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Hello dear blog readers! It is I, Nick, with yet another entertaining addition to my weekly blog. Now I know most of you are ready to read about my exciting adventures at college or my new recipes, but I have really had something I needed to get off my chest. I did something with my mom and I fear it may have changed my relationship with her forever. First let me start by telling you a bit about my mom.

My mom is nothing like the other moms that line our suburban neighborhood. Unlike those moms that let age creep up quickly, or pay top dollar to look like plastic dolls, she is all natural. Her long blond hair is her own, not some wig or horse hair. Her body isn’t augmented in anyway either, although skeptics would disagree, but they just hate her out of sheer jealousy.

I always loved seeing her walk down the stairs, the way those natural creamy double D breasts would wobble in whatever tight shirt she decided to wear without a bra. Despite such a sizeable bust, my mom hit the gym, and ignored the many lustful stares she received. The workouts paid off too, but unbeknownst to her, she drew my gaze too.

I was an only child, and my father died when I was too young to even remember his face. No other nearby family, the closest being my aunt, but she’s a three hour drive away. Basically it was just the two of us and I would have it no other way.

Anyway enough about my mom…onto my story. I would surmise that’s why we’re here, isn’t it? I was going to explain how I got tangled up in this messed up event with her. I’ll start at the beginning, I was around nineteen at the time…at breakfast I think.

Breakfast usually entailed mom and I staring at each other across a table, a few questions and comments about our plans to pass the time. This particular morning she had awoken a bit late.

Sitting at the table in my boxers, I awaited to see her arrive in some lacy nightwear like she always did, but she didn’t show this morning. Putting away my cereal bowl I crept around the house, hoping my mom was okay.

When I heard the sound of a shower my concern shifted to curiosity. I had never seen my mom completely nude, regardless of my many, and I do mean many, attempts to peek on her. Maybe today could be my chance?

As I crept to the door, which was surprisingly open, I glimpsed inside. There was no steam so I figured mom left the door open to let it escape. Whatever the reason I wasn’t going to really question it too much. When I did see inside I saw a sight I could barely take in all at once.

My mom had her head tilted back, her yellow hair plastered to her skull. The brown eyes I was so used to getting lost in were sealed shut. Water poured from the shower head like a gentle waterfall, bouncing off of her firm and perky tits, and traveled down her smooth washboard belly.

Mom’s hands, though weren’t lathering soap on her fine body, but rather knuckle deep in her pussy. Pumping her fingers in and out of her hairless snatch, her primal moans filled the steamy room.

My boxers were stretched to the limit, and about to be really creamed if I didn’t stop staring. I couldn’t peel my eyes away, and in spite of the countless protests and red flags my brain raised, I stayed. Fortunately for me, mom never twisted or opened her eyes, but she did speed up her fingering. The digits almost went past the knuckles.

She squealed…a sound I had never heard her utter, and her knees buckled. She slammed a hand against the wall of the shower, trying to support herself as what must have been an orgasm rolled over her.

Since it seemed like my mom would be getting out of the shower soon, I tiptoed away, trying to leave without a trace. As soon as I reached my room I grabbed a box of tissues and barely got my boxers off before shooting a load from my balls and raging cock. A second, and later that day third, load followed, draining me of all my stamina.

This went on for a few more days, and so did my occasional meandering to watch her bathe. She rarely did bathe though, thankfully, mostly spending that time just masturbating, but I wasn’t objecting. Yet, my loins ached for more, and I had grown tired of just a peepshow.

For some reason I caved to my primal desires and grabbed a camera I was given upon my most recent birthday. I would proceed in snapping pictures of my mom as she concerned herself only with orgasming. The pictures and movies were, at first, solely for those days that I slept in and missed the morning show. Then it occurred fake cop porno to me to use the pictures as blackmail.

As I sat in the kitchen, eating breakfast, my mom popped in after her morning orgasm. She was glowing and even kissed me on the forehead. I tried to remain firm though, my goal would require a strong resolve.

“Hey mom,” I said, my voice a bit shaky. My hands were trembling even worse.

She lifted her head from her bowl, and gave me a beam of white. She was wearing a special pink gown, almost see through. Even her feet were covered by fuzzy slippers that also functioned as heels, quite fancy I had to admit.

“Yes pumpkin?” Mom asked in the sweetest tone a person could have. I felt so ashamed for what I was going to request.

“I…uh…well,” I rambled scratching my head.

She cocked her head to the side, awaiting my response. She was always a good listener.

“Are you sick? Did you hurt yourself?” She asked with genuine concern.

“No…nothing like that,” I whispered. “It’s just something has been on my mind lately.”

“You can tell me anything pumpkin, I won’t be mad,” She reassured, reaching out and wrapping her soft hands around my own.

“Well…I’ll come out with it then. Mom, I have feelings for you,” I blurted. It wasn’t probably the best way to put it out there but there it was. Mom sat looking puzzled though, as if I said it in a foreign, alien, language.

“Care…uh…care to explain?” Her voice a bit choked.

“Mom. It’s no hidden fact you’re a bombshell, and well…I can’t resist you,” I tried desperately to explain without coming creepy, but my mom already seemed to be grasping what I was getting at.

“Oh…no…honey we can’t do that. That’s incest!” Mom gasped, her eyes widened. She yanked her hands away from mine, lifting them to her face.

“Mom, I’m nineteen. I know what incest is and frankly I don’t care anymore what society thinks,” I stated.

“Well..I do care! You came from me, for God’s sake! Out of my…vagina! You’re not going back in! No, this isn’t happening,” Mom said laughing as she started to stand up. It was the end of the discussion for her, but far from it for me.

“Then it makes me sad that I have to inform you that I have taken pictures and filmed you in the shower,” I said, matter of factly.

“Why would you do something like that?” She asked, her voice had lost its earlier joy.

“I only wanted to have sex with you, simple as that. If you deny me, i’ll release everything to the internet. I really won’t do it…so long as you do me,” I answered with a coy smile, dripping with venom.

“You can’t be serious!” She barked, slapping her hands down on the table.

“Afraid so. How would our uptight neighbors feel when they saw this little tape? Or our church? Now what’s your answer?” I inquired.

Mom growled and stormed around the kitchen cursing me with every word she could think of…but eventually sat back down.

“How about this you little twerp! Just for one day I’ll grant your little twisted wish! If you ever pull another stunt like this though, I’m kicking your ass out!” Mom proposed her ultimatum and I nodded.

“Sounds fair. I am a man of my word,” I promised, but I was really going to see how this went first. Mom sighed and began to look around nervously, rubbing her arm.

“Now…what do you want? Do you want me to…suck your…manhood?” She asked, trying to speak seriously.

She wouldn’t even say a word like cock or dick…it was kind of cute. I wouldn’t mind her red coated lips wrapped around my cock, but I was kind of excited to just fit in as much as I could before she lost her nerve.

“No…I want your pussy,” I demanded. Mom flashed me an angry glare, before standing up.

“How, and where?” She hissed through her clenched, pearly white, teeth. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Why not here? You can bend forward, and I’ll get you from behind,” It felt so strange to boss my mom around especially about sex.

She sighed and plopped her elbows, and forearms, on the table. She wouldn’t even turn around to look at me, but I didn’t really need her too.

“Just…be gentle,” She whispered as I lifted her gown.

I ran my hand along her smooth rear, it was so toned. Days of workouts had resisted the gradual aging. Lifting my hand back, I slapped her ass releasing a lone echo only the two of us could hear. She yelped, even jumped a little, but didn’t protest. fake hospital porno I took a moment to absorb the sight of her in my control, before dropping my boxers to the floor. My throbbing erection was ready to burst.

“Mmm…I can’t wait any longer,” I declared as I used my dick to rub the lips of her pussy.

“Just…stick it in!” Mom said as she rolled her eyes.

“I kind of like how that sounded. Now I want you to beg for it. Beg for my cock!” I demanded giving another slap against her flesh cushion.

“Don’t make me!” Mom begged to keep some dignity but I was having none of it. Another spank and she caught the message.

“Oh…please stick it in my…pussy. I want your…cock…to fill me up,” It was some bad acting but I was satisfied enough to give it to her.

She shivered as I began to slowly push into her womanhood, from disgust or pleasure I wasn’t sure. Once I was sheathing my sword, I reached the end, where my pelvis met her cheeks, and stopped. She actually moaned though and I couldn’t help but copy the sound, in a more masculine manner of course.

My eight inch shaft disappeared in her pussy, and reappeared wet as I pulled it out. I slowly pushed into her tight spot again and mom grunted.

“Are you just going to keep going slow? I don’t have all day,” Mom mocked. The way it came from her lips sounded less like an aggravated woman but rather a lover that loved to dominate and tease her partner.

“Slow? You seem to love it…especially seeing as how wet you are. If you want fast though, you’ll get it,” I hissed as I stared to slide in and out at a rapid pace. Her sweet ass jiggled with each impalement upon my cock.

“Oh…oh…oh…shit,” She moaned, laying her head on the table. I could have sworn she was enjoying this despite her earlier protests.

My breathing was shallow, and each thrust brought me closer to cumming. I wasn’t ready to cum though after just a few thrusts. I would never be able to live it down if my mom thought I was that fast.

Drumming my fingers on her ass I ran my hands along her back tracing the path of her spine. My hand neared the nape of her neck where I proceeded in filling my grasp with that silky waterfall of yellow. I gave her hair a firm tug, but she shouted a swear and I ceased instantly. I enjoyed teasing my mom and didn’t mind a bit of rough play, but I was still a bit fearful of her.

After a few more thrusts inside her tight snatch, I felt a little eager to just release and get it over with. I was scared I might reach that point of no return though, when a man had no more control of his cock and it was going to empty its contents without permission. I would rather go out on my own terms.

“Your pussy is so tight,” I moaned, I couldn’t stop. “I’m going to cum!”

“No, don’t cum inside me! I’m not on the pill!” Mom screamed, swinging her arms at me. I dodged her flailing limbs with the reflexes of a ninja.

“Alright, I won’t cum inside, sheesh,” I mumbled and she somewhat relaxed. I was on the edge though and my balls ached for release.

“Oh, fuck! Here it comes!” I roared pulling out of her pussy and slapping my wet cock on her back.

I shoved her gown up to her neck barely finishing before I spewed the first stream. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head as waves of pleasure rushed over me. Shot after shot of white love juice covered my mom’s back. Some of the white streams rolled down her side, and others spilled onto her rear cheeks. When the last spurts were squeezed out and my body was done tensing, I nearly collapsed.

“I wouldn’t want to impose on your little moment but can you wipe this shit off of me?” Mom snapped.

I decided to at least oblige her, and grabbed a dish towel from the kitchen counter. I scrubbed the white away, and she stood up, giving me a stare that told me I would pay a whole lot of hell for what I just did.

“Are you satisfied now?” She asked, but I shook my head. She furrowed her brow and pursed her lips upon my response.

“You said I had a whole day,” I reminded her, but she wasn’t enthralled to hear about her earlier promise.

“This is insane. You know that right?” Mom asked but I shrugged.

“I know but still,” I replied, and looked down at my semi-hard member. I wasn’t really sure if I could get the big guy up again anytime soon but I had to try.

“I guess I’ll shout for you when I’m horny again,” I said as I left to go get something to drink.

After fake taxi porno about an hour, and consuming half a gallon of orange juice, I found my vigor again. What had started as a desire to simply fuck my mom turned into my own personal sadistic game. I admit it, I was going a bit far…but I was loving it.

Mom would be sitting on the couch, watching TV, and suddenly find my cock dangling before her face. She sighed and buried the thick penis in her mouth, gagging a bit. I particularly enjoyed watching her gag. Bobbing her head, she tried to get me to spew as soon as I could, but I resisted. I would pull out after a few minutes and leave, calming down my erection with thoughts of baseball or horror movies.

My mom would continue to face a barrage of demands, and yet I wouldn’t relent. Whether it was making her beg for my cock, or taking it in the ass next to an open window for our neighbors to potentially see, she never fought back, and I never came. It was all too unbelievable, but as the day looked ready to come to an end, I wanted one last time to truly enjoy my little deal.

“Mom!” I called out while I sat in my room. She slinked into the room, leaning against the door. Even tuckered out, she was still pretty attractive. Her blonde hair stuck out in strands, her lipstick smeared, and her bathrobe, the only thing she even decided to use to conceal herself, dangled open exposing the lady bits I was familiar with.

“What now?” She barked.

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa…I just wanted to enjoy my last moments before I nodded off. Now why don’t you be a nice girl and hop up on my cock,” I patronized her, but who wouldn’t when hungry for power.

Lying on my back my erection sprung up to the ceiling. Mom was furious, but shed her robe and climbed on the bed. She hovered her pussy over the shaft, grabbing my cock a bit tight with her hand. Her back was turned to me, denying me a view of her beautiful lady melons, but I didn’t mind. I had seen them enough to be imprinted in my mind. She impaled herself hard upon my member, twisting and grinding. It was rough, and I was loving it.

Up and down, her ass slamming onto my pelvis. I moaned, enjoying the final moments I could with her tight pussy. My cock throbbed and I was struggling not to cream within seconds of our meeting. All of the teasing with mom had started to make me a bit to ready for release. Mom didn’t mind my problems, rather she was swearing and picking up her pace.

“After all of the things I’ve done for you! And you only care about my body? I can’t believe this!” She shouted, going all the way up and down upon my cock, coating it in her slick juices.

“Ooohhh…mom…you should slow down!” I pleaded but she blatantly ignored me.

“I work my ass off to take care of you! Give you food and everything for nineteen years!” She growled hopping like a rabbit.

“Mom…please! I…can’t!” I started to scream, but I felt my balls lurch and tense.

Within seconds my eyes were rolling back in my head again. The amazing sensation that accompanied cum leaving my cock was all I could focus on now. Unfortunately, it emptied into my mother’s pussy. I expected her to bolt up and shout at me until her face was blue. My fears weren’t materialized as instead she just shivered. She had to have felt it, and remained there before sighing relief.

I hadn’t noticed it earlier, maybe it was because I was spewing into my mom, but she was cumming. Her pussy, already tight, grew tighter and gushed even more. She actually came on my dick. It was so…hot.

Unfortunately the realization of the cum in her pussy made mom turn and deliver a flurry of curses. She kept gesturing to her pussy, which dripped beads of white down her thigh. I was worried, don’t get me wrong, but part of me was satisfied. Clasping my hands behind my head I dozed off and let my mom tire herself out with her worries.

So dear blog reader, that’s how I came to have sex with mom. You’re probably questioning the creampie I gave mom…don’t worry false alarm on the pregnancy front. Now, after seeing the negative line on that little white stick, mom never forgets to take a birth control pill everyday. It’s almost as if she thinks I’ll try this again. She knows me so well.

Oh! I have other news! My aunt is coming to visit. If there is anyone that can make my mom jealous it’s my aunt. She has the body of a goddess! Imagine my luck though, two goddesses in my house!

Now I guess that’s it for now, dear blog reader. I might try to log on and post a few updates but no guarantees! After all, it’s hard to type with my hands full of my mom’s sweet ass. Even now my mom is calling me for breakfast, so I better sign off with what I got. I don’t need her seeing this.

Until next time! Nicholas out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32