestles between the soft cheeks of my ass. I reach for the taps and shut the water off.

Turning around in your arms I take your hands in mine and pull you out of the shower stall. The ceiling light catches on the small droplets of water on your body and I swear you begin to glow for me. Grabbing a soft fluffy towel from the hook on the wall I dab away at the droplets of water until the towel has absorbed them all. When you are nice and dry I cannot resist dropping to my knees and caressing you with my lips. Up and down I go over the hard muscles of your thighs to the firm plains of your stomach and chest. In this one action you know my connection to you is more than just a sexual one. My caresses are at once erotic and caring, sensual and playful. For the moment our passion is quenched as you take the towel from my hand and return the favour. Pulling me to my feet you enclose me in fluffy white softness, rubbing me firmly through the towel until like you I am dry. Then letting the towel drop to the floor you pull me out of the bathroom and we walk hand in hand into the lounge.

Sitting down on the couch you stand me naked in front of you and smiling to yourself you look up at me, your hands gliding over my stomach, my buttocks . You plant a kiss in my naval and my hands move to clutch your face against my stomach. The air is alive with the scent of our shower gel and also the scent of sex. The sense of passion we have denied all these months will not be denied now. It has been released and we have no hope of controlling it. When you look up at me at that moment I see in your eyes what I know to be in mine……you do not want to control it. You want to release the tiger. You move to draw me into your arms but I pull away from you. You look confused as I push your back up against the couch but when you see the playful look in my eye you smile at me and wait to see what I will do.

I stand before you for a moment my eyes locked with yours. My feet are slightly apart and my damp hair cascades down my shoulders caressing my breasts and nipples with its wet tips. I add my saliva to one of the tips and coat it over my nipples while you watch me. My breasts are full yet firm and remember well your touch. They crave it now but I hold back….wanting so badly to tease you until you want my body as much as I need yours. I drop to the floor and sit down at your feet, before lying back. When my long brown hair is fanned out around my face and my breasts rise and fall with the breath that suddenly proves so elusive I move my feet until my toes touch yours. I tickle them briefly before moving them up along your shins.

When my feet reach your knees I stop. There is something so sexual and wanton about what I am doing now but when you look into my eyes you see a contrasting mix of innocence and vulnerability in them. You grow harder as your thighs part slightly. Your tongue flicks out to trace a moist line along your suddenly dry lips as you watch the play of my hands over my body. My knees are still tightly closed as my fingers find my nipples and pinch them. Cupping my breasts briefly my hands move down over my flat stomach. I arch my back as my overly sensitive skin reacts to the play of my naughty fingers. All the time you watch me as I watch you. My fingers move further down my body to caress my neatly trimmed pubic hair. Suddenly I splay my knees wide and you see for the first time my smooth lips, free from pubic hair, moist and swollen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32