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The spray from the shower was hot. Really hot. Like just this side of scalding, which was the way I liked my showers.

It had been two weeks since Andromeda had helped me “relax” and since then we hadn’t really had a chance to discuss what had happened or what it was/meant. As impossible as it had seemed, my schedule had somehow managed to pick up shortly after that night, stopping us (or at least me, I wasn’t sure she cared) from talking about it. Hell, we’d barely seen each other.

I leaned forwards, resting my forearms on the tile wall and humming about the need for guitars and drums and desperate poetry while I rinsed shampoo out of my hair.

Today was my day off. My first in weeks, if not months and lingering under the boiling water was one of the simplest pleasures I could treat myself to. Which a knock on the door soundly interrupted.

I pulled my head out from under the spray. “Yeah?”

“Hey,” Andie called through the door, “aren’t you like super late for work?”

“Nope. The bastards finally gave me a day off.”

“Really? That’s great. And about damned time. They were really burning you at both ends for a while there.”

I grunted in agreement, ducking my head back under the water to rinse out the last of the soap.

“If you’re not too busy in there, do you think you could give me a hand with something?”

I blinked the water from my eyes a second time. “Sure. You need something from a top shelf?”

“Very funny.” I could almost hear her roll her eyes.

“Do you need a ride the lollypop guild meeting?”

“Hilarious. Are you done?”

“One more,” I grinned. “Are you forming a fellowship to take the ring to Mordor?”

There was a moment of silence and I started to think she’d walked away.

“Okay, that one’s pretty good.” She conceded. “Are you going to help me or not?”

“Sure,” I laughed. “Just give me a minute to finish up.”

Completing my rinse, I turned off the shower, dried myself off and pulled on a pair of sweat pants; if I wasn’t going to work today I had no desire to put on actual clothes.

I stepped out of the bathroom and glanced around, mildly confused. “Where’d you go?”

“Your room,” her voice came from around the corner and I frowned, making my way down the short hallway and nudging open the door.

“What are you doing in-” The question died on my lips.

Andromeda was standing in the middle of my room. Completely naked.

And good at it.

Leanly muscled and deliciously toned, her breasts were perky on her chest, nipples swollen to stiff points. Back slightly arched, with hips cocked to one side, I could see the subtle lines of her abs as she stared back at me with a sultry expression, daring me to come after her. Her mouth curled in a wry smile at my stunned surprise.

“Figures,” She sighed melodramatically, making a production of examining her nails. “The one time I actually need that smart mouth of yours and it dies on me.”

Fuck it. I was long overdue for a good time.

I crossed the space between us and wrapped my arms around her waist. She let out a squeal of surprise and delight, the hard points of her nipples brushed against my bare chest as I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Her skin soft and cool against my own; still bleeding heat from the shower. I adjusted my grip, grabbing at the smooth skin and taunt muscle of her thigh as she wrapped her legs around my waist and we tumbled onto the sheets.

My lips found hers as I grabbed her ass like some teenager fumbling through his first time.

Which probably wasn’t far from the truth; it had been long enough since the last time I got laid there was a good chance my virginity had actually grown back.

Her fingers curled in my hair at the base of my neck as my lips travelled from her mouth across her jaw and down her throat, sucking and kissing as she tilted her head back to allow me greater access; a low sound of pleasure growing in her chest.

“Someone’s eager.” I could hear the approving smile in her voice as my hands moved over her waist, flexing and testing her curves as my mouth met her shoulder, nipping playfully as I grew bolder.

Speaking would have meant taking my lips from her skin and I had no intention to do that for as long as I could manage; instead relishing the taste and the feel of her under me as I continued southward.

With nearly a foot difference in our heights and her legs wrapped around my waist I had to crane my neck to move down her shoulder and collarbone; a task bahis siteleri made harder as her fingers tightened in my still damp hair, pulling just enough to make me work for it.

Then, with a little laugh she uncrossed her ankles and used one foot to push my knee down the bed, relaxing her grip in my hair just a little and letting me settle into a more comfortable position.


In reply I made my way up the swell of her breasts, leaving a trail of a dozen kisses and love bites before taking her nipple into my mouth and suckling gently, resting my weight on my forearm. Not looking to neglect her other breast I reached up with my free hand, cupping it gently and feeling her nipple rub against my palm before moving to roll it between my thumb and forefinger.

Looking up at her, I grinned around the hard nub between my lips and flicked my tongue across it teasingly as she continued to run her fingers through my hair, a lazy mischievous smile on her lips. After a few moments her grip tightened in my hair again, tugging me off her breasts to push me gently but firmly further down and I was more than happy to comply.

Shimmying down I propped myself up on my elbows and dragged my tongue across the subtle valleys between her abs. Placing the occasional kiss on the toned muscle as I took my time, working back and forth across her stomach not caring if she grew impatient.

I paused only when I reached her bellybutton, placing a gentle kiss just under it before glancing up at her to see her looking back down at me, propped up on her elbows with an amused smile.

“Having fun?”

“Love me some lady abs,” I grinned, kissing her stomach again.

“I hadn’t noticed.”

I stuck out my tongue in reply and her grin widened, nails scraping exquisitely across my scalp as I started further down.

“That’s the spirit,” she purred.

Shifting my weight onto one arm, I moved the other between her legs, reaching to slowly slip two fingers between her eager folds, already slick with arousal. She let out a soft gasp and then a low moan as her head fell back, hips arching slightly as I pressed them deeper inside her; using my thumb to coax back the hood of her clit. Carefully, almost tentatively I brushed my thumb over the swollen pink nub of her clit and grinned as the sharp intake of breath she took in response.

Feeling her sex flex around my fingers, I drew them back slowly before pushing them back inside her, building a gentle rhythm, her legs opening wider and one of her feet hooking around my back as her fingers teased my hair.

Far more out of practice than I’d care to admit, I watched carefully for her reactions. Each shift or curl of my fingers, each brush of my thumb across her clit helping me to learn what excited her as my fingers and palm grew slicker with her slickness.

After a few moments, I dipped my head lower, kissing my way down as the movements of my fingers grew shallower and she let out a quiet whine of complaint. Shushing her softly, I kissed my way down towards her lap, inhaling deeply of her arousal as my lips brushed over the neat strip of brown hair that led down to her pussy.

Pulling back just a little, I breathed a cool stream of air across her sex and she let out a sound of pleasant surprise before I leaned in closer and slip my tongue between her folds. Swirling it around her opening, I used my slick fingers to spread her lips wider, giving myself more direct access as her thigh pressed against my shoulder. Dipping my tongue just inside her I pulled back to slide up towards her clit, collecting her wetness on my tongue as her fingers tightened in my hair, one leg lifting to drape over my shoulder, thigh pressed against my ear.

My tongue rolled across it slowly, flicking the glistening pearl back and forth as I slipped my fingers back inside her, curling them slightly upwards as I sawed them back and forth, building a quickening rhythm.

Caught up in her taste and scent, it took me a moment to register the breathy sounds tumbling from her lips; growing in volume and intensity as her fingers tightened in my hair and the sheets.

“Yesyesyesyesyes.” The words ran together and I felt a swell of pride and satisfaction at her reaction, fingers moving faster as my tongue continued its assault until the cadence of her voice changed.

With a final triumphant “Yes!” loud enough to merit a complaint from the neighbors, her insides clutched and flexed around my fingers even as more of her ambrosia flooded around them, running down my canlı bahis siteleri chin and wrists and onto sheets under her.

After so long going without, I was reluctant to stop and my lips and tongue continued teasing across her clit; fingers slowing but not stopping until her grip tightened none too gently and she pulled my head up to look at her.

Flushed with arousal she gasped to catch her breath, skin glistening. “Whoa there cowboy, give me a chance to recover.”

I smile sheepishly and gently slid my fingers from between her legs, wiping them on my sweatpants, “sorry.”

She let out a little laugh and flashed me a sly grin, fingers slipping free of my hair, “I’m not. Like riding a bike?”

I extricated myself from the tangle of her legs, crawling up next to her on the bed.

“Riding a bike upside-down maybe,” I grinned back. Under my sweats my cock throbbed and strained against the fabric. “I guess this makes us even.”

Propping herself up on her side to face me, a wicked look danced in her eyes. “Well we can’t have that,” she purred, reaching down to grab my cock through my sweats.

Before I could say anything, Andie had slipped down the bed and grabbed the waistband of my pants. She tugged them downwards and I had to hurry to raise my hips before it became painful. My cock sprang free, slapping up against my stomach in the cool air of the room as she wasted no time tugging my pants off and tossing them on the floor, slender fingers curling around my dick and giving it a few pumps.

“Just relax,” she met my eyes, smiling that Cheshire cat grin of hers.

“Yeah, no chance of that happening.”

Andie licked her lips and straddled my waist, rubbing her pussy along my length; long slow strokes that made my eyes flutter and my toes curl. Raising herself up she guided my tip along her folds and I felt a twinge of trepidation, the nagging voice of responsibility making itself heard. Reaching up, I grabbed her hips to prevent her from lowering herself onto me.

“Andie, do you have any… protection?”

She paused the movement of her hips, giving me a placating (if mildly condescending) smile. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. Got to hoe responsibly.”

I swear I could actually feel my pulse in my penis as I looked up at her, my neglected libido reasserting itself and overwhelming my anxiety. I relaxed my grip on her waist, running my fingers over her skin, relenting.

Giving my dick a gentle squeeze, Andie leaned over and kissed my chest, “Don’t worry,” she promised. “I’ll steer you ’round the curves.”

She was slick and warm; her breath hitching and I let out a loan groan as she guided me between her folds, lowering herself slowly onto my length. I closed my eyes and my hands slid down her waist to rest on her thighs, kneading the taunt muscle as my hips rose up automatically to meet her. She straightened as I bottomed out inside her, my pelvis falling back to the bedspread as she placed her hands on my stomach.

Delicious pressure and a liquid heat enveloped my cock and I drew in a long shuddering breath as she started to move her hips, rolling them in gentle circles against my lap. My hands moved to reach behind her and grab her ass, testing the resilience of the toned cheeks as she worked her hips around and around.

Opening my eyes again I watched the pink tip of her tongue peek out delicately from between her lips and she drew in a slow breath; dragging her fingers down over my chest and ribs to my stomach, short nails drawing lines of fire across my skin.

She was exquisite, twisting sensuously around my cock and I felt her muscles flex as she lifted herself up slightly. Velvety friction slid along my length until she lowered herself back down, my hips coming up to meet her until they came together. Slowly, delectably she began to build a rhythm, the bedsprings creaking as she lifted herself up before allowing herself to fall back as I fondled her ass.

Her breath was starting to come faster as she rode me up and down, soft sounds tumbling from her lips every time my hips came up to meet her. I sucked in a breath through my teeth as she changed her technique, leaning forwards and rocking her back and forth against me to grind her clit against my lap. Strong fingers teased against over my stomach and chest to grip my shoulders when she leaned forwards, the grip of her sex shifting around my cock.

Each little movement of her hips sent a spasm of pleasure down my cock and up my spine. Pressure was building inside me and I was canlı bahis amazed I’d managed to last as long as I had under her assault. My fingers tightened on her ass as her sex squeezed and caressed my cock, her own sounds of pleasure coming faster and faster; but I wasn’t sure I could hold on.

Colours flashed behind my eyes; the impending rush of pleasure as my balls tightened. Andromeda was moving faster and faster, grinding against her and panting as she neared her own release. I bit my lip to distract myself, to stall as her grip on my shoulders tightened almost to the point of discomfort as she arched her back; gasping wordlessly as her sex fluttered and clutched at my cock, her thighs tightening around my waist as she rode me over the edge.

Feeling her cum, I stopped holding back, sparks flashing behind my eyes as I arched my back and my cock throbbed, lungs burning for air as I drew in a ragged breath, muscles misfiring. My fingers dug into the taunt muscle of her thighs as tension locked my spine in a bow, pressing me deeper into her core as my own orgasm took hold and the first spurts of cum erupted from my tip.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, my thrusting into her even after my balls were long since empty until I dropped back onto the bed and she collapsed on top of me. Soft and warm, her breasts flattened between us as her head rested on my shoulder and I drew in the scent of her hair; we were both breathing like we’d just run a marathon, trying to get our breath back as our pulses slowed. Sweat cooled on our skin as we lay there in post-coital bliss, her nipples still hard points against my chest. Reaching up, I brushed my fingers down her back as my cock deflated, slipping free of her sex as she let out a murmur of disappointment.

“How long can you keep this up?” She asked quietly.

I shrugged, “Admittedly that wasn’t my best work; I am a tad out of practice but let me grab some Gatorade and a power bar and we’ll see if I can’t do better.”

She looked up at me, big brown eyes full of genuine concern. “Seriously. You’re burning yourself out and I’m worried about you. I’m pretty sure if you had any other friends, they’d agree with me.”

There was something about the way she said I; not in a mean spirited way, just a simple statement of fact. The worst part was, she was right. I didn’t really have any friends except her.

“This was just supposed to be a temp job. Something for you to do while you figured out what you wanted with your life and now it’s become your life. Can you name one place other than work or home you’ve been in the last month?”

I fumbled. In the last month I must have gone somewhere else. I took a stab in the dark. “The grocery store?”

“I did the shopping this month. Last month too.”

I shrugged again, at a loss for anything to do except stroke my fingers down her spine. “So?”

“So, you don’t even like your job. And you keep saying all your coworkers suck.”

“Everyone’s coworkers suck. That’s what makes them coworkers, not friends.”

She ignored my interruption. “You hate your job, so why are you still doing it?”

We lay there quietly for a few minutes while her words sank in and I thought them over, struggling to come up with an answer. To her credit she didn’t rush me, laying there with her head on my chest, idly tracing patterns on my stomach with a finger.

“Because I don’t really know what else to do,” I admitted finally, staring up at my bedroom ceiling. “As much as it sucks, I’m used to it. The money’s good. I’m… comfortable in my discomfort.”

“You know that’s not a reason to stay, right? Your salary shouldn’t be a bribe for you to forget your dreams.”

I snorted out an incredulous laugh, the sound you make when something hits a little too close to home. “Christ that’s dark.”

“Not wrong though.”

“No,” I sighed.

She sat up, I could feel her lingering slickness on my thigh as she shifted on my lap, “just promise me you’ll at least think about it, okay? Look at taking a vacation or trying to find another job. A better job. Although maybe take another shower first,” she said with a grin, sticking out her tongue playfully. “Your hair’s very ‘anime protagonist’ right now.”

I snorted. “And whose fault is that, missy?”

“Absolutely yours. If that tongue thing of yours had just been a party trick, we wouldn’t have had this problem.”

“Problem? I didn’t hear any complaints.”

“And you won’t,” she rolled her hips against me with that wicked grin before she slipped off the bed, grabbing my hand and tugging me after her. “Come on, let’s get you back in the shower. I’ve still got a few tricks you’ll enjoy. When’s the last time you felt dirtier coming out of a shower than you did going in?”

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