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1. All characters are 18+

2. No characters represent real people

3. Enjoy the fiction


As cliche as this sounds, this story starts when I was in my room, minding my own business.

“Big brother!” I heard from behind me. My sister Rachel had barged into my room without knocking, as usual, and was suddenly standing behind me as I worked on my computer. Well, step-sister. My dad had married her mom when I was 5 and she was 3. But that was long enough ago that neither of us could remember life without the other being around.

“I need your help,” she announced.

“You need lots of help, but I’m not a psychiatrist,” I said, without turning around.

“Hardy har.” She rubbed my shoulders, which I had to admit did feel good. “I need a favor.”

I sighed and turned around in my chair to face her. Her light brown hair was in a long pony tail behind her back, and she wore a tank top and short shorts. The tank top was probably just because it was warm outside. But she regularly wore those short athletic shorts, a habit she picked up from being on the school’s volleyball team. Even though I knew she was my step-sister, constantly seeing her long legs in those shorts was terribly distracting. “What do you need?”

“My friend needs a prom date.” Rachel had been talking about her prom for weeks. It’s most of what I heard her talk about since I came home from college – her dress, her hair, who was going with whom. I had just finished my sophomore year as an Information Technology major, and she was graduating high school very soon.

I studied her face, suspicious of her motives. “Which friend?”


“Pass.” I turned back around to my computer.

“Come on, Kevin!” She pleaded. “You don’t have anything going on this Saturday. Plus, didn’t you ask her out once?”

I remembered that day. At 18, I had asked out 16-year-old Becky, a hot, popular cheerleader. Her exact response had been, “Like I’d ever go out with a skinny geeky loser like you.” Geek was accurate – I was a geek. I like sci-fi and computers and D&D, and I wasn’t going to change that. Skinny had also been true, until I bulked up somewhat in college, taking advantage of the free workout machines. The name loser had hurt the most. I was not a loser, and I very quickly lost interest in stuck-up snob Becky.

“She’s not my type,” I simply replied to my little sister.

“But I really need you to take her. She dumped her jerk boyfriend a couple days ago, and she really needs a date. I told her you could take her, and she already agreed.”

“You promised her something you couldn’t deliver. That’s not my problem.”

“Please!” she begged, getting on her knees.

“Rachel, why should I go?” I asked, turning to face her again. “You have yet to give me a reason to go to your prom.”

She froze. “Umm, I’ll owe you a favor?” I stayed silent, staring at her. She finally broke. “Okay, I’ll pay you $100.”

“$300, plus the tux rental fee,” I countered.

She glared at me. “$300 and you rent your own damn tux.”

We continued our staring match. “Deal.” We shook on it.

If I had known all the details, I would’ve given her a flat no. Or at least charged her a lot more money.

After Rachel left my room, I started doing my research. Apparently, Becky’s ex-boyfriend was Johnny Monroe, a 19-year-old who’d been left back one year, so he was just now graduating (barely). He was a big jock with a mean attitude. And, after checking out social media, I learned that Johnny had threatened to beat up any guy who dared to take Becky to the prom, and his moron jock buddies had agreed to help him carry out the threat. It’s no wonder that Rachel had to reach out beyond high school boys to find Becky a date.

As I read the posts, it made me suddenly take pity on Becky. She might still be a stuck-up bitch, but she didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I also remembered Johnny from my time in school, when he bullied some of my high school friends. He didn’t particularly mess with me, since I had at least one inch on him in height. At one point, he started calling me the King of the Nerds, but since I was the tallest in my social circle, my friends started calling me that as well.

But the bottom line remained: I would need to be careful in order to get through this.

My first step was to call Rachel back into my room. “You didn’t tell me that Becky’s ex was Johnny Monroe. I saw his threats online. Are you trying to have me killed?” I didn’t yell, but I did raise my voice in an angry tone to scare her.

It worked. Her eyes were wide, and a tear started to form on the bottom rim of one eye. “No! I swear!” she stammered out. “Kevin, I… I…”

“It’s okay,” I calmed her down. “I am mad, but not at you.” I pulled her over to sit on my bed, and sat next to her, my arm around her shoulders. “I’m going to need your help, though.”

She sniffed back a tear. “My help?”

“Yes. The first thing you bursa escort need to do is call Becky right now.”

“I just texted her that you agreed to go…”

“I know, but now I need to talk to her. Give me your phone.” She did, and I used it to dial Becky’s number.

“Hey Rae, what’s up?” came the voice from the phone.

“Hi Becky, this is Kevin. You’re on speakerphone.”

A silent pause. “Hi Kevin. I’m glad you agreed to go to the prom with me. I do need to tell you about something first though.”

“Is it Johnny Monroe’s death threats?”

Another silent pause, longer and more meaningful than the first. “Yes. I’m sorry Kevin, I understand if you don’t want to go.”

“I do want to go, Becky. But I need something from you. I need you not to tell anyone about me being your date. Understand? If anyone asks, say you’re going alone, or going with Rachel, or anything else. Can you do that?”

“Sure, but why?”

The wheels were already turning in my head. “It’s best you don’t know all the details, but basically, so he won’t see me coming.”

Rachel chimed in, “He’ll probably be there, waiting for you. He’ll bring his buddies too.”

I nodded. “I’m actually counting on that. He said as much online.”

“Oh. Okay,” said Becky. “I’ll see you Saturday then?”

“Actually, can you come over tomorrow after school? I’d like to go over a few things with you and Rachel.”

“Sure!” she said, a bit more excited than she’d been a minute ago. “No problem. Thank you, Kevin.”

“You’re welcome. Thanks for the invite. Here’s Rachel,” I said, giving her back her phone. Then I told my sister, “Get out of my room, you little brat.”

What was my plan? Well, I wasn’t just an IT major. I was going into my field of choice – hacking. I was going to be a white-hat. For those who don’t know, a white-hat hacker is someone hired by a company to hack their own systems, to point out all of their vulnerabilities, so they could fix it before they got hacked for real. It was fun to try to get into places, and then write up reports to show how I got in and how they could have stopped me.

So I prepped to perform some hacker tricks on Johnny. I’d need help though, so I called a couple of my acquaintences to get some supplies. My first call was to Marcus, one of my partners in crime. He had bought an old work van; you know the kind, white with no windows. He had then rigged it up with electricity and lights, so he basically had a portable office. He agreed to help me.

My second call was to my friend Gary and his brother Freddy. Gary had gone to high school with me, and his brother Freddy was now a senior like my sister. They were really into gadgets. Gary fancied himself like Q from the James Bond movies – he wanted to be the guy who supplied the cool spy equipment. Freddy was on board too, and since he was still a student, he could get me access to the high school gym.

My third and final call was a bit dicier. I had to call a friend (whom I won’t name here) and convince them to call their friend – a dealer. The result was purchasing medium-sized baggies of both cocaine and meth. It cost me almost all of the cash Rachel had given me.

Then I simply took the rest of the money and rented my tuxedo. All in all, it was a very productive Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning, I was up early. Heading out the door, I passed Rachel at the kitchen table, still in her pajamas and eating cereal. “Where are you going so early?” she inquired.

“I’ll tell you later. Remember, you and Becky are meeting me here after school.”

“I remember,” she said, and I nodded and left.

Ten minutes later, Marcus and I were camped out in his van, across the street from Johnny Monroe’s house. His parents were wealthy, which explains his spoiled attitude, and one of the houses on the street was being renovated. It was a perfect excuse to have a white work van parked nearby.

“So explain to me what you’re doing here. What’s the plan?” Marcus asked, while I unpacked my three laptops. I had an HP, a Dell, and a Lenovo, but I had nicknamed them all Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

“So you know how people use wireless signals for everything?”

“Yeah, remember, we took that class together last fall.” Marcus said. He and I were in school together. He was majoring in IT too, but he wanted to be a network architecture consultant. There was big money to be made there.

“Then you remember that anything not hard-wired is subject to piracy. And we’re the pirates.” I looked at him with my best pirate face and said, “Yarrr!”

He grinned back. “Aye cap’n.” He looked back at the computers. “But why three laptops? Can’t you hack his computer with one?”

“One is to hack his computer, yes.” I pointed at Dewey. “The second is to hack his car.” Then I pointed at Louie. “The third is to hack whatever else is hackable in his house, like his cell phone.”

Marcus studied me for a second. “You really hate this guy, huh?”

“A bit, yeah. But he deserves it.”

“Okay bursa escort bayan then,” Marcus replied. He was a good friend. I made a mental note that I owed him a big favor for this later.

A few minutes later, Johnny left his house and went out to his car. He hit his button to unlock the car, and laptop

picked up the frequency. Easy as pie. But he also hit the button to pop the trunk, throwing a bag inside, and I managed to get that frequency too. Now I could replicate the signals, and get into his car whenever I wanted. I fist-bumped Marcus as Johnny drove away, off to school.

I had Marcus use laptop
to see what other electronics Johnny owned in the house, while I used laptop

to peruse Johnny’s computer. He had left it unlocked, which was his mistake, so I was able to create my own login access. I was surprised at how easy it was to get into his bank account; he had a few thousand dollars there, so I rewarded myself with a few hundred dollars. By turning off his notifications and emails, he’d never know it was gone. Then I started combing through his files; nothing was organized, of course, so it was slow going.

Marcus whistled. “There’s a bunch of things connected to wi-fi here. I guess his parents must have set the house up pretty well.”

“Let me see.” I checked it out. “Not much we can use. Wait!” I said, pointing at the screen. “I think that’s a webcam!”

It only took us a few minutes to access it. It was indeed a webcam, in Johnny’s room, giving us a live feed at his cluttered bedroom.

Marcus said it just as the thought crossed my mind. “The camera is pointing at his bed.”

I nodded, and moved back to laptop

. I searched for video files and found a bunch of them, all in one folder. I opened one labeled “Becky5” and found a video of Johnny and Becky having sex. She laying face up on the bed, as he stood at the edge of the bed and fucked her. Her naked tits jiggled with each thrust.

Marcus and I didn’t watch the videos together. That would be weird, two dudes in a van watching sex videos? No thanks. But we did copy them all to laptop

. There were over 30 of them marked with Becky’s name. But what was more astonishing was that a few of them weren’t Becky. The other names included Olivia, Lexi, and Jenna.

“Are they his previous girlfriends?” asked Marcus.

“I don’t think so,” I said, pointing at the screen. “Look at the timestamps on the files. I’m pretty sure Johnny was cheating on Becky with these other girls.”

“Is that why Becky dumped Johnny?”

“Could be. Or maybe she doesn’t know. She probably doesn’t know about the webcam though,” I said. “I’m going to have to tell her about it.”

There was a pause in the conversation, until Marcus said, “That’s going to hurt her.”

“Yeah, but better to be honest about it,” I argued. “I’d rather her hear it from me than from Johnny or one of his friends. Imagine if he already sent those videos to his buddies?”

“Yeah.” Marcus nodded. “I’m guessing we’re going after them next, right?”

“Yup. Let’s go.”

By mid-afternoon, we had at least scouted the houses of Johnny’s main henchmen, Ramon and T-Dog. They were both in school at the time, so we couldn’t mess with their cars, but we did get into their computers. As suspected, they both had copies of Johnny’s videos, but there wasn’t any evidence they had sent them anywhere else.

Marcus dropped me off at my house around 2:00. I had an hour to kill before Rachel and Becky got out of school, so I prepped myself for what I was going to tell them.

I looked over the long list of video files. I knew it was wrong to look, but I gave into temptation and opened one at random, one that didn’t belong to Becky.

I watched as Johnny tossed the girl, Olivia, on the bed. I turned up the sound to hear their conversation.

“Let me see those tits, babe,” said Johnny.

Olivia took off her shirt, then fiddled with her bra, trying to tease him. “I didn’t hear a please.”

Johnny grabbed her and took her bra off for her. “I don’t need to say please.” She was now topless, and he unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. “Now suck my dick, bitch.”

Olivia complied. She took him into her mouth, and he grabbed her head, fucking her mouth. Then he looked at the camera, and winked. From that, I’m positive she had no idea she was being recorded. None of these girls knew.

I fast-forwarded a bit, and saw Johnny fuck Olivia roughly from behind. It was clear he had no real respect for her; she was just another fuck to him. He pulled out and jizzed on her ass. I did have to hand it to him that the camera quality was pretty good, as I could see good detail.

I eyed the rest of the files, and again succumbed to temptation. I opened the most recent Becky file, named Becky34. I admired Becky’s nude body as she undressed, but Johnny wasn’t kind to her. He simply pushed her down on the bed, and plunged into her. No foreplay, no teasing. I skipped a bit, and saw him turn her over.

She was escort bursa crying and pleading, “Please no. Don’t fuck my ass.”

“Shut up bitch,” he said, “you know you want it.” Then he forced himself into her behind, and she was screaming. It didn’t take long, and then he came inside her asshole. I was filled to the brim with anger. I checked the timestamp of the video, and it was last week. This was why she broke up with him, I realized. He had violated her, taken her ass against her will, and now she wanted nothing to do with him. I thought about my phone call with her the day before, and her timid voice. She was also scared of what he’d do this Saturday.

I heard the door open to the house, so I quickly closed the video files and shut my laptop. Rachel came into the living room first, followed by Becky. It wasn’t the Becky I remembered from a few years ago, however. I remembered Becky as the stuck-up cheerleader, always wearing tight, revealing clothes to make the boys drool over her amazing teenage body.

This Becky was trying to hide the fear in her eyes. Her body was covered in loose clothes, hiding her figure. She’d changed. Her relationship with Johnny had scarred her emotionally. I had been originally annoyed at Rachel for wanting me to take out her friend; now I was feeling sorry for this pitiful creature.

“Rae, go get us some drinks please,” I asked my little sister, and surprisingly, she did without arguing with me. In her absence, I held out my arms to Becky. She came closer, and I hugged her. “Hi,” I simply said.

“Hi,” she said into my shoulder.

“I think I know why you broke up with Johnny,” I told her, and she began to cry. “Does Rachel know?” She shook her head. “I won’t tell her if you don’t want me to,” I assured her.

Rachel came back with three cans of pop, and saw her friend crying into my shoulder. “What did you do?” she asked me.

I ignored her. “It’s okay,” I said to Becky, trying to calm her down. “I’m taking care of this. I’ll take care of you.” She stood in my arms for another couple minutes, composing herself, and I was happy to hold her.

When everyone was calm again, we sat together on the couch. I began to tell them what I was planning. “Basically, Johnny threatened to beat up any guy he sees with you on Saturday night.” The girls nodded along. “What he doesn’t know is that he won’t be there to do that.” I took a sip of my drink, waiting for them to ask the inevitable question.

Rachel spoke first. “Where will he be?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know exactly where, but definitely not at the school gym. His idiot friends won’t be around either.” I looked at Becky. “That means you and I can have a good time at the prom.”

They both gave me confused looks. “Why won’t he be there?” asked Becky.

“He’ll have another, unavoidable appointment,” I explained. “I’m going to get him arrested.”

“What?” said Rachel. “Arrested for what?” Becky gave me a meaningful look. I could tell she didn’t want me talking about her assault to anyone, even Rachel.

“We’re still working on that, but I wanted to let you know I’m taking care of him and his goons.”

Rachel stood up and hugged me. “This is great! I knew you could help us. Thank you big brother!”

Becky stayed seated, but gave a smile. I reached out my hand, and she took it. “Can we talk? In my room?” I asked her. She nodded. I told my sister, “Give us some time, will you? I want to talk to her privately.”

Rachel gave me a strange look, but shrugged, and went to grab the TV remote. “Okay. I’ll be down here when you’re done.”

I had Becky sit in my desk chair, and I closed the door to my room. I purposely sat on the bed, five feet away, trying to give her space.

She spoke first, looking at the floor. “How do you know about me and Johnny?”

I hesitated, clearing my throat. “I was hacking his computer today. I found something I didn’t intend to find.” She didn’t speak, so I continued. “Apparently, Johnny has a webcam in his room.”

Her head snapped up, looking at me in fear. “A webcam?”

I nodded. “He’s been recording you and him together. There’s a several videos.”

“Did you watch the videos?” she asked. Her face was turning red, probably from a mixture of embarrassment, shame, and anger.

“I saw the last one. He violated you,” I calmly said. “You haven’t told anyone, have you?”

“No.” She brushed away a tear. “No one would believe me if I did.”

“I believe you. And I have evidence.” I tried to speak quietly, trying to be as unlike Johnny as I possibly could. “I don’t want you to have to relive that memory. But we could send him to jail for that.”

“No,” she croaked, crying again. I grabbed her a tissue. “I don’t want to go through that.”

“I understand. Don’t worry, he’s going to jail either way,” I assured her. “I should also tell you something else I found.”


“Some of those videos aren’t yours. It looks like he was cheating on you.”

She nodded, to my surprise. “I suspected he was. I didn’t want to believe it, but I was pretty sure he was with Olivia.” She looked up at me. “Was it Olivia?”

“Olivia was one. There were others.” I opened my laptop. “Do you want to know who else?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32