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Double Penetration

Sally was standing in the checkout queue, bored, waiting for her turn at the till. Her mind was empty, eyes focussed upon nothing in particular as she went through the ritual sequence of the family shop. A necessary job, but one that she found utterly thankless as her husband and family took it for granted that the fridge and cupboards would be full and bountiful whenever they looked for a snack or a biscuit as the urge took them.

She listlessly placed the items in the trolley onto the conveyor, and then packed the groceries into carrier bags one by one after the dull girl behind the till had scanned them. Just as Sally had placed all of the bulging plastic bags into her trolley and collected her bankcard she looked up to see a tall man looking at her from another aisle. He was gazing so intently at her that Sally felt a blush bloom hotly over her cheeks. Surely, he’s not looking at me? She thought as her eyes dropped instinctively, avoiding his gaze.

Sally surreptitiously checked to see if the man was in fact looking at her. As she looked at him from behind her hanging fringe, he actually had the audacity to wink at her, smiling to himself with amusement when he caught her in the act of checking.

With her round, pretty face glowing with embarrassment; Sally hurried away from the checkout, pushing her trolley hurriedly in her haste to be free of the man’s stare, when suddenly she was accosted by a voice from behind. ‘Excuse me… excuse me, but you dropped your card.’

Sally stopped and turned; the man was holding her bankcard out towards her. ‘You dropped your card,’ he repeated.

‘Oh…’ Sally’s face felt hot and glowing as she took the proffered card. ‘Thank you…’ Not knowing what to say, her voice trailed off.

‘I saw you in the queue,’ the man said. ‘Sorry I was so rude; staring like that,’ he continued. ‘I hope you’ll forgive me, but I think you’re very attractive.’ His bluntness made Sally blink in surprise. She had never been spoken to so forthrightly before, especially with regard to her attractiveness, or lack of it as she had come to regard herself. Ever since she’d reached forty, four years earlier, Sally had resigned herself to the view that she was now well within dowdy middle age.

In her younger years she had turned a few heads, but nowadays she regarded herself as too ‘mumsy’ and was very surprised to hear anyone speak to her in such a tone. She still had the generous bosom she’d always possessed, and did her best to keep herself presentable, but even so the man’s comment took her by surprise.

Flustered, Sally thanked the man once more and turned to continue her journey out to the car park. She opened her car’s rear güvenilir bahis door when she arrived so that she could place her shopping bags on the back seat and was startled by the man’s continued presence. ‘Jesus!’ she exclaimed when she noticed him standing there. ‘You scared the wits out of me.’

‘Sorry,’ he said quickly. ‘I didn’t mean to scare you.’ He held his hands out and took a step backwards as though to show Sally he had no malicious intent.

‘What do you want?’ Sally asked, her voice rising sharply.

‘Well…’ he began. ‘I’d like to ask you out for a drink sometime,’ the confidence slipping out of his voice before he hurriedly continued, ‘I’m not a lunatic or anything – I just think you’re really sexy, and I’d like to get to know you a bit better.’

‘You don’t waste any time, do you?’ Sally said as she slowly regained her composure.

The man smiled quickly. ‘No,’ he said, grinning as his confidence returned. ‘I saw you in the supermarket, you look sexy and I’m interested, that’s all.’

Sally’s mind whirled with the stranger’s proposal; he is quite dishy she thought to herself briefly before replying, ‘I’m married, sorry… It just wouldn’t work.’ Sally opted for safety.

‘How about a kiss then,’ said the man, moving quickly forwards and putting his hands around Sally’s waist before she could react. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her lips briefly before he looked down at her, his hands still clasped tightly about her waist.

‘You cheeky…’ Sally’s objection was cut short as the man bent and kissed her again, more forcefully this time. Sally felt his tongue force it’s way between her lips and, as he fought to slip his snaking tongue into her unwilling mouth, he opened up a new front of attack by running his hands over Sally’s well filled blouse.

Sally was filled with conflicting emotions. She was appalled at the man’s outright assault upon her, but was finding herself strangely aroused by his ardour at the same time. In spite of herself, Sally found herself responding to the man’s kiss and actively returned it, their tongues writhing together.

Emboldened by Sally’s kiss, the man unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse, exposing Sally’s magnificent cleavage and he groaned heavily when he saw her bountiful charms as her breasts nestled within the lacy brassiere.

‘Oh, fuck. What fantastic tits,’ he whispered, kissing the upper slopes of Sally’s boobs. The darkness of the mild summer night and the relatively remote position of Sally’s car in the car park meant that they were reasonably obscured from view.

‘Stop… Please stop. This is madness,’ Sally said breathlessly as the man rained adoring türkçe bahis kisses all across sally’s exposed tit flesh.

In spite of her protests, the man undid the remaining buttons of Sally’s blouse and reached under and behind it so he could unhook her bra strap. When he had succeeded in freeing Sally’s pendulous breasts the man groaned again and began to nuzzle at her teats like an excited child.

Sally couldn’t believe what was happening. A few short moments earlier she was paying for her groceries at the checkout in the supermarket, now she was bare breasted in the car park of all places, with a complete stranger suckling her engorged teats. The intensity and madness of her situation, coupled with the subconscious realisation that she sexually aroused this man, caused Sally’s pussy to clench in anticipation.

Her husband had been taking her for granted for several months, if not downright neglecting her, and Sally’s body was responding to the man’s urgency in spite of what logic and reason might dictate. She found herself wanting this stranger inside her body, to have him feeling her tingling skin as he took her in the open air. The fact that discovery was quite possible, and the public nature of the car park only served to heighten Sally’s lust.

As Sally allowed the man to feast on her breasts she kissed the top of his head tenderly and was surprised to hear the sound of her own voice as she said, ‘I want you inside me. Please fuck me… Take me – make me come.’

‘You dirty bitch,’ the man growled as he felt Sally’s soaking pussy. ‘Your knickers are soaking,’ he went on as he pushed his probing fingers past the damp gusset of her underclothing and into her opening.

Sally gasped as she felt the man invade her privacy with his fingers. ‘Take them off,’ she whispered urgently.

The man took hold of Sally’s delicate clothing and ripped the elastic waistband, he completed the job by tearing the remnants completely away, and Sally’s vulva was suddenly and violently exposed to the warm night air.

Sally rucked her skirt up around her waist unceremoniously and shrugged her blouse and hanging bra from her shoulders. She then lay across the back seat of her car, heedless of the bags of groceries already inside. She held her legs wide, exposing herself totally to the stranger, offering herself to him unashamedly. He’d voiced his admiration and desire for her, and she was now allowing him to feast his eyes upon her feminine form. ‘You’re beautiful,’ he whispered quietly, suddenly gentle after his earlier rough treatment.

The man knelt, half in and half out of Sally’s car and lapped at her gaping sex. He tongued at her sticky labia and her güvenilir bahis siteleri stiff, throbbing clit as Sally mauled at her own breasts, her nipples huge and tender with excitement. The areolas of Sally’s nipples were dark and puckered, betraying her lust and desire.

‘Lick me, darling, lick me,’ Sally begged, not even knowing the stranger’s name. All she wanted now was release; she had repressed her sexual urges and needs for too long and now was the moment for her triumph. It was almost an epiphany to her as she let herself go with such wild, wanton abandon. Never before had she behaved in such a manner, acting like a brazen slut, being tongue fucked by a handsome stranger in a car park.

The man began to use his fingers on Sally’s cunt next, pushing two and then three fingers deep inside. She could feel him probing at the soft, spongy walls of her core, all the time sucking at her clit, bringing the panting Sally closer to her peak.

When the wave of her climax finally broke, Sally’s chest heaved as she sobbed breathlessly, her breasts squeezed tightly in her palms and her nipples hugely puckered and swollen with the intensity of her orgasm.

The man wasted no time. He stood and kicked off his shoes before he stripped naked. Sally could see his chiselled chest muscles and tight six pack of his stomach as he moved towards her whilst she lay open and receptive on the back seat of her car. He moved up her body and presented his blunt cock head to her opening. He thrust forwards and slid into Sally’s offered cunt effortlessly.

‘Oh, baby… you’re so wet. It’s so hot… oh fuck.’ The man groaned and bit his bottom lip with the delicious sensation of Sally’s molten, hot pussy tightly gripping his shaft. He powered into her with hard, vicious strokes, his body slapping down against Sally as they fucked.

It took less than a minute for the man to grunt and pour his seed deep into Sally, her buttocks rising to meet each of his downward strokes with her own upwards thrusts. As his prick jerked and spat thick gouts of cream into her welcoming body, the man kissed her with passion and feeling.


Sally let herself into the house on unsteady legs. Her thighs were awash with a combination of the man’s semen that had leaked out of her as she drove and her own syrupy juice from the tongue lashing she’d received prior to being vigorously fucked.

There was also the wet stain on the back seat of the car from where her juices had dribbled down the crack of her arse, once again during her wanton, sluttish performance in the supermarket car park.

She smiled a secret, almost feline smile as she remembered the all too brief, but exquisitely erotic moments of her newfound lover’s attention. She had his mobile phone number locked into her phone, and she was looking forward to more intense love making with the lean, superbly muscled man she had given herself to that evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32