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Maddy, whose name was abbreviated from Madhav worked as an investment banker. It was a swish job for his times. Lavish office, fancy car, massive apartment, rich tastes, the works. He made good money. He had never made good use of the money though. He had neither the time nor the inclination to break momentum and take a vacation.

His trusted secretary Vicky had the hots for him. She was 25, sexy and efficient. Anyone in her position would have the hots for the smashing, rich, powerful, 40 year old, single, vice president of the company.

Vicky knew Maddy hadn’t the eyes for her and that she could only fantasize, which she did all the time. She pitied him when she thought of his dry and sordid life.

One day, after vice president Maddy had growled over some minor mistake, she had resolved to have him take a break. She was convinced he needed it desperately. She emailed a leave application to the president on his behalf. She then booked the Villa Regent of the exotic Hermitage spa for the weekend and lay it on his table in a neat hamper. She braced for a firing by Maddy for having done this without his permission. But none came.

On Friday morning, the vice president didn’t turn up at the office. Vicky smiled when she saw the flower bouquet on her table with a thank you card.

Maddy had left for the forced vacation at the Hermitage spa early Friday morning. He had stuffed his running things, shoes, sunglasses, laptop and a few pairs of T shirts and track pants for the stay in his black leather suitcase and dumped it in his Merc.

He’d listened to some trance on high volume as the Merc cruised on the highway and then up the hills. The sights along the way were surprisingly refreshing. He thought he could have used this vacation almost a year ago, now that he was beginning to enjoy it.

Soon he parked the Merc in the grand entrance of the Hermitage spa. He was welcomed by a polite usher with a cool herbal drink. A golf buggy wheeled him through the spas sprawling 100 acre estate atop a hillock on the edge of which was the premiere regent villa. It was one of twin exotic villas. The other was called ‘the heir’!

The spa was nestled between two massive dams. Beyond the dams stretched miles and miles of collected reservoir water in two sections between which lay a beautiful forest. Hydroelectric power was generated from the water. Maddy explored his plush villa, lunched and replied to a few emails from his laptop. He was scheduled for a yoga session in the evening followed by a massage.

At 5 pm, after sipping on herbal tea, he set out along a trail to reach his yoga session by the lake. The reservoir had millions of gallons of quiet and tranquil water that lapped against the edges of the yoga area.

The expanse and beauty of the reservoir was enchanting. But Maddy’s gaze was rivetted to another mesmerising sight.

Stretching in a tight Spandex yoga sleeveless top and body hug bottom was a svelte beauty. The Spandex clung to her butt like cling wrap. It contoured her butt beautifully. It outlined her thighs and calves as if they were highlighted with a thick soft pencil on paper. When she rose back from her forward stretch, her soft, straight brown hair fell casually over her bare beautiful shoulders like silk.

Below her top, the smooth patch of bare back dipped in from both sides to give her back a most dainty curve. Her hips rose from the base of her waist in a gorgeous curve. The yoga instructor smiled on seeing Maddy’s phallus tent his tracks. She beckoned to him to take his place on the next yoga mat.

As Maddy approached the two, he felt dizzy from the whiff of exquisite perfume that wafted from this beauty. He was too polite to stare at his yoga partner but he was sure she must have beautiful features. He could almost imagine a sharp face to go with this divine body. She was fit, but light. He could imagine her go through the yoga postures effortlessly. He himself fumbled with some of the postures.

If this session was meant to calm one down, it was working quite the opposite for him. At the end of the session she turned, smiled at him and walked back. Her beauty was nothing like he had imagined. It was much beyond.

He was stunned to see her escort consist of armed bodyguards. They whisked her away to the only other prime villa in a matter of seconds. The armed guards had also manifested out of nowhere! Were they hiding in camouflage behind trees?

Maddy was anything but calm despite the breathing and calming exercises. He was raging in his groin. He wanted to touch, feel, grasp, kiss, lick and enter this ethereal beauty. That she was whisked away by armed men added further to the mystique.

He started walking back to his villa upset with the entire ordeal. He hadn’t felt these carnal needs before. He must’ve been so engrossed in the rut! And to think that all his needs were ignited for a sexy being that was being protected by the Navy seals or something! “Preposterous!” He thought. What had Vicky gotten him güvenilir bahis into? He wondered if the girl was also planted there by Vicky and then laughed it off.

The massage in the evening relaxed him. He had carried with him a full bottle of the finest single malt. Back at the Villa, he had just poured some in a glass filled with ice when he heard the doorbell. He hadn’t called for any room service. When he opened, it was the hottie from the yoga session. All he could speak was an incoherent hi!

Two gun toting muscle men were in tow this time. She asked in the sweetest voice if he could help her out with her smartphone which seemed to be misbehaving and she needed to make an urgent call. It was surprising since there were land lines all over the villa. He agreed and she came in. Surprisingly the rhinos with the guns didn’t follow!

They were alone! She wore a soft silken maroon dress. It flowed over her milky skin with ease. Her breasts, though not big, might have been soft and responsive to touch. The dress ended much above her knees when she sat and crossed her legs. The belt which was part of her dress rested ever so lightly on her hips and outlined her petite waist. She was a complete package.

The smoothness of her skin and the gentle fall off her hair showed that she cared for both. Maddys best estimate was she would be in her early twenties.

Maddy realised his eyes were ruthlessly exploring her when she chuckled and said, “I’m Florence. Are you going to be a gentleman and offer me some of that awesome single malt? Or are u going to polish it off all by yourself?”

She had a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Confused, Maddy glanced uncertainly towards the door, worried what the rhinos might think or do. She laughed openly and said, “Dont worry about them. They’re bodyguards assigned to me as my family is very highly placed. They keep me safe and mostly pretty lonely. But they can’t get in here and they have no control over what I do behind closed doors. They probably know every single detail of who you are and your life because I had to interact with you. Since they haven’t barged in already, I’m sure they think you’re safe! Now how about some scotch for the lady?” She smiled with a twinkle again.

Maddy poured out some malt for her. She took it gingerly and emptied it in one swift and gracious movement. He poured her another. This one, she sipped demurely.

She asked him, “So what brings you to the hermitage spa? It’s not often that I see a hottie staying in the Regent villa. I come here atleast once in 4 months to rejuvenate and get away from the usual. I usually stay in this villa, but this once, they wouldn’t give it to me since you were coming!”

Maddy told her about his work and how he was greatful to his secretary for this vacation. Florence laughed and pointed out to Maddy that his secretary might have a crush on him. Maddy had never noticed.

Thinking again, he thought Vicky was kind of cute indeed. Florence had helped herself to her third glass. Maddy was on the third himself. Florence glided when she walked. Her butt moved gracefully. She was alluring. So much grace for a 20 year old!

As if she had read his mind too, she refilled his glass and managed to brush against the torpedo in his pants, while handing it to him. Her smile morphed into a wicked grin from a naughty one. Maddy felt a current go into his brain when she brushed against him.

She turned demurely and left the lounge towards his bedroom. Unsure, he followed her after a minute of confused uncertainty. He found her sitting propped in his bed against fluffy pillows. Her skirt revealing her slim soft thighs almost whole beyond crossed ankles. It just barely hid the treasure inside. She arched to make her breast more pronounced and Maddy’s manhood throbbed. Her perfume smelt inviting, her body looked demanding, her manner felt irresistible and yet Maddy hadn’t moved a muscle. Was he scared? Why had he frozen?

Florence had seen this already. She glided again towards him and knelt before him. She unwrapped his throbbing cock and unsheathed it. She smiled wickedly and licked it as if tasting it. Then she sucked the tip twice or thrice as one does to the tip of a soft serve. Maddy was frozen, high and at the zennith of sexual tension. He could have exploded.

She took his cock in whole and slid it in and out of her mouth. Maddy groaned. There were no slurpy sounds, no reluctance and no teething issues for a 20 year old. She was pure pleasure. Maddy didn’t want to smear her beautiful face with his jizz so he withdrew. His eyes were transfixed on her and didn’t miss one detail of her graceful movements.

She got up and slowly glided back to the bed. She bent over and placed her hands on the bed. Then she placed one knee after the other ever so slowly on the bed. Maddy had a rear view of her gorgeous body. Her bare thighs could be seen up till the folds of her cheek skin.

She arched her back downwards and her ass perked up even more. Her güvenilir bahis siteleri moves and beauty could have got even a statue to make love to her. Maddy was no match. He unfroze, gulped his scotch down and approached.

Florence’s smile became wicked again. He went close to her and cruised his hand over her thigh. She let out a breath. She smelt divine. His hand now ascended over her smooth thigh and reached her ass. The texture of her skin was like velvet. He placed his full hand around the contour of her ass. She had nothing under the dress.

Before he knew it, his other hand had contoured around her other ass cheek. With a cheek in one hand, he explored the valley between. It was moist and warm. She moaned as two of Maddy’s fingers coursed past one lip. They ascended and dwelled on her hole for a minute. She went ohhh! Florence had a firm ass. The kind that parted to give a clear view and approach to the treasures between.

Maddy slid her dress up till it just covered her chest. Her back, ass, thighs and calves were now open for the taking. He shed his pants in a fraction of a second, placed one knee on the edge of the bed and felt her thigh with his throbbing cock slowly from below, towards her ass.

All his senses had switched off. All he could see and feel, was her skin. She had only tensed, but hadn’t moved a muscle. Composed. Waiting patiently. He stabilised her waist with one hand and directed his tip towards her verge, brushing it’s surface a few times. She looked back at him with wild expectant eyes.

Maddy aimed, held her by her waist and broached an entry. She gasped ever so softly. There was resistance. She was tight. Maddy could feel her walls on every millimetre of his shaft. Her vault was well lubed, but tight. Slowly but surely he advanced in till he was fully inside her nubile vault.

He stayed there for a minute and ran his hands up along her back. She leaned back up so he could take of all her dress and then she went back on all fours. The changes in position felt exhilarating. Maddy picked up a rhythm. He wasn’t long but he was thick. He slid in and out of her, one leg still on the bed and another on the floor, to prop him. Maddy was fit. But Florence’s nubility was another level in terms of shape.

She was the kind of dainty sexy, that needed smooth and graceful movements at sex, not rough or wild.

Maddy was on auto pilot. He pistoned in and out of her effortlessly. He was surprised at his stamina and agility since he hadn’t been in bed with someone for ages. She only emanated soft ahhs and ohhs but she was at the height of pleasure too.

She tensed as Maddy increased pace and prepared to climax. Maddy delivered a huge cum load deep inside her. She was very very wet. She tensed and climaxed at the touch of his jizz in her. She slumped. She was breathing heavily. Maddy was not done yet.

He turned her around and gaped at her exquisite beauty. She had a body that suited an artist’s sculpt. She was gorgeous. Her naughty smile atop her petite body made for a heady cocktail. Not to mention the scotch working it’s magic.

He sniffed her from toe to hair like a snake were slithering on her. She revelled in the attention. He parted her legs wide and entered gently. She let out a breath again. She whispered something illegible in his ear. Sounded like, “Oh, Doggy isn’t your style is it? you were awesome at it though!”

He massaged her breasts.

He got into a thigh – calf position and thrusted. She arched with pleasure. He picked up speed. She held onto his chest as he leaned in as he gathered momentum. He came again deeply in her. She nearly gasped and came again too. He stayed inside her for a few minutes and panted. She held him demurely.

After what seemed like hours, he poured both of them a stiff night cap. She was perched on the couch again, erect, legs crossed, hair made. She sipped her scotch, Kissed him passionately and left. She smiled back at him from a half open door and said aloud, “thanks for the help with my phone! I just had to get that message through!” she was gone. Maddy felt drained.

Early next morning, he put on his sneakers, a hoody and shorts and set out for his run. He ran at the treadmill back at his office, but here he set out to get some fresh air in the forest near the reservoir.

He must’ve jogged and run a few miles through the forest trails. He stopped to stretch and heard a russle nearby. It was Florence. She was running close behind.

She put on her wicked grin again. She pressed her finger to her lips as if telling Maddy to keep it quiet. She had worn a Spandex sports bra and tiny Spandex shorts. The ensemble was black with streaks of pink. She had tied her hair in a high pony. She leaned with her back against a massive tree, one foot on its trunk, arms resting on the trunk too. She said, “I see you’re building on some stamina! Let’s see if it’s any use!”

Having said this, she gave her wicked smile and turned on the trunk. She parted her legs iddaa siteleri and ground her feet firmly on the trail. She planted both her palms on the massive tree trunk, spread her legs a little further and stuck her ass out.

The tip of her tied up hair just touched the base of the neck. The very short Spandex shorts showed off her ass and let the rest of her petite legs be seen. Maddy ground his groin into her ass and cupped her breast with one hand. She looked around at him and bit her lip. He unfastened her bra and let it fall to the ground. He massaged both breasts while still pushing into her ass. She pushed back from the tree to maintain the pressure. She swayed her ass from side to side and the current had returned to Maddy’s brain. Maddy felt her verge with his finger. It stood out and stretched the Spandex.

She groaned. It was much unlike her. Maddy nibbled her neck and then took off her shorts. She’d worn running shoes without socks. She was stark naked in the forest. Maddy worried if the gun toting rhinos were around in camouflage somewhere. But he didn’t care. That was Florence’s problem.

She hadn’t moved her firm position yet. He knelt behind her and suckled her ass cheek. She went ummmhh. He polished her verge with his finger and she moaned loudly. He licked her lips. He circled his tongue around her clit. She shook with pleasure. He slowly ascended with his tongue and tasted her virgin hole. She almost screamed, “Ooohh God!”

She seemed so different from the Florence he had fucked last night. She seemed more wild! He was having the time of his life.

He licked her till she was dripping. Then got up and brought out his caged sausage. He drove it easily and hard into a toned vault. She cried out loud, “Again!!”

He came out completely and drove in hard again, smack! “Aahhh! More! Faster! Where’s the stamina!” and he plunged again.

Maddy held her tight at her waist and accelarated like a race machine. He was hammering her at a super fast pace within a matter of seconds. Her juice spilt all over Maddy’s base and a lot of it dripped where they stood. She gasped and exulted at every alternate thrust.

Maddy decreased pace to change direction in her, spread her a little more and went full throttle again. He picked up one of her legs and circled it around his waist. It gave him full penetration. He must’ve gone on for what seemed like hours. He hadn’t felt her come yet, despite the pounding. Still inside her at a lower pace, he pinched her nipple and nearly growled in her ear, “with your permission my lady, I’d like to aim higher!”

He hadn’t stopped thrusting. She looked around at him with searching bewildered eyes to see if she comprehended what he was saying correctly. She was high on passion and had always wanted to try this innermost desire. Her bewilderment and alarm changed into her wicked smile. Maddy loved how she communicated with simple expressions.

Maddy slowed down to a complete stop. He fished into her freshly pounded vault for some juice. His shaft already had gallons of it. He smeared some of her juice onto her virgin hole. She pushed her ass up further and flexed her knees. She said in a raunchy tone, “Get in you stud! Fuck my ass! Let’s see what you’ve got!” Maddy was stunned. Was this the demure Florence talking or was it some forest spirit talking from within her!

He placed his tip on her hole and pushed. She was too high to relax. He massaged her back and ass. He gently pressed her breasts and ran his hands slowly over her beautiful skin, till he could feel her breath normally.

He gently slapped her ass and marvelled at its tone. He bent forward and whispered illegible stuff into her ear. She was sweating a bit and she smelt carnal! He said to her, “Relax, you’re gonna love this!”

She breathed out and Maddy had his breakthrough through the first stage. Once inside, he kept pressure for a minute or two. She relaxed much more and he plunged full length into her. They both grunted as he went faster. The feel of her tight hole around his shaft was unbelievable. She was letting out loud aahhs as he pounded her.

Her pony tail bobbed with every thrust. Maddy thrusted deep and hard like his life depended on it. Her ass hole clamped onto his thick dick and his pleasure was going through the roof. Florence had lived her secret desire of taking a thick dick in her ass. She had come twice already. She loved the fact that she was taking it in the ass in the forest, especially when she had sneaked away from her body guards who still thought she was in the sauna.

Maddy had sped up again and was now ramming faster and harder than ever. With a huge grunt he delivered a cum load deep in Florence’s ass. He stayed in her for a few minutes, just loving the feel. She bowed her head spent. He helped her dress later before she left back on the trail she had followed. The sun was bright. Maddy showered and headed for his yoga session but Florence missed it. He wondered if her guards had prohibited her from going.

He found out that Florence and her entourage had left in a hurry. He was slightly disappointed as looking forward to another evening in her. He went for his 4 hour spa session that evening and relaxed. He hadn’t felt so well in years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32