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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!


This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2006 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.


“So, when are you off to college?” Dale asked, wondering why Paige was so quiet. Any other time, she would be bitching him out for drinking, but not tonight.

Rick fought to keep his eyes off Paige and his attention on Dale, but she looked hot in her tiny, tiny, cut-off shorts. They were pretty blue, practically up her ass and her small, white panties, were barely hanging out the sides.

“In a month, I’m going early to check things out, see where my classes will be and look around. Shit like that.”

Dale just laughed at him. “You need to check the pussy out, son! The hell with the classes and look for some hot, pussy!” he laughed and a loud snort escaped his nose.

“Dale!” Paige snapped at him as she slammed a pot on the stove and turned on the burner under it. “Don’t say shit like that to him. He’s not like you! Thank God!” she added with a low growl, wishing he would leave and never come back.

“Oh piss! He can’t wait to get up there and sample some new meat! Isn’t that right? Hell, I wish I could go with him!”

Rick just sat and didn’t say a word more. He did not want Paige mad at him now.

“Oh really now? And, if you caught one…what in the hell would you do with it?” she asked as she gave Dale the look of death. Not that she loved him anymore, but it pissed her off hearing that. If he couldn’t screw her, what did he need with a college girl?

Dale laughed louder and the booze was doing its job. “Give me some tight-ass co-ed and I’ll show you!”

“If I was her, I sure as fuck wouldn’t hold my breath!” Paige said with an evil voice. “I’m taking these out to the grill and I’m cooking them! I don’t want them dripping blood or burned to a crisp, this time!” she sneered at Dale, gave Rick a fast wink and a little motion for him to follow her.

“Is he always like this?” Rick asked as he took the big platter of food from her and they walked out on the deck.

She just moaned and replied. “Fuck yes and worse! Normally, he’ll even have the courtesy to tell me what he’d do to them.” Paige said as she smiled at Rick.

“He’s a fuckin’ retard!” Rick laughed as he hugged Paige to him, running his hands over her ass, pulling her to him. “But, I’m glad,” he whispered and lightly kissed her ear, slipping his hands down her strong legs and her body felt good to hold. .

Paige fell into his arms and she giggled at his words. “I bet you’re glad!” she smiled and a sound that she dearly hated, filled her ears.

They both turned towards the bay and it looked like a hurricane was coming their way. “Holy crap, that’s gunna be a good one! I think we should turn on the tube and see what’s up.” Rick said as he turned and walked to the TV.

Hold on to your pants tonight! It’s going to be a long and very stormy night, people. We have showers lining up for miles and miles and they are coming our way. If you’re out on the bay camping or boating…you may want to run for cover! Winds are expected to reach sixty miles an hour, maybe more and the lightening is going to be just as bad.

Paige quickly turned it off and she hugged her body. “Yuck, I hate when it storms so bad. It scares the crap outta me,” she said putting out her lip and she leaned to Rick.

He held Paige and caressed her back. “I’ll be here, so don’t worry about it. I won’t let anything happen.” Rick replied as he held her in his arms and he heard Dale coming through the house, towards them. “Damn-it!” he cursed his uncle.

“Well, why aren’t the steaks on yet? I’m staving!” Dale said as he scratched his over-sized belly.

“I’m getting to it. We were checking out the weather. They say it’s going to be a bad night.” Paige replied as she flopped a large steak on the grill and it quickly started sizzling.

“Good, we need the rain and I love hearing it rumble all night!” Dale smiled as he sat in a chair, loving the frightened look on Paige’s face and he knew how much she hated storms.

“As you snore through it?” she laughed and dropped another piece of meat of the grill.

“Blow me, would you?” he snapped back and wished that he would have just stayed in town.

He knew it was a bad idea to come to the beach, but he wanted to see if Paige and Rick were doing the dirty or not. If she was, he could get out of their marriage and get a lot of her money.

“Nope, go have your girl in the city do it for you!” Paige said bursa escort without thinking and she saw a shocked look rush over his face. “I’m not stupid, you know. I’ve known about her for the last year,” she laughed and put the last two steaks on the grill.

Dale took a drink of his booze and he said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re crazy!” he jumped up and rushed away to fix himself another stiff drink.

“I sure told him, didn’t I?” Paige laughed as she started flipping the meat and she had a wonderful, but childish idea. She cleared her throat and spit on the biggest steak. “There, you fucker!” Paige laughed so hard, she came close to peeing in her shorts.

Rick just watched and he just shook his head. “You are crazy, girl!” he laughed with Paige and he gave her a good, firm swat on her little ass.

“Ouch, you butt-head, what was that for?” Paige asked as she rubbed her stinging ass, hoping that he would get a chance to do that again later, when they were alone.

“For looking so damn good!” Rick said with a big yawn as he sat down, watching the storms brew out in the ocean. “I hope we’re right about staying here.”

“I don’t even wanta hear any of that shit! I’ll be hiding under a bed or maybe…I could find some nice, young and hard guy to keep me company tonight,” she purred and gave Rick a teasing smile.

He just smiled and replied. “That could be a possibility! I’m young and um…hard.”

“Oh yeah, I know how hard you get. I can’t wait to see that monster and um…what it can do!” Paige said, knowing that her face was turning red from embarrassment and excitement, thinking of being with her handsome, young nephew.

He got back up, walked behind her, hugged and slowly started to grind his cock into her ass. “You’re gunna find out…” he said and stopped to kiss the side of her neck.

“I’m going to wear you and your little pussy the fuck out!” Rick added with a low growl, thinking of being deep in Paige’s warm pussy and of all the fun, they were going to have.

“Hey, how much longer will it be? I’m fucking dying of hunger!” Dale yelled out to Paige, as he walked towards the deck and he wondered why in the hell the food was taking so long.

Rick quickly turned, looking out to the bay and he wished his drunken uncle, would have stayed away. He wanted Paige from the first time he ever got a hard-on and his first was for her.

“Just a few more minutes, hold your fucking pants on!” she yelled back and wished she had some strychnine or something that would knock his ass off.

“Hurry the fuck up!” Dale said with a mean voice.

“Oh fuck you! Don’t talk to me like that you prick and besides…we do have a guest in the house…ass-hole!”

Dale knew better that trying to smack Paige or anything else stupid. Her family was loaded. They owned more than half the town and all of the land around it. In addition, her Uncle was the town sheriff.

“Fuckin’ cunt!” Dale growled as he turned, and went back towards the kitchen to fix him another drink. If he was going to sit here all night listening to Paige bitch, he had to be blitzed.

Rick turned back to Paige, rubbing his cock against her ass and he whispered. “What a fucking jerk! Why don’t you just kick his ass out? You don’t need him. I’ll make you happy…I promise!”

“Yeah and what would my sister…think about that?” Paige asked, enjoying what he said and his stiff cock grinding against her ass. “Ohhh, God yes!” she moaned and was so close to cuming, it wasn’t funny. Paige couldn’t imagine having a hot stud, with a rock-hard cock in her home, but she was willing to try it.

“She would never know about us. Only we would,” he whispered to Paige as his hands reached around her body and Rick grabbed both of her aching breasts.

She leaned back in his arms and couldn’t wait for Dale to go to bed. Paige needed her young nephew up her pussy. “I can’t wait to have you fuck me! I want you to ram it in as deep as you can and fuck me like a God damn whore!” Paige moaned out and her body was completely on fire and ready for the stiff cock of, her nephew.

“Ohhh, you nasty bitch! I’ll fuck you like a whore and then,” he paused to ram against her. “I’ll fuck you again and…do it harder!” Rick growled and knew that they needed to stop, before dumb ass, Dale, caught them.

“Oh yeah, is that a promise?” Paige moaned as she pushed her ass back to Rick, loving his massive cock pushing to her and knew that it was going to feel great in her dripping pussy.

“You bet your ass, it is! I’m gunna make you my slut!” he growled again and rammed to her one, last time and he had to get away from her.

She smiled at his words and knew that they were going to have a blast screwing each other. They always had fun playing and goofing off anyhow, so she knew that they would totally enjoy being in bed together.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait!” Paige said with a soft, lustful voice and a little, sexy smile.


Dinner was a blast. bursa escort bayan Paige sat across from Rick and she drove him nuts, the entire time. She kept sliding her feet up and all over his swollen cock, rubbing and teasing it all she could.

“Boy, I hope the shit doesn’t get as bad as they’re saying. If it does, we may have to run for it.” Dale said as he carefully watched the weather on TV and the storms brewing.

“If you think it’s going to be that bad, shouldn’t we go now and get some rooms in town?” Paige asked with concern and fear in her voice, but she kept her feet on Rick’s thick cock, knowing it would make her feel good, even with the storms coming.

“They’re not really sure where it’s going to hit, so we should stay put and wait.” Dale said wondering why Paige and Rick kept smiling at each other so much. He knew they were close, but now, Rick was a man and Paige was a good-looking woman that was horny, day and night.

‘If I could only catch you fucking him, I’d clean your fuckin’ ass out, bitch!’ Dale thought as he carefully watched, but made sure they didn’t see him looking.

“And besides that, you’re home is built very good and it could stand up to more than this.” Rick said and he saw Dale watching them from the corner of his eye. Rick pushed her foot down and gave Dale a quick look, trying to let her know what was going on.

“He’s right; this place was built damn good! Not like the shit people built today.” Dale added and he went back to eating and watching Paige. She seemed different tonight. It was as if she was glowing or something. Maybe it was just because Rick was here. Dale wasn’t sure, but she looked good.

She heard them and said. “I’m leaving up to you guys, but you know me, I’ll be under the bed seconds after the first crack of thunder!” she laughed and saw that everyone was finished eating.

“I guess I’ll do the dishes. Does anybody want to help me?” she asked, knowing that Dale would run back to the TV and start drinking again, but she knew who would.

Dale laughed, got up, took his bottle of booze, and said. “Yeah, I’ll get right on that!” he laughed more and headed to the family room.

“What a fucker!” Rick asked as he started picking things up and helping Paige.

“He’s normally worse, but since you’re here, he’s being a little nicer to me.”

“Why do you put up with it? You’re loaded, sexy and could get just about any guy you wanted.”

“I don’t know, but after these next two weeks…I’m really thinking about getting a nice, young man to come and stay with me.” Paige said as she walked into his arms and pressed herself against Rick’s still, very hard cock.

“What if he can’t stay? What will you do?” Rick asked as he reached down and squeezed both of her butt-cheeks.

“Wherever he goes, I will follow.”

“What if he went home, to his Mom? What then?” he asked as he gently caressed and squeezed her butt.

“I’ll just have to tell her that I love her son and I’d die without him!”

“Hum, that would be interesting.” Rick smiled and wondered what Mom would say. She knew that he and Paige were close, but that might be too much for her to handle.

“Let me do the kitchen and then, we’ll snuggle.” Paige whispered to Rick as he walked away.


Paige saw Rick sitting on her favorite sofa and knew that Dale couldn’t see her. She reached down, grabbed the bottom of her tiny, white blouse and quickly lifted it up. Paige covered her mouth and held in a loud laugh. It looked like poor ol’ Rick, had seen a ghost.

Paige’s boobs popped into view and Rick’s eyes almost popped from their sockets. They were hard, firm and dark. Her large areolas came close to covering the entire, lower third, of her breasts and her nipples looked like a fat, pencil eraser.

“Wow!” Rick whispered as his eyes were glued to Paige’s body as she walked to sit by him. “You are fuckin’ bad!” he whispered, trying to tickle her, but she grabbed his hand and held it in hers.

“You love it and you know it, buster!” she whispered back, holding his hand in hers, she snuggled against his chest and it felt so nice to have a man next to her.

Rick just held her and his cock started growing. Paige was his dream girl and it wouldn’t be very long, until he got her little butt. “I love it when we snuggle,” he whispered back, but Rick only heard a low moan in return.

“I do too. You make me feel so loved.” Paige said as she turned and gave Rick a soft kiss. “I’m gunna show you just how much I love you, as soon as he passes out,” she panted in his mouth, swirling her warm tongue around his, before turning back towards the TV.

Dale started rambling about the news as Paige slid her tiny hand down into Rick’s shorts, searching for his stiff cock. Once Paige found it, she wrapped her trembling fingers around it and slowly started masturbating him. She felt him squirming and trying to get away from her, but she held him tight and squeezed harder.

“What if he sees or escort bursa hears us?” Rick whispered with a sharp tone and thought about getting into a fight with Dale, if he caught them doing this.

“Relax; he only gets up for another drink or to go pee. His big ass never leaves that chair.” Paige replied with a soft giggle, as she looked at Rick, lovingly stroking him and she could not wait to get his massive woman pleaser in her mouth and up her tiny, aching pussy.

Paige was gently gliding her fingers up and down the thick and pulsing shaft. She had a few men in her life, but not one of them came close to what Rick had and it was nice. Paige lightly squeezed, enjoying the feel of his hot, excited blood pumping through it and she knew it was all for her.

“He really ‘needs’ to go to bed!” she moaned, looking up at Rick and he was ready for some fun too, but ol’ Dale, wasn’t moving. “I want you, Mister and I want you bad!” Paige moaned in his ear and she quickly stood up.

“I’m going to go shower and change. Do you gentlemen need ‘anything’ before I go?” Paige asked and when she said the word, anything, she looked straight at Rick and Paige licked her pouty lips.

Dale grunted, turned around and said. “Yeah, bring me a couple of those beers I brought home. Do you want to try one, Rick. They’re from Germany and I heard its some ‘bad-ass’ shit!” he laughed and saw that Paige had that same glow about her again.

“Sure, I’ll give it a try.” Rick replied and watched Paige walking to the kitchen.

Well, he watched her ass wiggling and her awesome fucking legs. ‘That machine you got last spring did the trick, Paige,’ he thought, as his big, brown eyes never left her butt once. It was one of those StairMaster’s or some shit. Rick wasn’t sure of the name, but the fucker worked. You could bounce quarters off Paige’s ass. ‘You’re going to get on top and ride me, baby! I love those fuckin’ legs!’ Rick moaned as his cock grew and grew, thinking of fucking his sexy, Aunt Paige, on top of him and his cock deep in her pussy.


She came back a half hour later and both men were sleeping. Paige gave Dale a hard shove and said. “Hey, get your ass to bed. I don’t want you sleeping in that chair again, when you have a brand-new bed upstairs. So get up and go!” she said with a firm voice a Dale groaned and let out a massive, fart.

“Damn, woman, take a pill or something! I’m going, I’m going!” Dale moaned as he got up, stretched and farted again and he just laughed as he walked upstairs.

“God, you smelly fuck-off!” Paige said under her breath as she moved to sit by sleeping, Rick and Paige had a wonderful idea. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and she started to stroke him.

Rick had a wonderful feeling covering his cock; he opened his eyes and saw Paige sitting next to him, playing with it. “Damn, that feels good,” he moaned as his eyes looked at Paige.

She was sitting facing him; with her feet pulled up to, her butt and Rick had a perfect view of her panty-covered pussy. He quickly saw a nice wet-spot forming in the middle of the powder-blue panties and her scent was filling his nose.

“Glad you like it!” Paige winked as she held him; gently squeezing him and she couldn’t wait to have it sink deep, into her body.

“The ass-hole went to bed,” she said with a wide grin, holding his cock in her hands. “Do you feel like um…playing with me? I’m so lonely!” she purred with a soft, seductive voice as she lay across his lower thighs, just behind his cock and his stiffening shaft was only an inch, maybe less, from her face.

Rick smiled and he knew the answer to that. “Hell yes I do, what do you want to play?” he said watching her lay across his lap.

“Let’s play…um…um…this! You time me and um…we’ll see how long I can…suck you! How does that sound?” Paige said as she leaned to kiss the underside of Rick’s cock. His manly smell quickly filled her nose and the same shiver as before, ran through her body.

“Hum, that sounds fun, but…what if I start to cum? I go crazy when a pretty woman like you, sucks me. What will we do about that?”

“If you want to cum in me…you can. I love it when a man shoots his warm stuff in my mouth! It makes me so happy!”

“I will be after that,” he said looking deep into her eyes, thinking of all the times that he dreamt of being with Paige and it was finally happening.

“Good, that’s how I want you.” Paige whispered as her long tongue slithered up Rick’s cock shaft.

She started at the base, slowly licking up and Paige threw in a few loving kisses, just for good measure. Her warm tongue licked every one of his nine, long inches, stopping only to moan and Paige quickly went back to pleasing him. She started sucking the sides of it, her pretty eyes looking to his and a little grin, on her sucking lips.

“Am I doing it the way you um…like it? Hum?” Paige stopped to ask with a low, helpless voice as she stroked him and she retuned to pleasing Rick.

“I love you so much, Paige!” Rick moaned as he grabbed a large, handful of her long, curly hair and he held it tight. “That’s it!” he moaned louder, as her warm tongue licked him from top to bottom and dear Paige didn’t miss a spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32