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Newly divorced after several years of marriage, I decided to get back in the dating game gradually so I began talking to people in the online chat rooms on the internet. I figured they could give me some idea of what dating was like after so many years away from it. I am shy and live in a small town so meeting new people is hard for me. As near as I can tell I am average looking with long, brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’8” so I am taller than most of my friends and most of the single men I know are shorter than me as well. The chat rooms gave me an opportunity to flirt and get acquainted with a wide variety of people without any pressure. The last thing I expected from the experience was to find someone who seemed ideal for me, but that is exactly what happened.

The chat rooms can be a lot of fun and I started flirting with guys who said they were taller than me. Matt fit that criteria. We started talking and before long we were sharing our life stories. I learned that he was divorced and that we had similar childhoods with both of us growing up in small towns. We like the same types of music and movies. We watch some of the same television programs and both enjoy a good comedy as well as a good drama. It didn’t take long before we graduated from online chatting to talking on the telephone to exchanging photographs. The only problem was the distance. He lives 600 miles away. When I first starting talking in the chat rooms I didn’t care where anyone lived, I just wanted to talk and laugh without any strings. Now the distance between us really bothers me.

You see, I really like Matt and he likes me and we would like to have a real date and see where this thing we started might lead. One weekend we were both really having a hard time with the distance between us. I had done some shopping and watched people holding hands and laughing at the mall and it made me wish even more that we lived close enough to do that ourselves. Matt had been having a tough week that seemed to drag on endlessly and we talked on Friday night about how much we wished we could be together even if it was just for one night. It didn’t seem like that was ever going to be possible with our schedules and the little things that tend to crop up in the lives of adults who are parents.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling a little better so I logged onto my computer to see if Matt was feeling better, too. I was surprised that he wasn’t online, but I had an email from him saying he was going to be busy so I didn’t think anything else about it. I checked back periodically to see if he was online but the day passed without any more emails and he never did log in. I was disappointed when the entire day passed without any further word from him. I toyed with the idea of calling him on the phone but I was afraid he would think I was intruding so I decided against it. As the evening wore on I decided to pay bills. My dining room table is positioned so that I can see out the picture window in the living room. I spread everything out on the table and sat there alternately looking at it and looking out the window.

The traffic on the street was slowing down as it got later. Sometime after ten I heard a motorcycle coming up the street. As it approached I thought about my being alone in the house with all the doors unlocked and readily accessible to anyone stopping by. I thought about how someone could come inside without my being able to stop them and my heart sped up a little. Telling myself not to be so fanciful I got up to lock the doors. The motorcycle was right outside and I saw it was waiting for traffic to pass so it could turn left onto the street beside my house. I went into the kitchen and locked the back door as I heard the motorcycle engine stop. I assumed it belonged to one of my neighbors as I walked back in and over to the picture window and closed the drapes.

I thought I heard a sound on the front porch but I didn’t pay any attention as I grabbed the lock on the door and prepared to close it. I looked up when I heard the screen door open. There in front of me was the motorcycle rider dressed in leather pants and a jacket. His helmet covered his face and he was holding my screen door open. My heart skipped a beat before speeding up as I wondered who he was. His left hand reached up and undid the strap under his chin. I thought to just close the inner door on him even as his hand pulled the helmet from his head. The motion stayed my hand as I found myself looking into the smiling blue of eyes of my online friend.

He was everything he had said he was and more. He was tall and muscular bostancı escort with dark hair and blue eyes. He looked fit and oh, so handsome standing there. I was struck dumb by my own excitement. I didn’t know what to do first. I wanted to pull him inside and touch him to make sure he was real. I was afraid to do that for fear he would turn out to be a fantasy from my fevered imagination. Before I could do anything, he stepped across the threshold and into my living room. He shook his head a little and ran his free hand through his hair. He set his helmet down on the table beside the door and stuffed a pair of gloves inside it. Then he straightened up and looked at me. I pushed the door closed and turned the lock to shut out the world.

“Hi baby,” he said. “I thought about how much we wanted to be together and when my ex-wife showed up at noon to take Samantha home with her to spend the night, I just said to hell with it and got on my bike.”

My face had the biggest grin of my life on it as I looked at the man whom I had dreamed about for so long. He shrugged his shoulders out of his jacket and let it fall to the floor as he yanked me into his arms. Our lips met hungrily. My arms were trapped at my sides by the strength of his hands as he held me prisoner against him. His lips rubbed against mine and I opened my mouth to let his tongue inside. He teased my tongue with his as I strained to get closer to him. His hands eased their grip on my arms as we held each other closer.

“Oh, baby. I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long,” he groaned out against my lips. My answering moan was swallowed by another long kiss. Our tongues continued to dance against one another as our hands explored. Mine ran up and down the firmness of his back and shoulders. I buried my fingers in his hair and pulled his head down against mine when he would have drawn away.

His hands ran from my shoulders down my back and finally he grabbed my ass and pulled it closer to him. I could feel a bulge against my lower stomach and knew he was as turned on as I was. I pressed my hips up against him and felt myself tremble with excitement. Finally we broke apart and stood looking at each other. His gaze ran up and down the length of me from my bare feet to my tight jeans to the soft, cotton t-shirt that covered my breasts. My nipples were hard and pointed and clearly outlined even though I had on a bra under the t-shirt.

He had on boots and his legs looked strong under the leather covering them. His western shirt was tucked into his pants and I smiled, remembering our conversations about my longing for a real cowboy. Matt looked good enough to eat and I wanted him naked right then. I am usually shy and reserved with people I don’t know but I felt none of that with him. I don’t know if it was our many conversations or simply that our kisses left me so hot I couldn’t think, but whatever caused it, I found myself reaching out to touch him again.

“I can’t believe you are standing here in my living room,” I whispered as I stepped closer. “I have longed for this moment,” I said honestly. My hand rested against his chest and I could feel his heart pounding against my palm.

“I don’t want to waste any of the time we have talking,” he stated simply. His hand came up and he brushed my hair back from my face. He hooked the hand around my neck and pulled me up against him again. “Are you done talking?” he asked before his lips came back down against mine without giving me time to answer. The kiss was open-mouthed and hot.

When it ended I took his hand and led him into my bedroom. After he entered, I reached around and closed the door behind us just in case one of my sons came home unexpectedly. I could feel the dampness between my legs as I anticipated the night to come.

Matt immediately reached for the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up and off me before pressing me back against the door for another long, hot kiss. His hands spread against my ribs on either side and I moaned as I waited for him to reach up and touch my breasts. He left a trail of kisses down my neck and explored the sensitive spot near my collarbone with his tongue. I tipped my head back to ease his path and finally I felt his hands cup my breasts. I moaned when his palms pressed against my hard nipples.

My hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt as he continued to fondle my breasts. He found the hooks at the front of my bra and worked them open. When my breasts fell out into his waiting hands, he moaned low in his throat. His head dipped and I felt his lips against one of my nipples. He ümraniye escort bayan sipped at it and then pinched it between his lips before sucking on it. I was coming unglued trying to get his shirt open so I could feel his warm skin against mine. He reached up and placed his hands over mine.

“We have all night,” he whispered as he stepped back to unbutton it himself. I watched hungrily while he bared his chest for my eyes. When he pulled the shirt free of his pants I reached out to help him take it off. It joined mine on the chair by the door and finally my hands touched him. I ran my hands over his chest and up to his shoulders then back down to his waist. I stepped closer and pressed my breasts against his chest. My lips went to his neck and I placed soft kisses there. I wanted to kiss him and taste him all night. My tongue teased against his neck and I moved against him as I continued to kiss and lick his neck and upper chest.

He held his breath as my mouth got closer to his flat, male nipples. The one closest to my lips was hard and he seemed to shiver in anticipation as I reached out to lick my tongue across it. He groaned and buried his hands in my hair. I licked and sucked at his nipple then pressed a trail of kisses across to the other one. My hands remained resting against his waist and I could feel the tension building in him.

Finally he moved back and turned me so my back was toward the bed. He walked me back until my legs hit the bed. Then he reached down and undid the snap on my jeans. I sucked in my breath as he slid the zipper down. Without removing them, he smoothed his hand against my belly and ran it down inside my panties. I knew he would find me wet and hot for him. His finger dipped into my pussy and I knew he could feel the slickness there.

“Oh, baby,” he whispered. “You are so ready.”

In answer I reached out and unsnapped his pants. The zipper was easy to slide down and he stood back to peel the pants down his legs. I had forgotten that he doesn’t like to wear underwear so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his cock spring out, hard and swollen. He sat down on the bed to remove his boots and pants and his cock stuck straight up. I sat down beside him and my hand reached out to caress him. He abandoned his attempts to remove his boots and propped himself back on his arms as I ran my hand down the length of him. His balls were large and heavy looking and as I stroked him, a clear drop of pre-cum formed on the head of his cock. I bent low and licked my tongue over the head catching that perfect drop before it could run down over my hand.

I heard his moan and watched his hips rise to press that gorgeous, swollen cock against my lips. My tongue circled the head and played along the ridge where the head meets the shaft. I ran my tongue down the vein on the underside and buried it against his balls. My position was awkward so I dropped onto the floor in front of him. He spread his legs as far as they would go while still being restrained by the pants at his ankles. I spread my legs so his feet were in between my thighs and went back to licking his balls. They were hot against my tongue. I sucked one into my mouth and ran my tongue over the surface of it. His hips bucked up against my face again. I could feel the weight of his cock against my cheek. I turned to the other ball and gave it the same treatment as he continued to press up against my mouth.

Finally, I swirled my tongue around the base of the shaft. I ran my tongue back up the vein and used the tip to play with the sensitive spot at the top of the shaft where it meets the head. I could see another perfect pearl of pre-cum hanging there and I quickly licked the flat of my tongue up and over the head to catch it. I swirled my tongue in circles around the head and finally let it slide into my mouth. I closed my mouth on the shaft and sucked. I felt Matt’s hands in my hair again.

“Oh God Baby,” he moaned as he lifted his hips up against my face. “Suck it,” he moaned. “Oh please.”

My hands were against his thighs and I used one to cup and caress his balls while the other went around his shaft. I circled it with my fingers as my mouth continued to suck more of him into my mouth. I pressed his cock into my mouth as far as it would go and felt him sliding against my tongue. I tried not to graze him with my teeth as he filled my mouth with his hot, hardness. I could feel his balls tightening up as his hips lifted to fuck my mouth. Before I could feel him cum in my mouth he stopped and pulled my head up off him. He was breathing hard and the kartal escort head of his cock was swollen and purple colored.

“Come here,” he said as he pulled me up onto the bed beside him. He pushed me down so I was laying flat beside him. He sat up and reached down to remove his boots and pants. When he was naked, he turned back to me. He grabbed the sides of my jeans and pulled them down my legs as I lifted my hips to help him. When he had me naked and as vulnerable as himself, he kneeled over me and one hand cupped my pussy. He pressed one finger inside the lips and felt the hot, slickness of my excitement. He removed his hand and slowly licked my wetness off his finger.

It was such an erotic gesture that I felt my whole body tighten and I began to throb. He lowered himself next to me and his lips went to my breasts again. He sucked and teased one nipple with his lips and tongue while his fingers toyed with the other. He pinched it a little and rolled it between his finger and thumb. His lips pulled back firmly on the other nipple, lifting my breast up. I moaned aloud and my head moved restlessly against the bed.

He licked his way down my belly to my hips. He placed hot, open-mouthed kisses on my hips and the tops of my thighs. Finally he used his hands to press my thighs apart. I willingly spread my legs so he could get between them. He slid further down on the bed until he was kneeling on the floor between my spread thighs. He positioned his face above my pussy and I heard him breathe deeply, smelling my excitement. No one had ever done anything like that to me and my excitement escalated. I was panting by this time and wondering what he would do next. He didn’t keep me waiting.

He planted his elbows on the bed and used his hands to open my pussy lips. He spread them wide and licked me all the way up from my pussy hole to my clit. Then he stuck his tongue in my hole again and sucked my juices. I felt his tongue press hard against me as he licked me. It was so wet and wonderful I thought I would cum right then. He licked my pussy hole and then ran his tongue up to my clit. He stabbed it against me hard and ran it in circles around my hard little clit. He batted it with his tongue as he licked me. Finally he closed his lips around it and began moving them up and down like my clit was a tiny little cock. That was enough to send me over the edge and I came with a loud moan.

My hips bucked up against his face and I heard him whisper, “Cum for me baby.”

I thought that would be all but he wasn’t done. He licked my juices and continued to taste and nibble at me until he had me moaning and thrashing my head again with need. I grabbed handfuls of the bed covers as my body shook with another orgasm. He licked me all over again before resting his head against my thigh.

“Come here,” I begged.

Matt lifted himself up and I could see how swollen his cock was as he lay down beside me. I reached out and pulled him against me and we kissed deeply. I could taste myself on his tongue and it was new but not unpleasant. I rolled him on top of me and his cock slid against my wet pussy. We both moaned with the exquisite torture.

I reached down between us and pressed the head of his cock against my pussy hole. With a simple movement of my hips I had him inside me. He began to thrust against me and I could feel the pressure building up inside me again. He lifted himself up and grabbed each of my legs. He placed his forearms behind my knees and braced himself on the bed. I was spread wide open for him and he thrust against me hard. I moaned again and grabbed my knees to pull my legs up so the pressure on his arms wouldn’t be so great. He thrust against me again and I felt his cock all the way inside me. I try not to use bad language as a rule but he felt so good inside me I couldn’t help myself as I begged him to fuck me harder.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “We are both going to get the fucking we deserve for waiting so long to be together.” With that he thrust against me harder than anyone ever had before. I screamed a little as I came with a huge shudder. I could feel him straining against me and knew he was about to cum too.

“I’m cumming,” he groaned as I felt his cock expand with the first contraction. His cum shot out of him and I felt it hitting the walls of my pussy as he pumped it into me. He continued to pant and thrust against me as I felt spurt after spurt of hot cum fill me. It seemed to last forever and there was so much I could feel it sliding out of my pussy and running down between my cheeks. Finally he collapsed against me and my arms and legs wrapped around him to hold him close. We stayed like that for a while enjoying being close to each other before things heated up again. The night was over much too quickly for me but the anticipation of next time grows with each passing day we spend apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32