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My cell phone rings and I pick up.

“Hey David,” the voice says. “Where are you?”

It’s Lisa, a fellow biology grad student who’s incredibly intelligent but also very chaotic sometimes.

“I’m at the library café,” I answer.

“Do you want to…?” her voice pauses for a second. “I want to go shooting.” she says.

“Right now,” I say.


* * *

Lisa is an exchange student from Madrid who I met at the beginning of the semester through the international club. Myself an exchange student at the university, I didn’t know anybody the first week of classes, but I met Lisa because she was also a biology student. We had all the same classes and at night we saw each other again at the international club meetings. It was only natural that after a few days we became friends.

Later we spent a lot of time in the library studying and hanging out at the international club. One day as we sat buried under a pile of books in the library preparing for an exam, she leaned over and whispered to me. “This is boring. I’m going for a walk.” I needed a break and so I followed her outside.

About a half hour later we walked through the park and down the paths along the river. As I listened to Lisa tell me about micro cell structure and other aspects of the exam I noticed some dark clouds blow over head, but didn’t think much of it. Our focus on the exam drowned out the faint clamp of distance thunder.

“Smells like rain,” she said suddenly closing her eyes and breathing deep. “I love the smell of rain in summer.”

At first the rain fell in small drops but within a few minutes it was pouring down on us. It made no sense to run because there was nowhere to run to. So we walked in silence as the warm rain fell on us. When we came to a big soccer field, Lisa grabbed my hand.

“Come on,” she said smiling.

She ran onto the field and kicked off her shoes jumping around in circles. At first I just watched. She splashed around and around like a little kid. It seemed as if something deep inside of her was coming out, the rain washing away the pressure of university web tasarım study and exam preparations. The real Lisa was jumping around in front of me and for the first time I didn’t see that logical and intelligent fellow grad student, I saw Lisa as a pretty young woman. She pulled my hand again, “come on, don’t be so boring” she shouted over the rain.

Her light green summer dress stuck to her body and I could see the outline of her panties underneath. As she turned and jumped I watched how her wet dress traced every feature of her body and the way her wet hair stuck to her cheeks made me feel uncomfortable. As she ran around the field I followed her and couldn’t stop looking at her body under that wet dress.

Lisa was just a friend and I’d never once felt any sexually attraction for her. I liked Lisa, but I guess I had only seen the logical and intelligent side of her. Our focus on studying biology didn’t go beyond our own biological interests. I stopped in the field and just looked at her tan legs and how her dress clinched tight around her waist; something was happening to me.

“What’s wrong with you?” she shouted pushing me, her hands landing on my hips.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed back. I could smell her skin and it felt warm in my wet hands.

“Me!” I said. “What’s wrong with you crazy dancing lady?”

We pushed each other back and forth as she giggled like a school girl and her strength surprised me.

“Is that all you got?” she said.

I pushed harder, but she kept fighting back.

“Come on tough guy,” she shouted. “Give it to me.”

We made eye contact braced in our little pushing game. It was probably only a second or two that we stared at each other, but it was uncomfortable because what she said sort of exposed what I was feeling about our little pushing game.

I had no idea what to do. My heart raced, this beautiful young woman soaking wet in front of me; her soft skin in my hands, her scent pulling me closer and beautiful dark eyes looking at me. I felt a tingle between my legs. What should I do? The unknown web tasarım ankara desire for Lisa betrayed me as I smiled.

She let go of my hips and stepped back, looking down to the ground. I knew something had happened and it would be better not to even mention it. Then suddenly she stepped forward and pushed me again. “Come on,” she shouted, but this time she put her hands on the waist of my jeans with one finger under my belt and pulled a bit. A sort of push and pull towards her, it wasn’t an innocent push between friends playing in the rain.

“Catch me if you can!” she said running away.

I chased after Lisa and caught her just as she got to a wooden shack on the side of the field. She screamed like a little kid and jumped as I grabbed her hips from behind. I wrapped my arms around her and held her feet off the ground. By this time Lisa’s wet body and screams of play made my dick hard and I pressed it against her ass as I carried her to the shack wall.

As the rain poured down on us, I pushed her forward so she was leaning with both hands against the shed. My right hand held her neck and I turned her head to kiss her. I ran my left hand along her leg and up her dress. Her skin felt soft around her hips and when my hand reached her panties I slipped one finger into the waist band and slid it around to the center of her back. I kissed her and pulled her panties down a bit waiting for a single to proceed. She bit my lip and I pulled them down further, feeling the tension release when the band passed under her ass.

I kneeled and slid them down her legs. She lifted each foot as I removed them and I smiled looking at the little butterfly pattern. Although I never thought of Lisa in this way, the butterflies were exactly the Lisa I knew and the physical desire for her body was ready to explode inside of me.

As I stood up I kissed the back of her legs and when I got to her ass, I pulled the green dress up around her waist. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock out. When I moved my hand around her waist and between her legs she pushed her ass backwards and my cock slid right between her legs.

“Por favor,” she said. “Por favor David please.”

I pushed her legs apart with my feet and I could her hear her moaning under the thunder and splashing rain. She started to whimper slightly as I began to gently slide my finger between her legs and her body relaxed once my finger softly rubbed over her clit. She reached between her legs and grabbed my dick. She took a step to the side and bent forward at the waist. Guiding my cock she pushed backwards and I felt the warmth of her pussy wrap around my dick.

Slowly I pushed forward and as she pushed backwards, my cock fighting to get inside her. With each small stroke I went further inside her, and with each stroke she moaned loader. After a minute, I grabbed her hips to thrust harder. I watched as my waist slammed into her ass and my cock disappeared inside her.

“My glasses,” she moaned. “Be careful of my glasses.” The dark rims of her glasses rested at the edge of her nose and fogged over. It was so cute as she kept pushing them back up. It was so very much Lisa at this moment worrying about her glasses. Pulling her dress up higher so I could see the round tan form of her body, I felt her pushing back hard on my cock.

“Oh David,” she moaned, “shoot it in there.”

As she pushed backwards onto me, I felt a deep desire growing between my legs. It was much faster than I wanted but I knew I was about to come so I pulled out of her. I put her glasses in my shirt pocket, and she quickly slid under my right arm, putting one arm around my back, the other grasping my cock. I was helpless to react as I felt my orgasm deep inside rush upwards. I grasped her hair.

“Come on David,” she said in a deep horny voice. “Shoot it for me.”

She was rubbing my cock so fast I had no control and when I felt my legs tighten I looked down into her eyes.

“Come on,” she said. “Shoot it out for me.”

I stared in her dark eyes as my dick exploded onto her hand. I kissed Lisa and bit onto her lip as she stroked my cock. I felt the fluid surge of my orgasm shoot out of my cock again and again. When I stopped moaning I let go of her lip and pulled back enough to look her in the eyes.

She smiled at me. “Good boy,” she said giggling. “You’re a good shooter.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32