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Another long day at the office had Shel’s shoulders balled up and tight. She stretched her neck to the side and squeezed her traps. She needed to finish a few more things then she’d be done for the night. She took a deep breath and went back to work.

“Are your shoulders a little tight? Let me help.” Jake, appearing out of nowhere, massaged her shoulders with his big strong hands.

“Oh, thanks, that’s nice Jake, but I’m okay” Shel moved away from his touch. She liked Jake but she didn’t want him touching her.

“No, please, I want to” and he continued to squeeze her shoulders and rub her back. Shel admitted to herself that it felt good but she didn’t think it was appropriate for her co-worker to be touching her like this.

She got up from her desk and out of his embrace. “Thanks, Jake, it’s really okay. I’m going to go get some water.”

“Wait” he said and grabbed her arm. “You’ve been working so hard lately, Shel. I’ve noticed how late you’re staying and how early you’re coming in. You could really use this. You’re under a lot of stress.”

“Well, the Colsworth project is in full swing, you know how it goes. It’s almost done, I’m fine, really.”

Jake grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. He firmly placed his lips on hers. Shel pushed him away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Jake didn’t let go .

He placed her onto her desk and pinned himself ataşehir escort bayan against her body. “Come on Shelly, you know you want this. I’ve noticed how you’ve been eyeing me lately. Wearing those pretty little skirts and lipstick. Don’t deny it.”

“Jake, I’m a married woman, happily married. Get the fuck away from me!” She attempted again to push him away but he held her too tightly. He roughly placed his lips on her and she tasted a clean, minty smell on his breath.

She couldn’t deny that she was attracted to him. She had been giving him little glances here and there though she hadn’t thought she noticed. She’d been working late and hadn’t seen much of her husband, Paul. He was also working and traveling a lot. They were both home this morning, though, and they only had a few minutes before having to rush off to work. She could still feel his sperm swimming around inside her.

“Jake, no, please stop. I can’t do this”. But he had already had his hands at the hem of her skirt, hiking it above her waist. She felt herself get moist though she tried to stop it. He rubbed up against her with his erection bulging through his pants.

“Shel, don’t resist, you know you want this. I know I really do. Nobody has to know.”

She tried again to push him away, she couldn’t do this to Paul, it would devastate him. She lifted her knee in aim for his escort kadıöy balls but his reflexes were quick. He grabbed her leg and wrapped it around his waist. He quickly unzipped and pulled down his pants in one swift movement. He grabbed her other leg and wrapped them both around him and swiftly stuck his hand in her crotch to move her panties to the side.

He entered her hard and fast with a powerful thrust. She grunted in surprise. He gave her 3 hard thrusts. “Just to warm you up” he breathed in her ear. His dick was big and fat, his width filled her entirely. Much different from Paul who was long and lean.

Jake changed from thrusting to long, slow movements in and out of Shel. She felt her sloppy mess of wetness and she knew there was no turning back at this point. He slid out touching her clit with the tip of his dick and then back in. Damn, this felt so good. She capitulated and took off her shirt, exposing her breasts, nipples erect with excitement. Jake gently reached up and fondled them, turning her nipples in his hands before leaning down and gently suckling one.

“I had always pictured your nipples in my mind as a soft pink but look how brown they are. Brown is the color of wild girls. God that’s sexy.” He suckled the other breast and continued his slow movements in and out of her.

He moved her office chair out of the way and laid her on the maltepe escort ground, slipping off her panties. He kissed her mouth, soft and gentle like his lovemaking.

“You are so gorgeous, do you know that?” he said as he stared in her eyes.

He re-entered her softly and Shel opened herself to him. She let out a gentle “mmmmm”, a moan that Jake echoed in a primitive growl. “Ahhhh, grrrrr”. The sound was raw and primal, animalistic. She found it so sexy that it sent her body over the edge. Her body stiffened underneath him as orgasmic waves seized her body, her legs tightening around him as she drank in the pleasure.

Realizing Shel had cum, Jake quickened his pace and moved inside her harder and deeper. “Oh my god, you feel so fucking good, like nothing I’ve felt before”. Jake felt like his cock was immersed in warm honey, sweet and sticky. He released inside of her, a volcanic eruption that was so powerful he was sure it would blow a hole through her skull.

This was always Shel’s favorite part of sex, the throbbing of the man’s orgasm as he poured his seed into her. And the thought of Paul and Jake’s cum intermingling inside her made her feel so dirty, so naughty. And she loved it. The very thought created another orgasmic tidal wave, this time more intense than the first. She felt the shock shoot through her uterus up to her head and reverberate throughout her body so even her toes quivered. She had never had a multiple orgasm before.

He kissed her forehead and pulled out of her.

“So, how are your shoulders feeling? Any better?” He winked as he placed his hand on her belly. “I’ll be your stress relief anytime you need it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32