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Jimmie stood awkwardly at the new neighbors door. They were an attractive couple, around 25, but the wife was particularly attractive. Jimmie waited patiently allowing enough time for anyone to come to the door. He chose this time expecting neither to be home. Earlier he had stuffed a note in his tool box, evidence of his arrival, and attempted to be helpful. Stuart, the husband, worked a 9 to 5. His wife, on the other had, stayed at home. The guts of their house were old and needed attention, something Jimmie had struggled correcting. Jimmie’s wife, was all too eager to sell the home to this couple for that reason.

“Hello!” his bellow reverberated off the closed window. If she didn’t hear the shout he would be free. Jimmie set his tools on the bench outside the door and unbuckled the clasped to get to his hastily written note. “Sorry to have missed you,” it began, “stopped by around 10 am.” It was perfect. He could sprint back to his house and jump into the lazy boy.

Reaching up to the knocker to pin the note to the door – it opened. He lost hold of the knocker and stumbled forward into the arms of the wife. “Watch it buddy, we’re not that friendly, yet.” It was a light stumble, he retained most of his weight, but he caught her breasts in his hands.

“Oh, sorry.” He froze.

“I was on the toilet.” He loved the way she spoke. “Do you mind if I have my breast back?”

Jimmie looked down and let his hands down, he would salivate if his mouth had not been dry. She wore no bra. Her soft skin pronounced under the house sweater she wore.

“Sorry, I heard you needed your pipes cleaned.” Jimmie searched for prying eyes in the neighborhood. Nothing but shaded windows. *fuck*, he thought. Anyone looking would think he was fucking the neighbor’s wife.

When he looked back at her she’d been looking at his crotch. “I bet you heard that.” Giving a big wink she grabbed his tool box and walked him to the kitchen. A pool underneath the sink greeted them. He spent most of the week dealing with false alarms and replacing pipes, not emergencies. Jimmie rushed to turn off the water. “Is that where the off valve is located?” she purred.

“Yes, bursa escort most people would have turned it.” The water drummed to a stop.

“If you’d ask my husband, he’d say he couldn’t find the right spot to tweak in years.”

He turned from under the sink and found her pantiless. Her silky legs led to a hairless pussy. Forgetting to turn away he blurted, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to look at your pussy.”

“Fuck, it’s okay. You’d think with a pussy like mine my husband wouldn’t leave home. You can look all you want.” She hesitated. “Listen, I can put on panties if it’ll make you more comfortable.”

“No!” Jimmie bashed his head into a pipe. He hadn’t even considered another woman in years. This woman – fuck, what was her name – he could imagine kissing her thighs. They were waxed creamy legs. Jimmie realized he was in a pool of water and jumped up.

“I wondered when you’d stand at attention for me.” She was having too much fun teasing him. “Here, I’ll go get you a towel to wipe off. I have a mop ready.”

“We’ve got quite a mess to clean up.” He surveyed the water covering the floor.

She shouted from across the hall, “Do you think the sink spilled more water, or your mouth?” He flushed red. She came back thrusting a towel against his chest, “Clean yourself off, babe.” Her face cemented with a grin. She enjoyed every moment of his embarrassment.

Accepting the fate of the situation he looked at her and asked, “Sex life sucks?”

“I guess you could say that. He doesn’t get excited about sex anymore.” She wiped her nose and looked at something on the counter. Walking over she adjust a few things, which didn’t look out of place. “I just wanna feel sexy, ya’know.” He noticed, at some point, she’d adjusted the sweater to show off the skin of her shoulder. It was the same pale white of her legs. Jimmie suspected her skin did not have a single blemish. If the floor hadn’t been wet from the sink it would have been wet from drool.

“Fuck him, if he doesn’t want to fuck you.” The words fell out of his mouth.

She whirled around, the sweater flowing like a dress. “I won’t tell.” Her voice was coy.

Blood bursa escort bayan rushed from his face to his cock. It must have shown as her eyes widened with a sudden gasp. “Oh, fuck. I just…I didn’t mean to…”

His tongue was down her throat instantly. She was purring, her hands flying over his body removing clothing. His hands fell to her ass. The curves gave Jimmie the perfect grip to spread and smoosh them together. She growled approvingly. Spreading her legs his cock jumped and became suctioned to her pussy lips. The juices between her legs grappled his cock and encouraged his balls to retreat into his scrotum. Her lips were succulent, but her mouth was hungry.

“I’m being so rude.” She dropped down to her knees and plunged her face into Jimmie’s crotch, taking the whole cock in her throat. Vibrating purrs cued him to grip her hair. He yanked hard off his cock. “I’m sorry, baby. If you want me to stop…” She had no time to breathe before he was pumping her face. He could feel strands of her hair loosen as he forced her throat through a battery of thrusts. He took a deep breath and let her fall, splashing the water on the floor. “Fuck.” She wiped her face and stuffed a hand to the back of her throat. Drool strings lazily fell to her tits, she swirled them around her exposed nipples.

He rolled the ball of hair he removed from her head and let it fall the the floor. “I don’t know where that came from.” He needed to stop. “I love my wife, I can’t just fuck you. I can’t even remember your name.”

A bright smile appeared on her face, “Well, well, aren’t you dirty. My husband must have said my name a half dozen times. You fucked my throat and you can’t remember my name.” Her fingers entered her pussy. “That’s so hot. Can you guess?” He didn’t know why, but watching her masturbate made his cock rage harder. His body begged to fuck this woman. She giggled, “Can you remember your name?” Before letting him answer, “Who the fuck cares, just take this cunt.”

Falling on top of her, she emprassed him, wrapping both arms and legs around his body and holding tight. As he entered her, her eyes rolled back into escort bursa her head. When he pumped her mouth widened into an mute gasp. His crotch smacked into her body, the splash echoing through the house. Without warning she let out a scream of excitement, tears welling in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. “YES, YES, YES” Her voice a mixture of pleasure and satisfaction. The once sassy mouth became a trumpet ushering in a conqueror. Her fingernails wrenched into his back and he could feel her cum.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth.” He’d never cum anywhere but his wife’s pussy, but he suspected this woman would do anything for him now.

Holding onto his ass and leaving him inside her cunt she threw her tongue deep into his throat. He felt her pussy and thighs squeeze him tight, he could hardly breathe. Her cum leaked out onto his balls he could feel the warm liquid dribble down his shaft. “You can cum anywhere you want.” Pulling out of her pussy she lay limp on the floor. Sitting her up, she was blissfully wrapped in the afterglow of her orgasm. He pushed his wet cock down her throat and felt his own climax hit when her tongue lapped at the head of his cock. A burst of cum sent ecstasy up his spine and he felt himself thrust fully down her throat. Despite a few gags she didn’t resist.

He let go and fell breathless in the pool of water. Jimmie heaved for air as spurts of cum lifted out of his cock. “I fucked the neighbor.” Her body came crawling over his.

She looked down on him, the wild eyes returning. “Can you fix my other pipes now?” she giggled, a string of his cum hanging off her lower lip.

“Yeah, I think that gave me something to work for.” He walked over nude and fixed the junction that hadn’t been securely fastened. “Well, fuck, I could have been out of here in five minutes.”

“Maybe I’ll break something just to have you over.”

“I should get back home.” He put on his clothes, they were drenched.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” She looked pleading. “Your wife works, right? You could stay over and hang out.”

“We’re well acquainted now, I think I’ll come and visit.” He slapped her ass, feeling bad for the implication – she bit her lip. Hiding behind the door she let him out and he walked into the neighborhood, brighter than he remembered. He squinted and felt his dick dangling. “Still got it,” he mumbled to himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32