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Chapter 5

Amazingly, both Stan and Jim were not intimidated by Karen or the other girls as they collectively tried to get a rise out of them but were equal to the challenge. Both refused to be embarrassed no matter whether it was a question about penis size or who had the best looking breasts at the table.

It was, Allison decided, an absolutely wonderful evening and was doing exactly what it was supposed to; make them all forget about work and problems.

“Would you like to dance,” Stan whispered in her ear. The question startled Allison. Despite sitting on Stan’s lap for an hour and sharing many personal stories, the idea of dancing with him seemed out of bounds. However, she loved dancing and was definitely in the mood to have some fun and found herself nodding her head despite the odd thought in her head.

She followed behind as Stan walked out to the dance floor, finding open space at the far corner away from her friends. The music was forgettable but the activity was great. Whenever she went drinking, Allison loved to do stuff, to move around and especially to dance. It would be kind to say that Stan was a good dancer but she was just happy to have a partner and be on the floor so she didn’t mind.

A few times during the dance, he caught her hands or touched her hips while they were moving around, trying to keep some space for dancing. By the time the inevitable slow song coming around, she had admitted to herself that she was enjoying his attention and was going to treat herself to a little flirting.

As she allowed him to maneuver in, she could smell his cologne and thought how long it had been since Randi had worn cologne, Their hands rested around each others waist as Allison let her head bury into his chest. She liked the feeling and let herself drift a little bit. Slowly, she felt Stan’s hand wandering, then caressing her panties. When she didn’t stop him immediately, she knew that she had obviously had way too much to drink.

Still, things couldn’t go too far and they were having fun so she let it continue and drifted back, pretending she didn’t notice. ataşehir escort His other hand moved up to her neck, moved under her hair and began slowly kneading her spine. His hands felt so good and there were electric shock shooting up and down her spine. She was in absolute heaven and melting at his touch. Then his hand was tilting her head back. She knew what would happen next but she didn’t resist.

She licked her lips slightly and closed her eyes…..

Chapter 6

It was obvious when they returned to the table that everyone had a good idea that she and Stan had become a little bit more familiar with each other on the dance floor. Allison was slightly embarrassed but was also so aroused by Stan’s touch that she didn’t care as much as she knew she would have at any other time.

She wondered why she didn’t feel guilty but even thinking about guilt didn’t hold her attention long. She was here with friends with a very cute guy who was saying and doing wonderful things. She had had a few drinks and felt absolutely relaxed and for these few moments nothing else mattered.

Some of the girls were dancing or having cigarettes so there were enough chairs for Stan and Allison to sit in separate chairs. Allison made a point to do so but wasn’t unhappy when Stan moved his close to hers.

“Black,” Jim said, looking at Stan.


“Her bra is black,” Jim said. “Remember the bet.” Stan nodded remembering Karen’s bet that had broken the ice. Then he surprised Allison by opening her top and peering down at her chest.

“White,” he said. Rather than be offended, Allison reached her hand down and began unzipping his pants. Stan didn’t resist. She tried to find his underwear but instead found his cock. It was warm and hard and she was very happy to be touching it. It took her a few minutes to realize that Stan was not wearing any underwear.

“Commando,” Stan whispered in Allison’s ear. She withdrew her hand as she felt her face getting flushed. Jim and Karen took that moment to kiss making it less awkward when Stan pulled her close and began kissing her. kadıköy escort His hands began roaming, finally ending up with his palm on her inner thigh with his index finger creeping up to her panties.

“I need to go outside for a cigarette,” Allison finally said, breaking off the kiss and heading for the balcony.

Chapter 7

“Since when do you smoke,” Karen asked as she offered Allison one of the cigarettes she had bummed from a guy.

“Since I needed to think,” Allison said.

“What’s to think about,” Karen said. “You have some fun and we all go home. Unless of course, you want to go home and have some fun.”

“The reason I can’t take him home is the reason I came out to have a cigarette,” Allison responded.

“Is that it,” she said. With that, she pulled out her cell phone and began dialing. “Hi Randi, this is Karen. Allison is going to spend the night with me. We both are too exhausted and figured that would be easiest. Give us a call if you need anything.”

Allison realized that Karen had misunderstood, thinking Allison was bummed that she couldn’t pull off sleeping with this guy, not that she was having a moral dilemna over faithfulness.

“Don’t give me that shit, Allison,” Karen said as if reading her mind. “That guy is hot. You know it and I know it. This isn’t the first time you have fooled around. You know it and I know it. And, everyone but you realized an hour ago that you two were going to hook up so get over it.”


“Get over it.”

Karen and Allison reentered the bar and headed back to the table. “Forget about luck, boys,” she said to Stan and Jim. “The only thing we want to hear from you guys is the sound of your chairs moving as you go get our cars from valet parking.”

Stan and Jim took half a second looking at each other, both developed big grins and almost collided with half the bar trying to get to the front door of the bar.

“What about the girls,” Allison asked.

“Fuck em. They’ll figure it out. They all have college degrees remember.”

Chapter 8

Stan, it turned out, drove an older bostancı escort bayan model BMW that he kept in very nice condition. She had quietly gotten in the passenger seat as Karen told Stan to follow her to her house. Stan was absolutely silent and seemed to be very focused on driving as they left the parking lot.

He didn’t say or do anything until they reached the first stoplight. As they waited for the light to turn green, his hand found hers and they began playing with each other hands. However, their eyes looked straight ahead and neither said a word. The only interaction was the slow play of the hands.

It was the most erotic thing that Allison had felt in a long time. Her breath was short and she could literally feel herself getting thighs getting wet. She was embarrassed thinking he might try to put his hand down there but mostly caught up in the experience as they played with each others fingers.

“I’m married,” she said. His hands stopped playing.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t know. Would you like to stop?”

She was taken aback by his answer. Why was he so calm? Was he not aroused as much by her? Was she just a diversion that he could easily replace and so had no problem accepting rejection? Or was he a gentleman and willing to be very understanding even though she had no right to expect him to be? Of course, she realized the questions were moot since she didn’t want him to be a gentleman and she wanted to fuck him regardless. The only question was why she had blurted out she was married.

“No. I just wanted you to know what this is about.”

“In that case, what do you want to do this evening?”

“I want to have sex with a man who just wants to fuck me and please me sexually and I want to please you sexually with no strings attached.”

“That was pretty honest,” Stan said. “In that case, tell me something you would like to do you have never done before.”

“I’ve never been with a man who just did what he wanted to do with me.”

“You like that.”

“For tonight, yes.”

“Take off your panties and throw them out the window,” Stan said.

When they came to the next light, Allison’s panties fell out the window. By the time, the window had rolled back up, Stan had his hand between her legs and was whispering in his ear how much he was going to enjoy put his cock in her mouth.

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