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Alexandra Daddario

Disclaimer: In addition to suggestions and questions, constructive criticism regarding how I may improve is appreciated and welcome. If all you have to offer is something along the lines of, “This sucks” or “I am offended even though you already warned me about the content” then I invite you to write your own masterpiece and present it to me so that I and the rest of the world may learn from your genius and your impeccable morality.


After using Lisa as a footrest for an hour or so, I can feel her struggling to stay on all fours. Her body is beginning to get weak and shake. I decide to let her relax normally for a while when my phone rings. It is our friends asking us if we would like to go out for a couple of drinks. I’m about to say no (as I am having fun with Lisa here) when I get an idea. “We would love to join you for a few drinks.” I look at Lisa with a wry smile. She is clearly wondering what I have in store for her.

I tell her to get up and go and get dressed. Normally she would wear jeans and a t shirt or jumper if we are just going to the local pub but I decide to change that. “Lisa, I want you to go and wear your tight mini skirt that I like and the tight tube top where you don’t need a bra with it. Oh and also your 6 inch heels.” She looks at me shocked but knows there is no way she can argue as it is still within the bet time. I sit waiting for her to finish getting ready when she walks out, dressed exactly how I asked. She looks absolutely stunning dressed pendik escort like this, her nipples slightly poking through.

She looks at me with anger in her eyes that I have made her dress like this and starts walking towards the door, not talking to me. “Before you go, I have one more thing for you.” and I hand her a toy with a remote. “I think you know what to do with this.” She scowls under her breath as she lifts her skirt up revealing her thong. She pulls it to the side, gasping as she slowly slides it inside her all the way and moving her thong back into place. “Let’s test this out.” I press the button and she jump at the feeling of the vibrations starting inside her. She gives me another scowl look but this time with a wry smile attached, clearly enjoying it.

I turn it off and place the control in my pocket as we head to the pub. As we walk in everyone is clearly looking at her overdressed just for drinks in the pub. Our friends are all stunned as well and ask why she is dressed like this. Before she has a chance to answer I butt in and tell them that I bet her she wouldn’t go dressed like this as a joke and she actually agreed to it. They brush it off and keep taking the piss out of her. She soon forgets what she is wearing as we enjoy the night with a couple of drinks. I decide to make things a bit more interesting as I reach into my pocket and flick the switch. She jumps in her seat as the vibration hits her. Luckily the toy is quiet and there is a lot of noise maltepe escort around so no one hears it.

She is trying to stay calm and not let it affect her as I decide to flip the switch again, turning it up. She is biting her lip while also still trying to carry on the conversation. Our friends keep asking her if she is ok as she looks a bit flushed, she says she is fine just feeling a little tipsy which is half true. We are sitting next to each other as she reaches down to my leg and grips it hard, clearly an orgasm is passing through her. I can’t help but laugh as she tries and come down quickly from it.

It takes a good few minutes for the orgasm to pass, luckily the friends are all just chatting away so don’t really take much notice of what is happening. I decide to let Lisa think she it has finished by switching it off as her body relaxes and she starts enjoying the night again.

Just when she thinks the evening is going to carry on like normal, I whisper in her ear for her to go to the toilets and remove her panties. She looks at me pleading not to but she knows she can’t say no. To make sure she does it I switch the toy back on at a minimum just to give her a buzz.

Walking towards the toilets she sticks her finger up at me without looking at me, I can’t help but laugh.

After a couple of minutes she returns and sits back down beside me handing me her panties underneath the table. “Good girl.” I whisper to her as I put them in my pocket. “Lisa, kartal escort I think it is your round now.” She gets up as she goes to get the drinks in, standing at the bar ordering drinks I switch the toy on to the highest level as I see her knees begin to wobble. She is trying to hold it together while talking to the barmaid. The speed is so high that I notice juices dripping down her legs, which doesn’t go un-noticed with our friends either. They are all now talking and acting shocked at seeing this as another orgasm passes through her. The barmaid is lining the drinks up as Lisa just stands there trying to not let on what is happening. The juices starting to really drip down her legs, she must be really embarrassed as she brings the tray to the table, very carefully, and tells the friends that she isn’t feeling too well and tells me she needs to go home.

We say our goodbyes as the guys wink at me. We start walking to the cab office when she pulled me into the alleyway and can’t get my cock out quick enough as she removes the toy and slides my cock inside her. I have never seen her this rampant before. I have to cover her mouth to stop her screaming.

It doesn’t take long until we are both cumming at the same time. We straighten ourselves up and she tries to reach into my pocket to take her panties back. I tell her no that she will get them back when I decide as we walk to the cab and head on home.

As we walk through the door she starts walking towards the bathroom to take a shower. “Where are you going? I haven’t finished with you yet!” I tell her.

She looks at me with a wry smile, pointing at her watch, “Times up!” is all she says and heads off, smiling.

I can’t wait for the next bet I think to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32