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We had been swimming all day and I was getting tired. I told you that we should go inside before the sun went down or we were both burnt from the summer sun. You looked at me with those eyes I couldn’t resist, and agreed only because you knew I had other things on my mind for this afternoon. We had already held, kissed, fondled and gotten each other worked up in the pool, and it didn’t help that we had extremely passionate sex just before that. We hadn’t even been able to take a nap with everything we wanted to do today. I lean into you and kiss you sweetly pressing my breasts against you through my swimsuit, feeling your chest hair tickle me underwater as I’m pressing against you. I pull you to the stairs and walk with you hand in hand inside so that we can shower off the chlorine from the pool.

I turn the water on so that the hot water could get going, and started to remove my clothes, you stand there for a couple seconds watching me, because you only have to take off swim trunks to join me. I slowly lower the super short shorts that come with my bathing suit, and slid them down my legs. Then I untie the top and let the 2 pieces of fabric lie across my arm that is shielding you from the full view of my tits, and slide over to you for a kiss. You hold me back and I look into your eyes with that sad puppy dog look that you can’t resist, and you say to me, “You are beautiful, I just wanted to soak in every detail. So I can picture it all in my head for when I have to leave.”

We both know you are leaving at the end of the week and our lives are going to go back to the mundane of everyday life that we have been living without each other together. But I can’t help but think that we have changed each other as well with this short week trip, because it does feel awfully short. I finally get enveloped in your arms, as you kiss me passionately on the lips, and then work your way down my neck. I pull away and get in return the same sad puppy look from you. I pull off my bathing suit top, and I smile slyly at you and pull you into the shower with me.

The spray from the showerhead is hot, and it feels good on my chest, I pull you closer to me so we can share the warmth of the hot shower. Although, it’s a tight space to be showering in, at least we can be together under the falling water. I hold you close loving the feeling of your body against mine, as I begin to kiss on your neck and shoulders. I reach behind me for the body scrubber and body wash. I lean back away from you just enough to get the scrubber lathered up with soap. I tell you to turn around, and I begin to use the scrubber and my other hand to wash your back, I massage your muscles, relaxing you even more. I rub the scrubber on your ass as well making sure that I don’t miss anything on your body, I even kneel down so I can get the back of your legs down to your feet.

I stand back up, so that you can turn around for me. I stare into your eyes while I massage you, this time on your chest and stomach. I work my hands down your body slowly, moving soap all over your arms, neck, kissing your lips. I move my hands lower on your abdomen. I work down your legs, skipping your groin, wanting to keep that area for last. I wash down your legs staring up into your brown luminescent eyes looking down at me with so much feeling. I smile as I work my way back up your legs; I rub some extra bubbles of soap on my hands, so that I won’t scratch your sensitive area, and put the scrubber down. I move my hands to first your balls massaging them, and getting them nice and lathered up. I then move my hands up the shaft of your penis, getting every inch of it clean, working up and down the shaft, you get hard in my working hands. Feeling the soft skin of your cock in my hands while moving my eyes from your cock up to your face that is already showing some kaçak iddaa signs of my efforts on your body. The look of pure pleasure and ecstasy written all across your face, I stand up to kiss you on your lips, and grab the showerhead and rinse off your body that’s standing before me. As I replace the showerhead behind you, I kiss along your neck and ears again, leaving marks on your neck sucking your flesh into my mouth.

I slowly move back down your body nibbling on the skin of your chest, and nipples, kissing your sides, and abdomen, all the way back down to the engorged erection between your legs. I reach first with my hands feeling the member grow to its fullest length and girth before I reach it with my lips. Looking up at you I begin to kiss and lick at the head of your penis, twirling my tongue around it. Massaging the head with my lips sucking you in just enough to flick the head with my tongue then pull you out from between my lips, teasing you playfully. I hear you moan quietly at my teasing, feeling the hot water hit your back and my playing with your most sensitive area. I lick all the way up and down your shaft, starting at the base, working my way up the under side of the shaft, before kissing and licking the head again. I work on you slowly building up the tension in your body till you can’t take it no more. I move my mouth down your shaft kissing my way down, till I reach your balls, massaging them in my hand, I take them in my mouth. Sucking in one then the other into my mouth. Licking the space between them with my tongue, giving your balls the same attention I gave you cock. Keeping one hand on your balls, I move my other hand up to your back and scratch your lower back lightly for the time being, getting your senses used to everything I’m doing to you.

I bring my lips back up to the head of your cock, and lick on it again teasing you even more before I work the whole length of your cock into my mouth. Moving my tongue back and forth on the under side of your shaft as I work my lips down you, all the way to the hilt. I suck you deep into my throat, letting my mouth and throat get used to you, before I move my lips back up your length. I move my mouth up and down on you sucking you deep into my mouth, massaging your balls with my hand; I try to stick my tongue out to lick your balls while your cock is deep in my mouth. Wanting to feel you cum deep in my mouth so I can taste every last drop of your cum. I start working on your cock with faster movements, until I feel you start to take over, your hand move to the back of my head and begin fucking my mouth. Wrapping my lips tighter around your shaft as you move your cock fast between them, sucking on you harder with every stroke.

I move my free hand down my body to my already dripping wet pussy, and begin to play with my clit. It always got me dripping to suck on your cock and this time was no different. I move my fingers down to the opening of my pussy and press in 2 fingers and rub my palm against my aching clit. Wanting more than just my fingers to be there. I continue with letting my mouth to be fucked by you, also wanting to taste you juices run from the head of your cock, I look up at you and see your head leaned back like you are looking up, loving the feel of your wanting cum loving cock sucker do what she loves to do to you.

Finally, I feel you tense as you are about to cum, and I work harder on my pussy so that we can cum together. I feel the tension in your balls that I’m playing with coax that sweet juice up into your hard cock that is working its way in and out of my mouth, until you make one final thrust. I feel one squirt hit the back of my mouth and slide down my throat, then another land right on top of my tongue. With every jerk of your cock that is ejaculating in my mouth you moan loudly. Just as I begin kaçak bahis to taste you, my own orgasm starts and I move my mouth on you even more milking your cock of all its juices. Moaning around your cock until my orgasm finishes, I look up to see you looking down at me with a big smile on your face, I take my fingers out of my pussy, soaking wet with juices and put them in my mouth to lick them clean, before the water of the shower sprays it all away. I lick the last drop off the head of your cock, and swallow it all down. I smile up at you as I stand up. I kiss you deeply, loving the feeling of our wet bodies pressed against each other with the water pouring down on us.

I look into your eyes and say, “I love the taste of your cum baby, and I love hearing you moaning because of me, and most of all I love you.”

You say back to me, “I love you too, sweetie, now it’s your turn to be washed down.”

You reach down where I left the scrubber, and pour more soap onto it, to lather it up some more. You place me under the showerhead like I had you with my back facing you. You begin with my front though. You move the scrubber and your hands along my neck, and down my chest, to my pierced nipples, rubbing the scrubber along my nipples to make them hard, squeezing both of my tits in your hands. Pinching each one of the nipples you work your hands down to my stomach, then to my legs. You scrub down all the way to my feet then back up till you are standing, and you spread my legs further apart so that you can use the scrubber on my sensitive pussy. Knowing that it is already super sensitive from my previous orgasm. You move the scrubber past the lips of my pussy cleaning every bit of me. Teasing me with your fingers on my clit and around just the outside of my hole, I moan in your ear, while my arms are wrapped around you. You pull away just enough to see the pleasure in the features of my face with my eyes closed, and my mouth open. You move your hand away from my oversensitive pussy, so that you can turn me around. Now, facing the wall of the shower, with the water beating down on me, I feel your hands massaging the muscles of my shoulders and down my back. You work your way down my back and skip my bottom so that it can be last. You scrub down the back of my legs; with my ass inches away from your face you kiss each cheek. You work your hands and the scrubber back up my legs to my ass, moving the scrubber between my legs, you want to see what you are doing so you press on my back with one of your hands so that I look like I’m being frisked in the shower.

My hands up against the wall I feel you moving your hand back to my ass washing every inch of me in the process. I feel you move away and stand up, but just as I’m about to stand back against you, you press on my shoulders so that I don’t move. You grab the showerhead and rinse off my body, and then place the showerhead between my legs to clean off my ass and pussy. I moan just loud enough for you to hear me, feeling the hot water spray up against my clit for just a moment. You replace the showerhead back into its mount on the wall leaving one hand on my ass, kneading your fingers in the flesh of my ass. You slide one, and then 2 fingers along my crack till you reach my soaking wet pussy and you press them inside of me. You kiss the back of my neck as your standing behind me. Leaving your own marks behind just on the base of my neck. My eyes closed the whole time just absorbing all the feelings of you having your way with my body like I did with you.

You slide down my back, leaving kisses and licks all the way down me, your fingers still inside of me, I feel them being taken out of me, but then hear you make that moan of tasting something good. I already know you are licking your fingers clean of my juices, without seeing what you are illegal bahis doing. You move your hands to my ass pulling my cheeks apart you see my anus a little brown pucker against my skin. You kiss on either side of it, and lick along my lower back and down each cheek till you are done tasting all the skin around my hole. You reach out with your tongue and begin to lick my little puckered anus. I inhale with the feel of you hot breath against my wet skin. You flick your tongue against my ass, licking up the water, and pressing your tongue at the tight opening. Pressing harder with your tongue you finally gain entrance to my tightest opening. Licking all along the tight circular muscle there to loosen it up. You take your tongue out of my ass and work your way further down till you reach my pussy. Licking from my clit all the way to my ass. I press my ass back, bending over more to give you better access, at my pussy and ass.

My face pressed against the wall of the shower, my hands holding me up, I bend over showing you my ass and pussy in one of the most lewdest ways. You move your tongue along me, licking up all my juices, fucking your tongue in and out of my pussy, and playing with my clit with your fingers. You press 2 fingers up against my ass, pressing them deep into me, loosening up my hole. You lick and suck at my pussy while I moan loudly, pressed against the wall of the shower, with the hot water running down my back, as another orgasm racks my body. I feel you press another finger into my ass as you continue with licking and fingering my clit and pussy. Loving the feeling of you between my legs and inside me. I begin to beg for you to fuck me against the wall of the shower. Without hesitation I feel you stand up, not wanting to stop eating me, but feeling your throbbing cock wanting to be inside me. You slide up my back, kissing along the way.

You press, your cock against my ass, letting it pop past the muscle, you stay there letting my ass get adjusted to your length and girth. I feel one of your hands on my hips, and the other reach around me to play with my clit. You begin to move in and out of my ass, looking down to see your cock slide out of me, and then back in. Slow at first then working up to a speed where we both hear your hips slap against my ass. I feel your balls slap against my pussy. I reach between my legs and squeeze them. I push back against you as you are fucking my ass and playing with my clit. I reach another orgasm, I don’t come down from this one though, and go into continuous orgasms, screaming from the intensity of it, feeling my juices mix with the shower water sliding down my legs and on your fingers and balls. Just as I’m about to finally come down from my orgasminc high I feel you start to tense up behind me. Fucking harder and faster in my ass. I look behind me at you; I reach back and pull you closer into me. You start to moan, as I feel your cock jerking inside of my ass, I feel you cum. Squirting your cum deep inside my ass, you slam deep inside me, and I press harder against you. I pull my ass away from me to slam back on you. Loving the feeling of you cumming deep inside me. You pull me back against you, kiss the back of my neck and turn my head to get a kiss on the lips.

Finally you slide your cock out of me, and we finish with the rest of our shower. As we step out, still glowing from the events that just happened, you pull me close, not wanting to let me go. Feeling the same way I wrap my arms around you, and kiss your nose playfully, and say, “Baby, it’s time for a nap, we can continue our playtime after we are recharged, I just want to lay in your arms and not move. Just feeling you close finally, gives me so much pleasure, everything else is a major fucking bonus.”

“I feel the same way, baby.” With that we walked into the bedroom, and laid down, for a short nap. Lying with our arms wrapped around each other. Feeling the heat between us, we start to drift off, the last words being said in a conscious state to each other being “I love you so much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32