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“How many, Mom?”

My mother, Joan, fresh from her shower, stood naked looking her body over in the mirror. As usual, she was causing my cock to raise its head. She turned halfway towards me, bringing her heavy tits into view.

“How many what?”

“Men. How many men did you sleep with before Dad…passed away? After he gave you permission.”

“Now don’t you worry about that, young man. Why does it matter?”

‘You were so hot and heavy after that kid at the grocery store that I began to wonder if he worked in the salami section. I know you still went on dates after I moved back. Was it a lot of men?”

Goodness knows I have no room to talk about being promiscuous. I was merely curious.

“If you must know, it was three. Bobby, the salami, was the main one. There was a guy that I picked up in a hotel bar when your Dad and I went out-of-town for that purpose. And there was Craig Edmonds. Oh, and now Frankie, of course.”

“Craig? You slept with him? When I had gym class with him he was too embarrassed to shower!”

“Believe me, he did it to protect the other guy’s egos.”

“And what about the bar? You and Dad picked up a guy for you?”

I thought about Peggy and her husband, the couple that I had a threesome with.

Mom was rubbing lotion on her legs.

“I did the picking and he watched me. That was the only time he watched.”

“Wow! We could…”

“Don’t get any ideas.”

“There’s a bar at this hotel.”

“I see you already have ideas. No, I had fun but once was enough.”

“Fun, huh? What part was fun? The sex, or being watched?”

“All of it, I suppose. Attracting men who wanted my old body was eye opening. I didn’t think I could walk in a place like that and leave with someone that easily.”

“Don’t give me that. You knew you would have no trouble getting most any guy.”

She was now stepping into a pair of lace panties. She slipped her dress on without bothering with a bra. She sat down on the bed to pull on a pair of stockings. A pair of tan pumps were waiting to go on her feet.

“We could test that, you know.”

“No, and aren’t you meeting Mr. Tillman for dinner tonight?”

“If you are game, we could do this one of two ways. One, I go with Tillman, and try to beat a sale out of him, pay for his food and drinks and probably end up not getting the deal. OR you can go down to the bar, give him my regrets. Tell him I’m ill and will see him in the morning. Then you flirt with him, let him to pay for dinner and you close the sale.”

“My son the pimp!”

“We introduced you as an assistant. Remember that he told me I was lucky to have someone so pretty to travel with.”

“And to take ‘dick-tation’ he said. Oh, Jon, he’s a pig.”

“You’re right, He’s a pig with a big project that can make or break us. I doubt if the other bidders have a secret weapon like you!”

“Do you think this might work?”

“Joan, my dear. I know Tillman. Grab his dick and he will sign his soul away.”

“And how do you know that particular technique works grup sex porno on him?”

“How do you think I got his business last year?”

She laughed at that. She had no idea.

“I guess it is a little to late to take the moral high ground. What exactly do you want me to do? I can’t guarantee I will sleep with him, but I will flirt a little.”

“Just have a good time and I’m sure he will, too. It will beat the bottle of aged scotch I got to bribe him”

“I will have dinner then take it from there. You owe me one!”

She looked sexy as hell when she left to go downstairs to meet horny Mr. Tillman. I didn’t wait up.

Mom came back in the middle of the night. She was shit-faced drunk and her clothes we in disarray. Her face and even her hair was dotted with dried semen. She laid down and was asleep almost instantly. I didn’t find out the story until later.

She wisely slept in while I went to see Tillman. He was late for our 10 am. Almost two hours late. He saw me waiting and said we may as well grab lunch. If his business wasn’t so critical to the company, I would not put up with his bullshit. He was an overweight, sweaty pig but I was desperately trying to keep his money coming in.

“Sorry I’m so late. But it was Joan’s fault. That bitch can suck a dick like no one’s business. And her pussy ain’t too bad either. Don’t worry, I didn’t stretch it out permanently. It’ll snap back in a couple weeks. Good as new.”

Yep he is a pig. Oh god, what kind of hell did I send my mother into?

The good news is we got the contract. I felt like I needed a shower when we finished up. I almost dreaded seeing Mom at the hotel, but she was in a chipper mood when I walked in. She was cleaned up and dressed in white shorts and a short sleeved top. I was hoping to get some myself but it was checkout time so we loaded the car and took off. Once on the road, I brought up the previous night.

“I am so sorry.”

“Whatever for? I’m a big girl, I can handle myself. It was actually fun.”

“So tell me, what put Tillman in such a good mood that he signed the contract without any negotiation?

“It’s a long story.”

“We have a 5 hour drive. I think that should cover it.”

She took a deep breath and started the story.


You made the suggestion that I go down to the bar and tell Tillman that you were ill and would not be able to join him for dinner. As we had predicted, Tillman jumped at the chance to dine with me.

He suggested a drink before we walked across the lobby to the restaurant. One drink led to another and another. I was unsteady on my feet so I leaned on his shoulder as we walked. He took a chance and put his hand under my short dress. I playfully slapped him, or, rather I tried, I lost my balance and he caught me. He said I was too tipsy to go to the restaurant, so he decided to get a room so, ‘we could get room service.’

It made sense to me at the time.

We managed to stumble to the room. To his credit, he did order food in. Eating helped, latina fuck tour porno but I was still pretty tipsy.

After we ate, I said I should go, but Mr. Tillman had other ideas. He pulled me in close. He smelled of sweat, the cheeseburger he had just eaten and faintly of ammonia. But I didn’t care. It had been a while since I last had a stranger. I was oddly attracted to him.

He had gotten a room with one queen bed. That was plenty.

He held me in close. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to kiss him but he made contact with my lips. I resisted, but he was undaunted. Then his tongue entered my mouth. I was hooked! As he swirled his meaty tongue around, I could feel my pussy starting to respond. I sucked on his tongue like it was a miniature cock. He apparently took that as permission to grope my body.

His hands made their way down to my ass cheeks. He grabbed them firmly though the dress fabric, pulling the hem higher until it bunched up almost to my waist. It was then easy for him slip his fingertips into my panties. One finger lightly brushed my sensitive asshole, another reached for my pussy.

I pushed him back. He looked disappointed until I grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it over my head leaving me in just my panties and hose. I didn’t give him time to react— I wanted to see his cock. I dropped to my knees and unbuckled and unzipped his slacks.

To say his cock was unusual is an understatement. I had not seen all that many but I was sure this one was an odd one. It was maybe six inches in length. The head was normal enough as were the next two inches. From there, however the shaft widened rapidly. The base was easily three times wider than the head! It was as if he started growing a massive penis then ran out of building material. I would have laughed, but I was too horny.

I was able to take the head in my mouth easily. The base was a different matter. So I concentrated on doing a good job on the ‘normal’ part. He seemed to understand. He tasted very salty, I’m no so sure I want to know why.

Tillman (he insisted on being called by his last name), let out a satisfied sigh. He kicked off his shoes and I helped take his pants the rest of the way off.

Here I was, half drunk, wearing only panties, sucking a guy I met less than an hour before! If that didn’t make me a slut then nothing would.

Should I bring him off with my mouth? He read my mind.

“I want to cum in your mouth, bitch. I’ll still be able to take care of your pussy, too. Beware. I cum A LOT! And I can go all night.”

“I can handle it,” I said, not really sure I could. Not really sure I wanted this smelly pig on top of me, pumping his seed into me.

I was sure I could get him off orally and that he wouldn’t get it up any more Boy, was I wrong!

He kept on talking “If you do a good job with your mouth, I will return the favor.”

What an ass! I had to prove myself to get something in return?

“NO! If I do you then you do me.”

I reached for his balls as I stood lezbiyen porno up. He followed me to the bed. With me grasping his nuts, he would have followed me anywhere. He got on the bed. I slipped my panties off and laid next to him in a 69 position. He got the message.

With me on top, I lowered my pussy onto his mouth. I simultaneously went down on his misshapen cock.

His huge tongue reminded of the guy in the band where the members wear make-up. It felt that big and long. I tried to do my best in return. I don’t think I came close to giving him as much pleasure.

I came loudly when his tongue rasped across my clit just right. At that point he had moved on top, presumably so he could fuck my mouth as deeply as possibly. To his credit he did warn me when he came. If not, I may have drowned!

He was right—he could cum a lot.

His first blast fire-hosed my mouth, the second one finished filling me. The third and fourth coated my face. Wow. It was almost too much to swallow.

I changed my mind about his sexual prowess. He continued to eat my pussy. I ground harder into his face trying get as much of his tongue into me as possible. He kept the pressure up except for an occasional withdrawal to flick his tongue over my asshole. It was the best oral I had ever had. As physically unappealing Tillman was, he was a still a good lover. I was ready to fuck him.

“I told you I came a lot.”

Globs of cum were still rolling down my face.

“I can’t argue with that!” I scooped up some with my finger and licked it off.

“I’m ready if you are. Sometimes it doesn’t go soft for hours. Well, a long time anyway. How about it. Are you ready to ‘earn’ the sale?

“What, how…”

“Oh come on, don’t look at me like that. When Jonathan shows up with an ‘assistant’ out of the blue and sends her to dinner with me, well, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.”

“I…I’m not a hooker.”

“I know, dear. What are you? A secretary, who was willing to help make the sale? Don’t make me no never mind. The best anyone has bribed me with is some bottle of old scotch whiskey and I can’t stand scotch. I will tell you that blow job has already made the sale, so if you want to stop now I will understand. I will make it worth your while either way.”

I don’t know why I went ahead and did it. Most likely it was the alcohol. I let him know my answer by laying back on the bed. I spread my legs and motioned for him to join me.


“Well, what do you think of your old Mom, now?”

We had reached our first stop on the way — a client that had some problems that I had to take care of since we were in his area anyway. Mom’s story had me worked up. Unlike her, I hadn’t had sex the night before.

“I am sorry for putting you in that situation.”

We were getting back on the road. Thinking of Tillman mounting my sweet mother and fucking her with a mutant dick was strangely exciting. If he really cums as much she say, maybe I should be the one to close the deal next time. I don’t know if it was that image that had gotten me aroused or the thought of kneeling in front of the big troll while he fills my mouth with a monster load.

Either way I had to have some relief soon.

I knew of a spot just off the highway. We had been fishing there several times. It was very secluded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32