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This is a continuation of the story

After that fantastic summer we had just spent at the cabin, Kitty and I chose a condo to live in. I had taken electronics in college, so I opened a small business. I registered it as “Jason’s Electronics”. I was doing security and alarm systems for homes. Since I knew I’d be gone all day, I got Kitty to be my secretary, to take incoming calls and schedule jobs for me.

It worked pretty well. We would have a rash of business, and then things would slow down where we could catch our breath. I think the slower times were seasonal. Sis and I never missed this slow time to catch up on our fuckin.

Word got around that “Jason” could install an alarm system that worked very well. He also made himself available to fix any problems that arose.

Suddenly I was deluged with commercial work. Some of the jobs were pretty big so I hired a crew to help me. Kitty still scheduled the work. It finally got to a point where I could turn the run of the mill work over to my foreman and the rest of the crew. That left me free to handle the special jobs that required more expertise.

This gave me a lot more time to be at home and fuck my sister. Many times sis would be bent over the desk, talking to a customer, with her cute little ass poking out. She always wore short skirts and NO panties. I would slip up behind her and stick my hard cock balls deep in her pussy. I often wondered what some of our customers thought when Kitty sucked in her breath as I invaded her cunt. She always got the information though, before she hung up the phone. Then she’d yell “Oh god yes Jason, pound my pussy.” I always did.

We were running the business out of that condo and it was doing extremely well. Kitty and I started taking salaries out of the business and sticking the excess into stocks so taxes didn’t eat us up.

We didn’t advertise the fact that we were brother and sister either. As far as anyone knew, we were that nice couple living in a condo.

Brad and Carrie had found a house close by and moved in to it. They, like us, kept it quiet that they were cousins, living together. None of us wanted the hassle with society if that fact ever came to light.

Katy and I had some funny things happen to us at times. One morning I woke up with a raging piss hard. I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Kitty woke up and said “Where are you going?” “I’ve got to drain my radiator before it explodes.” Kitty started laughing hysterically. In a few minutes she said “Hurry up; I’ve laughed so hard I gotta go to. I’m about to pee on myself. I was through, so I got out of her way. A hot piss bath was not a way I wanted to start the day.

Then, just like every other morning, Katy and I would take a shower together. When we finished we would dry each other off and go back to bed. There we would do our best to fuck each other senseless. This was the way we tried to start every day, except when Kitty got her period. With the birth control pills we always knew when she’d start and when she’d finish. Then we could get on with our fuckin.

We got together with Brad and Carrie from time to time, to swap partners. We were very fond of them and tried to go to their house or have them at our condo as often as possible.

One day Brad and I were fishing at a local lake. There were some things that had been bothering me so I said “Brad I know you and I both enjoy fucking the girls, but I’m concerned that if the girls got pregnant it might be by the wrong guy. I don’t want to get Carrie pregnant and I don’t think you want be responsible for getting Kitty pregnant. The birth control works well, but as I understand, it’s not 100% fool proof.

Brad: “I feel the same way, but I’m not sure what to do about it. I guess I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping the birth control continues to work.”

Jason: “OK, here’s an idea. Why don’t you and I go to a sperm bank? I understand there’s one here in town. We can deposit our sperm with them and they store it for us. Then we both have a vasectomy. If, or when the girls want to get pregnant, we take them to the sperm bank where they inject our sperm into the girls and Walla; we have babies on the way.”

Brad: “Jason, that sounds like a fool proof plan. You’ve been doing some rather extensive research on this haven’t you?”

Jason: “Yes I have.”

Brad: “I would like to run this by Carrie first, to see what her reaction might be.”

Jason: “I plan on doing the same with Kitty. Why don’t we all get together in a day or two and talk about this?”

A few days later the four of us got together to discuss the issue. Both girls were all for it. They both knew that birth control pills were not fool proof, but neither of them had come up with an alternative.

Both girls favored the idea about the sperm bank and us getting vasectomies. Neither girl wanted to get pregnant by the wrong guy.

So Brad and I went to the sperm bank, left our seed with them and had vasectomies. I think all of us breathed a sigh of relief after it was done.

About ankara escort a year later Kitty and I had been fucking each other stupid and were laying there basking in the afterglow. Out of the blue Kitty turned to me and said “Jason, I want to have a baby.”

I grinned at her and said “OK, let’s make an appointment with the sperm bank and see if we can get you knocked up.

It wasn’t two weeks later Kitty came out of the bathroom with the results of a self pregnancy test that indicated “positive”.

“Jason, I’m pregnant. I’m going to the doctor for the official results.”

I was elated, like on cloud 9.

Then the morning sickness started. I woke up one morning to hear her retching. I found her in the bathroom, on the floor, playing “Hug-the-commode”. (Many of you girls reading this know what I mean.) She let the doctor know and he prescribed some medicine that would help.

The fact that she was pregnant made her extremely horny. I thought she was horny before, but this… I hoped my dick didn’t fall off.

We went to mom and dads one night for dinner. After it was over, Kitty asked mom if she would like to be a grandmother.

“Kitty are you pregnant?”


“Hooray” mom yelled “My little girl is gonna have a baby”

I said “Mom, I know one thing, she stays horny 24/7. I’m afraid my dick’s goanna go numb.”

“Oh, you poor abused child.” mom kidded me.

Dad came up to Kitty and put his arms around her. “My little girl is going to be a mother. Honey I am so proud of you. He turned to look at me and said “And you tiger… ya done good.”

When we got home we called Brad and Carrie to let them know that Kitty was pregnant.

“When are you due?” Carrie wanted to know.

Kitty: “In about 7 months.”

Carrie: Well, I guess I’ll be about a month behind you then.”

Kitty: What… you’re pregnant too?”

Carrie: “Yep, I’m pregnant too.”

We were on speaker phones and congratulations were shared by all of us.

I said “Girls, how is this going to affect the trip to the cabin this year?”

Carrie: “It won’t. The babies will be here before that happens. Your sister and I both will be ready to get well fucked.”

Kitty: “Have you guys told your folks yet?”

Carrie: “Oh yes. All four of them were very happy for us.”

The months seemed to streak by. One morning Kitty woke me and said she had been timing labor pains all night and she thought I’d better take her to the hospital. About four hours later, I was the proud father of twins, a boy and a girl. The girl we would name Rachel, the boy we would name Mike.

A month later, Brad called from the hospital to say he was the proud papa of twins as well. A boy and a girl. They were going to name them Terrie and Bruce.

Both girls had decided earlier, when they found out they were going to have twins, that they wanted to have their cords tied after the babies were born. They felt that two was enough.

Our vacation time at the cabin came later that year. It was late august before all of us could be at the cabin together.

The four of us with our new babies arrived at the cabin together. As we got out mom saw us and yelled to the others “The kids are here with the new younguns.”

We all went inside, the grandmothers descended on us and we didn’t see the babies for some time. Finally the little ones started fussing and the grandmothers brought them back and said “They’re hungry.”

We had all shed our clothes by then so the girls started nursing them. Suddenly the only sound was sucking. When they had their fill and were burped, they promptly went to sleep.

Kitty went to put our two in a crib we had brought, that was in our bedroom. She turned to me and said “Jason they didn’t get it all and my tits hurt. Do you suppose… I took two steps and was sucking milk from first one tit, then the other. I had already found I very much liked the taste, so I had no problem draining her titties.

Mom had followed us into the bedroom and watched as I sucked Kitty’s tits. “Your father used to do that for me when you two were little. I don’t know about you Kitty, but it sure relived that “still full” feeling. Of course I liked your father sucking my tits anyway. Funny thing though, after I weaned you two I still kept producing milk because your father kept nursing me.”

I was still sucking milk from Kitty’s tits when she laughed and said “Oh mom quit telling fibs.”

“I’m not. Ask him.”

Dad had come in, unnoticed and said “She’s telling the truth you two.”

No one swapped partners that night. Kitty got up about every four hours to feed the kids. I got up with her to take care of the overage.

The next night the swapping started. Dad came to the room with Kitty and I went to mom’s bedroom. Mom told me not to worry about the overage problem. She said dad would take care of sucking Kitty’s tits dry.

That left mom and I free to explore each other’s bodies again and leave her with a smile on her face the next morning.

Again we all played musical escort ankara beds. Both Kitty and Carrie were well taken care of any time they nursed the babies. There was always a dad, or an uncle, or a cousin to suck the excess milk from their tits.

Finally I paired up with my sister again and Brad went to Carrie. When we were in bed together Kitty turned to me and said “Jason, this has sure been different. I don’t remember ever having my tits sucked so much. Our fucking that night was one of those times we would always remember.

All of us made the rounds a second time before our vacation ended. We all looked on our time coming to an end with sadness. Finally we locked the cabin up till next year. This trip, with the new babies, had been special to all of us.

In later years the four of us would take the kids to the cabin where we would all get naked and have a good time. Brad and I did not swap partners and we kept things pretty low key. We all felt we could let the kids be naked with us. Our idea was for a more relaxed atmosphere. We knew that as our kids became older and became more sexually aware of each other they were going to ask questions about sex. As parents we tried to answer their questions about boys or girls as honestly as possible.

When the kid’s hormones kicked in, the sexually explicit questions really started coming. Kitty and I answered their questions as honestly as we could. Neither of us wanted the kids to feel that sex was dirty. Our kids assured us that since Kitty and I frequently had sex and they knew it, there was no way they would feel that sex was dirty.

Rachel wanted to know why a boys “thingy” suddenly started getting hard and sticking out. That one I let Kitty explain.

When the kids were 18, we took them to a “Nude” beach where they would be exposed to a lot of other people being naked, both male and female.

We got to the beach, took off our clothes and began to relax. The four of us older adults spread our towels and began to soak up the sun.

The kids were a short distance away and I heard Rachel laugh at her brother and say “Mike doesn’t that thing ever go down?”

Mike: “Look Rachel it’s bad enough when I’m around you, Terrie and our moms, but when I see all these other nice tits, asses and pussies, I just can’t help myself.”

Terrie: “Why thank you Mike. I for one am going to take that as a compliment

Rachel: “Come on gang lets go swimming. Mike I think I know how to make your dick go down.”

After they left the four of us broke up laughing. Carrie said “I think the boys are going to get a lesson they won’t soon forget.”

Sure enough when the kids came back from their swim both boys were soft and the girls were grinning from ear to ear.

The girls were giggling and we heard Terrie whisper to Rachel “My god Rach did you see all that cum when it floated up to the top of the water. I hope it doesn’t kill the fish.”

Later, two other couples stopped to ask if our kids would play volleyball with them. Our kids went with them, put up the net and they all got into a spirited game.

With the game over late that afternoon our kids all drifted back to where we were. We decided it was time to go. The kids told us they had gotten the names, addresses and phone numbers from the others, so they could all keep in touch.

Some time later, when all of the kids had gone to a movie they wanted to see, Brad and Carrie came over for coffee. The question was, were we going to take the kids to the cabin this year and introduce them to swapping partners. Our kids were all over 19 and we decided they were ready.

We told all the kids that our trip to the cabin that year was going to be special. We didn’t tell them how special, just that the trip would be different and that we thought they would all enjoy it. Then we just left it to their imaginations.

All of the grandparents were getting older and told us they would not be joining us this year. Mom said “You guys will need to pick up the slack from now on. Your dad and I are older and not quite up to all that suckin and fuckin. You kids go and have fun. Show our grandkids how it’s done.”

Kitty: “OK mom, but it just won’t be the same with out you and dad and all our aunts and uncles there.

Finally it was time to head for the cabin. The kids kept quizzing us about the surprise this year. Kitty just told them “All in good time kids, all in good time.

We got to the cabin and opened it up. I noticed the kids all had their heads together, trying to figure out what was going on.

All of us got naked, which was nothing unusual and went swimming. When we had, had enough we went back to the cabin for supper. After it was over, we all gathered in the family room. I said “Kids all of you are young adults now and we, as your parents would like to tell you what has been going on here for our special vacations.”

“For some time now the four of us, your parents, have met our parents, your grandparents up here for two weeks of swapping partners and making love to each ankara escort bayan other.

The kids were all stunned, to say the least.

Finally, Mike spoke and said “Holy shit. You mean I get to fuck both Rachel and Terrie.”

I said “Not only Rachel and Terrie, but your mother and Aunt Carrie.

Mike was speechless.

Bruce: “You say our grandparents have been involved in this over the years?”

Brad: “Yes they were Bruce.”

Bruce: “That’s why the extra bedrooms were added wasn’t it?”

Carrie: “That’s right Bruce. They were originally added for your father and I as well as your Uncle Jason and aunt Kitty. Now they could be used for your friends if you decided to have them up here.”

That left the kids all thinking.

Rachel finally spoke and said “I want to sleep with my daddy tonight. I’ve wanted him to fuck my pussy for a long time.”

Mike: “Mom can you and I sleep together tonight. I’ve wanted to make love to you forever.” Kitty grinned at him and said “Yes”

Terrie wanted to go to bed with her dad. “Daddy I’ve wanted you to make love to me for a very long time.”

Carrie: “Well Bruce, I guess you’re stuck with me.”

Bruce: Stuck? I don’t think so mom. I can’t believe I’m going to get to fuck your pussy.”

All of us headed for different bedrooms.

I followed my daughter into the bedroom and shut the door. She was in my arms immediately, kissing me hungrily. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. She spread her legs and said “Oh daddy, come fuck my pussy.

I knew she was pretty wound up, so I got between her legs and kissed her pretty mouth. Then I started sucking on her titties. They were just slightly smaller than her mothers, but her nipples were very hard. I licked between her titties and then under them. Finally I sucked a nipple into my mouth and began lapping it with my tongue. My daughter screamed: “Oh god yes daddy, ohhhh suck em both.”

I did.

I kissed down to her navel and heard her suck in her breath. When I first licked her pussy, she almost threw me off the bed. I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole and started thrusting in and out, fucking her with my tongue. My daughter sucked in her breath and screeched “Oh god daddy I think I’m goanna cum.”

Quickly I moved to her clit, sucked it into my mouth and began lashing it with my tongue. “DADDY, OH GOD DADDY, AGHHHHHH, AGHHHHHHHH, I’M CUMMING, OH, YESSSSSS. Several minutes later she said “Oh daddy, you better stop. My pussy’s just too tender.” Quickly I switched to her mouth again.

I knew she was tasting herself. I lined up a very hard cock with the lips of her cunt and gently thrust into her tight pussy. The second stroke buried my cock all the way inside her.

“Oh my god daddy, I feel stuffed.”

I stopped my movement for a few moments to allow her to adjust to me being inside her. When she started to thrust back, I began moving in and out of her. “Oh yes daddy, fuck my pussy. Make me cum.”

I increased the speed of my strokes in this tight pussy. Suddenly my daughter jerked and yelled “DADDY!!! I’M GONNA CUMMMMM, AGHHHHHHH YESSSSS.” I knew I wouldn’t last long in this tight pussy and when Rachel urged me to cum, that’s all it took. I said “I’m goanna cum now sugar.” I shot a huge load of cum in my daughter’s pussy. A fleeting thought was, “Strange pussy” again.

Finally I collapsed on my daughter. I rolled over, so that she was on top.

We laid there a while and Rachel said “Daddy, I’m going to the bathroom. Your cum is running out of my pussy.” When she came back, she got in bed, to snuggle against me and asked “Has it always been that way when you and mom made love?”

“Yes it has honey. Your mother and I have always enjoyed each other’s bodies very much. Your mother and I have been fucking one another since we were seniors in college.”

“No wonder mom always has that special smile on her face.”

“Funny you should say that honey. The first time I ever fucked your grandmother, she said the same thing.

The next morning we all met for breakfast and hugs and kisses were enjoyed by everyone.

Kitty got with Rachel and asked her how it went.

“No wonder you and dad fuck all the time. He was so gentle with me. I just loved it.”

“Well, let me tell you something young lady. Your brother is no slouch in bed either. You’re going to be in bed with him tonight. Let me know how it goes.”

“Mom you don’t have to tell me how good my brother is. He broke my cherry for me and was very gentle. I love him very much mom.”

“So, you kids have already sampled one another have you?”

Rachel grinned and said “Uh-huh.”

We swapped partners again and the next morning when we all met for breakfast Rachel said “Mike you’ve never fucked me like that before. Thanks.” Mike grinned and said “Well let’s just say mom gave me some pointers last night. I guess they must have worked, huh?”

And so it went. We all swapped partners until we had all made the rounds. Then we started over again.

Before we closed the cabin to leave, the kids all came to us and asked. Can we ask the ones we met at that nude beach to come with us next year? They all seemed to be pretty progressive in their thinking about sex. We would all like to have them with us next year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32