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It might not have been the wisest decision, but my sister made an emphatic decision for fly home for Christmas. She would not be talked out of it and I was naturally glad to see her. She e-mailed me her itinerary and I made sure to make it to baggage claim at the airport upon arrival. Sometimes flying cross country from the West Coast delays the arrival an hour or so, and the same was true here, even with the fraction of the people flying this year than in years before.

I gave her a slightly uncomfortable hug when we waited for her luggage to arrive. I wanted her but didn’t want to make it too obvious. And, oddly enough, she certainly was glad to see me. I’d rented a car to take us over to my parents’ house and we began to small talk. My parents never left the house because of COVID, so I was trying to think of a way for us to fool around undetected. Renting a motel would have been suspect and unsafe. I knew I was going to make my fantasies come true, but it would all have to hinge on timing.

The whole car ride home, it was arousing to never have to guess again what she looked like naked. She’d never drawn attention to her huge breasts, and I knew why now. Fortunately, I knew now that they were sized 34 D. Gravity shifted them slightly downward, but they were very attractive, even if they weren’t strictly perfect. Now that I had the evidence, I’d done my research.

The flight had originally been set to arrive at 10:30, but delays had pushed the time of arrival an hour later. We wouldn’t be home until midnight. My parents would be asleep by then.

“I’ve really missed you.” Usually, she wasn’t this affectionate or honest, but there was something longing and yearning about the statement.

“I’ve missed you too.” I replied. Had I ever.

We arrived at the house and parked the car in the driveway. Being quiet, my key opened the door and we walked into the den of the house. Gratefully, my parents were asleep, as we had expected.

“Let’s go talk in your room.” She was adamant about the placement and the immediacy for some reason.

There was something clearly on her mind that had been on her mind for a long time. She got right to the point. That was typical for her. She never beat around the bush.

Some families try to play pretend and bury their sensitive topics in webs of denial. Ours got issues directly into the open, and so she was acting no differently than we’d been raised.

First, her eyes flashed with anger. “The porn site I posed latina fuck tour porno for told me that my brother had contacted them trying to take my set down.”

“You posed nude for a site?” I questioned, playing coy, completely denying knowledge. It was a weak defense, and I knew it.

“Don’t bullshit me. I made a lot of money that way. The longer you stay up online, the more money you make.”

I was immediately defensive. “How was I to know that?” I just visit porn sites. I have no idea how they work. I don’t know how much you make or don’t make.”

Her anger evaporated, and she took on a sensuous attitude instead. She had been playing head games. She had been playing coy.

“On second thought,” she cooed, it was kind of sweet. I know you didn’t want my employer to know. I know you didn’t want Mom and Dad to know. But if you really want me bad enough to protect me, I’ll give you what you want.”

To refresh your mind, the video of her I’d seen earlier showed a behind-the-scenes look of the photoshoots. She’d climbed down a large root on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Her legs were coated with greyish colored sand. She’d basked in the warm sun, humping the ground, grinning, as her head tilted counterclockwise into the sun.

The next segment of the video transpired inside a brightly lighted hut she’d stretched out, poking her furry vagina towards the camera lens. She swung back and forth in tune with the flashes of the camera. At the end, she’d stood on her hands and knees at the banks of the ocean, until she lost her balance, found her way back onto her feet, and as her ass twerked back and forth, she walked off stage. The video concluded.

It was a strange one, arousing in its own way, but I’d really wanted her to contribute one of the masturbation videos that the other models had taken part in throughout the site. Still, I’d hit the jackpot to receive what I’d had, and now, I was getting even more.

“I have to admit,” she stated, “I wanted to dance for the camera instead, but they insisted.”

“Would you like me to dance for you, big brother?”

She began to gyrate for me, removing one article of clothing at a time. After she sensuously slid them off, she tossed them at me. First it was the black kerchief in which she’d put up her hair. The dreadlocks she’d had in the pictures and video I’d seen were apparently long gone. Then she removed a black Megadeth t-shirt of which she’d cut the lezbiyen porno sleeves out. Then a brown cotton bra, which she unclasped from behind her back before turning it sideways across her torso, flipping over the cups. This she let drop to the floor.

She reached under her grey flowing cotton skirt, revealing a light blue pair of silk panties with tiny black fishes in a pattern. Her hands grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled them down. I had a new surprise in store for me. In the ten years since I’d seen this display for myself, she’d pierced her pussy lips.

Their appearance made me even harder. I wondered what they’d feel like when I licked her and fucked her. Would they make her cum harder? I knew they’d make me shoot like nobody’s business. The very thought was erotic enough.

They poked out sideways, colored aquamarine and black. Then she spread her pussy lips wide open for me, the full promise now moments away.

“So, you’re a real whore now,” I grinned.

“Yes,” she said, teasingly, “and not only that, I’m your whore.”

My hands drifted down to her ass, which was toned and more muscular than it had been in the photos and video I’d viewed earlier. I began to take full handfuls and squeeze. Her eyes closed involuntarily, and she took a sharp inhale of breath. Over the course of time, I knew she’d started running and wasn’t the same slightly chubby hippie that she’d been earlier in life.

“Yes, big brother,” she intoned. “Spank me.”

Before I’d found the nude pics and video, I’d noted she’d made some superficial changes to her skin and body, but tonight had proved that she’d stayed natural. I noticed she’d been liberal with the tattoo ink on the back of her calves. That was unfortunate. It was not a good look for her. I think tattoos can be easily overdone.

My attention drifted down between her legs. I kissed her upper thighs and across her stomach. As I took a greedy glance, I saw those same reddish brown, thick pubes. While she was standing upright, or spread out sideways, I couldn’t see her clitoris or pussy lips through them because the hair was so coarse and copious. It wasn’t until she dropped down to her knees to suck me off that I saw evidence of a tiny bit of skin hanging downward.

Her warm mouth took in the whole of my shaft. Then she began licking the underside of the head of my cock, that upside down triangle. I began to pre-cum at the thought of being sexed by my sister, finally, liseli porno and had to distract myself from blowing my load right then and there. She kissed the side of my cock, then sucked me back in, all the way. She could deep throat. Perfect.

And in my sex haze, I wanted it all. She’d lost the slight pooch, the three slight fat rolls from ten years before. It was a shame. In one of my fantasies, I’d wanted to pull out of her at the last minute and shoot all over them, maybe being forceful enough with my ejaculation for some semen to make its way into her belly button. The only thing that disappointed me slightly about her body is that she didn’t have a dark happy trail. It was there, but it was very light and easy to miss unless you had a sharp eye.

Her ass wasn’t as large as before, but it was still pretty broad. I wonder if she’d take my cock up her asshole. Somehow, I knew that would take some coaxing, but I had my favorite lube, silicon-based, which had always worked well before. Some women have a ton of hair rimming their anus. She did not.

Something else I’d always wanted to do is to shoot my load across her asshole and the back of her pussy. I have an impregnation fantasy. I don’t really want to get a woman pregnant in reality, but there must be a part of my brain that dates back to cavemen days that feels that biological urge. It made me want to blow my load harder at the thought of getting my sister knocked up.

Now it was time to lick her out. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted her to cum around my tongue and my mouth. I smelled how wet she was and remembered how much fun it is to perform cunnilingus.

“Oh, God.” She squealed, biting her lip to keep from being too loud. My tongue circled her clit, sucking a labia all the way into my mouth. Then I rotated circling the clit, first counterclockwise, then clockwise, then back again. Then up and down, licking.

Her thighs began to shake involuntarily.

“Put your finger in me,” she begged.

I took the index finger of my right hand and began to rub and penetrate the bottom of her pussy, in and out. The sensation has always felt so strange to me and I try to be as gentle as I can. She moaned louder.

My tongue flicked her clit again and, gingerly at first, I sucked on one of the labia piercings. It felt strange. I poked my tongue through the one on the right-hand side.

“Mmmm.” She finally came. She came so hard that her whole pelvis thrust upwards, nearly making contact with my forehead. “Uhhhh, fuck!”

We lay back, side by side on the bed, cuddling, exhausted.

“Brother,” she said. “I would love to keep going but I had such a long day today. I’ll be here for another two or three days. We can pick this up again later.”

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32