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Dear Readers: This is Chapter 3 of a 5 chapter story. All of the chapters are completed and will be released in the next couple of weeks. In Chapter 1, the McCall family moved into a new neighborhood that already had three other families. Frankie McCall, an 18-year old high school student, stumbled upon his neighbors, Claudia Park and her son Kurt, having sex. In Chapter 2, Alyssa McCall walked in on another set of neighbors, Carl Hart and his daughters June and Lacy, having sex. If you need more than that, read the first two chapters.


Chapter 3: Susan and the Listons

Susan McCall was sitting on her front porch swing, sipping an ice tea and sighing wistfully. She couldn’t even figure out how she’d ended up there, alone. She’d taken a bit of a risk and taken an unauthorized “sick” day to spend time with her family. She knew that she needed to be with them, it was so urgent that she’d decided to take a Thursday rather than wait until Friday. The previous night at dinner she’d told both of her children that she was going to be home the next and wanted to hang out with them. Together. They’d been noncommittal. Then they’d both apparently woken up early the next morning and escaped from the house. For the last six hours or so, Susan had been waiting for one or both of them to come home. They weren’t responding to texts beyond saying that they were fine and that they didn’t know when they’d be back. They were not together.

The problem was, their sudden absence was just more evidence of the problem that Susan had stayed home to fix. She couldn’t really put her finger on what it was, there was just a general uneasiness in the house and it was getting worse. She thought that maybe if she’d gotten both of her kids together, they might have had some fun and whatever the funk was that they were stuck in would lift. They would get over the move and maybe start to get over the divorce…to be a family again. But now Susan felt they were closer to falling apart entirely that ever before.

It had started with the divorce. She knew that. She’d known that Alyssa hadn’t taken that well. And the moving, becoming so unsettled right as she was about to finish up her associate’s degree was tough. And Alyssa was closer to her father than anyone else. And so Susan had focused a lot of her attention on Alyssa during the period around the move, trying to cajole her daughter into forgiving her so that they could move forward as a family. It hadn’t worked. It seemed that anything Susan did just annoyed Alyssa further. Her attempts to be friendly came off as condescending and her attempts to help came off as nagging. In the end, she’d just alienated Alyssa further.

What’s worse, in focusing so much of her attention on Alyssa, she’d somehow managed to drive Frankie away. She’d never thought that was possible. Up until a couple of weeks ago, Susan had felt that, if anything, Frankie was too close, too dependent. He was her mama’s boy and she’d taken that for granted. But something had happened right after the move. Maybe he’d decided he didn’t want to be a mama’s boy any more or maybe he resented Alyssa’s prodigal son treatment. Whatever it was, he had suddenly become distant. He was never around and when he was, he wouldn’t look her in the eye. He seemed sullen and unhappy anytime they were together. He made up flimsy excuses so he wouldn’t have to be around Susan. And so he wouldn’t have to be around Alyssa. He wanted nothing to do with either of them. And Susan found herself trying to reconnect with Frankie with the same success she’d found with Alyssa.

What was worse, if she’d hoped that a little distance and time away from Alyssa might have, incidentally, been beneficial in their relationship, she was wrong. If anything, Alyssa had grown more distant in the last few days. She was almost never at the house and when she was, she had a glassy eyed, hollow sort of look about her. Both of her children were floating away from her, faster and faster all the time. She didn’t really understand why, it seemed like more than the divorce or the move. It hadn’t been this bad in the city. Regardless of what it was, Susan felt helpless to stop it.

Susan looked down at her watch. It was passed 3:00 p.m. She usually got home from work around 6:00. That meant that unless her children came home and she managed some sort of reconciliation (from a fight she didn’t know she was having over issues she didn’t know existed) in three hours, then she might as well have just gone to work anyway rather than risk having a note put in her file. She sighed again and drank more deeply from her tea. Maybe it would be better if it had something with a little more bite in it. Like turpentine.

She hung her head, feeling defeated. What if this really was the end? She hadn’t really kept in touch with her own family, beyond some limited contact with her mother. She knew her ex-husband never spoke to anyone in his family after his grandfather died. These were things that happened. Some families remain close and other break apart. Susan just didn’t mobil porno think that it could ever be her family. She thought…well she didn’t know what she thought anymore. It hurt too much to think about the future. She finished the last of her tea and stood to walk back inside. Maybe a long bath and then a movie alone in her room. Then maybe she wouldn’t have to think about it.

As she walked across the porch towards the front door, she saw a car pulling into the cul-de-sac. Without really thinking, she looked up and saw Martin and Bethany Liston moving slowly towards their home. Susan looked at the smiling brother and sister in the beat up Honda Civic that they (apparently) amicably shared and it felt like a knife twisting in her stomach. She’d noticed that about the Listons, more than the other families in the cul-de-sac; they brought out this feeling of jealousy that Susan could hardly control. Maybe it was because they were the only “intact” family in the neighborhood. Or maybe it was because they were all so attractive. Or maybe it was because they seemed to damned happy to be together all the time. Susan didn’t know why, but with each passing day, she liked the Listons less and less.

As she approached the front door, she heard the Civic pull into the driveway and heard the doors open and then slam closed. Martin and Bethany were talking to each other loudly and Susan was surprised by how well their voices carried. She couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it sounded happy and light. The knife twisted deeper.

Still, jealousy isn’t just about hating someone for what they have. It is wanting that same thing for yourself. Listening to Bethany’s musical laugh and Martin’s calm voice made Susan ache. When was the last time her children had spoken together civilly? When was the last time she’d heard Alyssa laugh? Hell, when was the last time she’d heard Frankie do anything but mumble?

For reasons she probably couldn’t explain, when she reached her front door, instead of turning left and walking inside, she abruptly turned right, heading for the stairs off of her porch and into her front yard. She walked quickly, climbing up the small incline up towards the cul-de-sac. Before she had really realized what she was doing, she was walking in the street, crossing the distance separating her house from the Liston’s house.

Bethany and Martin Liston were walking across the small sidewalk in front of their house that led to the front door. Bethany Liston was the older of the two at 22 and she was walking in the front. Bethany was around 5’5 and very lissome, if she were taller people would say she looked like a model. She had long brown hair and tanned white skin. She had an ovular, somewhat narrow face with a pointed chin. Her eyes were somewhat wide-set, round, and deeply blue. She had very thick pink lips and a long, slender nose. Her throat was very long, making her appear quite delicate. She had small, high-set breasts and a flat stomach. Her hips were somewhat wide (though not enough to make her pear shaped) with a large, round ass. She accentuated her large bottom with tight pants and she effectively off-set her otherwise slender built. Her limbs were slender and evenly proportioned.

Nineteen-year-old Martin’s face matched his sisters. It was also ovular with the “Liston” pointed chin. He had wide-set blue eyes and a long slender nose. His lips were less pouty than his sister’s, but the difference in appearance was negligible. Even his hair had the same dark color, though it was cropped very short. In build, however, they were quite different. In fact, Martin was actually slightly shorter than his older sister, around 5’4. He had a slightly stocky build. His upper body was somewhat muscular, with thick arms and a roundish chest, but he had a little bit of a belly and somewhat thin legs below. However, despite his short stature and thickish build, he was an attractive boy, a powerful look (at least Susan casually believed so).

Susan was almost standing in their front yard now, just a few dozen feet away. Bethany had her long neck craned back, looking at her brother as they walked and neither of them seemed to notice Susan. Nonetheless, Susan could hear them clearly now and she stopped and watched as they crossed the last few feet towards there house.

“Well I don’t know…” Bethany was saying.

“Just think about it. You don’t have to make your mind up now,” Martin said in response, “I just know that everyone would be happy if you came. I mean everyone agreed that the last camping trip was the most fun we’d ever had and it was because you were there too. Plus, Andrew’s girlfriend likes when other girls come along…”

“Meredith, right?” Bethany asked. They had reached the front door, but were stopping there, talking before going in.

“Yeah, she seemed nice, right?”

“Oh yeah! She was great. But is Ben going to be there?” Bethany asked, her tone growing fiercer. Martin’s brown furrowed.

“Yeah…why, is that a problem?”

“I mean…” mofos porno Bethany started and sort of shrugged her shoulders a little bit.

“What?” Martin asked, suddenly sounding a little concerned.

“Oh nothing, don’t like…he was just a little creepy last time, when we were sitting around the fire…like…handsy. I mean playful handsy, not like he was actually going to…but you know…” Bethany said, clearly feeling uncomfortable. It seemed not so much about what this ‘Ben’ person who was friends with her brother had done, but that she had to tell her brother about it.

“What a freaking jerk. I am going to break his damn nose!” Martin said, “Or his hands. That’s better!” His face grew red and he rubbed his fist into his hand. Bethany laughed sweetly and shook her head.

“Trust me, I made myself clear to him. I don’t need your help,” Bethany said. Martin sputtered a little bit and then blushed uncomfortably. Bethany smiled at him and then leaned forward, kissing him gently on the cheek, “But it was very sweet. If I need a knight in shining armor, you’d be the first place I’d look,” she said playfully and bit her lower lip. Then she turned and opened the door. She walked inside quickly. Martin stood for a minute looking a bit confused and abashed on the front stoop. Then he turned and went inside.

As the door closed behind him, it briefly felt to Susan that the spell had been broken. What was she doing here and why? She felt embarrassed for eaves dropping. Worse, she felt saddened by what she’d heard. Here were two siblings that were spending time together. What’s more, they were plotting out how they could spend more time together. The brother was protective of the sister and they spoke to each other like adults. If Susan had been jealous before, she was unbearably envious now. Why couldn’t Alyssa and Frankie be more like that? She shook her head slowly and paused in the front yard for a moment of so. She realized it was strange that she was standing there, doing nothing and she turned back towards her house.

Just as she was about to start walking, she heard their voices again, Bethany and Martin. Just as clear as before. She turned back to the house. They hadn’t come back outside. The door was still closed and, in fact, they sounded muffled. Susan’s eyes scanned the house. For a moment she was totally at a loss. Then she noticed that there were two very low windows to the left of the front door. She had windows like that too. They looked down into the lower level of the two-story side of the split level. The basement family room or fourth bedroom, as it was sold. Those windows on the Liston house were open. Well, not entirely open. There was a tightly knit mesh screen covering each window, enough to let the air circulate to the basement. Susan couldn’t see into it from where she was standing on the edge of the yard, but she could still hear the siblings talking.

“I am sorry if I was being a jerk with what I said. I wasn’t trying to like…be sexist or something…” Martin said. Susan had barely made out what he was saying and, without thinking, she took a couple of steps towards the house, leaning her ear towards it.

“Sexist? No, I was serious, I thought you were being cute. My little brother going to fight the world for me!” Bethany responded.

“Don’t tease,” Martin said, sounding a little less uncomfortable, “I know you can take care of yourself…”

“I really can…”

“It’s just when I thought about that idiot putting his hands on you…” Martin said, his voice turning into a growl.

“That’s why I didn’t say anything about it. Like I said, I took care of it so it is over. Just don’t worry about it,” Bethany responded. For reasons she didn’t really understand, Susan had kept slowly inching towards the house. Maybe it was just because she was naturally curious and wanted to see how the conversation ended. Maybe it was that she just wanted to know how two siblings that apparently got along interacted with one another. Maybe it was just a bit of harmless fun to eavesdrop. Whatever it was, by the time Bethany told her brother not to worry, Susan had crouched down next to the house, her face about two inches from one of the screens.

Because she was that close, she could easily see through the mesh. From her vantage point, she was sort of hovering about three feet above the siblings’ heads. It looked like their “family room” have been turned into a sort of informal bar, with lots of lounge chairs and counter space. There was old-looking wood paneling on the walls. Bethany and Martin were standing in the middle of the room, just a few feet apart.

“I just feel bad…like guilt and responsible. That idiot was my friend,” Martin was saying. He was looking at his feet, clearly ashamed.

“Is your friend, come on,” Bethany said, she was smiling slightly, like she believed her brother was overreacting.

“Was,” Martin said.

“Listen brother,” Bethany said, suddenly sounding considerably more serious, “It really wasn’t that big of naughty america porno a deal. I don’t know what you’re picturing, but it wasn’t like…an assault or something. Do you want to see where he touched me?” she asked. There was something strange about Bethany’s voice, but Susan couldn’t put her finger on it.

“That might make me feel better,” Martin replied. Susan expected Bethany to start pointing out body parts. Instead, Bethany took two steps, crossing the distance that separated her from her brother. She reached forward with her left hand, grabbing her brother by the wrist and pulling his hand over.

“Your stupid friend Ben touched me here,” Bethany moved Martin’s hand and placed it on her hip, letting it sit there a moment, “And then he put another hand here,” she said, lifting Martin’s hand up off of her hip and placed it on the side of her face, sort of running through her hair and leaving it there a moment, “And then finally, he put his hand here,” Bethany moved Martin’s hand away from her neck and then moved it down and placed it on her thigh so that his fingers brushed against the inside of her knee. She kept her hand on Martin’s wrist. Ben didn’t say a word, his eyes just followed his hand, looking at the body parts his sister listed.

Susan thought the whole procedure was kind of strange. She didn’t really understand why Bethany hadn’t just told her brother where his friend had touched her. It wasn’t as if he wouldn’t have understood, they weren’t exactly mysterious body parts, hips, necks, and thighs. And the entire thing had given them a strangely intimate air, like boyfriend and girlfriend rather than brother and sister. But Susan barely had a chance to consider the issue, before Bethany suddenly upped the stakes considerably.

“Ben never touched me here,” she said slowly shifting Martin hand so that it slid deeper between her legs, his fingers brushing deep into her inner thigh. She let it sit for a moment, looking up at her brother, “He never touched me here,” she said again, lifting Martin’s hand once more. Slowly Bethany moved the hand closer to her body, sort of wrapping it around herself. Soon, Bethany pressed her brother’s hand against her ass. She was only wearing a pair of soft, cloth gym shorts and Martin’s hand sank into her yielding flesh. She held it against her body firmly for a few seconds, “And he certainly never touched me here,” Bethany said, moving her brother’s hand off of her ass. She lifted Martin’s hand up and then slowly moved it into place. Susan, who had been too shocked by what she had been seeing to react, now audibly gasped as Bethany dropped her brother’s hand down onto her small breasts.

Bethany was wearing a low-cut white tank top and, Susan noticed for the first time, no bra. Martin’s hand landed on the top of her breast, actually resting against the bare flesh, his fingers slipping inside the shirt. Susan could see the girl’s hard, dark nipples through her shirt. But these sights were almost too much for Susan. She saw them but could barely understand what she was seeing. Her body felt icy cold in the warm, late summer air and her skin felt like it was vibrating. Her mouth was stuck open and her eyes refused to blink.

Bethany moved her hand a way from Martin’s wrist, but she didn’t pull him away. Martin’s hand stayed on his sister’s breast, his fingers actually squeezing tighter. His eyes were still on his sister’s breasts, looking at them longingly. But Susan noticed that he was no means shocked by the position of his hand and, in fact, seemed quite comfortable. Like he’d done it a few times before. For her part, Bethany seemed totally at east with her brother’s fondling. She sort of leaned her head back, shaking her hair out over her shoulders. Slowly, Martin’s eyes raised so that he was looking directly at his sister’s face.

“Did he kiss these?” Martin asked, raising his free hand and pressing his index finger against Bethany’s lips. She pursed them, kissing the pad of her brother’s finger.

“Of course not,” she whispered, “You know that. Whenever I want to kiss a younger boy, I always kiss you.” She said, closing her eyes and titling her head to the side. Martin took the hint, closing his eyes and leaning in towards his sister. A moment later, their lips, pursed, met. Martin’s right hand remained on his sister’s breast while his left arm wrapped around her waist. Bethany draped her arms over her brother’s shoulders, wrapping her arms around his neck. Being slightly taller than her brother, she craned her neck down slightly. Their mouths open and their tongues dropped into one another’s mouths, thick and wet. Bethany made a small noise in her throat as her brother’s tongue probed her mouth.

Bethany’s moaning noise seemed to penetrate into Susan’s frozen mind. She felt like she had when she was a child and her older brother had accidentally kicked her in the stomach while pretending to do karate. The wind was totally and painfully knocked out of her and a feeling of unrelenting panic. She sat up quickly, having a sudden thought about bursting into the house and charging downstairs. She was a parent, a real adult. She needed to let these…misguided kids know that what they were doing wasn’t harmless. It was wrong. It was dangerous and sick and…Well Susan just couldn’t even bear to think about it.

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