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Just before heading off to college, I caught a glimpse of my older sister naked. Since then, I’ve always longed to catch more glimpses of my big sister, Amanda, naked. Yes, it’s wrong and you shouldn’t do it, but oh well. I jerked off many nights to nude Polaroid’s that sis had stashed in her panty drawer and that I had stolen while on a panty-raid while she was out. I learned to cum on her panties, her stockings, her tights, I would sometimes cum in her bra cup! Naturally, I had to clean these afterwards to be sure no one would know, so I learned to eat my own cum. I hated it at first, but after a few times, I loved it! I’d cum on her clean panties, lick it off and then wait for her to wear that pair, knowing I’d cum on them and licked them clean. It was always a rush to see that pair gone from her drawer!!

The pictures, there were six, I couldn’t believe my sister had posed for, but she did and I was glad. In all six pictures she was completely naked in different poses. In one, she was on her hands and knees, legs spread wide, looking over her shoulder at the camera. That was the one I stole.

During our years of living in the same house, I would spy on her every chance I got. I saw her naked or nearly naked on a weekly basis until she moved out for college. Since that horrible day, I’ve rarely seen her, much less naked. We went to different schools and being five years apart, we rarely ran in the same social circles.

We are four years apart in age. She is medium height, with a bright red hair, light freckles across her nose and breasts which are a small B cup, she has slender waist and what most would call child-bearing hips, a little wide making a perfect upside down heart shaped ass. She is also very pretty, not model pretty, just girl next door pretty. I’m a little over six feet tall, also slender, nice looking with light brown hair. I’m not muscular, working out just to keep healthy, not buff. I have a seven and a half inch long cock, that is about two and a half inches around. I keep it shaved smooth. I have an all over tan, with the exception of a Playboy bunny image, where I put a sticker for each tanning routine.

We are both in our thirty’s now, me 28 her 32. She’s been going through a rough divorce and had moved back to our home town, and was currently living back at home. She is a very successful attorney and easily found a job with a local firm. She never had kids, so it was easy for her to pick up and move. I am an online trader and work out of my house, which is at a secluded cove on the nearby lake. My house is huge, four bedrooms, two baths with a nice pool in the back and dock in the front overlooking the lake. She’s been living back at home for about two weeks when we decided to meet for dinner at a local restaurant. Throughout dinner, I listened as she complained about no privacy with mom and dad and how she really needed to find her own place. As she rambled on, I kept picturing her naked, and having to adjust my cock.

Finally, I suggested that she come stay at my place for awhile and look for her own place later. After teasing about interfering with my bachelor life, she finally agreed. Two days later, I had the vision of all my sexual desires as a kid, two doors down.

Late that first night, I had overheard her talking to her best friend about not having had sex with real cock in more than a year. This of course peaked my interest. She went on to tell her friend that her rubber dildo just wasn’t working well for her. That it just doesn’t make her cum the way it used to. Now I was really happy she had moved in, as I set my plan into motion.

Being the voyeur that I am, I had installed a small wireless camera in ‘her’ bathroom and one in her bedroom. Of course I did feel terrible about it, but the first morning after she moved in, all my regret went away. I flipped on my PC and pulled up the video feed, there was Angela, completely naked digging around in her panty drawer, pulling out today’s underwear and stockings. I watched her with my cock growing rigid, as she bent over in her closet to grab shoes, then stretched to pull a dress off the hanger. Her body was still beautiful. Oh sure, there were a few more pounds and her 35B breasts hung a quarter inch lower, but beautiful was the only word that came to mind.

She grabbed her robe and headed to the bathroom, so I switched to that feed, just in time to see her hang up her robe. I zoomed in for a tighter shot of her butt and noticed that she actually had a small tattoo on her right butt cheek, it was a bunny! Not a Playboy bunny, just a pink bunny. She then turned around to walk towards the shower and I got an up close view her pussy and the lightening bolt shaped pubic hair! Wow, sis was even hotter now than I could have ever imagined. She climbed in the shower and I ran to her room, grabbed a thong from her panty drawer and ran back to my office, naked as a jaybird. I then jerked off watching her silhouette in the shower stall soaping and rinsing her tecavüz porno incredible body.

I came quickly, then brought the thong to my mouth and sucked my cum off of them, cleaning the cute thong before running back to her room, shoving it under the rest of her panties and then running back to my office. I then slid on my shorts and t-shirt and walked to the kitchen to make us breakfast.

About ten minutes later, Amanda joined me, her hair still slightly damp, but she was dressed and ready for work, grey stockings under her grey pinstriped skirt and blazer. She was truly a vision of beauty.

As we ate, she said, “Are you sure I’m not going to cramp your style?”

“Well,” I started, “I will have to gag the girls so the wild screaming at night doesn’t keep you up.”

She smacked me on the arm, “I’m being serious! I promise I’ll only be here for a few weeks, a month at the most.”

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, “Well, sis, the room and house is yours as long as you need it. You aren’t cramping my style and with your room on the far end, I doubt we’ll either one hear the other.” I then had a thought and added, “Of course, I guess I can’t run around naked like I usually do.” I smiled lightly as I said this.

She almost choked on her juice, as she replied, “Naked?! You run around the house naked all the time?” she asked, grinning.

I smiled back and said, “I work at home, remember? I sleep naked, I get up naked, I walk to the bathroom naked, I usually eat breakfast naked, and then I work naked!” I took a bite of food and added, “I’m a bachelor who only needs to be dressed to go out!! Silly!”

She was blushing, which was a dead giveaway with her light complexion; she was embarrassed at thinking of me naked. Finally, she said, “Bummer for you then, of course you’ll still be able to get ‘neckid’ after I leave for work!” She said, teasingly.

My response caught her off guard, “and believe me, I will be!”

She blushed deeper and asked, “Are you serious? You’re going to be naked after I leave for work?”

I nodded.

“What if I had to come back, say I forget a brief or something?” she asked a smirk on her face.

I thought for a second, and then said, “Well, I guess you’d get to see me in the buff, no briefs!” I cracked up laughing and so did she.

She got up, putting her dishes in the sink, turning to grab her purse she said, “Well, just make sure you’re dressed by six when I get home. It’s been awhile for big sis and I might just rape you!” She was bright red and grinning from ear to ear as she walked past me and headed to the door.

As quickly as I could, I yelled after her, “Oh sure, promises, promises!” The door closed and I heard her car start up. I stood by the kitchen window and pulled the t-shirt over my head, turning away, hoping that she’d seen I wasn’t kidding. In less than a minute, I was nude at my PC reviewing her getting dressed. Another hard-on, another shot of cum, this one I blew into the cup of a very nice Victoria Secret bra!

Later that night, I flipped on the camera from her room and saw that she was on her back, naked, one hand squeezing right breast, the over moving a dildo in and out of her pussy at a fairly fast pace. The cameras were video only, but I could imagine the moans coming from her. She continued this rapped pace for about five minutes and then I saw her body squirm and shake as she must have been having an orgasm.

I kept watching as she pulled the dildo out. It was a cock shaped pink rubber, about five inches long. What I saw next floored me; she took it in her mouth and sucked her juices off. She took it about three inches deep in her mouth, sucking hard, as her cheeks pulled inward. Then she licked the rest of it until her juices were cleaned off.

Then, she once again raised her legs up and reached between them. I thought she was going to play with herself some more, so I zoomed in as close as I could and was shocked when she pulled her hand from between her legs, there was a small butt plug in her hand. The plug was pink and not more than three inches long, and very slender, like a pinkie finger. She then got up, wobbly, and went to the bathroom.

I switched cameras and watched as she filled the sink with water and soap and carefully cleaned her two toys. Then she squatted and peed in the toilet, got up and turned on the shower and in she went. I took my cock in hand and in less than five minutes blew my load all over my own hand and tummy. I quickly cleaned myself the old fashioned way, I ate it.

When she came out of the shower, she looked refreshed and satisfied. I also noticed that the lightening bolt shaped red pubes were gone, replaced by smooth skin. I jerked off three more times that night, working out my plan in my head.

I knew now that I had to have her, at whatever the cost, I was going to fuck my sweet sister. Not just in the pussy, but in her mouth and her ass. And with any luck, travesti porno she would love it and want more.

Our teasing about me being naked all the time went on for the next two weeks. She would often call and ask, “Are you naked?” and then quickly hang up. I was finally able one afternoon to respond, “Yes and hard as a rock!” She giggled and hung up. But she did call back about once an hour and ask again!

She had a huge trial going and was about to wrap it up and turn it over to the jury. She had become less flirty and all business. I also noticed she wasn’t able to play with herself as often, as she put in many late nights and very early mornings. This played into my plan of seducing her, knowing she must really have a lot of desire built up with no release.

She called me on Friday morning to say that the jury was back and they had won. She was very excited, like a school girl! I was happy for her and told her so; I then said that we would celebrate with something special tonight after she got home. She said that her team was going for drinks and she would be home around seven. Perfect, that played into the plan too.

Two weeks before, I had ordered several items from Frederick’s. They included a one piece teddy, dark green satin with black lace trim, black thigh high stockings with matching dark green satin around the holdups, a see-through black waist length robe and black stiletto heals. The teddy had a shelf bra, the type that would contain only the bottom half of the nipple, exposing the upper nipple, areola and breast. The back came together in a stretchy mesh that tapered into a thong. The front was only about two inches wide at the crotch and opened up wider from there. It was an incredible outfit. I got the outfit out and took it to her room, laid it out on the bed neatly and placed the following note beside it:

“Dear Sis, I want you to take a shower, shave, then put these items on and come to the den. I’m going to be in there, wearing only silk boxers. After some small talk, it is my intent to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face. Afterwards, I plan to fuck your pussy and cum inside you. After a brief rest, I plan to eat your ass, loosening you up so that I can then fuck your ass and cum in there too. After another rest, I plan to feed you my cock and watch as you suck a third load from my cock. I know what you are thinking, that I’ve lost my mind. I haven’t. I love you and I want you, I’ve always wanted you. I jerk off to thoughts of you daily; I’ve snuck your panties and bras out to cum in them, then cleaned them and returned them for you to wear the next day. Tonight, I’m going to have you for real. I hope that it won’t be the last, but that will be mostly up to you. If this isn’t something that you want to do, then simply put these items on the kitchen counter and leave for the evening. When you come back, we’ll act as if it never happened. However, if you put them on and come to the den, then you are mine for the night and you will do everything I ask of you. I hope I see you soon, I love you.”

I then went to shower and shave. Shortly afterwards, I mixed two strong drinks and waited for her to arrive. Her car pulled in the driveway at seven. I met her at the door, gave her a congratulatory hug and handed her the drink. I could smell alcohol on her already and could tell that she was tipsy.

“Thanks little bro,” she said, taking a swig of the drink. “Wow! You must be trying to get me drunk, this is stout!” She added.

I smiled, “Not at all, but it does help take the edge off.” I smiled and asked, “Are you ready for your big night of celebration?”

She giggled, almost spilling her drink as she took another large sip, “what do you have in mind?”

Now was the time, I stepped towards her, inches from her face, reached behind her head and slowly pulled her head towards me. She didn’t resist, but had a very strange inquisitive look on her face. I kept pulling her head towards me as I moved my lips towards hers, I watched as her eyes closed and out lips touched. It was electric. My cock jumped and became even harder against my jeans than it was before. Her lips parted and my tongue slid inside her mouth and found hers. Our tongues touched each other and played together for several seconds. I then released her head and broke the kiss.

“WOW! What the heck was that?” She asked, smiling, but also trembling.

“THAT, sis, was the beginning of a great night of celebration,” I replied, clinking our glasses together as we both took a large gulp!

“Well, that was a pretty awesome kiss, but don’t do it again!” she said. I must have looked worried as she added, “I might have to rape you!” She grinned.

I smiled and said, “Well, maybe later, but first I plan to ravish you!” I took another drink as did she.

I then said, “Look, Sis, I’m going to just come right out and say this. I want you (she gulped hard) I mean really want you. I want to do all kinds tumblr porno of special things to you. Mostly, I want to please you.”

“Hey, wait little bro…” she started. I put my finger to her lips and continued….

“I’m serious. In your room is a very special gift and a note telling you what to do and what to expect.” I ran my finger tip across her lips and she parted them, her tongue touching the tip of my finger.

I then went on, “I know you thinking ‘this is wrong, we can’t’. Well, I believe we can. We are adults, and we can do whatever we want. Tonight, I’m not going to be ‘little bro’ and you are not ‘big sis’. Tonight, I’m Jason and you are Amanda.”

She took another big swig of her drink and smiled, “and what happens in the morning when we realize this was a huge mistake?” She asked.

“I plan on being between your legs in the morning, having you for breakfast, after that, who knows!” I replied, stepping up to her again.

She blushed, but closed her eyes and accepted my tongue into her mouth again. I was closer now, my right arm around her waist, and pulling her to me I could feel her hard nipples through her thin shirt and bra.

Again, I broke the kiss and said, “Now, go to your room and follow the notes’ instructions. I’ll be in the den, I’ll only wait thirty minutes.” I kissed her again, then broke the kiss and headed down the hall. I heard her gasp as she walked into her room and saw the outfit lying on her bed.

I got to my office quickly and flipped the camera on. She was holding the nightie in one hand and reading the note with the other. She was red and I knew the words were embarrassing her. All I could hope for was that she was horny and drunk enough. She then began to strip out of her work clothes; she went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

After she finished, she stood up and turned on the shower. She then took the foaming Nair can and covered her legs, from ankle to hip and then coated her pubic region. She then brushed her teeth while the Nair did its job. She looked down, reading the note again. I saw her smile slightly.

Almost ten minutes had passed, as I dropped my pants and shirt, pulled on my black silk boxers, which did nothing to hide my seven inches of rock hard cock. When I looked at the screen again, she was in the shower.

I turned off the cameras and the PC, I wanted to be surprised, or disappointed, in real time. I went to the den, took a seat in the plush chair and waited, with two more drinks.

It was almost exactly thirty minutes when I heard her heals clicking on the hardwood floor she came down the hallway.

I gasped as she walked around the corner. She was beautiful. Her legs were encased in the black nylons, the silky green tops just about two inches below her crotch line. The one piece suit was snug against her body, the two inch swath of cloth cover her pussy moved slightly as she walked. Her nipples were hard and poking out of the shelf type top of the outfit. She was blushing, but smiling. She had elected not to wear the robe, which was fine with me. She stopped at the entry way into the den and smiled, looking down at the floor.

I stood up and walked towards her. As I got within reach, she put her hand against my chest and stopped me. She was still smiling, and still blushing.

“Wait,” she started, “I love the outfit and I don’t mind wearing it, but that’s all. I’m not having sex with you, you are my brother.”

I smiled, brushed her hand aside and stepped closer to her and replied, “You put this on for me, not for you,” I stepped closer, now only inches from her, “You are horny, your nipples are giving you away,” I reached behind her head and pulled her towards me with my left hand, whispering, I said, “You are beautiful, incredibly beautiful and tonight, your just Amanda.”

I then pulled her to me and kissed her, again she parted her mouth and our tongues danced together. I slid my right hand around her waist and felt goose bumps well up all over her. My hand was on the small of her back, which was partially covered by the outfit and partially bare. We continued to kiss, our kiss becoming harder and more passionate. I slowly slid my right hand down and soon my fingers were in contact with the top of her ass cheek, she moaned into my mouth and I kept going, now my hand was kneading her left ass cheek and she moaned again.

I released her head from my left hand and slowly trailed it around her cheek and stared easing down the front of her body, my left hand coming to rest on her right breast. I began to tease the exposed nipple, pinching it lightly and tweaking it slowly left and right.

She finally pushed away from our kiss, my hand grasped her ass cheek hard and I didn’t let her get back but maybe an inch or two. She used her own hand to push my left hand off of her breast.

“Look, you’re right, I’m horny and I put this on for you to look at me and I thought maybe we could just sit and talk, you know, like brother and sister and then I’d go to my room and you to yours and we could take care of our own frustrations.” She sighed as my right hand continued to massage and stroke her beautiful ass.

She went on, “so, that is what we will do, ohhh…will you stop, please!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32