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I had gone out on a few dates with a woman named Deb. She was cute with reddish hair, she was smart and had a decent job. I wined and dined her a few times but she wouldn’t put out. In fact, she barely kissed me at the end of our dates. One evening I finally got tired of her act. I pulled up to her apartment to let her out.

“Aren’t you going to come in?” She asked me.

“What for?” I said. “You don’t seem to want any more than a meal from me.”

Deb gave me this strange look. She asked me if I meant sex. I told her yes, I wanted sex. She could have hit me with a brick next.

“I’m saving myself for when I get married.”

“How old are you, twenty-five or twenty-six. How long are you plan on waiting?” I said to her.

Deb got this scowl on her face. She got out of my car and then ran into her apartment. That went well I thought. I drove back home and I fumed for awhile. My phone rang, it was my sister Gwen.

“I thought I would catch up with you. I didn’t expect you to be home.”

I told her my date didn’t go as planned. Gwen asked me if I wanted some company. I told her to come on over if she wanted to. My sister and I seemed to have the same problem. Gwen was attractive with dark hair. She was a department head where she worked. She probably made more money than any of the guys she was seeing. I soon heard my doorbell and I let Gwen inside.

I vented to my sister. She told me we seemed to be in the same boat.

“Guys don’t even want sex with me. They want me to spend my money on them. You and I should be lovers,” she told me.

I thought that was a strange thing to say to me. Gwen said she was going to use the bathroom. I sat there for awhile but Gwen was a no-show.

“Gwen?” I said.

“I’m back here,” she called out to me.

I got up from the chair and walked back down the hallway. I looked into my bedroom and there was my sister lying naked on my bed. I never saw my sister nude before. Her dark bush was shaved down and her pear shaped tits were jutting out from her chest.

“Come over and join me,” she said.

I walked closer. Gwen told me to get comfortable so I gave in and stripped out of my clothes. My sister motioned for me to climb up over her face. I knew this bagros porno was so crazy but I did as she asked. Gwen reached out and took hold of my balls. She pulled my cock close to her mouth and then she opened and took my dick down her throat. Fuck, I couldn’t control myself. I was soon pumping my dick into my sister’s face. She was taking all seven inches of me right down to the root.

Gwen made me hard, that much was for sure. My sister pulled away and told me to get down onto the bed. Gwen parted her thighs and I crawled in between. A couple of hours ago I was pissed about not getting sex. Now here I was with my cock pointed at my sister’s opening. Gwen reached out and took hold of my dick. She guided me to her passage and I sunk into my sister’s tight hole.

“Please Matt, fuck me hard!” She called out to me.

I pushed all the way into my sister. My balls were resting on her ass. I held my cock there briefly and then I took my sister. It was so wild, I was burying my rod all the way inside Gwen. She was squeezing my hard rod and I could feel her pussy muscles convulsing. I just had to taste her nipples. I lowered my mouth and began to bite her pink buds. That really set Gwen off. My sister placed her legs around my waist and she held on tight. I was pumping my prick hard into my sister’s greedy quim.

I have no idea how long I fucked my sister. I could tell my sister was out of it.

“I want you to cum in me Matt, it’s okay,” she said.

I was so close and I wanted to go longer. I gave my cock to my sister a few minutes more and then I came. My seed came spewing out like I had turned a hose on. Gwen’s head snapped back and she screamed as she felt my warm flow hitting her belly. I kept on sliding my dick into my sister until I felt empty. I finally went soft and I pulled out. Gwen and I held each other for a long time. I thought she might stay but she said she had things to do the following morning. My sister got up and cleaned herself up. She dressed and I saw her to the door.

“We can talk tomorrow sometime,” and off she went.

I was having a hard time believing what just happened. I went back to the bathroom and wiped my dick off and then fell into bed. I woke up to the sound bangbus porno of the doorbell again. I thought it might be my sister. So I ran to the door and opened it. It was Deb. There I was standing there with morning wood. You should have seen Deb’s face.

“Do you normally answer the door like this?” She said.

“What do you want?” I asked her.

She said she was hoping we could talk. I pulled her in by her arm. I didn’t want my neighbors seeing me at the door with a hard-on. Deb told me she didn’t want to fight with me. The whole time she was looking at my erect cock. I told her if she didn’t want to fight with me she knew what has to happen. She looked hesitant. I decided to act. I walked over to her and put my hands on her shoulders. She seemed shocked when I pushed her down onto her knees.

I had had enough. I took my cock and started to slap her mouth with it. I think Deb opened up to say something and I shoved my dick into her mouth. She tried to resist but I put both hands on the back of her head. God, I was still horny that morning. I fed Deb’s throat with my dick. She eventually didn’t fight it and she put her hands on the back of my legs and pulled my cock into her mouth. This was more like it, I thought. I could hear Deb moaning as she swallowed all of me. I stopped eventually and pulled away.

I lifted Deb up and I started pulling up on her top. I had this feeling she didn’t see that coming. She sort of semi-resisted but I managed to undress her. I told her to kick off her shoes and then I led her back to my bed. No more nonsense I thought. I pushed Deb onto her back and I got into between her legs. I buried my face between her creamy thighs. I used my tongue and I lapped up and down her folds.

Deb had those big folds that just make me crazy when I see them. I pushed my tongue inside her. I could feel the heat pouring off her tunnel. Deb soon had her hands on the back of my head. She was now urging me to give her oral. I wasn’t only going to use my tongue. I pulled away and then took my cock in my one hand. I started to slide the fat part of my dick across her wet slit.

“Oh my God,” Deb cried out.

I found her opening with my mushroom and I slid inside her damp pussy. I beurette tour porno was going to have her one time if nothing else. I did find out she wasn’t a virgin after all. She was damn tight anyway you cut it. I got my hands up under her knees and I pushed her legs forward. I gave Deb probably what she needed all along. Deb had small tits. Probably less than a ‘B’ cup. I was in a sucking mood. I took turns sucking each nipple into my mouth. Oh yes, Deb was now getting into it.

My reluctant date was now panting like a dog on a summer’s day. I drove my cock in the whole way and then I pulled out, just leaving my cock head inside.

“Please Matt, don’t stop now!”

I wasn’t going to stop, not by a long shot. I fed Deb for a good hour I think. I was crazy with fuck lust. There was no way Deb was using birth control. Here I was taking her with my bare cock. I just couldn’t bring myself to pull out. Maybe that was what Deb was expecting. I grunted right before I gave Deb my load. I was surprised I had anything to give after last night with my sister but I did.

When Deb felt me unload she screamed. I knew she couldn’t be happy I gave her my sticky cream. It was too late. My cum came streaming out and I gave Deb a good dose of my man love. Deb shook as I kept feeding her cock. When I finally got soft she told me to pull out. Just like that she smacked my face.

“You asshole, what if I get pregnant?”

Alright, it wasn’t the smartest thing I have done but she pushed me too far. Deb got up and found the bathroom. I could hear her trying to clean up the best she could. When she came back she had cooled down somewhat.

“I guess I brought that upon myself,” she said.

From now on I would need to use a rubber, she told me. Quite frankly, I didn’t think there would be a next time and I sure wasn’t going to wear a rubber. I hated those things. I could never feel a woman’s pussy properly.

Deb got dressed and she said we could talk later after she got herself together. Deb couldn’t have been gone a half hour when my sister called.

“Did you recover from last night?” She asked.

I told her I was just fine. Gwen told me she had been thinking about what we had done. She didn’t have any regrets. In fact, she was hoping I would be free later that day. I didn’t think my cock could take all this fucking but I told her to stop by. I have no idea how all this is going to play out. Maybe I am done with Deb and I can just enjoy my sister in bed. I hope it all works out for the best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32