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Chapter 2

Now that we are so gloriously thickly diapered, we both decided that we desperately need something to drink. Not only are we both rather thirsty, but we both really want to fill up our diapers as full as we are able to. We are also both a little hungry again, and so, as soon as we have downed a couple glasses of water, and are waiting on our tea to be ready, we grab a couple pieces of fruit to snack on. I have never really had tea before, but I have had it, my dad prefers it over coffee, and so, I have had some of his. Well, the tea that Sterling has is far nicer than the stuff my dad gets. I suppose there is probably a rather large quality difference, because this tastes like very high quality.

As we sip our tea, we slip on our shoes and head out to the gardens, sit on the swing overlooking the valley, and just relax. For close to forty five minutes as we sipped our tea and enjoyed the natural beauty all around us, we said nothing. I am cuddled right into Sterling”s side, and it feels so calming and relaxing, but then the tea and the swing and the nature are also doing so for me as well. I really do not think that I have ever felt full relaxation until now. It is so peaceful and gentle, it is so very nice. I like it, a lot.

Once we took our thermal mugs back inside and washed them out, Sterling asked me what I would like to do, and I decide that I really want to go play for the first time. There is nothing in the games room that I have ever experienced in my life before, and so I desire to try it all. We clasp hands once again and I happily lead Sterling to the basement. Sterling decides to teach me mini golf first, and for close to half an hour, we stay on the first hole and he teaches me everything.

Once he feels that I have the hang of it, and am doing fairly well, we start playing an actual game, and yes, Sterling kept score too. He says that even though I have next to no experience, and he has lots, and there is little chance of me winning, that it is still important to keep score. He says he does not agree in any way people”s idea of not keeping score. Humans, by their very nature, want to win, and so, keeping score, keeping track of how well we do, makes us fight to better ourselves. Not keeping score, not constantly working to better ourselves, that creates lazy, controllable people. I admit, what he says makes a lot of sense to me.

Of course I lost, but even Sterling was surprised at just how well I actually did. I did not get any hole in one”s, but there were a couple close calls, and in the end, I was really quite close to Sterling. He says that that is excellent, says that that means I have excellent coordination and inner drive.

From there he taught me how to play pool, and for half an hour more, I learned, and then we played. We played for close to an hour, playing only four games, and this time I would say that I am at best a quarter as good as Sterling is, because three quarters was the average of my balls left on the table at the end of every game, but that is perfectly okay.

Then we played air hockey, and this is easy to learn, and fun to play, and by our fourth game, I actually won one. Though, like Sterling says, this game is not so much about skill as it is about speed and coordination, but it is a lot of fun, and does teach those. We played ten games, and I won three of them, so that was awesome.

Then he taught me how to play pinball machines, and for well over an hour, we toured through his impressive collection of them, playing every one of them at least once, but there were several that I enjoyed lots, so played twice.

We decided that we were getting pretty hungry now, and so, we went and made and ate dinner, having a lot to drink as well. We are both nice and soggy already, but not even showing on our outer diapers, and so, therefore, nowhere needing soggy baby bum changes yet. Once dinner was all cleaned up from, we were back down to the games room to have fun.

Next he taught me how to play darts, and here too I learned fast, it is easy to play, but hard to master, like Sterling says, it took five games before I actually managed to win, but that was also our last game, my throwing arm was starting to go numb.

Now that I am getting tired, Sterling asks if I want to go watch a movie or two to round out the night, or keep playing, so I chose a movie. Sterling was very happy with that as well, and so we went and chose a movie, though Sterling mostly let me chose this, while he went and made us popcorn, and got us a nice large pitcher of orange juice.

I had chosen a really good comedy that I had always wanted to see, and as we sat there watching it, we enjoyed our drink and snack, and laughed our soggy diapered asses off. After that movie, it was too late for me to watch another, but too early to go to bed. I have never in my life been able to stay up past nine, and it is just about eight now. Sterling says that he is usually in bed for no later than nine thirty, ten himself, so we will go together when I am ready. I am happy to hear that.

We decide to play more games, and for just over an hour, until I am yawning quite a lot, we have lots of fun.

When I tell Sterling that I am pretty much done, that I cannot keep my eyes open any longer, he simply says okay, we shut everything down, and head upstairs to go to bed. We are still nowhere near needing soggy baby bum changes, so we are good there. We go and brush our teeth before bed, grab a large glass of water each, and then go and curl up together and I am out like a light before I even know it.

I have slept with my parents before, Reilly has slept with me lots, and we always cuddle, but sleeping with Sterling was absolutely the best sleep I have ever experienced. Granted, our mattress is far more comfortable as well, and it was so silent, there was no noise throughout the night to wake me. Normally I wake at least ten times a night due to noise, but not tonight. I had, bar none, the longest, deepest, most peaceful sleep that I have ever had in my entire life. I even slept in.

Normally I am up at roughly five every morning, but this morning, when I did wake up and look at the clock, I see that it is very nearly eight already. Sterling is still cuddled right up to me, we are on our sides, my back pressed into his front, he is holding me tenderly as I sleep, and I can tell that he is awake, because he is tickling my stomach and chest so lovingly. I sigh deeper than I have ever felt before as I feel all this. It is a truly wondrous way to wake up, and every second, I am falling more and more in love with Sterling.

As soon as Sterling felt me start to move, he slackened his hold of me, and allowed me to roll over to face him. I also scooted up more, and as soon as I am able to, I press our lips together, and kiss him very nicely indeed. For probably ten minutes or more, we kiss, and once more, it is amazing.

“Good morning Baby.” I sigh as I break our very good morning kiss.

“And good morning to you too Baby. You sure had a good sleep. I woke up at five like I normally do, but I couldn”t let you go, and so, I went back to sleep. I woke up twice more, and you were still sound asleep, so I went back to sleep as well. Finally, when I woke up last, I could tell that you were starting to wake up too, so I started tickling your tummy and chest. You purr almost like a kitten when your tummy and chest are being tickled, you know that right.”

“No, and I have no idea what that even sounds like. Never even seen a cat before, let alone a kitten.”

“Fair enough.”

“As for sleeping so well, man did I ever need it though. I”ve never slept so well in my entire life. It was so amazing, being held by you all night long, in this amazingly comfortable bed, and hearing absolutely nothing all night long. I”m normally awake at about five as well, sleeping “til seven is normally what I consider really sleeping in, and I don”t recall ever sleeping “til eight, ever.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. It wasn”t “til I moved out here that I had a peaceful, fully restful sleep myself. As for cats, you”ve really never seen one before?”

“No, and if it weren”t for seeing them on TV, I wouldn”t even know what one looked like.”

“Have you ever wanted a pet?”

“Yeah, of course, but of course my parents can barely afford to feed us kids, so a pet wasn”t gonna happen. The closest I”d ever had to having a pet was a rat that took up shelter in my bedroom wall for a while.”

“Fair enough. What kinda animal did you want as a pet?”

“Hedgehog. They”re so cute.”

“We haveta go into town today, would you like to go and buy one if we can. I”ve always wanted a pet as well, but with it being just me, and often busy, it wasn”t fair.”



“I”d really liketa, but well, what happens if we find we”re not compatible, and I haveta leave in a year?”

“You don”t feel that”s gonna happen any more than I do, so let”s not worry about that, okay.”

“No, but, well, okay, fine.” I said, but I am happy as well.

“Good. This is a good opportunity for us both.”

“Yeah. So, what did we haveta go into town for today?”

“Shopping, mostly for you. None of your clothes are at all good, and certainly nowhere near good enough for going to business meetings and whatnot. No, we needta go clothes shopping for you. We”ll also grab a few other things while we”re in town, you needta get a haircut, and I already have appointments set up for you to see a dentist for a cleaning, a doctor for a checkup, and an optometrist to ensure your eyes are good. It”s probably gonna be a full day of shopping and going about.”

“Oh. What kindsa clothes, and I”ve never been to a dentist or an optometrist?”

“I figured as much, to tell you the truth. As for clothes, you”ll need at least a couple suits, and then some much nicer clothes that look good and will make you look even better. You”re an incredibly beautiful boy, but your clothes have done you no favours at all. I know and understand why you wear the clothes you do, but from now on, you”re gonna get to wear clothes that make you look as good as possible.”

“Oh.” I said, and even I can tell I am blushing. No one ever says nice things about me, except my parents, but even they have never said such a thing to me.

“It”s okay, I understand, but you do needta learn how to look your complimentor in the eye and say thanks. So, give it a try.”

“Thanks.” I said, looking Sterling in the eyes and whispering it.

“Much better. And by the way, it”s not just to me that you”re beautiful either, and not just because I”m falling in love with you. When I first met you last year, when I first saw you, even though you were dirty and dressed poorly, I could see how beautiful you were, and how much more so you could be.”

“Thanks.” I whisper again.

“You”re very welcome.”

“You”re beautiful as well. When I first saw you, I damn near offered you my virginity right then and there.”

“Thanks.” He laughed.

“What about me getting to make love to you though?”

“Our first appointment”s not “til just after lunch, but given how far it is to town, and how late we slept in, we actually don”t have that much time left to us this morning, so, unfortunately, even though I really wanted you to make love to me this morning, we”re just gonna haveta hold off “til tonight now. However, with that being said, I”d very much liketa suck your hot hard little gay baby bone as I change your super soggy baby bum.”

“Oh, bummer, but can I suck you as well when I change you?”

“Of course, almost anything you care to do, you”re welcome to it. About the only things I don”t enjoy during sex are hitting and shit. We”ll always talk over everything, I don”t wanna push you too fast or too far, but you can do almost anything to me.”


“Speaking of super soggy baby bums, how”s your gloriously thick baby diaper feel now that it”s so wondrously soggy? I felt it when I woke up, and you”re a right soggy little baby boy.”

“It feels amazing. It feels way better than my cloth diapers ever did.”

“Know how you feel. Well, let me up Baby, and I”ll get you changed.”

“Could I change you first please?”

“Certainly Baby.”

Sterling still slipped out of bed and went and grabbed all the diaper change supplies that we are about to need. He grabbed one of each of our nice thick diapers, as well as one diaper doubler each, then the baby lotion and the diaper rash cream. He set it all on the bed, and then proceeded to lay down in position so that I can change him.

Fuck is he ever sexy in his mega thick and soggy baby diaper, and when he walked, it swayed so much, it made me so fucking hard. I can tell that Sterling is incredibly hard inside his super soggy baby diaper as well, even though it is so thick, it is still being pushed out very enticingly by his nice big dick. The first thing that I do is pet his diapered dick, and it feels so nice. I have dreamed of that for a long time. Then I lean forth, press my face into his diapered crotch, and sniff deeply, as well as rub his erection like this too. I am not sure which one of us moaned deeper from this, it might have been a tie, if not, it was close and I was the one that moaned just a tiny bit deeper.

The smell, the feel, it is almost too much for me, and I am having to force myself not to diaper hump my little gay baby cocklett.

I use a pair of scissors that Sterling had included, and proceed to very carefully cutting the sides of his outermost diaper only, since I had taped him up so well. As soon as I have that all taken care of, I pull that diaper down, revealing the inner diaper and the doubler that is still covering that.

Before I could even think of it, I have my face pressed back into Sterling”s diapered crotch, only now his saturated diaper doubler and his even more saturated inner diaper are pressed into my face, and as I get my first real smell and taste, as well as feeling his wetness press so fully into my face, I do cum. It was such an incredible orgasm, that I damn near blacked out from the sheer power of it.

“Wow.” I said as soon as the wave of orgasm finished crashing over me.

“No shit.” Sterling grunted.

I am certain that he is painfully close, and he probably damn near came when I did, so I know that I really do not have much more time to spare, and so, as soon as I am able to, I remove the tapes on the inner diaper, open it up to reveal Sterling to my hungry gaze, and he is truly magnificent. My god he us huge, no wonder it took so much time and pain for me to be able to take him all in me last night. I have never actually seen a real erection, other than my own and Reilly”s, but I have seen them online, and Sterling is amongst the most endowed men I have ever had the pleasure to witness.

“Fuck, no wonder it hurt so much, you”re fucking huge.” I said.

“Yeah, and why it took so long. I”ve only met one other that was larger than me, do you think you can suck it?”

“I doubt I can take you all in, but I”m sure gonna give it my best.” I say, probably grinning brightly.

The desire to suck a dick, any dick, has been in my mind for years already. I think I was in kindergarten the first time I desired to suck a dick, and now, I plan to suck that dick until it goes soft, and take as much of it as I possibly can at the same time.

And so, with no further ado, I dive in, and swallow as much of Sterling”s amazing erection as I can possibly take. Fuck is he ever big though. Within seconds, my jaw is already aching from having to open so wide, and try as I might, I cannot seem to swallow him down, though I try and I try and I try.

I have no idea how long I sucked Sterling, it was probably only twenty seconds or so, before I hear the strangled cry, saying cumming, and I know that my treat is coming. I pull off until only the head of Sterling”s dick is still in my mouth, then I torture his dick lips with my tongue, and one second later, he blasted off inside my hungry mouth.

Mmmm, my first ever taste of cum, and it is every bit as glorious as I had always hoped it would be. Thick, creamy, just a tiny bit salty, shockingly sweet, it is by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. Sterling also pumped my little sucking mouth so full that I damn near had to swallow, or risk losing some, but in the end, I was able to hold it all, savour it all, and savour it I most certainly did as well. For easily two minutes, I swished it around in my mouth, licking Sterling”s dick lips sensuously several times as I did so, thus causing him to moan and sigh and shudder several times as I do so.

Just as I swallowed down his load, I started sucking again, and it was too much, and caused Sterling to cum again almost instantly.

I guess I made him too hot during my savouring that he was almost already there. Well, I am not against this in the least. This load was slightly less in volume, but the taste was even more sweet, and I once more savoured it for as long as I possibly could.

Still I cannot get even half of Sterling into my mouth, and though I try as hard as I can, his head just will not slip into my throat. I have never had a gag reflex, I have swallowed bananas whole, I have been training my throat for this day for as long as I can remember, but still, Sterling is larger. Not a lot larger than the average banana, but clearly too much for my little throat. Oh, I will keep practicing until I can swallow him whole, don”t you worry your soggy baby diapered bum about that none at all.

This time, when I do finally swallow all that Sterling gave to me, and I start sucking him once more, he does not go into almost immediate orgasm, and so, I continue sucking, enjoying myself fully, every and all emphasis on fully at the moment.

My jaws are still stretched right to their maximum, and they are in pain like I have never imagined before, even more than my little baby bum was last night, but, like last night, I am happily pushing away that pain to get one of the things that I have needed for so long. It was sucking a dick that was my first dirty thought, fucking and getting fucked probably followed about a month later.

Then I realized something, my position is all wrong, if I want to take Sterling all the way in my throat, I need to be facing the opposite direction, and so, without even pulling off, ataköy escort I swing around, so that I am now laying almost fully on top of Sterling, and instantly I feel the difference. In this position, it is also a lot more comfortable on my jaw and my neck, and now, finally, I can swallow him down some.

I still cannot seem to manage to take him all in, but I now have probably three quarters of his amazing dick inside my throat where it needs to be, and it is even better than I dreamed it would be.

Almost as soon as I changed position, Sterling grabbed hold of my seriously soggy baby bum, and just held me. Every so often, though, he would reach up with his face and press it right into my soggy diapered bum, and inhale deeply of my scent, I bet I smell real good right now too. I have loved smelling my soggy diapers for as long as I can remember, and yes, I have sucked them a little as well, like nearly every morning. I have even sucked Reilly”s diapers a little after stripping him and sending him to the bathroom in the mornings, and his piss is always really sweet.

Sterling lasts almost two minutes more like this, and as soon as I can tell that he is about to cum again, I pull off until only his head is in my mouth, and then torture his dick lips with my tongue once more, and he explodes.

This cum load is nearly half as much again, and I can tell that Sterling is now done. He is starting to go soft in my mouth, even though I truly do wish that I could just keep on sucking him until neither of us could go any longer. I do keep Sterling in my mouth though as I savour his seed, and only let go once he goes fully soft in my mouth.

“Holy fucking shit, that was fucking amazing.” Sterling gasps out a few minutes later.

“You mean it? You musta had way better blowjobs in the past, I couldn”t even take you all the way.”

“Oh yeah, and then some. As for having been sucked before, no, never, I was being paid to be fucked, no one ever sucked me, and the one time I got to fuck someone, I never asked him to suck me, so, no, you were my first, and I can”t possibly imagine that it could be any better. It was good when you were facing the other way, but as soon as you swung around and managed to almost swallow me whole, no, that was fucking fantastic. I”ve never cum so much or so hard in my entire fucked life, even last night I don”t think I came quite as hard or as much.”


“No shit wow. Now, you better get me diapered Baby, I needta go peepee really bad.”

“Then peepee.” I said, sucking him back in.

I have wanted to suck a boys piss right outta the source for a long time as well, and I do not plan to pass up the opportunity to see if I really enjoy it as much as I had dreamed I would.

Sterling just moaned deeply, and then let go his aching bladder. Much like me, though, Sterling really did not have a lot to offer, but what he fed me I enjoyed immensely. As soon as I had Sterling all drained, I flung myself into soggy baby bum change position, and he just laughed.

We will diaper each other up, later, right now I need to cum, and bad. I had only cum the once as I was sucking Sterling, but I almost did every time he did, only I managed to hold it off, so that I could have a proper soggy baby bum change as well. I am now harder than I ever recall being before, and it is every bit as painful as my little baby bum was last night, and my jaw this morning. What glorious pains I have experienced yesterday and today.

Sterling took care of cutting open my outer diaper after mashing his face into it for only a minute, and then as soon as it was out of the way, he pressed his face into my doubler and inner diaper, and sniffed and sucked even more greedily than I had of his. Finally he released the tapes on my inner diaper, pulled it down, and then inhaled all that I have to offer, and I exploded almost instantly.

I must have blacked out, but when I come to, I can hear Sterling gulping, and I can feel why. My bladder must have been too full, and as soon as I finished cumming, and because I was asleep, my body just let go, and Sterling sure seems to be enjoying it. I too did not have a lot to offer him, but he greedily took it all, and is savouring it much like I had done to both his cum and piss. The major difference, though, is that once Sterling had finished savouring my piss load, he did not have to swallow it all down to be able to suck me more. I clearly do not fill his mouth near as much as he filled mine. With his dick in there, I had had no more room left, but he does, and it feels amazing.

I manage to last for two more orgasms, both nearly as amazing as the second, though my first had been great as well, but it was so much better being sucked to orgasm. When finally I went soft, Sterling pulled off.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing, thanks so much.” I sighed.

“You”re very welcome Baby, you taste utterly amazing, by the way, but your piss erupted so violently it almost shocked me. You had a surprising amount to offer as well, I had to drink some down before I was really ready to.”

“I”d already felt that I had to go pee when I woke up, which isn”t normally a sensation I”m used to, but they”re usually mornings that I wake up especially hard, like I did this morning.”

“Yeah, same.”

“Good. So, I suppose us baby boys needta get our baby diapers on. So, lay back Baby and let me diaper you like a good gay baby boy deserves.”

“Okay.” He said happily and I happily diaper Sterling.

I slip his diaper and doubler under his upraised bum, then ask him if I should take his plug out and he said he probably should, so I did, then go in with a hand filled with baby lotion and proceed to lotion him up fully and properly, and as soon as it is all rubbed in nicely, I scoop up more than twice as much diaper rash cream as I need, and proceed to apply that as well. Once done, I wipe my hands off and pull up and tape closed his nice thick baby diaper.

As soon as Sterling was all taken care of, we traded places, and he took care of diapering me every bit as nicely, using every bit of double as much lotion and cream as was needed as well. I too moaned deeply in the loss of my plug, though I did groan a fair bit as the widest part stretched me near to my limits. Finally I am taped back up and into a fresh baby diaper, and I feel good.

“Mmm, now that was a good soggy baby bum change.” I sigh.

“Mmmhmm. I truly hope that we get to enjoy many more amazing soggy baby bum changes together.”

“Me too. I”m starting to feel that we might though, the feelings I”m feeling for you, they”ve just gotta be love, nothing else could explain how I feel for you.”

“Good, because I feel the same way for you. Now, our driver is gonna be here in a little over half an hour, we needta get dressed and then go get some food and a drink, so come on Baby.”


We got each other dressed first, since we are already in our bedroom, I into my ratty clothes, Sterling into a very nice suit, and then we headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. We had a nice quick filling breakfast, and plenty to drink, and just as we finished cleaning up, Sterling pointed out that our driver is coming, and so, we headed out to go and wait for him to pull up. As soon as he was stopped, we hopped in, and then he took off right away. It is now pretty much three hours drive to get to town, and so, as we sit there, we talk, Sterling telling me all sorts of things that I will be learning as I become his personal assistant. The drive was long, but we had as much fun as we could, and I learned a lot.

Our first stop as soon as we made it into the city was to a salon, and as soon as we walked in, a man that I call flamboyantly gay came almost skipping up to us and greeted Sterling like an old friend, asking him if I am the one that he gets to help today. Sterling said yes, and then pushed me gently, and said go with Mason and he will make you look as good as he possibly can.

Now, I have never been for a hair cut in my life, my mom has always just done it for me, and trust me, she is not very good at it, but, once more, none of the kids harassed me for that, because more than half of them had the same haircuts, done by their moms or dads as well. He started by washing my hair, and it was so relaxing and calming that I damn near fell asleep, but then, he led me to a chair, and as soon as I sat down, he called someone else over, and as he started doing my hair, a boy of maybe sixteen came and started doing my nails. I asked him what he is doing, and he said that he is giving me a full manicure, because not only do I need it, but that he can make my nails look good. I was encouraged to just lay back and relax, close my eyes, and let the masters do their work, and so, that is exactly what I did. Before too long, they were both done.

Mason spun me around, so that I can see myself in the mirror, and I swear, I have never seen the boy in the mirror before. He did an amazing job, and I tell him so. Of course he thanks me, and tells me that he styled my hair to suit the shape of my head, so that I would look as good as I possibly could.

Then the young man who had been doing my nails told me to look at them, and I have never seen my nails gleam before, but they do now, not to mention that they are all even and perfectly rounded as well. He tells me that today we did not have time to do the pedicure, or the steamed towel facial, but that next time I will get the full royal treatment, and that I will feel like a god because of it.

I was urged out of the chair, and because Sterling had already paid up, we were free to go, and so, we head out. As soon as we hop back in the car, we are off again, and this time our next stop is the optometrists, where I had my vision tested for the first time. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but still, that was not what I expected at all. It was super easy, not one thing even came close to hurting, and then the doctor claimed me to have perfect vision, and we were gone.

Next in line was the doctors office, and when he had me strip down to just my diaper, he never said anything about it in the least, and never asked me about it at all. I am guessing that Sterling already told him about that. Once more, since this is my first time, I had no idea what to expect, and again, it still did not come close to what I expected. The doctor was very thorough, asked me dozens of questions, felt all over me, looked at or in pretty much every part of my body, and even though at one point he had to remove my diaper, he just taped it right back up again when he was done.

By now we are both getting pretty hungry, and Sterling says that we may as well eat before the dentist, and so, we go and get some lunch, and eat up. While we ate, I asked Sterling why the doctor never asked about my diaper, and he explained that our doctor is also a diaper lover, and that he knows about Sterling, and that he had already been told that so am I, so that is awesome. As soon as we were back in the car, we head out, and because we both need soggy baby bum changes now, we change each other quickly.

The last appointment was the dentist, and here too again was a long and very thorough visit, I got a full checkup and a cleaning, I was told that other than my teeth not being quite as clean as they could have been, I was in really good shape, which, like I was told, since this was my first time, was actually really good. I admit, the scraping on my teeth actually hurt my ears, and I can honestly say, I am not a fan of the dentists office, but it was not a horrible experience either. Sterling says that every few months we will come in for cleanings and checkups, to keep our teeth healthy.

Now that all the appointments are taken care of, Sterling says that we can now go shopping to make me look as stunning as I deserve to be. Once more, as soon as we are in the car, we take off, and once more, Sterling never told the driver a thing, so I ask about it. He tells me that he just emails his driver the day before with what we are doing, where we are going, when we have to be there if it is an appointment, and then he takes care of the rest. Well, it certainly seems to work well.

We finally pulled up to a store called The Fashionable Male, so I guess it is clothes shopping next, and we got out and went in. We were once again greeted by a man that was totally gay. Not quite as flamboyant as Mason had been, but definitely flaming none the less. I actually really like him.

“Oh Sterling, I just don”t know if I can do anything more to make him look any better. He”s already stunning.”

“I know Jamie, but his clothes don”t help him any at all, and I know you”re fully up to the challenge of making him look like he should. Remember, he needs the full setup, diaper shirts included.”

“I remember, no worries. I just changed my diaper a few minutes ago, so it”s perfect timing, I have lotsa time to help you out.”

“Nope, this is all Skye, I”m gonna go to the car and do some work while you do your magic. Just text me when you”re done, so that I can come in and pay.”

“Absolutely.” If I had to guess, I would say that he is very happy to get to spend some time alone with me. I am not against that either, I would so totally pull his pants and diaper down and suck him.

As soon as Sterling left, I was led to the back.

“So, Sterling already sent me your sizes, he also told me what you look like, the colour of your hair and skin, and all that, so I”ve already got a good stack of clothes picked out for you, now all we haveta do is make sure that they all suit you. Of course, my gay eyes rarely miss their mark, and now getting to truly see you, I think I might”ve got it pretty close, though I have a couple more ideas, since I think you”re gonna look truly stunning in a nice purple or wine. Now when was your last soggy baby bum change?”

“About an hour ago?”

“Perfect, and do you mind my seeing you in just your diaper?”

“No, but if we”re gonna be private enough that I can be in just my diaper, then I”d really prefer it if you were as well.”

“Ooh, I like you.” He groaned.

“Yeah, well, the feeling”s mutual. Say the word and I”ll be on my knees so fast you won”t even see it happening.”

“Business first sweety, playtime later, but I can agree to being only diapered as well if it”d make you feel more comfortable.”

“Oh yeah, though I might just be so hard it won”t be at all comfortable.”

“Yeah, well, ditto.” He grinned brightly to me.

I was led into a large dressing room, in fact it is larger than mine and Reilly”s old bedroom. There are mirrors all around, excellent lighting, a bench to sit upon, and a table that is currently stacked with clothes, and then a rolling garment rack with even more clothes on it. Since everything that I can see looks to be about my size, I am guessing that they are all for me. As soon as we were both in, Jamie closed and locked the door.

“Okay, we won”t be interrupted, I have two hours scheduled for you alone, hopefully it”ll be enough time. Now, go ahead and strip down to that soggy baby diaper of yours.”

I just nodded and started stripping, at the same time that Jamie was also stripping. As soon as I was down to just my diaper, and so is Jamie, we could not help but to look at each other. He is really good looking as well, not quite as good looking as Sterling, but damn near. Jamie though groaned deeply at seeing me.

“Fuck, when Sterling told me how shockingly beautiful you are, I admit I thought he was lying, but, maybe he was trying to play it down, because you”re even more so, especially in just a diaper. But then, to a gay baby boy diaper lover like me, almost any boy is stunning in just a diaper.”

“Thanks, you”re really hot as well. So, how do you and Sterling know each other then?”

“He started coming here damn near ten years ago, just after I opened in fact, and as I was fitting him for a suit, I found that he was diapered. At first he was super embarrassed that I”d realized it and all, but I grinned and told him that I”m a full time diaper wearer as well. I do actually need them, but I love them so much I won”t willingly give them up. My doctor even told me years ago that they”d be able to fix the problem, but I said no thanks. My doctor grinned and said him too, apparently Sterling and I have the same doctor, and having a gay diaper loving doctor is awesome.”

“Yeah, just saw him not all that long ago myself, but I didn”t realize that he was diapered. He also didn”t really seem all that gay to me, just a little.”

“He claims to be bi, I think it”s a lie, hey that rhymes.” He laughed.

“Yeah. So, how about you, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Husband actually, we”ve been married a little more than five years already, he”s a full on gay baby boy diaper lover as well. We”ve been together for nearly twenty years already.”

“But, you”re only like thirty.”

“Thirty two, to be exact, I was twelve, he was eleven, we got together because he knew I hadta wear diapers all day, and he was a bad bed wetter, but was dreaming of being diapered all day, every day like me, and our first weekend together, he screwed up the courage to ask me for a proper diaper, and that night was the first time either of us got diaper fucked, and it was spectacular. We were found out not even three months later, his mom beat the snot outta him, my dad just laughed when he found out the reason why she did that to him and I came home crying, we rescued him, he lived with us, and we”ve been together since.”

“Oh, that”s really nice.”

“Yeah. Now, we needta get you into a diaper shirt first, do you want naughty or plain.”

“I should probably say plain, but I definitely want naughty.”

“Good. My husband and I screen print these ones ourselves, clearly we don”t advertise them, but we sell them online, and when we find other diaper wearers as well.” He said, picking one up, and showing it to me.

It says on it, I am a baby and need a baby soother, but instead of the boy sucking a soother, he is sucking a dick. It is a well drawn cartoon, and it is fucking hot.

“Wow, me likey.”

“I thought you might. I made this one specifically for you. My husband”s an amazing artist, and I asked him to draw this one up.”

“Wicked, thanks.”

I took the diaper shirt and tried it on. It is so soft and stretchy merter escort that it defies logic, and when I snapped it up, it felt truly amazing.

“Fuck, I was right, you are even hotter like that.”


Then, for a little more than an hour and a half, Jamie passed me clothes and made me try them all on, and he would make me change one thing or another until he was satisfied. Once he was satisfied, each item was placed into piles. I must say though, I have never worn a suit before, but even I felt good when I slipped into the one suit that he had picked out for me. He giggled giddily once he had me perfect in it, including a tie, cuff links, handkerchief in my pocket, the whole works.

That was my last outfit, there is a decent sized pile of no”s, but a huge stack of yeses, including two more suits that are damn near as nice. I even have six pairs of shoes, I mean, honestly, who needs six pairs of shoes, but they are all so nice and way more comfortable than any I have ever felt in my life, I just did not have the heart to tell Jamie that I did not need them all, granted, he had vetoed two pairs, so there had been eight.

Jamie then gathered up the clothes that I had arrived in, and promptly threw them into the trash.

“Why”d you do that, they were still good.”

“No, they weren”t, they were already getting thread bare, there are more holes in your socks than you have toes, and most importantly, they do not suit you in any way, so, they are garbage. No arguments.”


Jamie then started getting dressed, but I stopped him.

“Would you allow me to suck you in thanks for all that you”ve done for me today?”

“As amazing as that sounds, I must decline. I truly do thank you for the offer, and if the circumstances were different, I”d happily take you up on the offer, but I am happily married.”

“I understand. I truly do thank you though for all this, it”s simply amazing.”

“You”re very welcome. A stunningly beautiful boy such as you deserves to be presented in just such a manner. They say that the clothes make the man, and I can turn almost anyone into a stunning work of art, but, when you”re already as beautiful as you are, my work becomes shockingly easy.”

“Thanks.” I say, and I am pretty sure that I am blushing yet again.

“You”re very welcome. Now, let me text Sterling and tell him that we are done.”

Jamie finishes getting dressed, and then grabs his phone and texts Sterling. As soon as he is done that, Jamie unlocks the door and pushes out the rolling cart with all my clothes on it, and I follow him.

I blushed even more as every person in the store stopped and looked at me as I walked by. One boy, maybe fourteen, probably only thirteen, dropped the pants that he had been holding, and probably came. His dad damn near burst out laughing. If that poor boy had no idea that he was gay before, he sure as hell does now. His dad will too. Then Sterling walked in.

“Holy fucking shit, Jamie, you surpassed even my highest expectations.”

“Thanks, I didn”t even really haveta try. You were right, Skye truly is beautiful, and I thank you for allowing me to make him look as good as he deserves. Now, so far all Skye has for cuff links are the basic gold ones that I carry, but I think he needs something a little more, as well I think he needs a proper watch to really set him apart from others.”

“That”s one of our next stops, no worries.”


Sterling handed over his bank card, and at no time did Jamie say the price, he just put it all through, and handed Sterling the receipt when it was all done. A store helper was then called over to help take everything out. The other two suits were perfectly packed into two suit bags, as well there is one other for the one I am wearing, while the rest of the clothes and shoes had been put into bags, and as soon as it was ready to go, we headed out.

As we were leaving the store, I could not help but to notice that the boy who had cum just from seeing me was watching me, and I smiled brightly to him, and he came again. His underwear are gonna be some sticky. Wish I could steal them and suck them out.

Everything was loaded into the trunk, and then we hopped in and were off right away again. I asked Sterling how much the clothes were, since they had never said, and I damn near dirtied my diaper when he told me it was nearly ten thousand dollars, but, like he said, each of my suits were two grand a pop, but that it is not a big deal, that is what a good and proper suit should cost. When we stopped, it was to a jewelry store, and we went in.

Our first stop was the cuff links, and Sterling made me choose three different ones, but I did not want to, not only did I not have any idea what were nicest, but their cheapest ones were two hundred for the set, and I just could not fathom spending that. Finally Sterling chose three for me, one with platinum and pearls, one with white gold and rubies, and the last with yellow gold and sapphires. The cheapest ones he chose were five hundred for the set. Then we went to a case with watches in it. Sterling asked for what we needed, and the sales person showed us three that would work. The cheapest one was three thousand dollars, so, sterling picked the most expensive one at damn near double that. Finally we went to another case with bracelets, since Sterling says that with one wrist adorned, the other needs to be as well, and so, the sales person showed him one that would match my watch, and Sterling agreed, and had that added as well. I am clearly going into shock by now, I cannot even say anything. Sterling just pays for it all, helps me to put on the watch and bracelet, and then trades out the basic cuff links for the ones with the rubies, since that will match my current suit best.

“Perfect. We should go back and show Jamie, but if that poor boy is still there and he sees you again, he might cum so hard this time he”ll drown us all.” Sterling said, grinning brightly.

“Ah, you saw him did you?”

“Oh yeah. If he or his dad didn”t know he was gay before, they sure as hell do now.”

“Yeah, that”s what I thought as well.”

“Now, we needta go get you a phone, but that”s next door, so let”s go.”

“What do I need a phone for?”

“Mostly as a personal pocket computer, they”re super handy for all that, but also so that we can communicate when we”re not together. When we”re in the office, and you”re doing work for me, I”ll more often than not just text you with what I”m needing.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.”

“It does.”

When we walked in, Sterling was greeted happily, and when Sterling told the guy that he needs another of their best phones put onto the corporate account, he said he would get it done right away, and within fifteen minutes, I have my new phone. Sterling made me pick out the case that I want for it, and while I was doing that, he grabbed a couple more things for the phone. Clearly Sterling will have to teach me how to use it, I have never even seen a real cell phone before.

Then we head to the computer section of that same store, and Sterling looks at the options, then flags down another sales person, and asks for the one that he had chosen, and tells him to include all sorts of things, most of which I did not catch and/or understand. Once more, I am in shock, I have never even been in such a store before, and while I know that Sterling is getting all this stuff for me, by now it is no longer even registering. I just dutifully followed him as he added more items to the cart, I sure hope that he is buying some stuff for himself as well.

It was damn near an hour in that store before all our stuff is ready to go and Sterling pays for it all, and then we were helped out to the car and it was all loaded into the trunk. As soon as we hopped in, we were off once again.

“How you holding up there Baby, you appear to be in some shock.”

“Um yeah, I definitely think I”m in shock, all that wasn”t for me, was it?”

“Yes, it was. I already have all the stuff I need, this was all for you.”

“But why, I don”t need or even deserve all this?”

“Maybe not need, no, sure, you could easily do without most of it, but, you also work for me now, so not only do you haveta look the part, but you haveta act the part, and that includes having all the proper electronics to do business with. As for deserving it, oh Baby, you deserve far more than you”ve ever dreamed. I”m hoping that this little help that I offer to you now, is the tiny little step that you need to make it huge in this world. I feel in you a person of great influence and power, someone who can do anything.”

“It”s not a little help, it”s a massive shove. I doubt my parents have spent so much money on me during my entire life as you”ve spent on me today, not to mention what you”re doing for Reilly.”

“No, money really truly means nothing if you don”t do something good with it. What”ve we spent today to get you outfitted and fixed up like you deserve, twenty, twenty five thousand, that”s pennies to me, it means nothing to me, but, helping you out, no, that means the world to me. Since the very first time we started chatting, I felt that you were someone special, and I just knew I hadta figure out a way to rescue you. No, you didn”t needta be rescued from your parents, you”re lucky there, you have shockingly caring parents, you hadta be rescued from the life you were destined to live. Maybe you could”ve escaped like I did, but I didn”t want for you to haveta live like that, it wasn”t at all nice, I promise you that.”

“Thanks, and I do truly appreciate it, I hope you know that, it”s just, well, you know, a lot to take in, when all you”ve ever gotten was the table scraps left over by society. I”ve never had anything new my entire life, now today, all this, and I”m wearing more money than my parents make in half a year probably.”

“Well, I hope they don”t make so little as that, and I do know how much you appreciate it all, but that it is a lot to take in. I understand more than you know, well, maybe you do know, but I do still understand more. I rescued you fairly young, I hope that you”re nowhere near as scarred as I was.”

“Thanks. Outta curiosity, how”d you contact my parents, and how”d they react to your offer?”

“I visited them at the hospital, told them that I know you, that we”ve met, that I had a business proposition to make, and then told them about the doctor that I”d found that might be able to help Reilly, and what all I was willing to do. I met them six, almost seven months ago already, it”d taken them that long to decide. At no time did I ever mention sex or anything of the sort, but during one of our meetings, they did work up the courage to ask, and I was brutally honest with them, I told them flat out that I do not want a paid sex servant, that such a thing disgusts me, but that should you and I agree, and it was your choice, then I”d be very much willing as well. I”m kinda surprised that they didn”t just go to the cops instantly, but I hadn”t given them my real name. It was only after they got the latest news about Reilly that they seriously started considering it.”

“What news?”

“That he had at most a year, then his body would start shutting down and fail, and should that happen, they may not be able to revive him. He was getting worse, the last therapies weren”t working, you hadta have seen that he was getting more and more pale recently, and that he was getting outta breath even more. His little body is failing, and they can”t stop it.”

“Yeah, I was seeing it, and so was Reilly. He told me he wasn”t scared to die, only scared to lose me. I told him that he”d never lose me. When”s he going for the surgery then?”

“They”re scheduled to fly out on Friday, the surgery is to be Monday, and with any luck, he”ll be home the Friday two weeks after. If all goes well, he should have no lasting effects, and should lead a perfectly normal life. Of course, should the worst happen, they don”t think that they can save him. His brain isn”t sending the proper signals, and if it decides that”s it, or they can”t fix it, once it happens, it might mean losing your baby brother. All we can do is hope that the doctor is as good as his previous results say he is. I know, that”s a lot to take in as well, and is incredibly horrible to hear, but I”m of the firm belief that you”re old enough to take the news and deal with it like a man.”

“Thanks, our parents really haven”t held anything back from us, we”ve known for a long time that Reilly might not be able to survive long, they told us flat out, that eight is the oldest anyone”s ever survived with his condition, and so, we loved as much as we possibly could. I”m so proud of Reilly though, he”s known for a long time that he wasn”t gonna live past eight, and might not even be able to last that long, we all talked it over lots and lots, when we found that there was a doctor who might be able to help, but that it costs so much money, our dad told Reilly that he”d sell his very soul to the devil if he hadta to pay for it, but that they simply can”t afford it. Reilly just looked at Dad and told him that it”s okay, that he”s not scared to die, and that he just hopes we”re all there with him when he does, so that he doesn”t haveta go alone. I admit, I cried and cried and cried, told him that no matter what the hospital said, that when he feels it”s time, I won”t leave his side, even to go to the bathroom or to eat.”

“I remember you telling me that. That”s when you admitted to me that there”s nothing that you wouldn”t do to save your baby brother, that if someone gave you the hundred thousand to go and kill someone, you”d happily do it, you even admitted that you”d go and let yourself be fucked by hundreds of men to make the money. You told me then that you”d told your parents that you were gonna go get a job, any job, no matter what it was, and earn the money to save Reilly, that you”d work sixteen or even eighteen hours a day to make every penny that he needed to save him. That”s when I knew, you were too much like me not to save.”

“And I meant it. I”m glad I don”t haveta though, not gonna lie, the thought of killing someone makes me sick, and it makes me almost as sick to think about selling myself to hundreds of men, but I still woulda done it in a heartbeat to save Reilly.”

“And for that, you are a good person. I see a lot of you in Reilly as well, and I feel that he”s gonna fight this as well, and pull through the surgery just fine. Of course, it”s rather invasive brain surgery that he”s gonna have done, so there”s just no telling what”ll happen, but I think he”s a little fighter as well, and will do whatever it takes. He”ll spend almost two weeks in the hospital, or less if he recovers quickly, some do, some take longer, but the doctor says most stay for pretty much two weeks. So, hopefully in just a little more than a week, we”ll know more. The doctor claims that if his little patients make it through the surgery itself alive, that it was a success, and that he will have fixed the issue, so it”s just a matter of recuperating to make sure nothing goes wrong after the surgery. It happens, of course, but he”s never had that happen to him, so we can always hope that he”s still as good and that the odds are in Reilly”s favour.”

“Oh good. I”d liketa be there the day that Reilly comes home, and I wanna spend the night with him. Will that be a problem?”

“No, not at all, and I fully expected that, no worries. I”ll stay in a hotel that night, no point in going home, really, I”ll just make sure and schedule meetings and whatnot around that time, so that I have stuff to do. Are you gonna fuck him, I saw how hard both of you were when you put him down?”

“Yeah, he asked me too. He wantsta be diaper fucked, and then piss fucked as well, slutty little guy, I love him more for it.” I said, and Sterling smiled brightly.

“That”s excellent. He”s a right little cutie pie, and I hope that he pulls through for you all.”

“Yeah, he is, and I hope so too.”

“So, we have no other stops that we haveta make, and we”re a little early for our dinner reservation, is there anything else you want or need while we wait, or should we just continue to drive around?”

“No, there”s nothing else I want or need, other than more diapers, how do you usually buy them?”

“We have lots, don”t you worry your hot little gay baby diapered bum about that any. I buy them direct from the manufacturers by the case and have them delivered. Because delivery out to our house is so expensive, though, I only do it once a year, so, I make sure and order lots and lots. On my last order, I ordered more than enough for you for an entire three years, so, that should last a year.”

“Wicked. I like how you think.”

“Yes, well, I like how you think as well, hence the reason I hadta rescue you.”


We ended up firing up the TV and one of the games systems, and for almost forty five minutes, as we drove around, we played. Finally we pulled into somewhere and stopped, and Sterling turned off the game and told me it is time for dinner. We hopped out, and headed inside. As we walked away, our driver pulled away himself, probably heading somewhere to get himself dinner too I imagine. The exterior of the restaurant is nice, do not get me wrong, but it is not spectacular, by any stretch of the little gay baby bum, but then we walked inside, and the change was instantly amazing.

The interior of this restaurant is breathtaking, easily the most beautiful restaurant that I have ever seen, and I have seen lots of pictures of them. There are only twenty tables, and all are full except one, which I can only assume is ours. Now, it looks amazing, however, the smell is simply to die for. It smells so good that I am very nearly drooling over it.

“Good evening Mr. Jamieson and Mr. Lowe, we have your table prepared for you, please allow us to seat you now.” A waiter dressed nearly as well as I am greeted us.

“How”d he know my last name was Lowe?” I whispered to Sterling.

“They take all the names of every person in a party and greet you by name. He”ll likely also remember me, I”ve been here several times. It takes a week to get a reservation here, and each reservation is booked for two hours.”

“Why, we don”t need two hours to eat?” I ask in awe.

“Ah, but here you do.” Our waiter laughed. “If bahçeşehir escort this is your first time dining in a five plus star restaurant, I assure you, you are about to be amazed.”

“Never been in a nice restaurant at all.”

“Know how you feel.”

Two women came and pulled out our chairs for us, and allowed us to sit, handed us our napkins, and then our waiter popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne and poured us each a few sips from it.

“Um, isn”t it illegal to serve alcohol to a minor?” I ask curiously.

“Champagne is not just a mere alcohol my good Sir, it”s a must with a fine meal. You”ll only be allowed to have just this much with your meal, unless Mr. Jamieson chooses to pour you more himself. Tiny sips, you must not gulp this, do so, and you may make some of the snooty folk here pass out.” He grinned.

“Geez, what”d happen if I gulped it down, belched, and said loudly, now that”s some good swill.” I teased.

“You”d probably give them heart attacks, and make the owner cry from insulting his personally chosen Champagne.” He grinned brightly.

“I like you. You”re gutter born, just like me, aren”t you?”

“Yep. Didn”t see day light “til I was fourteen.”


Sterling was amused by our banter and was smiling happily.

“So, I suppose I should do my job now, what would you gentlemen like this evening?”

“Um, you haven”t given us any menus?”

“Pashaw, menus are for lesser restaurants. No, you ask me for something, and we do our best to ensure we have it.”

“And if I asked for a burger and fries?”

“The chef might faint, die, or come out here and rip your arms off and beat you with the bloody stumps, not entirely certain which.”

Sterling nearly swallowed his tongue from trying not to laugh, I just giggled, and said, “Right. Well then, I”ve heard good things about steak, could I get a steak?”

“Yes, but what I need from you now is what you would like to start with.”

“Oh, I have no idea. Why not bring me something.”

“Done. And how about for you Mr. Jamieson?”

“I think you remember what I like as well.”

“I do. I”ll be out shortly.”

As soon as he left, Sterling looked to me and gave me the funniest grin I have ever seen.

“What?” I giggled.

“That was fun to watch, you truly are a witty and funny young man, and you seem to be able to put people at ease very easily.”

“Thanks. It was fun.”

“Good.” He said, and then we continued to talk more as we waited.

Our first course came out, and we enjoyed that, just a nice salad that was almost too pretty to eat. Then a soup dish came out, and it was delicious, thick and creamy and very flavorful. Next came a very delicious appetizer, there were only four items on the plate, each one a nice little mouthful, each one different, Sterling told me it is called a mouth pleaser, and boy was it ever. There was easily ten to fifteen minutes between each course, to allow our stomachs to digest it a little Sterling said, which also allowed us to truly enjoy it too. Sterling did have to teach me what fork or spoon to use, as well as how to eat correctly, who knew there was a right and wrong way to eat, but apparently there is.

When our main course was brought out, though, I was mid sentence, saying something to Sterling, be damned if I can remember what, and I just stopped and stared. Not only did it look delicious, but it smelled even better, and it looked like art on a plate. I almost ignored Sterling when he told me not to eat too fast, and to truly savour it. I wanted nothing more than to just dig in and eat voraciously.

By far, the best meal I have ever had, or will likely ever have again. Holy shit, so delicious. I did manage to eat nice and slow though, the savouring part was easy, and Sterling told me that I had done well. It was also during our main course that Sterling had me try my Champagne, tiny little sips he said, just enough to tickle the palette he said, and it was not too bad, I guess.

Then dessert came out, it was not very large, but once more, it looked truly spectacular, and when I got my first taste, I swear I died and went to heaven. It was not overly sweet, in fact I hardly tasted any sugar at all, but it had amazing flavour and it felt amazing in my mouth, so smooth and light. When I asked what it was, Sterling told me that it is a fruit mousse. I almost asked for a years supply of it, for right now. I could eat a gallon of it, if they allowed me to. Sterling did laugh when I told him that, but agreed.

“Well young man, you did very well.” Our waiter said when we were done. “Most children when they come here, especially for their first time ever experiencing a place such as this, cannot eat correctly. Not like we get a lot of children here, mind you, but a few, and you probably did amongst the best.”


“Oh yeah. And what kids we do get, were usually born with a silver spoon in their mouths and should know how to eat in a setting such as this already, yet most do not.”

“Oh, I guess that”s good then.”

“Yes, you learn very quickly.”


“You”re welcome. Now, I know you are not fond of coffee Mr. Jamieson, so I shall bring you out your tea, but what would you like to drink Mr. Lowe?”

“I would like the same please?”

“Excellent, be right out.”

“You really did do very well, he wasn”t just stroking your ego.”


Our tea was brought out shortly and we sat back and sipped it and enjoyed it. I could not help but to notice that Sterling had not even had more of the Champagne himself, and when I asked, he said he really does not care to drink alcohol that much, and rarely does. I asked what will happen to the rest, and he said they will probably share it in the back, since he is paying for the whole bottle anyway. He grinned, so I am not entirely sure if he was joking or not, but he is probably right.

When finally we were about ready, Sterling texted the driver to let him know that we are about to leave, so we went and paid up, and as we were walking out, our car was just pulling up. We hopped in, and as soon as the door was closed, we were off.

“I don”t know about you, but I”m getting really soggy.” I said.

“Yeah, same. We can also change out of our suits at the same time.”

We start by stripping each other, until we are in only our soggy baby diapers, and then because I am the more full and the closest to leaking, Sterling takes care of changing my super soggy baby bum first. I am hard as a freaking spike, yet he does nothing to alleviate that hardness, he did not even attempt to point me down, which probably is for the best, I doubt he could have anyway, at least not without snapping my dick off. I too had to just leave Sterling hard and pointing straight up in his diaper, because there was no bending him down either, and other than lotioning and creaming him like he deserves, I too did not play. We decided to just stay in our diapers for the time being, since it is still a long way home.

We wrapped our suits up in their protective bags, since Sterling had ensured that they were in the back with us, and not all the way in the trunk. Now that we are comfortable and not about to leak, we played games on the games system, talking, and joking and laughing the entire time. Once we were about fifteen minutes out, we dressed each other once more, and then got everything together that we need to, including the garbage.

The driver pulled up to the garage and Sterling and I got out, each of us with some things in our arms. The door beside us opened up, and we went in. Sterling grabbed a cart, and I saw that there is another one available, and knowing that we are likely to need it, I too grabbed one, and went to help offload everything. The trunk was already open and waiting for us, and so, we got everything out, and barely a second after Sterling closed the trunk, the driver pulled away.

“So, does he ever get out of the car to help with anything?”

“Not normally, I told him that that”s almost never in his job description, and the only time is if for some strange reason I”ve also got a client with me, which nowadays is incredibly rare.”

“Oh, okay, cool.”

We took everything into the house, and started getting everything unpacked and put away. Most of the clothes went right into the wash, but my suits are of course to be dry cleaned only, so clearly they do not get put in the wash.

It has now been nearly three hours since my diaper change, and other than one wetting, when I had had to quite literally force myself to pee, I have hardly wet at all. I do truly have to go pee really bad, though, but I have not gone soft since we changed each other. I am now getting insatiably horny, and I hope that Sterling is as well. Pretty much as soon as we are done, and we had stripped and thrown our clothes in the wash as well, so we are in only our baby diapers now, I jumped into Sterling”s arms, he cradled me under my baby diapered bum, and I laid on him a kiss that I sure hope tells him all that I am wanting and needing.

As we kiss, very nicely I might add, Sterling is walking, I have my eyes closed as we kiss, so I can only assume he is taking us to our bedroom. It is my turn to make love to Sterling, and I know that he wants it every bit as much as I do, and I cannot wait any longer. We both know that I am much too small to make love to him through our soggy baby diapers, and we will likely have to be up on our knees in order to do it as well, with our diapers pulled down, but, even still, I worry that I will not have enough to make him feel at all good.

I do not have long to wait, though, because Sterling lays me down on the bed, and though he continues to kiss me, he rolls us so that I am on top of him now. As he breaks the kiss, I pull away.

“I know you”re worried,” He says before I can say anything. “But don”t, it”s gonna feel amazing. No, you”re not huge yet, but you”re a good size for a young gay baby boy. As we talked about, we”ll really haveta be up on our knees in order to make it work, at least while wearing diapers, which we both want and need more than anything else. So, make love to me Baby, take your time, and enjoy.” And then he rolls so that he is in the right position, tucking his knees up underneath himself, presenting himself to me in a way only a diaper lover could truly enjoy.

Trust me, seeing the man who I am falling in love with presenting his hot soggy baby diapered bum in just this way is making me even harder than I had already been, a feat I had not been aware was even possible.

Well, what is a gay baby boy diaper lover to do when presented with a mighty fine soggy diapered ass to do with as he pleases. Before I even knew I was doing it, I have my face buried right in the seat of it, sniffing, inhaling, cherishing every delicious scent that I possibly can. Once I had mashed my face in his diapered ass for long enough, I pull down the back of his diaper, so that it is still on him, but exposing his ass to me perfectly. His hole is already a little loose looking, and is winking at me enticingly.

Then I dove back in and did something that I have wanted to do for as long as I remember having naughty thoughts, and tongue fucked him real good.

Sterling is moaning and sighing happily as I tongue him real good, and I am opening him up perfectly. Though I do not have to also use my fingers, since I am truly not that large yet, I know that Sterling will not only enjoy it, but be more than capable of taking virtually anything I have to offer. I slip one finger from each hand inside my baby, and start really making him moan and sigh and feel amazing. Long before I wanted to leave, my tongue and neck started burning from the unnatural actions that they are doing, and so, I pull free, and see that Sterling is now more than open enough for me to be able to slip my entire hand inside him.

My diapered dick, that I had not thought could possibly get harder, got harder, and I am telling you here and now, those people who say their dicks cannot speak are either liars or idiots, because my dick is currently yelling at me to fuck that presented hole. Hard.

I tell my dick that it will get all that it needs, soon, but that I am not just going to fuck wildly, because I want and need love, because I need to find love, because of at least a million reasons that I must not just fuck now. Wrestling control from my dick head was harder even than it.

I push down my diaper in the front, catching it as I do so, and it hurt as it bent down and snapped back up, then locked my diaper underneath my baby balls, and grabbed the baby lotion, since it is not only near by, but will work just as well for what we need, and just pour some onto my dick. The shock of the cool lotion on my nuclear hot dick gave me just the thing that I needed to gain control back from it, and then I moved forth, pressed my head to Sterling”s hole, and slipped all in.

Oh my fucking god. The heat, the softness, the pressure, the beating of Sterling”s heart through his anal walls, it was almost too much for me, and I damn near came almost as soon as I bottomed out.

I had to stop all motions as soon as I am pressed as deep inside Sterling as I can be, and he moaned every bit as lowly as I did as I slipped in, and there I stayed, paused in my love making for almost two minutes. Once I felt that I could control my dick once again, because trust me, that entire two minutes was a full on world war three battle between my dick and brain, it wants to fuck with wild abandon, and I want to make sweet tender love.

Finally I win, and pull out as far as I am able to without slipping clean out of Sterling, and then slip right back in, but I do so as slowly as I can possibly do. I do this only three more times, when my balls have had enough, and attempt to eject the cum that I am still years away from making, instead, I think my balls themselves may have attempted to eject. I damn near blacked out as the orgasm washed over me, and I am not entirely convinced that I did not anyway for at least a few seconds.

Almost as soon as I come down from that massive and amazing orgasm, my bladder can finally release, because my hardness has so far kept it from being able to do so, and so, I peepeed deep inside Sterling. This time Sterling”s moan was far deeper than my own. I was half way through peeing, when I started very softly and gently rocking my hips once again, and as soon as I would do so, I would stop peeing, and so, I would stop, and allow myself to pee for another second, then start rocking my hips, this causing my pee to pause, and managed to do this for probably well over a minute, maybe even as much as two. Not only does it feel utterly amazing to me, but the sounds that Sterling is making as I make gay baby diaper piss love to him make me feel even better.

The sounds that Sterling is making tell me very clearly just how good he feels, and that makes me feel very good in turn.

Now that the main pressure has been relieved, and then the pressure of my bladder as well, I am able to concentrate far more now, and manage to make even slower and more gentle love to my baby. I manage to last nearly five minutes more after I finished peeing inside Sterling before I came again, and it was made even more amazing by the fact that Sterling came at most half a second after me, and considering neither of us have touched his diapered dinky, that means that I must being doing it right, otherwise there is no way he would have cum.

Since I am still young enough to do so, I manage to last a shocking four more orgasms, over nearly an hour more, and Sterling was the one to have set off my last one. We both started going soft after that last orgasm though, and I laid down on Sterling”s back, I wrapped my arms around him and just held him lovingly, I have no doubts that Sterling has every bit as many tears in his eyes as I do. It was far more than I ever dreamed it could be. Finally I pull away, and as I do so, Sterling rolls to his side, and I crawl my way in to kiss my baby.

We kiss for probably every bit of half an hour, before Sterling pulls away.

“Baby, I hope you know that I truly do love you, I fell for you long ago, but getting to truly know you, to make love to you, and now have you make such beautiful love to me, has made me realize just how much I truly do love you. What you just did for me, no one has once before done. No, you”re not huge yet, in fact you”re the smallest that I”ve ever had, but never before has one other ever made me cum just from fucking me, though you truly did make love to me, not one other has ever made love to me, and not one other has ever peed inside me, I never shared that desire with anyone else. No, you just gave me the one thing that I”ve needed all my life, to feel loved. I know you know how much I craved the feel of love, I thought that getting fucked was the closest that I”d ever get, and so, I craved it, I sought it as dirty as I could get it, but I never felt a fraction about that as I do right now. Thank you from the bottom of my battered and bruised heart, for it now feels love, and it is forever yours, for as long as you”ll accept me.” He said, and yes, his tears are flowing every bit as much as mine are.

“And I love you that much, and possibly even more. My parents love me, I also have a very loving little brother, I”ve never hadta sell myself, or do whatever it took to make a living, yet I”ve never felt what I feel now “til yesterday. I was already starting to feel it by the time you made love to me last night, but I was feeling it even more by the time you diapered me up after filling me full of your love, and now, this evening, there can be no other explanation, I truly do love you too, and my heart too is yours for as long as you”ll accept me.” I said, and then we pressed our lips together and sealed our love.

There were no more words that could be said after that. When we broke our kiss, we changed each others baby diapers, this time we get two diapers and two doublers each, and it is every bit as amazing as I had dreamed that it would be, we lotioned and creamed each other up very properly, we even slipped our butt plugs inside each other, yet not once did we speak another word.

We went and got a drink and a snack, and as soon as we were done them, we went to bed, where we kissed for several minutes more, and finally we spoke, only to say I love you and have a good sleep to each other, before curling up all in love, on our sides, my back pressed into Sterling”s front, holding each other lovingly all night long.

I had an even more peaceful sleep than the night before, and I did not think that that had been possible.

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