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031 Just Hang’n on a Friday night with My Guys. Pt 1

The next day there was the expected tense meetings about the previous days crisis. I finally got the mahogany row crew to understand that all is under control, 94% complete with the temporary solution, and none of the data was stored anywhere but on the customers hardware. Shortly after that I got a visit from someone in the HR department to discuss proper attire while at work.

I explained that I had a “wardrobe malfunction” and in no way would I ever come to work in a fashion unbecoming. As my office is in a very secure area the trash doesn’t get emptied as I specifically requested maintenance staff be taken off the door so that their badges wouldn’t unlock the magnetic lock. I reached over in the trash can and pulled out my bra that failed.

As I pulled it out and showed it to the lady from HR she seemed a bit startled, her eyes popped open wide and her head jolted back just a little. Laying the bra on my desk with the cups standing up and looking like they would cover beach balls, which they actually are bigger than beach balls, I showed her the torn stitching on the shoulder strap, and the hooks that were torn out of the chest strap. I also noticed that the stitching that held the cups to the chest strap was also partially ripped out.

I apologized for not having a spare bra handy, and politely asked if she carried a spare. I continued that it was a cheaper bra as normally mine are $250 or more each. As she kept looking down at the bra in front of her with an amazed look on her face she said that she wasn’t aware of the cost to me for these garments. I left it there for a bit of shock value.

Satisfied that yesterday was really unintentional she thanked me for my time. Then she asked if she could ask a question off the record. I said sure.

“Why did you get implants so incredibly large?”

“In short right after my divorce I was emotional and upset. I made an appointment with my Dr. for that afternoon and said that I wanted to have implants as I was going to be happy with the next size increase.” I briefly explained my fascination with big breasts, my natural less than an A cup genetics, the expanders, and the skin cream for elasticity.

“Oh I didn’t know that there was so much history and emotion behind all this.”

I continued, “So I was at my Dr’s office the afternoon that I signed the divorce documents, and in surgery 9 days later. In the week before I was distraught, lost, scared, and angry. I festered in all these emotions all week, and drank to excess several times. Luckily I was able to stop the drinking 3 days before the surgery as instructed, this gave me more time to stew about my whole situation. On my surgery day I told the Dr that I wanted implants as big as was medically safe. As I knew through research that sometimes they can cause health issues.”

“So you weren’t in the best frame of mind then?”

“Absolutely not. I was expecting to wake up to a DDD or E cup at most, definitely not these monstrosities. When I woke up it felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. I asked about the weight. My Dr said that because I actually followed his instructions on the skin cream that my skin elasticity was far above the normal patient that doesn’t follow his instructions.”

She was looking at me with amazement and with that look a child gets, being told a story when they are very young. I continued.

“As you requested as large as medically safe I was able to be very aggressive with the volume of the implants.” the Dr continued.

“As I cleared up I turned my head from the side of the bed where he was standing to my chest to see what he was able to do. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t see my feet. Then it dawned on me that it was my breasts that were in the way even tightly compressed with a surgical bra. I wasn’t sure what to think but it was a bit late by then to change it. There were a lot of life changes that these have caused and I have had to make a lot of changes. Initially I hated them, but grew to love them in a few months. I used to try and hide them but it’s just not possible so I stopped trying and bought the correct sized bras and as close to standard business attire as I can, which isn’t easy.”

“Wow! That’s quite a story. As a woman I can understand how much breasts are a part of your self image and how that effects how you feel about yourself. But don’t you feel awkward in social situations?”

“I used to but when I accepted that they are what they are I don’t let it bother me anymore. Sometimes it can be a bit awkward and hurtful when other women sneer or look at me in disgust. But the benefits socially out weigh the negatives. I spent my whole life being practically ignored by boys in high school and all other facets of my life. Even when I did get married he hardly paid any attention to me thus it was a very dry marriage. I knew changing my appearance would turn all this around. I had extensive eryaman escort bayan work done on my face also, as I was extremely homely looking and plain like a paper plate.”

“Don’t you get way more attention to the point it’s overwhelming?”

“I do constantly, I’ve also accepted that as a byproduct of how I look now. But the majority of it is very confidence building and has improved my self image more than I could imagine. In short I’m finally happy and confident now. Despite the negatives in everyday life and socially. I know I will most likely never be promoted beyond my current status because of these being so outside the realm of normal and professionally acceptable, and I’m ok with that.”

“I understand now, thank you. Do you mind if I tell your story to the other women in my department as they aren’t aware of your history and have a view of you that’s on the negative side. Besides I think there’s a lot of jealousy as well, because of how you look over all and the fact that you’re just beautiful.”

“Well thank you for the compliment. Sure you can tell them, it will be nice that at least they know the history and don’t think of me as just a plastic bimbo.” I said with a smile.

With that I went back to my normal day. Well sort of. As I worked handling all the logistics so my tech crew could do their jobs with as little annoyance as possible I kept glancing out the windows onto the data-center floor. I kept looking to see if the new guy was maybe walking by. I could feel my vagina tingle at the thought of trying to get a look as his crotch and trying to figure out which pant leg he hides that love sausage in.

I finally dawned on me that I was still calling him the new guy. I still hadn’t found out not only his name but why he suddenly appeared on one of the teams I manage without my knowing it. Normally I’m very involved in the whole hiring procedure and I give the final interview. I searched through my email for something from HR, nothing, security, nothing.

Perplexed I thought for a minute. I searched for something from Stan. Sure enough, found it. I read the email. It turned out that Stan had a buddy from college whos kid was trying to get started in IT so he did him a favor, created a job opening, fast tracked his paperwork and dropped him in my lap. Although I wouldn’t mind being on his lap, I thought to myself.

Ok so this kid with the dong that practically drug the floor when he walked, ok that’s an over exaggeration but it’s where my mind went for a second or 30, was the son of my CEO’s buddy. I guess the good ole boy system only works for those that are already hooked up. Oh ya, as a side note the kids name is Brandon. I found it ironic as hell that he had the same name as my ex-husband, as my ex had what is medically classified as a Micro Penis. Consequently over the course of our 15 year sexually dry marriage I’d basically never been penetrated and my OBGYN said that I looked like I was still a virgin at the age of 34. Now there was a kid working for me with the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Well seen through clothing but still.

As the day went on I couldn’t get the image out of my head of him in the parking lot. I did see him down on the floor following Randy around as he was being shown the networks and oriented. Most of the time he was walking away when I happened to look out the windows. The few times I could see his crotch it was a bigger bulge than the other guys, but not obtrusively so. Which I found interesting. What I found more interesting is that I couldn’t see his cock rattling around in either of his pant legs.

Still I was in a state of arousal all damn day, it’s wasn’t strong but more mild, the problem though was that it was persistent. I remembered the small 2″ vibrator that I kept tucked away in a zipper pocked inside my purse. I grabbed it and headed to the womens room down the hallway.

Walking in there were 2-3 other women there and 2 were in stalls. I went to an empty stall, wiped off the seat as I always did, and sat down. I know that people will watch the shadows on the floor of the person in the stall next to them so I never masturbated with anyone else around. If I did they would know it was me because my breasts were very obvious in the shadow that was cast on the floor. I don’t know why they have lights directly above the stalls but they do. As I sat there patiently and quietly I heard the person in the stall next to me exhale in one of those audible and slightly forced ways when they are offended or the like. So I knew it was because she could see the floor under my stall and the shadow of my breasts sticking out on either side of my body and the toilet.

She flushed, got up and slammed the stall door. She didn’t just open it and walk away like most everyone else does, no she intentionally slammed it hard enough to shake the entire row of suspended walls and doors, as they were all connected together.

This startled me and made me ankara escort jump, dropping my phone. Luckily it fell in my panties that were around my ankles and didn’t hit the floor.

Jesus bitch, jealous much?! I thought to myself, struggling to not yell it at her. She left and I was calming down after being mad about that. Well I wasn’t tingly any more after being mad. I thought about that. Should I try to masturbate anyway, will he help or if I don’t will I just go back to my desk and get horny all over again? I knew Brandon would be walking around and I’d uncontrollably stare at him.

I figured I’d try to masturbate and see if I would have at least a small orgasm to help relieve the tension in my pussy. I started to massage my clit while I pressed the button on the end of the vibrator to turn it on. It started vibrating on low, so it was quiet thank God, and switched to it on my clit. I had just started to get a slight bit of wetness and it stopped. Well this snapped me back to reality. Looking at it, there was the tiny light on the end flashing red. Shit I’d not recharged it!

Ok now I was slightly worse off than before I even left my office.I just love it when I try to fix something and end up making it worse.Ok, ok, ok,ok, ummmmm…..shit this is uncomfortable. Then it dawned on me. Yesterday when Tammy burst in here I jumped and flicked it up inside me. What an experience that was, I wish I could have enjoyed it more. I wondered what if I left it inside me what it would do. It’s not vibrating so it won’t be as stimulating. Eh, lets see what happens, I thought.

I spread my lips open and rubbed the vibrator around to get some lubrication on it. Then I pushed it into my vagina, it slid in easily because it was thin and my opening accommodated it easily. It was maybe a little thicker than an AA battery. I pushed it up as far as my middle finger could. I pulled my finger out and it stayed as I squeezed a little to see what happened. It seemed like it wasn’t going to fall out when I stood up. I was not as turned on and my vagina wasn’t violently grabbing anything it could get a hold of so I was a little worried about it.

I was at least wearing slacks today so if my thong didn’t catch it at least it wouldn’t just fall out on the floor. Ya that would be awkward and I’d never live that down at work. I stood up slowly, all seemed fine, I picked up each foot a little and walked in place a couple of steps, still ok. With that I pulled up my thong and slacks, washed my hands and headed back to my office.

I could definitely feel it up inside me. It was gentle but still stimulating, just not to the extreme extent it felt like yesterday. As I walked it seemed to massage my vagina with it’s smooth, hard surface. I would occasionally feel myself contract and grab it a little bit when it would get pushed into certain areas. With this, I decided to take a walk just to ‘Get up and move a bit, because I’d been sitting all day as my go to reason for being away from my desk.

I walked out of the side door and around the parking lot. This was working out really well! I love how this felt! Gentle enough to not cause me to show it, but enough that I could feel it. Ohhhh, this was nice. I finished my lap around the parking lot and headed back to my office. Badging in through the man trap to the data-center floor, I turned left into the small inset area that lead to the stairwell to my office. I badged in through that door and headed up the stairs.

I took 1 step and as soon as I contracted the muscles to lift myself up to the next step it hit me! My abdomen muscles tightened and wow could I feel that little thing in there resisting. Oh that felt good, like really good. I took the next step and it did it again. I felt like it was below my belly button so not as far up inside me as it was yesterday. But it was definitely pressing against a spot that I liked. I could see myself getting in even better shape with this kind of motivation to climb stairs.

I go to the gym regularly, primarily because I need to keep strong back muscles. But I also like being toned, with almost no fat, and to keep me fitting in size 2-4 dresses, except for the tops obviously. Not to mention I love the way my abs look in a bikini with my incredibly disproportionately huge breasts right there as well. I made it to the top of the stairs and considered going back down and up again about 500 times.

I was walking across my office back to my desk when as I was looking out the wall of windows I noticed Brandon the new guy carrying something walking toward my direction. I stared at his crotch and noticed how the bulge shifted with every step. Then it happened. He turned a corner to walk down an aisle between server racks. I got just a glimpse of his cock on the inside of his left thigh. There was no mistaking it! It was definitely a penis! Hell I had to be 200 or more feet away and on the next story above him. I could see the outline of the sincan escort bayan head and everything. If his pants had been pulled any tighter I swear I could have seen the veins running down the length of it. Well I assumed something that huge would have to have veins all the way down it.

I froze for that instant and was just stunned. I continued on my way to my desk and with every step the small vibrator, that was basically a small dildo at the moment, was like it was being pushed into my vagina walls harder now. It was almost like my vaginal walls were swelling with blood and pressing it tighter against them. I guess it’s like when a guy gets hard? Was what went though my head. This only forced it to press and rub against my vagina even more.

As I sat down it shifted and seemed to gently climb further up in me with my vagina contracting below it. It’s like my vagina was drawing it in. Holy fuck was this a good idea! Maybe I should give Tammy another Chuck Norris sticker for causing me to discover this. I sat there feeling the contractions easing a bit. I went back to reading emails and my usual managerial drivel.

I had kind of forgotten about the thing after a while and disappeared into, charts, graphs, reports and all the other stuff I work with every day. I leaned back to rub my eyes and as I did I crossed my legs. Oh FUCK! I forgot there’s something shoved up in me. Wow did that trigger a reaction. It hurt and felt good at the same time. This was unexpected. I gently crossed my legs again, another pretty strong sensation. I crossed my legs to other direction, same thing but in a different area. Maybe the other side of my vagina? I’m not sure, but this was a noteworthy discovery.

I finished out my day still distracted by every person that moved on the floor below me, taking notice to see if it was Brandon. A few times it was, and he was either walking with his back to me or turning the other direction with his right inner thigh facing me. I considered working from my conference table but the view wasn’t as good. I packed up my stuff, rapped on the wall of windows to get Randy’s attention. I gave a thumbs up to ask if all was good on his side before I went home. He returned the same. This was my way of quickly checking with him before I left to see if he needed anything from me.

Walking down the stairs with this in me was also pretty great but nothing like going up or crossing my legs. Wow I discovered a lot today! I got situated in my car, pressed in the clutch then felt the vibrator lurch downward. Hmmm, that was unexpected. I released the clutch and pressed it in again. I felt the small 2″ vibrator pop right out of my pussy and into the front of my thong. Ummmm, ok now I know another way to get the thing out of my I thought to myself. I was actually hoping that the drive home was going to be much more tolerable with it in there. I guess not.

Taking it out of the front of my panties through the zipper on the slacks, I wrapped it in a napkin, put it in my purse and started the drive home. If I had been wearing normal panties I’m pretty sure it would stay in them until I could get somewhere to take it out of me. But with how small the triangle of material was on the thongs I wear it would surely fall right out in my pants. Or worse on the ground if I was wearing a skirt.

I skipped 7-11 today, even though I was wearing a normal bra, I still wasn’t going back in there for a few days. I drove right on by and just went home. It was about 1900, as usual it took me about 2 hours to drive home from work in L.A. traffic. I wanted a drink after the drive every day, I swear that traffic will make you an alcoholic!

I got my stuff out of the trunk and looked across the parking lot. James’ parking spot [they all are numbered] had his car in it as usual but the guest spot also had a car in it. Normally vacant that gained my attention. Disregarding it I went inside and did my usual, change, wash the make up off my face, get a small glass of bourbon then sit down on the couch. I opened my laptop and looked at the work emails that had come in on the drive home. Junk, junk, junk, I’ll deal with it tomorrow, this guy is an idiot and I’m losing that email right in the trash and so on.

My cell phone buzzed, it was James.


“Hey are you home?”


“Yep got home about 20 minutes ago. What’s up?”


“Mike is over and we wanted to know if you wanted to hang out?”

I waited 3-4 minutes to answer that one, as I didn’t want to seem overly enthusiastic or even worse desperate.


“Like a drink, TV, Xbox hangout? Or warm massage oil hang out? :)”

That was pretty forward I thought after I hit send.


“LOL, well either but obviously we have a preference. ;)”

This didn’t surprise me in the slightest. Last night was pretty great all around; the feeling like a sex toy was pretty amazing for some reason. So I figured, eh, what the hell.


“Sure why not. Come on over. Door’s unlocked.”


“Great, just need to know, oil or no oil?”

I didn’t feel like being oiled up again and having to wash towels and sheets as I go to bed shortly there after and am still a bit oily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32