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Growing up, I didn’t understand what exactly my father did for a living. I knew he worked for the government, one of those alphabet agencies like the FBI, CIA or something like that. I guess I was 14 or 15 when he went on a special assignment as a ‘deep undercover operative’ which took him away for almost a year with no contact. The only thing he told us was he was stopping bad guys from hurting women.

That summer, life went on without him, except for the fact that my mother became stricter by the day. Limiting when and where I went. I was increasingly becoming more defiant too. When dad returned, he told my mother that he was forced into sexual acts with various adult men and adult women to keep his cover so he could get to the real criminals in order to conclude the case and make numerous arrests. I vaguely remember a major news story surrounding the arrest and how one of the largest underaged sex trafficking rings in America was brought down with over 100 arrests.

My mother blamed him for the affairs saying he could have stopped it but wanted to have sex with other women, but she never addressed the sex with other men. Long story short, they divorced. I chose to live with my dad. Over the years, I kept in touch with my mother, but didn’t really spend much time with her. She still lived in the metro area, but I didn’t visit or call often.

The summer I turned 21, my buddies and I agreed that going to the beach in Florida for spring break would be prime hunting grounds for one-night stands. We wouldn’t have to worry about seeing the girls afterward around our hometown. We arrived on Saturday afternoon, and settled into our hotel room after loading up on a supply of booze for the week. When checking into our rooms at the lobby desk, a group of ladies walked past us, giggling and carrying on as they headed toward the elevator. One of them, a strawberry blonde, caught my attention and we shared a smile. Soon we were dropping our stuff in the room.

As we headed out of the hotel for dinner, I saw the same strawberry blonde sitting on a couch in the lobby with her phone in hand. I told the guys I would catch up and walked over to her. She was gorgeous. Probably 5’7″ with stunning brown eyes, proportioned beautifully. If I had to guess, she probably had B cup sized breasts. She wasn’t what some guys are looking for, but I was mesmerized. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I knew I had to talk to her.

As I got closer to her, my nerves started getting the better of me. I froze momentarily, about to turn and head for the door, when she looked up and smiled at me. My insides turned into jelly as my heart melted. I smiled back and said, “Hey” as I grabbed a chair to steady myself.

“Wow, you have barely been here and hour and you’re already that drunk?”

“No ma’am, just taken aback by you.”

Her smile broadened as she brushed her hair behind her ear, and an awkward silence set in. I was freaking out on the inside as I had never attempted to be so bold before. She broke the silence by asking, “Where are you from? Your accent and the fact that you called me ma’am, says your from somewhere here in the South.”

“Yes ma’am, Georgia”

“I’m from Georgia!”

“I’m David.”


As we continued our small talk, we discovered that we lived about two hours from each other. The longer our talk went, the more drawn in I became. We were still sitting there getting to know each other when my buddies came back in from dinner. It was then that we realized we had been sitting and talking for almost two hours. I finally asked her if her friends would be worried about her, and she politely explained that they had been checking on her the entire time we were talking. If she had not enjoyed my company or our talk, they would have bailed her out she said with a laugh. Another two hours flew by as we continued to talk.

We both were getting tired and I asked her if I could see her again in the morning. She said she would like that and asked me what time. I jokingly replied, “The earlier the better.”

“Then why say goodnight? I have my own room.”

I had planned on a week of nothing but one-night stands, yet I couldn’t bring myself to treat her that way. Just in the several hours of talking to her, I had begun developing strong feelings, or dare I say, I was falling in love with her. I attempted to explain to her, without sounding like a blubbering idiot, that I wasn’t looking to just hook up for the night. She smiled again as she said, “I know, but this just feels right, and I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

Once we were in her room, we settled onto the bed half laying, half sitting, side by side as we continued to talk, getting to know each other better. I finally leaned down and kissed her on the top of the head and told her goodnight. She gave a warm, “Mmmmmm” as she snuggled into my side.

The next morning, I awoke with the typical morning wood, but we were both still clothed so I was in a lot of discomfort. Heather was still big ass porno snuggled up to me. I slowly and quietly slipped out of the bed and went to the bathroom. As I relieved myself, thankfully my morning wood went down. When I came out, she was looking at me through sleepy eyes with that smile. Again, I had to steady myself. I told her I needed to go take a shower and change my clothes before we got breakfast. She looked heartbroken. Then her face lit up as she suggested I go get all my clothes and stay with her the rest of the week. I couldn’t get to my room fast enough. The guys were all still passed out, and by the looks of it, they will need to go get more booze before the end of the day. I texted them all letting them know I was changing rooms for the better.

When I got back to Heather’s room, I let myself in with the key she gave to me. I heard the shower running and didn’t expect her to be sitting on the bed. I froze, there she was sitting on the edge in nothing but a towel. My mouth began to salivate. I looked her up and down and could only mutter a weak, “Wow!”

Heather smiled, “There you are, was beginning to think I would have to shower alone in cold water.”

I was dumbfounded and in disbelief she was suggesting a shower together. I asked her if she was sure about it and she explained that I was such a gentleman as to not take advantage of her overnight or when I woke up, that she trusted me and knew I wouldn’t hurt her, even if she was nude. She stood and took my breath away as she removed her towel. I let my eyes take in every inch of her bare flesh. I was right about her breast size, B-cups, or a small C and her pubic hair had been shaved. She had average sized areola’s with little button sized nipples that grew as she stood there on display. She turned slowly to show me a beautiful ass. Not too big and not too small. It was exactly as I like it! She broke my trance when she asked if I was joining her. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and stood there in front of her as my flaccid cock began to rise. Heather smiled coyly and said, “I guess ‘it’ likes what it sees!”

We stepped into the shower and let the water run over our bodies. Heather grabbed her loofa, soaping it up and began washing herself. I was in awe. She noticed me staring and teasingly asked, “Are you going to wash yourself or just stand there smiling?”

“Sorry, but it is taking every ounce of self-control to keep from exploring your body.”

Heather blushed slightly as she offered me the loofa, “Please?”

I took the loofa as she turned letting me wash her back. I started with her shoulders and slowly and worked my way down her back. I paused briefly above her ass, before I noticed her slowly nodding yes. I continued over each cheek of her ass. When I started to wash in between her cheeks, she stepped her feet apart. I continued down and around until I was washing her outer lips. Her breath began to shorten as she was grasping onto the wall for support.

I washed down one leg, foot and toes and swapped over to the other foot and toes. As I made my way back up her other leg, she turned facing me and stepped further apart. I gently washed over her beautiful pussy, and continued upward across her mons, where the loofa caught in the stubble and fell out of my hands. I quickly smirked up at her and said, “Looks like I have to use my hands now.”

Heather nodded as I reached up and lathered up her outer lips. I slowly worked my finger in washing her inner lips. I slid my hand upward as I felt the hood of her clitoris gently fold back. She inhaled sharply and grabbed my shoulder as I slowly slid my finger over her clit. I continued upward feeling the prickly stubble of her pubic hair on my fingertips. I slowly lathered her stomach working my way up to her breasts.

I took one in each hand and washed them meticulously. I used my thumbs to wash over her hard nipples, causing them to become more erect. She moaned softly in response, so I continued playing with her nipples. Reluctantly, I moved my way up to her neck and face. Once I was certain I hadn’t missed an inch of her body I spoke, “Time for me to wash your hair.”

Heather rinsed the soap from her face and stared into my eyes. I smiled awkwardly and asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

“I think I am falling for you.” She softly bit her lower lip before looking back at me.

With that, we embraced into a deep passionate kiss, letting our hands explore each other’s bodies. We were both breathless when we pulled apart. I can’t recall a time when I have ever been so turned on. She looked down at my erect cock and licked her lips. She hinted at kneeling down, so I lifted my finger to her chin turning her face upward toward me. We kissed again with the same fire and passion as the first. It was at this moment and time I knew, without a doubt, I was in love and she was my soulmate.

After I finished washing her hair, Heather grabbed my body wash and lathered her hands. She smiled wide saying, “My turn.” big tits porno As she slowly worked her hands over my face and neck, before telling me to rinse. She then started on my shoulders and toward my chest. As she worked her way down my chest, she slowly used her thumbs on my nipples, much like I did to her. I never had that done before and it was enough to make my cock twitch.

Heather worked her hands down my stomach and into my pubic region. She laughed saying, “Guess I’m not the only one who needs to shave.” As she lightly scraped her nails over my own pubic stubble. By now my erection was almost painful. It had been so hard, for so long, as I was so turned on that I knew I would explode as soon as she touched it. Without going down any further, she told me to turn so she could wash my back.

Heather got more body wash and washed down my back. She caressed each butt cheek with the soap, slowly working her way in between them. I was in heaven as she slid her finger across my anal opening. I gasped and reached for the wall, as my knees tried to buckle out from underneath me. She jumped back and asked, “Did I hurt you?”

After catching my breath, I replied, “Oh no, that was pure pleasure. I’ve had never had a female touch me there. That was so erotic and pleasuring that my knees tried to buckle.”

Heather slowly reached back in using her finger and washed me thoroughly. I looked down at my cock and there was a string of precum from the tip to the shower floor. I told her about it, and she pressed herself into my back. She was rubbing her breasts on my back while playing with my asshole. I have never cum prematurely or cum without some type of stimulation on my cock. She never inserted her finger into me, just worked it around the outside. Right then and there, I came what felt like a bucket full onto the wall of the shower. My body convulsing and jerking uncontrollably. I was shocked and embarrassed. What kind of a man will she think I am?

Heather then reached around with her soap lathered hands and began washing my cock and balls. Having just cum I was tender, but she gently milked any remnants that were left in me while ensuring I was clean. After rinsing, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. After what seemed like kissing for an eternity, she pulled away and said she wanted to shave. We both shaved ourselves and turned the water off.

I handed her a towel before grabbing one for myself to dry off. As she finished, I took her towel and hung it up next to mine. When I turned around, I looked her naked body up and down, took her into my arms, kissing her again. Our hands began roaming each other’s bodies. She reached between us and lightly stroked my semi hard cock as I reached between us and kneaded her breasts and nipples.

When we broke the kiss, I continued to give her little kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder. I continue downward kissing across one breast the then other. I then began licking her back across. I licked around one of her nipples and gave a kiss directly on top of it. Her hand was in my hair and holding my head as I continued to lick and tease her nipple with my tongue. I moved to the other breast and continued with the same treatment. Her breaths were shorter and more rapid as she started to make little moans of pleasure.

Still standing in the middle of the bathroom, I slowly kissed down to her navel where I teased it with my tongue briefly before continuing to kiss downward. Just as I was about to get my first taste of her, she stops me and says, “The bed would be more comfortable.”

I stand and pull her in for another kiss. When she wraps her arms around my neck, I slid my hands down beneath her ass picking her up. She wraps her legs around my waist, and I can feel just how turned on she really is. She was wet, really wet. We never broke our kiss as I walk us out of the bathroom and over to the bed. I slowly bend at my waist, laying her gently onto the bed. As I do this, I feel her wetness slide across the head of my cock. It twitches with excitement as I break our kiss.

I stood up and admired her body before me. She was on her back, with her legs spread giving me an unobstructed view of her beauty. I lean back in for another kiss as I caress her naked body with my hands. I slide my hands down her sides, across her hips and onto her thighs. I continue caressing her legs all the way to her feet. I lift her feet and kiss the tops of them both. I give little kisses all over them working my way toward her toes. As I kissed her pretty little toes, I reached my tongue out and licked between two of her toes. I have never done that before, and don’t know why I did. She began to squirm on the bed. Seeing her reaction made me do it again, with the same results. I then sucked gently on her toes continuing to work my tongue in between them.

I could feel the precum oozing from my cock again. I alternated between kissing and licking up her left leg past her knee and onto her inner thigh. I could smell her arousal as blacked porno I worked my way up. I got to where her inner thigh met her groin and paused, kissing and licking. After one final kiss I slowly, while breathing deeply, moved my face to the right side of her pussy and began kissing and licking the same areas. I looked at her face and saw pure bliss. She was using both of her hands to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples. I kissed down to her foot, sucking and licking her toes, then made my way back to her inner thigh. By now her sexual scent of arousal was strong. She was so wet that she was leaking down into her ass crack.

I kissed all around her outer lips. Her hips slowly gyrating on the bed. I flattened my tongue and made one long slow lick over her entire pussy. She was sweet, almost honey sweet. I continue with the long flat strokes of my tongue as she began moaning and tweaking her nipples harder now. I then narrow my tongue and begin to work her outer lips then her inner lips and back out. She is dripping more and more. I slide my hands up and push her thighs back toward the bed, which causes her pussy to fully open and exposes her anus which his covered in her juices. I dive in with my tongue lapping at her inner folds. I work my tongue back out and down to her ass. I lick every bit of her juices from her ass and focus on tickling her anal bud with my tongue. Without warning, she stiffened arching her back, she grabs my head and forces it hard into her ass. I continue probing and licking with my tongue. I then shoved my tongue directly on her anal bud penetrating her ass. She covers her face with a pillow and screams in ecstasy. I continue to wiggle my tongue until I feel her start to come down and ease her grasp on my head.

I licked straight back up to the inner folds of her pussy tasting the remnants of her orgasm. As I work her pussy with my tongue, I could tell she was building another orgasm. I went for broke and slowly slid two of my fingers inside her. I gently worked around until I felt her G-spot. I slowly circled my finger inside her until I felt its texture begin to change. This was accompanied by a drastic change in her breathing. I slid my tongue up and licked her clitoris. Again, she started bucking her hips and gyrating. I mounted a full on, but sensual assault on her clit, alternating between licking and gently sucking, while my fingers continued to massage her G-spot. Grabbing me with both hands she pulled me tightly into her pussy. I sucked her clit hard and rubbed inside her feverishly. That pushed her over the edge, and she began speaking incoherent words of pleasure as she arched her back and came again on my fingers and face. I honestly think she just created a new language.

Heather gasped sharply as I removed my two fingers from within her. I stuck them in my mouth and sucked them clean. With both hands still on my head she pulls me up to her and into another deep passionate kiss. As the kiss ceased, I looked into her eyes. Words can’t describe what I saw as it was a mixture of pleasure, ecstasy and love amongst several other things. I couldn’t help myself at that point and said, “I love you.”

Heather looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I love you too.” With that, I slowly worked myself into position to line up my cock with her opening. I slowly eased forward while looking into her eyes. She smiled and nodded a yes and closed her eyes as I slowly entered her. Once I was fully inside her, I held perfectly still. She opened her eyes and I told her again that I loved her. I felt a shudder from her vaginal walls as I said it. I slowly backed myself out of her until the head of my cock was about to pop out, before starting another slow stroke in. I continued this pace for a couple of minutes before increasing the speed. After several minutes of traditional missionary, I pulled out and asked her to get onto her knees. She happily changed positions. As I was positioning myself, I paused long enough to bend down and give her a lick from her clit, backwards across her anal bud. She shivered with excitement as I did this. I aligned myself with her and slowly slid in from behind her. As I increased my speed, she arched her back. I could feel my ball sack slapping against her clit. She was moaning loudly as I continued. I looked down to where our bodies were adjoined. Her anal bud looked so good, I wished I could have licked it while taking her doggy style.

I licked my thumb, getting it good and wet and reached down to massage her little bud. She gasped, shivered, and screamed into the pillows. Her vaginal walls shuddered along my cock before clamping down. I continued to work her little bud while doing my best to continue pumping in and out of her. Her pussy was clamping down so hard I could barely move without moving her with me. I gave up on my attempts to thrust anymore and focused attention to her ass. I began pushing my thumb on her bud until it opened and took about half an inch of my thumb inside her. As this happened, she loosened her vaginal grip and told me to pound her hard. I obliged and gave everything I had to give. I was pounding into her hard, my balls slapping her clit and my thumb slowly starting to work in and out of her ass. She was building another orgasm and I could feel the tingle beginning in my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32