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Big Tits

Chapter 1

Linda’s solicitor had phoned the Tuesday afternoon, telling Linda to meet him in his L.A. office at 10.30am the next morning. Now she was walking out his office a check in her hand, the feeling of joy, happiness & peace coming back into her life. No matter which way she tried to think about it, Linda was sure she had done the best thing for herself and sadly her ex-husband.

When she first met him, the two thought they would manage, he had a great job she worked and for the first year it all seemed to work. Linda had been “shattered” when it had came crashing down around her. And when her problems got too much for her, there was only one person she could turn to her brother, Grant back home in Australia.

Linda phoned him as she drove away from her Solicitors office.

Grant listened quietly and with sympathy to his sister’s knowing, the relationship had been doomed from the very beginning. Inviting her to come and stay in his apartment in Sydney. Linda accepted the invitation immediately, she had only been there as a child and could barley remember anything about it except driving over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and seeing the Opera House on a distant point.

And there is nothing like a brother who can provide a free bed when a girl needs one!

Chapter 2

Linda had not seen her brother in almost 3 years since she shifted to L.A. and was surprised, at his youthful appearance at the airport gate. He had not aged at all; Linda jumped into his arms with all the energy of her 24 years. The two embraced with the same closeness of any Married couple, their lips touching for a moment longer than any sibling might dare. Grant gently placed his sister gently back on her tiny feet, before picked up her suitcase and fighting their way through the Airport chaos.

Grant keen to hear all of his young sisters divorce problems and her plans for her new life as they drove, through Sydney’s busy streets. At last reaching his unit on Sydney’s North shore. Linda stunned as they entered his Penthouse unit on the 18th floor over looking a Beautiful Sydney Harbor & City.

He didn’t have time to empty the bangbross porno spare room of all the junk, he had accumulate over his years of living in Sydney, until the next weekend.

Grant said, “Linda could sleep on the lounge for her first few nights.”

Linda, quickly suggested, “She could easily share her big brothers bed. After all we have slept together on many occasions in our youth and what would it hurt if we slept together now.”

Grant agreed, but striking the deal ‘That because Linda was the guest, she should be the one to make the bed in the mornings.’

It was still early and Grant had to work and dressed while telling Linda of where she could spend her first day as a Sydney Tourist. Linda quickly, assured him she had some very important sleep to catch up on first. She would be spending her first day back home sleeping off a well-earned jet lag.

Grant said, “He would take her out for Dinner, for her fist night back in Australia.”

Grant said, “He would be home at 7.15 PM and would book a local restaurant table for 8 PM.”

Grant kissing his sister lips as he walked out the door, Linda assuring him, she would be well rested when he arrived home.

Linda ‘giggled’ happily as she closed the door, knowing that her brother was the one person in the world who “absolutely loved” to spoil her. And staying with him, Linda was sure she would catch up on all the attention and affection she had been missing.

Chapter 3

Linda looked great when Grant returned, she had dressed to impress and the dress was doing just the thing. Linda had bought it at L.A. Airport while she waited for her plane to departure for Sydney.

Grant’s eye’s almost falling out of his head when he opened the door.

Saying, “Linda you are one hot piece of woman, I never thought my little sister could ever dress to look so sexy.”

Linda said, “I can look a lot more sexy than this when I try, you would be surprised at just how sexy I can look big brother.”

Grant then, changed his cloths before the two walked to the local seafood restaurant. The Dinner conversation quickly bangbus porno turned to relationships and sex. Grant telling of his latest failed romances. Linda giving him an understanding ear, finally two laughing at how their relationships were always bound to failure.

The dinner was great both ate a seafood platter between them.

Linda then said, “I’m in the mood to dance and celebrate my new freedom and that it’s my brothers job, to show a girl good time for my first night in town.”

Chapter 4

“I agree little sister and I know just the right place.”

Grant and Linda then, spent the night dancing at an inner-city pub, drinking and sharing jokes, before finding it late and time to go home. Linda sitting close to her brother while the cab drove them back to his unit. The two holding hands as they walked to the elevator.

When they reached the unit Linda said, “I needed to change out of these cloths and get into something that I can relax in.”

Leaving Grant to fix drinks, Linda returning as Grant sat the drinks on the coffee table, becoming speechless as Linda walked across the room, wearing a see through pink nightie. Her nipples standing out and her body looking absolutely perfect.

“Oh my little sister sure has grown up since I left her back in Western Australia.”

Linda face went red with embarrassment and sat on the lounge sat next to her brother; Grant enjoying the perfume she wore. Linda knew that Grant liked to see a woman wear feminine things and she knew he would love Linda in these sexy cloths.

What better way for a girl to seduce her big brother?

Linda said, “She wanted to hear Grant’s new stereo.” She had been told about it on the phone and now she was in the mood to dance and wanted to hear it’s sound. Grant cleared a space in the lounge for them to dance. Then took his beautiful sister in his strong arms.

Grant held Linda in his arms tightly before kissing her open mouth, Linda loved Grant and had wanted him always. Grant’ arms slowly moved to Linda’s soft bottom as they danced. He could feel Linda’s heart beat against his chest. She trembled beurette tour porno with excitement knowing her brother was aroused. He then lifted her nightie above Linda’s head and tossed it on the lounge. Linda was in a G-string and continued to dance around the room before finally. Taking her panties off and throwing then to Grant

A slow song came on the stereo and Grant took Linda in his arms lifting her off her feet. She was trembling with excitement and exhaustion; Linda had loved her brother passionately all her life and now he kissed her open mouth. Linda’s nipples were hard and she was enjoying her first night back in Australia with her brother.

Grant led his sister to the side of his bedroom and she sat on edge of the bed. Grant stood before her and Linda placed his cock into her mouth. Grant’s cock was hard and Linda worked her head up and down the shaft, her tongue dancing around the knob. Linda sucked his cock eagerly in her mouth until Grant’s spunk filled her mouth. Linda swallowed his spunk and cleaned Grant’s cock with her tongue.

Both were silent for a few minutes before Linda said, “She loved Grant and had came home to Australia to be with him.”

Grant then kissed his sister’s mouth hungrily; Linda returned the kiss with the same passion. Grant kissed his sister softly then lowered his mouth to her small breast. Linda sighed as her nipples stood out; she loved the feel of Grant touching her and wanted it to last forever.

Linda whispered, “I Love You” into Grants ear as she laid on the bed.

Grant smiled and touched Linda’s wet pussy with his finger’s sending Linda “crazy.”

Grant lowered his mouth to Linda’s pussy who wasted no time in running his tongue along Linda’s cunt, making her orgasm instantly. Grant swallowed her juices and continued sucking her clit giving Linda her second orgasm.

Linda then climbed over his body and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. Linda had not been with a man since the break in her Marriage. And loved having her brother’s cock inside her. She then fucked her brother’s cock slowly until he finally come inside of her.

Linda slept with Grant that night, they both fucked for an hour before.

Now they both live together now and continue their relationship. Linda has her own room but the two live as a Married couple. Linda only sleeps in her room if they have relatives staying with them.

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