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A few days later, Bitsy couldn’t help but grin over her success. Friday, the day of seduction, had gone as smoothly as she could have hoped, without any major hiccups.

Afterwards, of course, Mr. Gellar was, as to be expected, a little thrown off. His repetitive questions of “What were you thinking,” “What was I thinking,” were intermixed with exclamations like “I’m fucked!” and “This can never happen again.”

But Bitsy wasn’t going to let his predictable reaction stop her from having the best sex she’s ever had again. Shit, she could barely stand after the pounding he gave her. She had never felt to satisfied in her entire life – not that she had been having sex for all that long, mind you.

But even at the age of 18, Bitsy recognized the difference between common sex and explosive sex. And what had happened with Mr. Gellar…

Well, she didn’t want to have it again. She needed it. She craved it.

By the time Monday rolls around, Bitsy was ready for fireworks. She was so ready, in fact, that she couldn’t wait til after class.

The minute the lunch bell rang, she strutted towards Mr. Gellar’s classroom, knowing he usually took lunch in his classroom in case he needed to help a student with any questions they might have.

His door was open, and she peeked inside, making sure there were no other students, and the sight that greeted her drew her up short.

There, sitting on Mr. Gellar’s desk, was a woman in a business skirt and jacket, sitting on his desk, while he stood in front of her, kissing her, in much the same fashion that he had kissed Bitsy the Friday before.

Mr. Gellar drew back from the kiss enough to smile at the woman in front of him and say “I missed you, Kerri.”

Bitsy ataşehir escort scowled, while backing out of the door so she didn’t disturb the reunited couple. Kerri was Mr. Gellar’s fiancé, whom he mentioned every now and then during class.

As Bitsy walked away – and she’s very proud to say she was simply WALKING, not STORMING – she mentally cracked her knuckles. Fine. This would put a small wrench in her plans. No big deal. A little ole’ competition never hurt anyone. And fuck, competition made it that much more challenging, and Bitsy could never say no to a challenge.

However, Bitsy’s body had been prepared for sex. Bitsy could still feel the wetness in her panties every time she walked. And her nipples were rubbing against their confinement in her bra, making it very hard for Bitsy to think about anything but sex.

Every step Bitsy took brought her that much closer to major torment. It made it harder and harder for her to not moan when her breasts bounced.

So instead of heading to the cafeteria, Bitsy headed to the west end of the high school, where she knew a bathroom that was hardly ever frequented because hardly any of the toilets worked.

Bitsy didn’t need a working toilet. She needed privacy.

She walked right in, and luckily, noticed the lock that was on the door, and locked it behind her to ensure privacy.

She went into a stall, sat on the toilet, and wasted no time in pulling up her skirt – she had worn a short, flowy red skirt for easy access for her sexcapade with Mr. Gellar, but it still provided the easy access she would need for her solo sexcapade.

Bitsy slid her hand into her little white panties and could barely contain the whimper of joy kadıköy escort bayan that arose from her throat when her finger slipped by her clit.

Her other hand immediately went under her tight t-shirt and under her bra, so she could better access at least one of her nipples to pinch and roll between her fingers.

Now that she was settled, she let her imagination run wild.

In her fantasy, she had forgotten to lock the bathroom door, and she wasn’t in the girl’s bathroom, she was actually in the men’s. She slipped two fingers inside her wet cunt and moaned aloud at the contact, and in her fantasy, the door opened right as she moaned.

“Hello?” it was Mr. Gellar’s voice on the other side of the stall. “Is someone in there?”

The stall door magically flew open, and there was Bitsy, with her fingers down her panties, and Bitsy imagined the raw lust flashing in his eyes before he would protest a little more, even in Bitsy’s fantasy.

She would take her fingers out of her panties, suck on one of her fingers, and hold out another one for Mr. Gellar. “I taste so good, Mr. Gellar,” she would say in her best little girl voice. “Don’t you want to try?”

He would back up against the wall as Bitsy advanced, holding his hands up as she crowded him, but he wouldn’t try to stop her hand as she held it up to his mouth and slid one of her wet fingers into his mouth.

Bitsy was humping her fingers, now four of them inside her pussy, her thumb working her clit, and her fingers pulling on her nipple, as she imagined the change in Mr. Gellar, just like the first time, when he finally would let lust rein his actions.

“Oh, fuck,” she whined as the images assailed her. Mr. Gellar ripping escort maltepe her shirt off and opening the front clasp of her bra, Mr. Gellar turning them around so her back was against the wall, Mr. Gellar hoisting her up and having her legs wrap around his waist as he humped her against the wall.

She was so close, she was straining against her hand, desperate to reach that climax; the image that sent her flying over the edge was Mr. Gellar, not even bothering to take off his pants, just opening his zipper and bringing his cock out, before he held her panties to one side and thrust his dick into Bitsy’s fuck hole.

As she came, she brought her hand from her breast to her mouth to muffle her screams, just in case some teachers were bringing their lunches back to their classrooms.

After a few seconds of recuperating, Bitsy stood up, put herself back to rights, and walked out the stall. She washed her hands calmly, and though she looked flushed, she decided it wasn’t really obvious what she’d been doing. She unlocked the bathroom door, and started walking down the hallway.

As she was about to pass Mr. Gellar’s room on the way to the library, where she spent most of her lunches, his door was closed. Bitsy frowned at it, slowing as she came upon it. Then an idea took ahold of her, and she couldn’t shake it.

She walked over to the door, knocked, and no one answered. She tired the knob, and as it turned in her hand, the door opened, and Bitsy slipped inside.

Mr. Gellar, and his fiancé, were nowhere in sight, and since there was just the classroom, no closets or anything, Bitsy concluded they must have went to lunch together.

So Bitsy crept over to Mr. Gellar’s desk, flipped up her skirt one more time, slid her panties off, and opened the top draw of Mr. Gellar’s desk to slip them inside. She spotted some post-it notes on his desk, and left a note with her panties that said “Thinking of you. Signed, B.”

Grinning, she walked, pantiless, from the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32