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After we’ve been married for a while, we all notice that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Whether it’s with a next-door neighbor, a co-worker, a wife’s friend, or with her sister, our sister-in-law, we all wonder what it would be like to be married to them. Truly, without doubt, Joe should have married his wife’s sister. He should have married his sister-in-law.

Keeping it all in the family, after Joe had sex with his slutty, 22-year-old daughter, Samantha, and his 65-year-old MILF of a mother-in-law, Irene, he finally had sex with his sexy, 42-year sister-in-law, Kathy. After lusting over her for 24-years, a longtime coming, Joe finally had sex with his wife’s sister. Love at first sight, she had always been his one true love, and now they were together forever.

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from chapter 04:

They talked about everything and laughed over nothing. An hour later with her on her third glass of wine, his mother-in-law asked him a simple, albeit a sexually loaded question. If she was anyone else, he wouldn’t think twice of her asking such a question. Yet, she wasn’t just any woman. She was his mother-in-law. She was the mother of his deceased wife, Maureen, and the mother of his sister-in-law, Kathy, his true love.

As wrong as it was to have incestuous sex with his daughter, Samantha, it was wrong to think about having with his sister-in-law, Kathy. Now, continuing with his forbidden, sexual, incestuous fantasies, he was hoping to have sex with his mother-in-law, Irene. He was glad that his mother was no longer alive, otherwise, he’d be thinking about having sex with her, too.

Where does it all end? Next, he’ll be wanting to have an incestuous orgy. Next, he’ll be wanting to have sex with his daughter, his sister-in-law, and his mother-in-law all in the same bed. Has he lost all respect for these women to want to have sex with them? Yet, with him not all to blame, they wanted to have sex with him as much as he wanted to have sex with them.

# # #

“Tell me and be honest. I’m curious to know,” she paused while giving him another sexy stare and naughty look. “If you could sexually do anything to me,” she said with a dramatic pause for sexual effect. “Anything at all,” she said while mindlessly sliding a slow and deliberate hand across her huge, nightgown clad breast.

Obviously, with him wishing that he could do the same, she paused again to watch him staring at her touching and feeling her enormous breast.

“If I allowed you to sexually do anything to my submissive body,” she said with another pause. “What would you do,” she asked while sexually and seductively teasing him by sliding a slow tongue across her red, full lips?

Not even having to think about it, while imagining his mother-in-law topless, he answered her question with as much sexual excitement as she asked him her question with obvious, sexual arousal.

“My sexual fantasy come true,” he said while staring down at her big breasts before looking up at her bright, blue eyes. “If I could sexually do anything to your submissive body, I’d love to make out with you while touching you and feeling you everywhere through your clothes. Then, I’d love to slowly strip you naked while continuing to make out with you and touching and feeling you everywhere that a son-in-law should never touch and feel his mother-in-law’s naked body.”

She laughed a sexy laughed while giving him another naughty look. As if she was Demi Moore and he was Ashton Kutcher, with her so very much older than him, she looked at him with sexual seduction. Obviously, in the way that he was imagining touching and feeling her, she was imagining him touching and feeling her, too.

“Well, this is your lucky day, Joe. Go for it,” said Irene dropping her hands by her sides to give him free and full access to her enormous, nightgown clad breasts. “I dare you to kiss me while touching me and feeling me everywhere through my nightgown.”

# # #

After daring him to touch and feel her while kissing her, as if she was his mother and he was her son, Irene looked down at her massive, double D, cup breasts before looking up at her sexually excited son-in-law. Not allowing this sexual opportunity to pass him by as he did on his wedding day, 24-years-ago, his sexual fantasy finally come true, Joe leaned into Irene and kissed her lips. Then, something he had yearned to do, he parted her lips with his tongue while touching, feeling, and fondling her big breasts through her thin, sheer nightgown.

As soon as he touched her breasts, her nipples erected themselves in the way that his cock grew bigger and harder. Her breasts were so big that they filled his big hands. As soon as her nipples erected and pushed against the palm of his hand as, he continued kissing her. While kissing her, he fingered them, pulled them, turned them, and twisted them while continuing to French kiss her. Then, while seductively looking up at him, she said something delightfully unexpected that was, no doubt, inspired by the three, full, glasses of wine that she dvd porno consumed.

“Would you like to see them?” She looked down at her nightgown clad breasts again before looking up at Joe. “Would you like to see my tits?”

When he didn’t answer her, too stunned to answer her, she looked down at her breasts and cupped them in her hands through her nightgown again before looking up at him. As if ready to give him an unobstructed view of her naked breasts, she pushed back her shoulder length, red hair. Then, while staring at him with her blue, elderly eyes, sexually teasing him, she repeated her question.

“Would you like to see my naked breasts, Joe? I don’t mind showing them to you, if you’d like to see my tits.”

As if she was masturbating herself in front of him, she continued feeling her breasts while fingering her erect nipples. It was so hot to watch her touching herself. It was so hot to watch her pull, turn, and twist her nipples through her nightgown.

“Would you like to touch them,” she asked him again while looking down at her breasts before looking up at him? “Would you like to feel my breasts?” Again, while feeling her breasts through her nightgown, she looked down at them before looking up at him. “Would you like to fondle my tits and suck my tits while fingering my nipples?”

Before he could even answer her, and as if she was a stripper on stage, his eyes popped out of his head while watching his mother-in-law slowly lower her nightgown straps. He watched her nightgown straps sexily fall to the crook of her arms, first one and, then, the other. Now, showing him what he had hoped to see, he saw the tops of her meaty breasts and even more of her long, line of sexy cleavage. Especially with her nightgown so sheer and virtually see-through, never had he seen as much of Irene’s nearly, naked breasts as he was seeing now.

“Seriously?” He looked at his mother-in-law with shocked surprise. “You’d really show me your naked breasts?”

She gave him a sexy smile and nodded her head.

“You’ve always have been enamored with my big tits. You’ve always stared at them. This is your reward for making an elderly woman still feel sexy and wanted,” she said.

He returned her sexy smile with his horny smile.

“Yes, I’d love to see your naked breasts, Irene,” he said.

As if he had never seen or felt tits before, he was all over Irene’s big, naked tits. Not even waiting for her to fully expose her breasts to him, he felt her big tits through her nightgown top while pushing her bodice down to her waist. As soon as her naked breasts were totally exposed, he leaned back to look at them and stare at them before reaching out his horny hands to touch them and feel them again.

Then, touching them and feeling them again, he fondled them and groped them while continuing to pull, turn, and twist her erect nipples. Not even waiting for her to invite him, he leaned into her and sucked her nipples, first one and then the other. As if her nipples were the first nipples that he ever felt, fingered, and sucked, he continued having his wicked, sexual way with his mother-in-law’s naked breasts and her erect nipples while making out with her.

# # #

Now, his turn to ask her his inappropriate, sexual question, they stopped kissing to sip their wine while Joe thought about what he wanted to ask his mother-in-law. Obviously, this was his turn to ask her his sexually loaded question. This was his chance for her to sexually touch and feel him in the way that he had already sexually touched and felt her. This was his opportunity to have forbidden sex with his MILF of a mother-in-law.

“Tell me and be honest. I’m curious to know,” he said with sexual anticipation. “Different for a woman than it is for a man, if you could do anything to my naked body, what would you do?”

She laughed and made a face while shaking her head.

“I can’t tell you that,” she said with a sexy smile and a dirty laugh.

Now, he wondered if he had sexually ruined things between them by sexually rushing things. He wondered if he overstepped their impromptu, little sexual truth or dare game by asking her such an outrageous sexual question in the way that she had asked him an outrageous sexual question. Nevertheless, while still hoping that she’d answer his question, he looked at her with a furrowed brow.

“Can’t tell me or won’t tell me?”

He looked at her puzzled. Then, when she didn’t answer him, curious to know, he persevered.

“Why not? Why can’t you tell me? I told you what I’d do to your beautiful, naked body if I could sexually do anything to you.” He continued staring at her. “Tell me. What would you sexually do to me if you could sexually do anything to me?”

Obviously, having fun sexually teasing him by playing her game of truth or dare, she laughed again.

“If I dared tell you what I wanted I’d do to your naked body, you’d think of me mad. You’d think me a wicked whore. If I told you what I really wanted to do to you, you’d think me a dirty, old lady,” she ensest porno said with a loud laugh. “I wish I had met you thirty-years ago before you were dating my daughter. I would have had sex with you every night and every morning. I would have given you so, very many blowjobs that you’d never look at another woman,” she said with a dirty laugh.

He made a face and raised his right hand as if taking an oath.

“No shame and no judgements. Feel free to tell me anything. There’s no one here to make you feel embarrassed or guilty,” he said while continuing to pull, turn, and twist her erect, naked nipples. “Now, tell me. I really want to know. What would you do to my naked body if you could sexually do anything, anything at all?”

She stared down at his erection that tented his pajama bottoms and the blanket. Then, in the way that he felt her nearly, naked breasts through her nightgown, she felt his nearly, naked cock through the blanket and through his pajama bottoms. Then, in the way that he hoped she would, she wrapped her long, slim, manicured fingers around his erect prick through his blanket that covered pajama bottoms.

“If I could do anything to you,” she said with a pause. “I’d stroke your cock while sucking your prick,” she said sliding a slow tongue across her red, full lips while staring down at his erection. “I’d fucking blow you and wouldn’t stop until you ejaculated your cum in my mouth, I swallowed your cum, and licked you clean.”

As if she was daydreaming about his stiff prick, she continued touching it and feeling his big dick through the blanket while staring down at it.

“It’s been a very long time since I had a hard dick in my mouth,” she said with sexual arousal while breathing through her mouth. “Unlike my daughter, Maureen, but more like my daughter Kathy, I love giving blowjobs. I love sucking cock. As if complimenting me for a blowjob well done, I love it when a man ejaculates his warm, oozy load in my mouth,” she said.

# # #

She reached down to remove the blanket from his lap. Having already popped out of his pajama bottoms, as soon as she removed the blanket from his lap, his stiff prick stood proud and tall. In the way that he stared at her huge, naked breasts, she stared at his erect, naked prick. Obviously, sexually excited exposing himself to his MILF of a mother-in-law, his cock throbbed and pulsated.

She continued staring at his naked prick before wrapping her fingers tightly around it while staring up at him. As if she had never seen an engorged prick or held a hard cock in her hand before, she slowly stroked him while continuing to stare at his erect cock. Then, she leaned into him to give him a long, wet kiss while stroking him a little faster and a little harder. She was masturbating him. His sexy mother-in-law was masturbating him.

‘Maureen must be turning over in her grave while watching her mother giving me a hand job,’ he thought.

He leaned in closer to her to kiss her neck while telling her what he wanted.

“Blow me, Irene. Suck my cock. I need to feel your lips on me. I need to feel me in your mouth,” he said whispering what he wanted in his mother-in-law’s ear. “I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,” he said sliding a slow finger across her red, full lips. “I need to watch you swallow my cum.”

As if she was already sucking his prick, while staring up at him, she took his finger in her mouth, swirled her tongue around it, and sucked it as if she was a thousand-dollar call girl. Obviously, a skilled cocksucker, she was sexually exciting him with her tongue, her mouth, her lips, and her hand. She continued stroking him while sucking him. If she made him feel this good sucking his finger, he couldn’t imagine how he’d feel with her sucking his prick.

“I’ll blow you if you do me a favor,” she said temporarily removing his stiff prick from her mouth while turning to look at him. She paused as if she was embarrassed to ask him her request. “I’ll gladly suck your cock, allow you to cum in my mouth, and will swallow your cum, if you promise to do one thing for me.”

He looked at her with curiosity while wondering what she wanted him to do as a favor.

# # #

“Anything. Just ask me. Ask me anything. I’d do anything that you want me to do for you to suck my cock. I promise to do anything you want for you to blow me and for me to do for me to cum in your beautiful mouth,” he said sliding a slow finger across her red, full, elderly lips again. “I’ll do anything to watch you suck me and swallow my cum.”

As if his stiff index finger was his stiff prick, she continued licking and sucking his finger with her lips and tongue. Then, she ejected his finger from her mouth with her tongue to tell him what she wanted and needed him to do. Obviously feeling uncomfortable with her request, she took a big breath for courage. If it wasn’t enough that she allowed him to have his wicked, sexual way with her naked breasts while she had her wicked, sexual way with his naked prick, she seemed awkwardly embarrassed telling him czech amateurs porno what she wanted him to sexually do.

“With me not having a son and always wishing that you’d take it upon yourself to call me Mom,” she said with a pause. “While I stroke and suck your cock,” she said pausing again. “Especially just before and when you cum in my mouth, I want you to call me Mom. If you don’t mind and if it’s okay with you, I want you to call me Mommy as you cum in my mouth,” she said.

She paused while looking at him.

“I know it may sound silly but there’s something that’s so very sexually exciting for me to imagine sucking my son’s prick. While imagining giving my son, a son that I don’t have, a blowjob, it would sexually arouse me to think of you as my imagined son cumming in my mouth,” she said.

As if telling her that he understood and agreed to do whatever she wanted him to do by his kiss, he leaned in to French kiss her.

“Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your mouth, Mommy,” he said.

Chapter 05:

A longtime coming, twenty-four years in the making, Irene leaned forward to take her son-in-law’s prick in her mouth. She stroked him while sucking him. Determined to make Joe cum, she stroked him harder and stroked him faster as he fondled her naked breasts and fingered her erect nipples while pretending that he was her son instead of her son-in-law.

“Oh, Mom. Mom, I don’t believe this. This is happening too soon. I’m cumming, Mommy, I’m cumming,” he said putting a gentle hand behind her red, pretty head.

He humped her mouth and fucked her face while turning, twisting, and pulling her erect nipples. Then, as if he was a teenaged boy, unable to hold back, he ejaculated a load of cum in his mother-in-law’s mouth and she swallowed. Not letting go for his prick with her lips, she continued sucking him and stroking him while licking him clean. Clearly, she was enjoying sucking him as much as he enjoyed her blowing him.

Then, as soon as she let go of his cock, from the built-up pressure of her lips, he ejaculated a second load of cum all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts. Something he had never given his wife, awash with his cum, and with her eyebrows, nose, and chin, dripping with his cum, he gave Irene a real cum bath. Taking him cumming all over her face as a compliment, she laughed her glee while scooping up globs of cum with her fingertips to insert in her mouth to swallow.

He fell back with her in the soft comfort of the bed while enjoying the afterglow of sex. She continued fondling his dick, fingering the head of his cock, and slowly stroking his oozing prick while he continued feeling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples. Then, as soon as she made him hard again with her hand, he mounted her. Something he always wanted to do to his wife’s mother, as if she was his wife instead of his mother-in-law, he made sweet, slow love to her.

Then, humping her harder and humping her faster, his lovemaking quickly turned to fucking. He fucked Kathy’s mother in the way that he hoped to fuck Kathy. Returning her humps with his humps, she humped him as hard as he humped her. Then, humping her harder and humping her faster, with him wanting to cum in her pussy, his mother-in-law’s cunt, he was determined to make her cum with his cock.

“Joe, oh, my God, Joe. Joe! My darling, Joe. You’re going to make me cum. You’re going to make Mommy cum. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Hump me harder, son. Hump me faster. Fuck me, Joe. Fuck me,” said Irene. “Fuck your mother. Fuck Mommy,” said Irene while pretending that she was his mother instead of his mother-in-law.

Joe humped his mother-in-law faster. He humped his deceased wife’s mother harder. He continued humping Kathy’s mother harder and faster. He continued fucking Samantha’s grandmother. Determined to make her cum, he didn’t stop humping her until he heard her cumming.

“Joe! Joe! Good God, Joe. I’m cumming. I’m cumming, Joe. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Hump me harder. Fuck me faster,” she said. “Oh, my God, Joe! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

She collapsed in bed with her eyes closed as if she was dead. He’d think that she was dead if she wasn’t cooing and breathing a little harder. Then, as if his semi-erect prick was her crutch, she continued holding his cock in her hand while fondling the head of his half-erect dick. Obviously, his mother-in-law loved his hard prick as much as he loved her big tits.

# # #

It couldn’t have been better timing, as soon as Irene left to return home, Kathy arrived. In the process of divorcing her husband, willing to allow their mother leave and to live on her own, her sons wanted to stay with their Dad. Now, she had to find a place to live. She thought about moving in with Joe but his house was so very small. Besides, wouldn’t he be surprised, shocked even, if she asked to live with him?

It wasn’t until she returned to Joe’s house the second time that Kathy noticed the camera watching her undress. In the way that her mother stripped herself naked for the camera, while pretending not to notice the camera, Kathy stripped herself naked for the camera, too. Then, once she donned her nightgown, she confronted Joe. She knocked on his bedroom door and when she opened his door, he was sitting at his computer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32