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You’re so sexy when you just wake up and are still all sleep foggy and how I want to snuggle up against you my face nuzzling your neck because you smell so good and that I love how it makes it so much harder for you to get out of bed.

And if you came to bed later and I was already asleep how insanely happy it would make me if you climbed into bed and wrapped yourself around me from behind…your top leg over mine and your arm over me…your hand gently cupping my breast because you want to fall asleep holding me? Maybe my stirring in my sleep and pushing my ass against you makes you want more than sleep and your rub your hardening cock against my ass while you brush my hair back and wake me up by kissing my neck…mouth open, sucking as you slide your mouth down, squeezing my breast already in your hand and sliding into my pajama top where your fingers close around my already hard nipple…

Then suddenly taking your hand away so I’m left aching at the loss of attention to my breast which I was enjoying sooo much…but you need that hand to slide my panties down…so they’re now pendik escort at mid thigh so you have nothing impeding you as you caress my ass…fingers trailing from the top of my thigh to back to my ass gentle at first…the squeezing a little harder as I moan softly because it feels so good…not only because I love the way you touch me physically, but because your insistent need for me feeds something deep inside of me in a way I can’t put into words. I crave your desire for me…my need to give you what you ache for…to show you I want you just as much, how badly I need to give myself to you completely…not just my body but all of me.

I want you to shut my brain off so I can surrender completely to my primal need for you. I get lost in imagining you taking me to the place where I can stop thinking and just feel. Where nothing matters but the need and urgency and desire for each other.

Without a word your touch changes and you slide your fingers up and down my slit from behind, feeling how ready I am, proof of how much I need you glistening on your fingers…

You maltepe escort pull my panties all the way off and toss them to the floor…hands under my hips you raise me up where you want me. My face on the pillow, upraised ass waiting for what you will do next…pushing my legs further apart so I’m completely exposed to you, my pussy aching for you. I gasp as your tongue first darts into my wet slit, teasing the entrance to my cunt, I’m biting the pillow to try to keep quiet but I can’t…moaning loudly and begging to come you make me wait…teasing me with your tongue…which is magic and making me squirm in pleasure, but knowing you can’t reach my clit in this position is torture.

Suddenly the teasing is over and you flip me on my back and immediately bury your face in my pussy…your tongue on my clit exactly what I need as i start to buck up against your mouth…my pleasure building so fast I know I’m going to come any second and when you begin to finger the entrance to my pussy, running it around the perimeter just barely inside it pushes me over the edge…reaching kartal escort down to hold your head as my back arches and I buck up against you as I come for you…

Almost before I’ve finished you rise up, flip me over and raise my ass as you immediately take me from behind and shove your throbbing cock deep inside me…no teasing this time, right from the first thrust you’re fucking me hard and deep like you can’t stop…I’m coming again and you can feel my already tight wet pussy grip your cock as contractions wrack my body …

That’s all you can take and you make the sexiest guttural moan of pleasure as you gush jet after jet of your warm cum into me. I can feel your final thrusts as you finish. You stay there for a moment, I love that even though you’ve finished you want to stay inside me just a little longer while you run your hands affectionately over my ass and hips.

Then you pull out and I get the completely irrational feeling of loneliness as you do. I know it’s silly but for a second it feels like you’re leaving me and it makes me sad. But that subsides as you pull me into your arms as we get situated to sleep which is rapidly claiming both of us. I lay my head on you, lightly tracing my fingers over your chest and arm your other hand in my hair kissing the top of my head just before we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32