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Seduced, I Think Chad/Dana

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


I think I was seduced. It was my brother but it wasn’t my brother. I’ve been trying to figure it out. I almost had it but it didn’t make sense. My brother and I played around but we never had sex. Well, we did have sex. Lots of it. But we didn’t have intercourse. Most everybody has sex all the time. Holding hands, catching someone’s eye, admiring a backside, saying hi. That’s sex. Intercourse is too, but it’s specific. Sex is everything, all the stuff.

My brother’s name is Chad. He’s 20, about 6ft, plays some basketball, slimish, great bod and very friendly and helpful. Quiet type, reads a lot, can sit and run his fingers on your leg for hours and hours. Great big dick. Love that dick.

My name is Dana. I’m 18, about 5ft9, slim, soccer. Loose hair.

Chad and I are in college. Mom and dad got us an apartment with two big bedrooms and our own baths and a nice kitchen and living room plus workspace for studies. We love and respect each other and each other’s privacy but we’ve been messin around for some time. Never intercourseing, yet. Friends are in and out all the time. Watching football, beer. Some girls sleep over with Chad and pad around almost necked. The guys love that. I don’t have sleepovers but some of the guys are almost necked with big dicks. Love their dicks.

Sometimes Chad and I just have some wine and chill out on one of our beds and take off clothes and run our fingers around here and there and talk and moan and drink more wine. Great fun. Love it.

Last weekend we were both horny so Chad said, “How about I seduce you?” Now, he’s said that before and what it means is he does the classic ‘seduce the girl’ and gives me great orgasms and I get very satisfied and I play with his dick. I just love his dick. He mostly gives a great orgasm so I said, “Ok but I’m going to let you do most of the work because you’re doing the seducing.” So he just smiles and we drink some more wine, like we’ve been doing for about an hour or maybe hour and half and get on his bed. We alternate beds each time.

I woke up the next morning very slowly. No hangover. Nude, under the covers as usual. Very satisfied feeling. Lying tits down with your feet spread a little wide and pumping your hips in the mattress is absolutely over the top satisfying. If I could get my brother under there I’d make him blow his stack. Or something. For the moment my fingers work.

The more I thought about it the more I knew that I got intercoursed. He could have just fisted me but I don’t think he would do that and I could tell if he did anyway. I know he used two then three fingers, maybe four. That was after the thumb that he usually starts with. Well, he actually started on my tits, then my clit, them my vagina. He usually gives me four or five orgasms before he starts on my vagina in earnest. That gives me one more for sure, maybe two.

He starts out sucking lightly on my tits. Then he has this way of sucking on my tits harder and sticking his finger in my butt every time he sucks hard. The orgasm when he does that is to die for. We’re facing each other with one of his arms under my shoulder. My top leg is wrapped over his hips. His dick is poking all over my clit. He’s sucking on one tit then the other.

I think he waits until I’m turned on really good. Don’t know how he can tell. I’m not screaming or anything. Breathing hard maybe, maybe my nostrils flaring. Pumping my hips. That sort of thing. Then he plunges right in my butt button and then I do the ‘can’t breathe right now’ and sometimes I squirt a little on my first one. Hips pushed right into whatever is there at the time. Sometimes he uses a doctors rubber glove. What a thrill. Completely different feeling. In the vagina too. Taught him everything he knows.

We rest three or five minutes and he likes to straddle my stomach and put his dick right between my breasts. I mean, his dick is really hard at that point since it was poking all around my clit and pubic bone and guard flaps. Sometimes he pushes my breasts together, not too hard, and sometimes I do. He thrusts and groans and his foreskin folds and unfolds and we’ve gotten so he gets positioned just right and he can slip it right in my mouth. I can public agent porno actually roll my tongue so it’s stiff right on the tip and I hit his pee dimple with it after he gets past my lips. Then I suck. Drives him bonkers. Then I press my lips around it, kind of tight, when he pulls out, still sucking. Drives him bonkers. He knows I’m good with this and we can go a long time. Easy to rest my lips and tongue.

I bought a turkey baster, all rubber, and cut the tip off and stapled it. I wanted the opening about the size of a pee dimple. Warmed up some tomato juice, cause it’s a bit thicker, and filled up the baster. I practiced until I could push the bulb just right and get the right amount of juice and the baster different lengths in my mouth and swallow everything in comfort. I’m a real pro with tomato juice and semen. Love his dick.

So I wrap my arms around his buns and help him until he starts to break down and then the fun really starts. I put my tongue flat on the head but not too tight. Want the semen to get out otherwise the head will explode from the pressure. I do this for three times usually, then open the gap, rolling my tongue all around the head and let him go with it. Sometimes he has a lot more than normal but never just a little. Keeping up is really easy with the practice I worked with.

I keep up the sucking as he starts to get a little softer which isn’t very often. He usually stays pretty hard. I think all the skin against skin under his butt and balls does it. And the dick against two nice tits and a nice mouth sucking. Gotta have an effect. Sometimes he just sits there while his breathing slows down still thrusting slowly. He doesn’t ever want to stop. Me either.

I don’t know how he does it but after we get started he reaches a hand back and two fingers my hood up and down ever so gently. I let go of one bun and press one breast while he presses the other with his other hand. Sex is team work until you orgasm then it’s every person for personself. Remember, we’re in college.

That’s my second orgasm although I get one for each tit about every other session. My orgasm seems to melt right into his and we go off together. That’s two or three for me and one for Chad.

I’ve found one of the best ways to rest is one of my tits on his chest and playing with his balls with one leg over his just under his balls. After a while he gets his hand that’s under me going and we ramp up again. He does this biting a lip and pulling thing just when he flicks a finger through my guard flaps and drags it up into my pubic bone. It makes me squeeze my butt button and pee hole at the same time. Either that or I’m sucking my vagina closed.

Once, when he did that, I let go of his balls and reached and squeezed his dick just under the head and he came over me about half way, planting his mouth on mine, turning me almost all the way over on my back. I think he was on his way to screwing my brains out but he slowed down and eased up. He was so tinder and loving when he did that. He really wanted his dick in my vagina. Not anywhere near as much as I wanted my vagina around his dick.

Anyway, I knew when we got to the resting place that what we did up to that point was pretty much normal. We had a lot of wine but I’m pretty sure. I asked him one time how he knew what to do or when and he explained that he tried to give me as many orgasms as he could without over taxing my clit or vagina stuff. He wanted to preserve my sensitivity for later. That really surprised me and I actually changed my opinion of my brother. Instead of a scheming rat fink with big flappy ears he became a nice guy, loving feelings for others, courteous to necked girls and had a great dick. A girl can change her mind after all.

So we got rested and he usually goes one of two ways here. Either he climbs between my legs and plays there or he swivels around and does the I’m there and you’re here. So this time he does the swivel thing. I’m on my back, a little tilted towards him. He’s on his side, twisted so his head is down in my crouch and his dick is right there in front of me. I mean, right there, in front of me, the one-eyed monster, starring right at me. He wraps one or both of his arms under my legs. They’re long enough to go completely around and play with my guard flaps and other stuff.

I don’t want to give him an orgasm because reality kings porno I want to save him for me later so I start with the fingers, tongue, lips, blowing, sucking, real slow and tender. He starts on my guard flaps. He grabs one side with his lips and pulls it in and plays with it with his tongue. Over each side and up and down and pulling it out and rolling his tongue down the slope to inside and back again. He doesn’t go right to the other side yet. He runs his tongue all around the outside, up and down then circles his tongue around the bottom and up the other side. Then he does all that to the other side.

He hasn’t even opened up the guard flaps yet, just one side then the other. It takes a herculean effort to keep my hips down. After that he turns across and takes my entire guard flaps in his mouth and runs his tongue down between and goes back and forth, which is actually up and down, a little deeper each stroke. Then he starts at one end of the guard flaps and runs his tongue straight in and pulls it out, moves a quarter inch or so and does it again all the way across, or actually down.

He does this a good long time. It’s just cruising sex. Feels so good we can’t stop. At certain times of the month I can have one or two orgasms doing this. One time he did, surprising me. I did a quick two stepping with my tongue and mouth and it was good all around. Made me orgasm too.

He turns his head back pointing towards my legs and places his tongue on my perineum and drags it between my guard flaps all the way up. Planting his lower lip right across my clit. His tongue climbs across my pubic bone and slips under his lip and pushes my clit back up under the hood more.

Usually around about now he goes after my mostly unfiddled with clit although he did fiddle with it but we ignore that one, or two. This time he opened up my guard flaps and played with the well a good long time, all over, then pushed his tongue down into my vagina. He didn’t usually do this so this is the first mild departure that I can remember.

My brother was fucking my vagina with his tongue. A lot. Slowly and deeply as he could with his tongue. He pulled my hips up every time he pushed in and he made it count. The things he could do with that tongue and the depth he could go. He would pull his head back slowly coming out, pushing my hood back with his chin. Going in he would start with his tongue high at my pubic bone and sliding it down through the well and falling into my vagina again. Deep. Flexing his tongue around coming out. And he kept going and going.

I had a great orgasm as a normal reaction and just kept going with him. Loved his tongue. He was going to have to let my clit recover before he tackled it in earnest. But, he didn’t and here’s where I think I lost track of things and got seduced for real.

Even after the orgasm I was still three sheets to his dick and floating along with the breeze. He pulled out of my mouth and swiveled around, pulling me over on my side facing him. He pulled my legs up to his chest, knees bent, and slipped down under me a little. I could feel his dick slip between my thighs and ride right up my guard flaps and clit. He did that a few times moving around and I was mesmerized with erotic sex. Everything was wet and slick with juices.

Right here. This is where I think I lost what he did. Remembering back it couldn’t have happened, but it did.

My brother spread my guard flaps and put his dick right in my vagina and pushed. Not far. He started a slow fuck and moved in steadily. It was so subtle it felt extraordinarily erotic and satisfying. I felt his hips moving and he pulled my hips down mildly as he thrust. Soon he was going full length. I was quietly lying there with my eyes closed savoring ever little movement and feeling. Finally, his beautiful big dick got there, in my vagina.

With my knees bent on his chest and him down below he couldn’t get to me closely like usual so we just fucked. I lifted my upper leg and let it extend over his waist some and my crotch opened up a little. Not so pinched together. His hand was playing with my butt and one on my tits. I really wanted to get my tongue in his mouth with his but not so bad that I would mess up this fuck. I felt him running up my clit and that’s what I remembered this morning. That was it.

How can he have a rus porno hand on my tit, a hand on my butt, a hand or dick rubbing on my clit, and his dick in my vagina. That was it. How did he do that. Who was fucking me? How?

I had an orgasm that was one of the best I’ve ever had and he soon pulled out and blasted all over my tuff, dribbling down over my leg. It was so good neither one of us wanted to move. It was some time before we could get up, clean up, and go to sleep. Sweet sleep.

I got through the day and that evening he was back, after supper time. He smoothed his brain down from his day and settled on the sofa. I said, “Chad, how did you do that?” He looked at me for a moment then smiled. He knew I knew. “Come on Chad, who was it?”

“It was me,” he said, smiling. “It was me.” He wasn’t trying to hide something, he was going to tell. “Check this out. Remember when you made that model of me, the one I posed for?”

“Oh yeaw.” I made a model of his dick. It took most of an afternoon. I kept doing something to keep him hard. He would start to soften and I would stick a finger in my pants and pump my hips. After a while that didn’t work and I had to go and get some help. There was a small parade of girls in and out, they passed the word, teasing and showing a tit or butt or a quick ‘pulling the pants aside’ for about two or three hours. Some just got real close and breathed right on his head or flicked it with a tongue or bare bottom. It worked, I got a very realistic model of his dick, life size. All the little particulars.

“Well,” he said, “I got a friend that does skin texture rubber moldings of heads, faces mostly. She made a cast of your model and made a multi-layered model of it with a fairly firm core and each layer after that a little softer. Each layer attached to the previous layer so it flexed. When it was done the outer skin and foreskin could pull down the shaft or the foreskin over the head just like real. She added a flange on the bottom so I could hold it firmly between my thighs, right under my balls.

“So you got me. I mean it had to have felt just like me. It was so perfectly positioned it felt like I was doing it with mine. I forgot I had a real dick. My hips were moving like normal and I could feel my dick sliding like I was inside and it was just so real. It was so real I had a great orgasm. Remember? Dana. Say something.”

My mouth was flapping. I didn’t know what to say. Chad went to a lot of trouble to give me what he knew I wanted. I can’t fault him for that. It was very realistic. If he had held back on just one of the elements I would never have known. He is such a wonderful peach.

“Chad, you are the best, most wonderful brother a girl ever had. That was absolutely fantastic. I don’t think I’ll ever have that experience that realistic again. I can’t believe you went to all that trouble just for me. I will repay you many times. I pulled him over to me and hugged him for a long time.

Three evenings later I got home and found Chad sitting in the sofa with his sports shorts and stuff on. I had just finished a skit as part of an old fashioned cheering squad and had on a sweater, one of those skirts that flare out and old style sneakers. I sat down in the sofa and we talked for a bit. He got me something to drink.

He was looking at me and he got up and dropped his shorts down to his ankles and stepped out. Pulled his jock strap off. Lifted my legs up on the sofa and my head on the pillow near the arm. He lifted my skirt from my shins all the way up to my breasts and hooked my pants on both sides. He pulled them down waiting for me to lift my hips, which I did right away. He never stopped looking right at me. He slipped my pants off and picked up one leg and put it up on the back of the sofa, moving my other one out and up.

I hadn’t noticed but his dick was sticking up at a pretty high angle. He was primed. He lay down on top of me very tenderly and put a hand up on the back of the sofa as I pulled my leg down between him and the sofa, knee up. He levered up so I could see down between us and stayed that way looking at my eyes. I finally got it and reached down and wrapped my fingers around his dick just under the ridge. I pulled him forward gently and he moved with me. I rooted his dick head around in my pussy well and found the Vagina entrance and pushed him in.

He wanted me to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was him in there and not the model. He settled down on his elbows and we kissed and started to fuck. It was one of those long slow ones that goes on forever. It was way better than the model. This time I got a lot of semen. I got to fuck my brother. Done deal right there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32