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I just turned 18-years-old and something happened to me that usually happen to guys at 13-years-old. I got horny, really horny. Other guys mature sexually years before I did; it was like I had a delayed reaction or something. I mean, I just grew pubic hair last year. I do not yet have a girlfriend and I live alone with my Mom. We live in the country on a nonworking farm where the closest town is 5 miles down the road.

My Mom, Elizabeth, is a single mom and does not have a man in her life. She is a good looking 38-year-old woman. Sometimes, once a month maybe, I can hear her masturbating with her vibrator. She does not know that I can hear her. She has the room next to my room. I mean, I have to put my ear to the wall to hear her but I do that while jerking off thinking of her playing with her pussy. Sometimes, when I am brave enough and horny enough, I tip-toe to her door and watch her masturbate through the keyhole. She has a thing for her tits, especially her nipples. Whenever she masturbates she never stops touching them, pulling them, and twisting them.

Now, here is the thing. My Mom thinks that I am a nice, innocent boy. In actuality, I am a horny, testosterone filled, perverted man. If she only knew how many times I jerk off a day, she would surely send me away for therapy.

So, I devised a foolproof plan to get some penis action from, whom else, the only woman that I know, my Mom. Yeah, sure, I know that she is a blood relative and having sex with a blood relative is incest, so what. I’m freaking horny.

This is my plan. All last week, I made sure that my Mom saw me naked by accident on purpose. I stepped out of the shower pretending that she was not there. I accidentally on purpose dropped my towel in the kitchen when I reached for a glass. I sat on the couch with my legs up and open while just wearing a bathrobe and watching television with her sitting across from me. My plan was to make sure that she was horny.

Then, I am going to pretend that I have a problem with my penis and take my Mom in my confidence to see if she can help me out. What do you think? Do you think that it will work? Alcohol, huh? Yeah, maybe, if I spiked her coffee with alcohol or something, she would be more agreeable to helping out a guy but I don’t think that I could pull that off. She doesn’t drink.

Mom works from home so she is always around. This morning, I am going to pretend to be sick. This is my senior year in high school and since it is the end of the year and all of my work needed to graduate is done, I pretty much am already out of school. Since, she just got out of the shower I knew any minute my mom would be knocking at my bedroom door to see why I did not get up for school.

I stripped off my pajamas and underwear and jumped back in bed throwing the sheet over me.

Five, four, three, two, one…knock, knock.

“Stephen. Wake up. Stephen, Honey, you up? You’re gonna be late for school.”

“I’m not feeling well.”

Mom opened my bedroom door and peeked in. She was wearing my favorite nightgown, a very transparent number that whenever she stood in direct light, such as when she opened the refrigerator door, I had a clear view of her ass crack, her bush between her legs, and the sides of her tits and nipples. I have jerked off countless times while thinking of her wearing that nightgown. I love that nightgown. Matter of fact, I am the one who bought her that for Christmas last year making sure that it was totally see through by holding it up to the light in the store. I lied when I told the clerk that it was for my girlfriend. How sick would she think me if I told her it was for my mother?

It is fun for a horny guy to live alone with his mother, especially if he is attracted to her because plenty of times my mother has not been careful as to how she sits around the house or what she is wearing or not wearing and I have already seen plenty of her body in all kinds of embarrassing positions. I can’t count the number of times I have seen her panties when she sits with her legs open. Or how many times, she has come out of her room in just her bra and panty to do her hair, makeup or to iron her clothes.

“What’s the matter, Honey?”

I pretended to be really upset. I am such an actor when I want to be. I can cry with actual tears, which I did now.

“Honey,” she said sitting beside me on the bed and stroking stranded teens porno my hair. I had already opened my blinds so that the sunshine would light her up like a flood lamp. Clearly, I had a great view of her knockers. It was almost like she was not wearing anything at all. She has wonderful C cup tits and when she leans over like she was just about to do to feel my forehead I had a great down nightgown view of her nipples. Now, if she was standing, I could see all the way down her nightgown to her pussy. She never wears underwear beneath her nightgown. “Tell me what is wrong?”

“It’s embarrassing, Mom.”

“C’mon, Sweetie, when your father left, we made a pact a long time ago that we can tell one another anything.”

“Mom, it’s a guy thing and it is really embarrassing.”

“Okay, what if I told you something about me that is embarrassing.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up at her ready for something juicy. My Mom rolled her eyes obviously embarrassed by what she was about to say. “Sometimes, I get lonely.”

“That’s it? What’s so embarrassing about that?”

“Sexually lonely.”

“You mean, horny?”

“Well, yeah, but lonely sounds better.”

“That is part of my problem, too.” I release more tears.

“C’mon, you can tell me anything. You know that.”

“It’s my penis.”

“What about your penis?” She looked down putting her hand on my stomach and I wished she had put her hand lower.

“There’s something wrong with it?”

“What do you mean?” She got a concerned look and I thought she was going to rip the sheet off of me. “Do you want to see the doctor?”

“Mom, I can’t go to a doctor and show her my penis.” I still had my pediatrician, old Dr. Kelly.

“Do you want me to look at it?”

“Mom! I can’t show you my penis. How embarrassing is that?”

“I’ve seen your penis hundreds of times.”

“Yeah, when I was a little kid.”

“Stephen, it’s okay. I’m your mother.”

“Mom, just between us, if I show you my penis, you can tell nobody. I would be so embarrassed.”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

“You promise?”

“Yes I promise. Who am I going to tell?”

I lifted up the sheet and my mom pushed my hands away, pulled down the sheet, and stared at my cock.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. It looks normal to me.”

“It’s not. There’s something wrong with it.”

“What?” She leaned closer staring at it and now I had a great view of her tits down her nightgown top.

“Mom, do you know what it should feel like? Can you tell by touching it, by picking it up, if it is okay and if it feels normal?”

She looked at me and then she looked back at my cock. She picked it up with her fingers and then took it in her palm.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it, Stephen.”

“Does it feel normal to you?”

I could not believe my mother was staring at my cock and holding my cock.

“It feels fine to me, Stephen,” she said never putting it down. “What do you think is wrong?”

“You know,” I said moving my hand in a jerking off movement. I could not believe my mom was still holding my cock and fondling it with her fingers as she stared at it. And when I made the universal jerk off motion, she involuntarily started stroking me just a little but stopped.

“What do you mean, Stephen, tell me?”

“You know, all the guys in school have masturbated and,” I started crying, again, “and I can’t. Either I don’t know how or am doing it wrong or there is something wrong with it.”

“Can you get an erection?”

“Yes,” I said wiping my eyes, “but nothing else.”

“Do you want me to try to see if I can…help you?”

“Help me, how?”

“I can play with your cock to see if—”

“Mom, I’d feel like such a pervert.”

“Well, it’s either that or we go to the doctor.”

“Mom, I am so embarrassed.” I started the waterworks, again.

“Don’t, this is different Stephen. If I can help show you how to masturbate, there is nothing wrong with that. I’m your mother.”

“Do you masturbate, Mom?”

“Well, gee, Stephen, that is an embarrassing question but under the circumstances with me holding you cock in my hand, yes, I do, occasionally to relieve the pent up sexual tension.”

“Do you think that you can, you know, relieve the sexual tension for me, student sex parties porno Mom?”

“Well, I can try Stephen.” She looked around the room. “Do you have any tissues?”


“I’ll get some.” She got up off the bed and returned from the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper. This time, when she sat beside me, she got more comfortable, lifting up her nightgown to mid thigh. “Scoot over so Mommy can get comfortable sitting beside you.” She stood, again. “I’m right-handed. Let me get on the other side of you.” She climbed over me and when she did I could see all that way down her nightgown to her pussy.

“Damn, Mom, I just saw everything, your tits and your pussy.”

“Well, Stephen, you shouldn’t be looking at your mother like that.” She laughed, “As your mother is about to give you a handjob.” We both laughed.

With that said, my mother slowly started stroking my cock. Immediately, I got an erection.

“Well, that’s a good sign, Stephen. You got hard almost right away when mommy started playing with you.” She stopped stroking me and stared at my cock. “You are bigger than your father, if I remember, longer and thicker, thicker anyway.” She started stroking me, again. “It’s been so long since I have had a cock in my hand.”

“Mom! You’re embarrassing me.”

“Sorry, Honey.”

“Mom, I am so embarrassed to ask you but, like you said, under the circumstances…”

“Go ahead, Stephen, ask me anything. I want to help you and if there is anything that I can—”.

“Do you think that I could feel your breasts?”

“No, certainly not.” She stopped stroking me and I pretended that I was about to cry.

My mother looked at me horrified with the thought of me, her son fondling her breasts. Then, she looked to my bedroom door to make sure that it was closed. I am not sure why she did that when there was on one in the house but us.

“Well, what the Hell? I breast fed you until you were 4-years-old.” She looked at me. “Okay, but you cannot take them out and you must be gentle when touching mommy’s nipples.”

“Can I reach inside?”

“Yes, but don’t look. I mean, I don’t want you to see my tits.”

“Mom, I’ve already seen your tits?”

“You have? When?”

“Plenty of times. Whenever you wear that old bathing suit that is big on you since you lost all that weight. Every time you bend over, your tits practically fall out. And remember when you dropped your towel after taking your shower to answer the phone. I saw everything that day, your tits, ass, and pussy.”

“Stephen, stop, okay, that’s enough.”

With that, I reached my hand down my mother’s nightgown while she stroked my cock. I knew that one of the things that got my mom off when she masturbated was when she played with her nipples. I saw her through her keyhole a few times. I started pulling at her nipples, fingering them, turning them, and twisting them. A couple of times while she was stroking my cock she closed her eyes and rubbed her thighs together.

As soon as I touched her other nipple, she quivered. Jackpot. That nipple was obviously more sensitive. I knew touching her tits would get her aroused, not to mention, that now she had a big, hard prick in her hand when it had been some time since she had felt a cock. Also, it was nearly her time of month when she locked herself in her room to masturbate. I knew by now that she was good and horny, especially after all the free flashes that I had been giving her of my cock all week long.

She continued stroking my cock as I played with her nipple. She just stared at my cock the whole time. I so wanted her to blow me. Yet, I was determined not to cum. I was determined to hold back and I knew that I could, too, because I had just jerked off before she came upstairs.

“See, Mom, it is not working. I am hard but nothing happens. It is so frustrating, Mom, not to cum. I just wish that I could cum just once so that I know everything is working.”

“Yes, I see that. I see how that would be very frustrating for you. I don’t know what else to do other than to take you to see the doctor.”


She continued stroking me, this time using a firmer grip and going faster. Oh, my God, it felt so good to get a hand job from my mother.

“Mommy’s getting hot.” Do you have a fan in here?”

“Are you submissive cuckolds porno getting horny?”

“No, hot, like in warm.”

“Take off your nightgown, I won’t—”

“I have nothing on underneath. I am not going to sit here naked.”

“I’m naked.”

“Alright but close your eyes and keep them closed.”

I closed my eyes and as soon as she removed her nightgown, tossed it on the floor on the other side of my bed, and took my cock in her hand, again, I opened them and looked over at her staring. For an old broad, she had a pretty good body.

“Stephen, close your eyes.”

“Mom, I’ve already seen everything.” I stared at her pussy. “Do you trim your pubic hair?” I reached down and put my fingers through it and she slapped my hand.

“Yes, I shave down there. Why? Does it not look like I do? Is it too bushy? God, what am I saying? You are my son.”

Meanwhile, I was continuing to play with her tits and nipples. Her nipples were so very erect. She looked down at her nakedness and then at me. She watched me stare at her tits. She watched me finger her nipples. She was getting terribly aroused.

“Mom, you have a hot body?”

“You don’t think that I am fat?”

“God no.”

“Oh, Stephen, you are making me feel very sexy.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. Do you want me to stop?”

“Uhm, no, you can do it a little more, if you would like, especially my left nipple. That is more sensitive for some reason.”

With that, I leaned forward and took her tit in my mouth licking and sucking her nipple. I thought she was going to cum right there. Then, I did the same to the other tit. She was jerking me off like crazy.

“Oh, Stephen, you are going to make Mommy cum.”

“Sorry, Mom.” I watched her jerking me off. “Mom?”

“Yes, Honey.”

“Do you think maybe, you could put your mouth on it?”

“Stephen! No!”

“Mom, I wouldn’t normally ask you to blow me but,” I started crying again. “I am afraid that there is something wrong with me and this handjob is just not working.”

I played with her nipples at a feverish pitch and she was rubbing her thighs together like a grasshopper.

“Well, okay, but you must promise that you will never ever tell any one. Do you hear me? No one must know that I sucked my son’s cock.”

With that, she lowered her head in my lap and took me in her mouth. I had made her so horny and she was so hungry for my cock and now that she was leaning to the side blowing me. I rubbed her ass before reaching between her legs. She slowly opened her legs for me and I started playing with her clit. Then, when I inserted my long, stiff finger in her pussy she gasped and really started blowing me.

“Stephen, you tell me when you are about to cum because, uhm, I don’t want you cumming in Mommy’s mouth.”

“Why not?”

“Stephen, do not cum in my mouth. That is so wrong.”

I continued finger fucking her until, she actually stopped blowing me to let out a little whimper of pleasure. Then, she took my cock and really started sucking it as she stroked it. I was so ready to cum. I wanted to coat her throat with it. As soon as I felt it ready to erupt, I pushed her head down deeper on my cock and exploded everything that I had in her mouth. I kept my hand there until she had sucked it all.

“Stephen! Why did you do that?”

I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to me giving her a deep, wet kiss. Then, I rolled on top of her mounting her and reaching down to insert my still hard dick in her wet pussy.

“Stephen! Stop! No! This is wrong! Oh! No! You can’t fuck your mother.”

I inserted myself in her pussy and as soon as she felt my cock inside of her, she started humping me. We were fucking. We were really fucking. She opened her legs so wide and I was humping her like a dog in the street. We kissed again and again while I fucked my mother. For those few minutes, she was my sex slave. She was completely in my control and she would have done anything.

I cam off again, this time deep inside of her. She had her tubes tied so I knew that she could not get pregnant. When we were finished she quickly returned to her senses.

“Well, Stephen was there anything wrong with your cock or was this all a ruse to fuck your mother.”

“Mom, I won’t tell, if you don’t tell.”

She got up gathered her nightgown and was ready to storm out of my room when she turned.

“You know, Stephen, you may think that you got the better of me and the better end of the deal but you are from my genes. Genetically we are the same with the same sex drive. I made you. I just might take you up on your sexual offer and make you my sex slave.”

I gulped at the thought of being my mother’s bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32