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With Thanksgiving past and the Christmas Holidays looming, I had one more story to tell the children before my winter schedule began. As time had past and I’d grown more successful, my dislike for the New England cold and snow had also grown…, to the point where I’d spent at least two weeks of every one of those winter months in Florida. We always made sure one or both of us were home to bring Lexi to Florida so she could spend her February school vacation with us and we’d also have her come back again in April, usually with her father. In between, they’d take care of the house and were always happy to spend that time alone together.

Needless to say, Elle wasn’t happy with this arrangement, her NEED to have me around, at least weekly, was now both physically and emotionally obvious. But, after assuring her that I WOULD be around, “…, at least half the month,” and that I would still be able to tell her class, as well as Lexi’s class, their stories, she seemed somewhat mollified. I sealed the deal by adding “…, and with my wife still in Florida…, we might have an opportunity to go out on a date some night.”

Now she couldn’t wait for me to leave…, just so I could back again…, alone!

With school out for the holidays, Todd working, Kim and TJ spending time with friends, Elle called me at work, now armed with my, “private,” line. “Can you get away tomorrow?” her question. “Something planned? I asked. “Something for you to remember while you’re away,” her answer.

I picked her up in the usual place, a trip to, “2Hot,” one of her plans. “What if I want to take you to the zoo instead?” I asked. “Your loss,” her reply.

So, I took her to visit Kat.

Normally, which would be any day but the day before New Year’s Eve, Elle and I would be the only shoppers in the store before noon time. This day being the exception, there were two couples and a single girl already there when we arrived.

One of the couples was checking out, the other looking at dresses and the single girl seemingly waiting for some assistance. Kat was at the register, a smile and nod when she saw us. Our smiles in return were quickly followed by open mouth stares.

Kat was looking extremely enticing, her choice of mini skirt, garter attached thigh high stockings and revealing blouse, only the two strategically placed pockets hiding her lovely assets, was nothing like anything I’d seen her wear before. Even her hair was a surprise, a natural honey blonde color, without any pigmented enhancements. Had it not been for the tats and the piercings, she would have looked like that proverbial, “…, girl next door.”

“Hi,” with a smile when she greeted us, air kisses for me, a lingering kiss on the lips for Elle. “Didn’t expect to see you two today. Sneaking out to a New Year’s Eve party tomorrow night?”

“I wish,” Elle deadpanned, “just out for the day.”

Ignoring the frown, Kat smiled and informed us, “I’ve saved a bag of things for you,” another smile for Elle, “give me a second.”

With that, she disappeared into the stockroom.

While Elle wandered about, quickly joining the single girl that seemed lost, I stood by the service counter watching the store, part time security…, full time voyeur.

In this setting…, you never knew when an opportunity might present itself.

Kat retuned before any opportunities, but I stayed where I was because I knew she would disappear into the dressing room with Elle at any moment.

The remaining other couple had decided on a few things, taking them to the dressing room where Kat helped the girl set up. With that done, she and Elle went into the dressing room to the left, to try on the items that Kat had put aside.

I was left to deal with the male half of the couple and the single female.

He joined me at the service counter, while she continued to…, do whatever it was that she was doing?

We immediately hit it off, his, “I guess if I’ve got to take her clothes shopping…, there ain’t a lot of places better than this!”

After a fist bump…, I added, “And believe me…, it’s about to get a lot better!”

As, what had now turned into a habit, Elle and Kat were dawdling in their dressing room, the girl half stuck her head out of her dressing room and called her beau over to, “…, see if you like this?”

Meanwhile, ataşehir escort bayan the girl that had been wandering walked over to me and asked if I worked there? Interesting question…, had I deemed myself invisible! Hadn’t she been paying attention?

“Ahhh…, no,” I answered, “the girl in charge is helping my…, wife at the moment, but I’m sure she’ll be out in a minute.”

“Oh, okay…, thank you just the same,” as she stood in front of me.

To be fair, this was the first time I’d paid any attention to her also, and I was surprised to see how, “cute,” she was when up close.

My first impression had been, “mousey,” but that was wrong. Maybe it had been her glasses, the thick black rims giving her a, “studious,” look, or her hair which was up in an old fashion, “bun.” Or maybe it was her clothes, because they were dark and without any shape, which adding to her overall, “frumpy,” appearance.

She was…, actually cute, her eyes when seen through the lens a sparkling blue, all of her facial features…, cute!

Then I overheard my new buddy say, “Wow…, that’s really…, nice, I mean it’s really…, really nice.”

And then Elle’s dressing room door opened and she stepped out onto the sales floor, her…, Kat’s…, newest choice of apparel for her…?

It was, even from fifteen feet away…, really, really, really…, nice!

Without a word, she walked past the guy and stopped in front of the 3way mirror, a slow pirouette until she was facing me and then, “Do you like?”

I nodded, but because the guy was between her and I, he must have thought that her question had been directed at him. Even with his back to me, I could see by his posture he was.., uncertain on how to answer. With his girl to his left, Elle in front of him…, and Kat now on his right shoulder…, whatever he said was going to be taken wrong by one of them, so he did what all good men would do in a similar situation, as if any of us would ever find ourselves in a similar situation…, he turned to me and asked, “Is this what you meant by, “…, things getting much better?”

His girl stepped out of the dressing room and now all three looked at me, asking, “What did you mean by that?”

Before I had a chance for a witty comeback, the girl next to me announced, “Those dresses are beautiful!”

Elle was modeling, “a something,” that I’d not only never seen before…, it was, “a something,” that I’d never imagined might exist!

Made from a royal blue stretch jersey material that was semi-sheer, it was actually two pieces of the material. The front of the garment was made from one piece that was split and hung from a spaghetti strap around her neck, which formed the top of the dress, the material gathered on another spaghetti strap below her breasts, then dropping almost to the floor. Another spaghetti strap looped around her body at her hips, the material gathering there in the front, a separate piece of the same material hanging off the back of that same spaghetti strap forming the back of the dress. It sounds complicated…, and it might have been if Kat wasn’t there to show her the various ways it could be worn. The way Kat chose to have Elle model it…, took all of the complications out of the equation!

Where the dress hung from her neck, it was split almost to her waist, attached to the spaghetti strap at the twin peaks of the material, the width of the split regulated by the gathering of the material on the strap below her breasts. In this case, Kat had gathered the material so that it only covered the very center of her breasts, her nipples ready to peek out with the slightest movement. From there, the material stretched to her waist, where it joined and was gathered into a four or five inch wide strip, which then fell to the tops of her shoes.

Looking at her from the front, all that was covered by the material was the center of her breasts, two four inch wide strips of the right and left side of her torso to just above her bellybutton, a “V” of exposed skin between and then a same width strip that covered her crotch and fell between her legs to the tops of her shoes.

From the rear, there were the spaghetti straps that tied behind her neck, her chest and hips. A twelve inch strip of the material hung off the strap escort kadıöy around her hips, covering the middle of her ass and then fell to a matching length as the front of the dress.

Everything else was exposed.

Now…, theoretically, Kat could have slid the gathered material on the spaghetti straps inward and outward, covering 75% more of her. But that was neither her, nor the designer’s intent! And, had she or Elle wanted to display even more of her…, they would need only to gather the material tighter.

That, however, would have proved nothing, because no matter how slight her movements…, or how slowly she walked…, every bit of her was permanently on display!


The other girl, in the meantime, was standing to Elle’s left, looking at her boyfriend and I. She’d chosen a simple long sleeved black mini dress, made of a stretchy matte material that clung tightly to her. It had a deeply scooped front and matching back, a classic that looked really sexy on her.

Double yikes!

Now the single girl was asking, “Where did you find those?”

The girlfriend went back into the dressing room, while Elle and Kat came over to where the boyfriend, myself and the single girl were standing. Needless to say, Elle made an impression, the, “dress,” hiding nothing…, and I mean nothing, as she sashayed across sales floor to us.

“You like?” spoken to all three of us.

They both replied with an emphatic, “YES!” while I just stared at her.

Cocking her head, “You don’t like it?”

‘I do…, I like it a lot. Do you like it?”

Looking down at herself, she must have been able to see that her right breast was completely exposed, as was the right side of her crotch. Looking back up at me, she smiled and said, “Yes I do. I like it a lot.”

Then she looked at the guy and said, “This is what he meant when he told you…, “things were going to get much better!”

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pulled herself up and kissed me. It was a really good kiss. Then she turned to the girl and said, “Let me show you the dresses.”

Her ass was hanging out when she walked away.

The guy and girl bought the black dress, wished everyone a, “Happy New Year,” and left the store.

Kat winked at me, crooked a finger and told me to stand near the dressing rooms.

Then she joined Elle and the single girl, the three of them agreeing on a dress for the girl to model.

They all entered the same dressing room, the one Elle had used.

Girl talk…, giggles, conspiratorial whispers and then the door opened, Kat walking out and…, left the door open.

Both Elle and the girl were naked, Elle putting on the clothes she’d worn to the store, the girl putting on the dress that Kat and Elle had chosen for her.

Naked…, “frumpy,” would be the last word used to describe her. She had a very tight little body, everything proportioned, everything fit, as in physically fit, no nothing that would draw attention away the whole of her.

She was Elle…, but fifteen years younger.

She was also…, “Dancer,” Kat whispered walking past me, as I stood staring slack jawed into the dressing room. She returned with a pair of shoes…, and closed the door.

Elle reopen it two minutes later.

Holding the blue dress in her hand, she asked, “Should we buy it?”

“Where would you wear it?” I responded, adding, “and don’t tell me anywhere you want, because even you’ll have to admit it’s a little too much.”

Before she could plead her case, Kat open the dressing room door and the girl came out to model the dress.

It was an R rated version of the dress Elle was holding, the top a, “foil,” fabric that was silver, with a black and gold animal print, low cut cowl front and matching low cut back, both dropping to her waist. There, the foil was joined to a black floor length skirted bottom, with a hip high side slit.

Worn by anyone it would have been sexy. On this girl, the way she was built and carried herself…, it was nearly orgasmic!

That, “frumpy, mousy, studious,” façade that she’d been wearing when she walked into the store? Gone!

The glasses? She was still wearing those…, and damn if they didn’t add another twenty degrees to her hotness.

After we all agreed that the, “dress,” maltepe escort was a winner, Elle and I checked out, Kat thanking us for the purchases and for the, “floor show,” Elle and I thanking her for her attentiveness and wardrobe advise. “Check this out,” she whispered to me, slipping a pamphlet into the bag, “It’s something that I would strongly advise you to consider.” I thanked her again and we left, Elle anxious to get to the Cantina, promises of a margarita and then another matinee at our, “NoTell,” motel.

On the way, she gossiped about the two girls, “…, both of them thought I was ten years younger than I am and couldn’t believe I have two kids,” she gushed, “and the second girl, the younger one, I couldn’t believe it, but she’s a stripper!”

Looking aghast, I mumbled, “You mean…, like a girl that takes her clothes off in front of men, on a stage…, with music playing and men drinking and they give her money. That kind of stripper?”

“I guess,” she replied.

“Have you ever been to a strip club?” I asked.

Looking at me sideways, “You’re kidding…, right?”

“No, I’m asking you a question.”

Now serious, “Married to Mr. Catechism…, Mr. Sex Two Weeks Before We Were Married and We’re Going To Hell…?” How would it be possible for me to go to a strip club?”

Shrugging, “I don’t know…, thought you might have gone to one with your girlfriends…, or someone. How about Todd? Did he ever…?”

She laughed, “One time he…. he goes on a deer hunt every Fall, bunch of guys from work and guys he’s known his whole life. A couple of years ago, they actually killed a deer, someone shot it and they had to hire a local to skin it and….”

“Dress it,” knowing she couldn’t remember the term.

“…, yeah, dress it. They went into town to celebrate, everybody got drunk and they all went to this local strip club. Todd came home on Sunday night, said, “Hello,” and then went straight upstairs and took a shower. I followed him up and asked, when he came out of the bathroom, with his towel around his waist, “How was your hunt?” He never said a word, started to rub my tits…, undressed me, threw me on the bed and fucked me. When he was done, he looked at me and said, “We killed a deer and I have some meat in a cooler on the deck. Wrap it up and put it in the freezer.” Then he went to sleep. I didn’t learn about the strip club until the next summer when one of his friends mentioned it at a picnic.”

“Did he enjoy the experience?”

“All he said was, “…, the women are a lot bolder than they were when we were in college.”

“So he’d enjoyed a few nights with the strippers in the past.”

“That seems to be the case,” giving me a shrug.

We stopped for lunch, this time sharing a pitcher of margaritas, and then went to the motel. I brought the dildo into the room with me, intending to see how she would respond to the appliance.

She had another idea, after finding the list of X rated movies available for, “FREE,” on the television. “Can we watch one?”

“Sure,” figuring to let it spark her libido.

After learning that she’d never seen an “Adult” film, “R” rated movies the extent of her viewing experiences, I chose a film that I’d seen while on a, “Business Trip,” and not for the obvious reasons that you’re thinking. It involved a, “voyeur,” and her adventures.

Elle loved it, the heroine a girl with seemingly similar life experiences as hers, but we only made it to the scene where, “Laura,” was watching a neighbor torture his lover…, naked and chained to a discipline table, the man flogging her unmercifully. Then when it seemed he was done with her and you thought he was finished…, he introduced another man into the scenario…, that man making love to the Laura while her protagonist continued to torment her. But, as I later found out, it wasn’t the sadism that had gotten Elle’s attention, but rather the image of the two men, each in his own way, making love to Laura at the same time…, that had gotten Elle so excited.

And for the third time…, the dildo stayed on the sidelines.

And this time, it was Elle who took immediate control and fucked me hard and fast, her bucking and screaming orgasms materialized from nowhere and then everywhere, my mouth only tasting hers and her mouth only tasting mine before it was over.

She did take the time to lick and suck me clean.

When I dropped her off, she told me that she would have a surprise for me when I got back from Florida, “…, something I know you’re going to really like.”

I had no idea how right she was!

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