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Chapter 3

My sister Carol and I were sharing one of the double lounge chairs near the pool. Her husband Bill relaxed next to us, watching his wife play with my soft cock. A few minutes earlier, I fucked Carol while she sucked Bill’s cock.

“You made my pussy all creamy, Matt,” Carol said, then she giggled.

Bill got up, pushed my sister’s legs apart, and lowered his head. Carol let out a squeal as her husband licked her crotch, and I watched in awe. I knew Bill was cleaning my cum from his wife’s pussy.

Releasing my cock, Carol put both of her hands on the back of Bill’s head, pulling his mouth against her pussy. She moaned and rocked her hips as her husband made slurping sounds. Watching them caused my cock to swell, and I began stroking it.

Seeing my sister in the throes of an intense orgasm caused me to feel my climax build. I released my cock, not wanting to come at the moment. As I watched, I was surprised I didn’t find what Bill was doing offputting. If anything, it excited me.

Carol pushed Bill’s head away from her crotch, grabbed his arms, and pulled him up. He stretched out on her body, and they began kissing. My sister’s tongue whipped over her husband’s face as she lapped at the fluids coating it.

I moved to give my sister and Bill room. He rolled onto his side, his back to me, and hugged Carol. She ran her hand up and down his back while coming down from her orgasm. They continued kissing for a moment, then my sister chuckled.

“Well, was it what you thought it would be, baby?” Carol said.

“It wasn’t awful, sweetie,” Bill replied.

“Bill doesn’t hesitate to eat me after we fuck, but he wanted to try a creampie after you and I screwed,” Carol said. She went on, telling me it was one of their fantasies when they role played while having sex.

“Whatever floats your boat. I’ve realized there isn’t much that surprises me anymore,” I said.

“I know, right? Carol and I have discovered out role-playing fantasies are much better in real life,” Bill said.

I nodded and smiled. The loving relationship my sister and Bill shared was clearly one of love and trust. They were able to experience things they’d fantasized about without guilt or jealousy.

Bill got up, went into the house, and returned with three cold beers. We relaxed in the sun, enjoying each others’ company. Our peaceful afternoon was interrupted by the sounds of a weird ring-tone from Bill’s cell phone.

Getting up, Bill retrieved his phone from a small table. He answered the call, saying, “Hey, kid, what’s up?”

Bill walked away while carrying on his conversation. Carol smiled and said, “It’s his sister, Kim. He has different ring tones for me, his sister, and his parents.”

I nodded. A few moments later, Bill came over, holding the phone against his chest, and sat next to Carol.

“It’s my little sister. She and her roommate fought, and she needs a place to stay. Kim wants to know if she can crash here for a little while,” Bill said.

Looking at me, Carol said, “Of course she can.”

Bill returned to the call, telling his sister she was welcome to stay. He asked about her health and nodded. A few minutes later, he ended the call.

“So, what’s going on?” Carol said.

“Kim said she and her roommate got into a big fight. Apparently, Wendy told my sister she wanted to break up and move on. Kim said she’d fill us in when she gets here,” Bill said.

“When is she coming?” Carol asked.

Chuckling, Bil said, “She’ll be here in about an hour. She was in her car when she called. Kim said she would go to our parents’ house if it’s inconvenient for her to stay here.”

“I know Kim wouldn’t be happy staying with your parents.” Carol turned to me. “Her mother doesn’t like Kim’s lifestyle, and they don’t see each other often.”

“My sister is and has always been a bit of a wild child. Our parents, well, our mother, doesn’t like Kim’s choices and doesn’t hesitate letting my sister and anyone who will listen, know. After she graduated from college, Kim moved in with Wendy. They were friends from high school,” Bill said.

“We should get dressed,” Carol said.

The three of us went upstairs to get dressed. Carol and Bill came into my room, watching as I started putting my things in my suitcase.

“What are you doing?” Bill asked.

“I’m packing my things. I’ll sleep on the couch in the family room so your sister can have this bedroom,” I said.

“You’re staying here, Matt. Kim can sleep in the family room. We have an inflatable bed Kim can sleep on.” Bill laughed. “You don’t think my sister is going to let you get your big cock too far away, do you?”

“I want you close so I can fuck you when I get the itch,” Carol said.

I laughed as my sister hugged me and rubbed my crotch.

“Won’t Kim staying here put a damper on things?” I said.

“We won’t be able to run around naked or have sex at the drop of a hat, but I plan to have fun when we can,” Carol said.

“When Kim’s asleep downstairs, we can all bahis firmaları get together,” Bill said.

I unpacked the things I’d put in my suitcase. As I did, I told Bill and Carol I didn’t mind sleeping in the family room. My sister grabbed my crotch, letting me know I was going to sleep in the room next to her and Bill.

I helped Bill set up an inflatable bed in the family room. Carol put on the fitted sheets, blankets, and pillows.

“This thing is nice,” I said while watching my sister finish making the bed.

“We bought it to use for camping. The bed is queen-size and very comfortable,” Bill said.

“I didn’t know you guys went camping,” I said.

Laughing, Carol said, “We’ve only gone once so far. We’re still trying to decide if we like it. It’s okay, but I think it will better after we get everything we need and learn more about camping.”

“I’ve gone camping a few times. A friend of mine and I used to go while we were in high school. Since I started college, I haven’t gone,” I said.

We went to the kitchen and sat at the island counter. Bill poured ice tea into tall glasses, passing them out. About an hour later, we heard the doorbell.

Bill and Carol went to the front door while I remained in the kitchen. I heard the greetings, and then the three of them came into the kitchen.

“Matt, do you remember Bill’s sister Kim?” Carol asked.

“Hi, Matt, I remember you from my brother’s wedding,” Kim said.

“How are you doing, Kim? Yes, I remember you, too,” I said.

“I’ve been okay, but my bitch of a roommate and I had a fight. Now I have to find a new place to live,” Kim said.

“Is there any chance you and Wendy will patch things up?” Carol said.

Shaking her head, Kim said, “Not in this lifetime. It’s over between us.”

“We can talk about this later. Let’s get your things out of the car. How much did you bring?” Bill asked.

Kim smiled and said, “I have everything I could fit in the car with me. I had to put my furniture and other things in storage until I can find a new place to live.”

“Okay, we’ll figure out what to do with your stuff. We have a bed set up in the family room for you,” Carol said.

“Cool, thanks for helping me out,” Kim replied.

We went out to Kim’s car. Bill shook his head, seeing how the SUV was packed to the hilt. We started offloading the things, putting some of the boxes in the garage, and others in the family room. Two hours later, we went outside to relax and have a cold drink.

As we sat in the shade, I glanced at Bill’s sister. Carol told me Kim was two years younger than Bill. I did some quick math, realizing Kim was about the same age as my sister.

Kim was a few inches taller than my sister. She wore her blonde hair short, almost like a man’s haircut, and I could tell from the roots, it wasn’t her natural color. It was hard to determine anything about her body because of the loose over-sized tee-shirt she wore. Kim had on a pair of denim shorts that came down almost to her knees.

“So, Kim, what the hell happened between you and Wendy? You two have been best friends since middle school,” Bill said.

“It was a bunch of things, Bill. Wendy and I have different ideas about how to live. She’s all hung up on finding a husband, me, not in my plans,” Kim said.

“What are you going to do about work?” Bill said. He turned to me. “Kim designs websites.”

“I have enough clients to keep me busy. Like you, I can work from almost anywhere as long as I have internet access,” Kim replied.

We spent the afternoon talking. When Kim asked me what I did, I said I was going to college in Boston, working on my MBA.

“I’m going to do burgers on the grill if it’s okay with everyone,” Bill said.

“Burgers sound great, Bill. Carol, what can I do to help?” Kim said.

We all started preparing our evening meal. Kim and Carol made a salad and heated a vegetable. Bill and I formed patties from the ground beef, seasoned them, then went outside to put them on the grill.

I grabbed two beers and went outside with my brother-in-law. Kim and Carol stayed in the house, putting the finishing touches on our dinner. We ate on the patio, enjoying the simple meal. Kim and Carol took care of the dishes, telling Bill and me we could relax.

When the girls returned, they handed Bill and me cold beers. We relaxed in the warm evening air while Bill, Carol, and Kim caught up.

“Would anyone mind if I used the pool? I haven’t been swimming in a long time,” Kim said.

“Of course not, Kim. I’ll put on my suit and join you,” Carol said.

We all decided going swimming was a good idea. I went upstairs with my sister and Bill to get my trunks. I was naked, getting ready to put my suit on when Carol came into my room wearing one of her tiny bikinis.

“Here, wear this,” Carol said as she dangled a Spedo suit from her fingers.

Laughing, I said, “Thanks, but my trunks are fine.”

“Bill’s wearing one for me. I’d like you to wear this for me. By the way, Kim kaçak iddaa thinks you’re cute,” Carol said.

She came closer, leaned over, and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me, causing my dick to get hard. After a moment, my sister stood up and smiled.

“If you wear this, I’ll give you a blow job before bed tonight,” Carol said.

Laughing, I took the suit and put it on. Carol watched as I tucked my semi-hard cock into the thin lycra suit. Grinning, she rubbed my crotch.

“Your big cock looks good in this suit, Matt,” Carol said.

Bill walked in, wearing an equally small Speedo. He glanced at me and smiled.

“I think Carol’s jaws are going to be sore before the end of the night. She said she was going to make you the same offer she made me,” Bill said.

We laughed as we headed downstairs. When we went outside, I saw Kim standing by the pool wearing a bikini. Her suit wasn’t as small as my sister’s bikini, but it was not conservative either. I noticed Kim’s breasts weren’t as large as Carol’s tits. She wasn’t fat. She was curvy like my sister.

The four of us jumped into the pool, milling around in the refreshing water. We splashed each other and joked around as we had fun. Once we’d had enough, we got out to relax. Bill dried himself before going in for beers.

At about ten, we decided to call it a night. Kim said she was tired after her drive from Atlanta and needed to get some sleep. We all said, “Good night,” as we headed to bed.

Upstairs, Carol pulled me into her room. She removed Bill’s and my suits, telling us to lie on the bed while she undressed. My sister had Bill, and I stretch out next to each other before straddling our legs. Grinning, she took each of our cocks in her hand and began stroking us.

Leaning forward, Carol sucked our cocks, alternating between us. Bill and I were hip to hip as we watched my sister give us the promised blow jobs. It didn’t take long for Carol to develop a rhythm, sucking one of our cocks while stroking the other.

I announced my climax. Carol took my cock into her mouth, moaning as I shot my semen onto her tongue. She swallowed my cum and then concentrated on Bill. It wasn’t long before he filled her mouth too.

Bill and I moved apart so Carol could lie between us. We began touching her breasts, taking turns kissing her. I ran my hand down to her crotch and fingered her wet pussy. A moment later, Bill’s hand joined mine. Together, Bill and I brought my sister to orgasm.

“I better get to my room,” I said.

“You can stay here with us. I’m used to sleeping with two men,” Carol said.

We pulled the covers over our bodies and settled in for the night.

I woke up before Bill and Carol the next morning. Being as careful as I could, I crawled over my brother-in-law and headed for the bathroom. I needed a shower but didn’t want to disturb my bedmates. Deciding to use the other bathroom, I walked back into the bedroom to grab the bathing suit I’d left on the floor. Glancing at the bed, I saw my sister smiling at me.

“I’m going to shower, but I didn’t want to disturb you or Bill,” I said.

Carol got out of bed, gave me a hug, and then we kissed. I felt my cock thicken as she pressed her breasts against my chest. Stepping back, I gazed into Carol’s eyes. She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“We can shower together,” Carol said.

I started the shower while Carol sat on the toilet. When she finished, we got into the spacious stall. I picked up the body wash, poured some into my hand, and started washing my sister.

“It must be nice not having to work,” I said as I rubbed my sudsy hands on Carol’s breasts.

Carol smiled at me and said, “Who said I don’t work? When Bill and I married, I learned about investing. Bill makes a lot of money, and we didn’t want to let it sit in a saving account. I invest in the stock market, trade commodities, and we speculate in real estate.”

“I haven’t seen you were working, so I assumed you didn’t,” I said.

“No, I haven’t spent much time with our investments. The stock market is down, so I’ve bought some stocks at bargain prices. Right now, we have all our cash invested. When the market starts to recover, I’ll sell some of our stocks. Oil futures are low, so I plan to invest in them soon,” Carol explained.

I turned Carol around to wash her back. “I had no idea. My plan is to get a job on Wall Street after I graduate,” I said.

I finished washing my sister, so she began soaping my body. As she cleaned my crotch, Bill joined us in the shower.

“Looks like I’m late,” Bill said after kissing his wife.

Carol hugged Bill and said, “I’m almost finished with Matt. You’re next.”

I rinsed off, got out of the shower, and dried myself. I watched Carol lean over and suck Bill’s cock and grinned.

“I’ll see you two downstairs,” I said as I left them to play.

I dressed and walked downstairs. When I got to the kitchen, I saw Kim sitting at the counter, working on her computer. She looked up and smiled.

“Good kaçak bahis morning, Matt. There’s coffee in the pot. I’m catching up with a few things I need to do,” Kim said.

I poured a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter. Sipping my coffee, I glanced at Kim. She wore a tight tank-top and a pair of terrycloth shorts. The shorts barely covered her round ass.

Bill and Carol came into the kitchen, poured themselves coffee, and sat at the counter. Kim closed her laptop and greeted them.

After eating breakfast and cleaning the kitchen, we all went to do our work. I watched a lecture while Bill sat at his computer in his office. Kim took her laptop to the family room.

Over the next couple of days, we maintained our routines. It felt as if Kim had always been there with us. Every night, I slept with Bill and Carol in their bed, having sex before going to sleep. In the morning, the three of us shared the bathroom and shower.

Just after lunch on Friday, Bill said he was heading to the store to get more beer and other things. He asked me if I wanted to go, but I had a lecture at one and told him I couldn’t. Carol said she’d go and they left.

“I’m planning to have grilled chicken breasts and salad for dinner tonight,” Carol said after she and Bill returned.

“You know I’m not picky when it comes to food,” Kim said. She smacked her bottom and laughed. “It shows, doesn’t it?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your ass, sis,” Bill said.

“Thanks, Bill.” Kim chuckled. “You have always been partial to my butt.”

“Only because you lacked modesty and flashed it,” Bill shot back.

We laughed at the exchange between Bill and Kim. Carol made a comment about me when we were younger.

By dinner time, it was raining. Bill and I stood under the roof over part of the patio, grilling the marinated chicken breasts Carol prepared. It was too cold to eat outside, so we had dinner in the dining room.

“What does everyone want to do tonight?” Bill said as we cleaned up after our meal.

“I want to shoot pool. Matt and I will play against Bill and Kim,” Carol said.

We finished in the kitchen and headed up to the bonus room. Carol put on a music channel while Bill got all of us a beer.

“What are we going to play tonight?” I said.

“We can play nine-ball. The games go faster than eight-ball,” Bill said.

We took our beers to the pool table. Bill racked the balls, explaining how to play the game. Carol won the coin toss, and we would break. I started and made a ball on the break. I missed my next shot, and Kim moved to the table. When Bill and Kim won, he put a mark on a chalkboard.

As we played, Bill made sure we had cold beers. After four games, we were tied, two games each. At one point, while Bill was shooting, I noticed Kim and Carol were whispering and laughing. When it was my turn, I made the nine, and we won the game.

“Does anyone want to raise the stakes?” Carol said.

“What do you have in mind?” Bill replied.

“When one team wins, the other team has to remove a piece of clothing,” Carol said as she grinned.

Nodding, Kim said, “I’m in.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Carol said.

I did a quick inventory of what everyone wore. Except for the girl’s bras, we all had the same number of clothes.

Carol and I lost the next game. I removed my shirt and watched as my sister pulled her tank-top off. Kim giggled, pointing out the fact my chest was bare, and Carol’s wasn’t.

Carol reached behind her back, unfastened her bra, and removed it. “There, Matt and I are even now. I need a shot.”

We walked to the bar. Bil went behind the counter while the rest of us stood in front of it. Taking four rocks glassed from under the bar, he placed them in front of us.

“What does everyone want?” Bill said.

My sister looked at Bill, then me. She chuckled and said, “I want tequila.”

Shaking his head, Bill pulled out a salt shaker and a lemon. He sliced the fruit and then poured the amber booze into the glasses. We licked the salt from the backs of our hands, raised our glasses in a silent toast, and drank the contents. After biting a slice of lemon, we went to the pool table to continue our game.

Bill broke and ran the table. Carol stepped out of her shorts, leaving her in a pair of colorful bikini panties. As I removed my shorts, exposing my snug boxer briefs, my sister smiled.

“I think we’re being hustled,” Carol said. She glanced at my crotch and giggled. “I don’t really mind, though. Okay, time for another shot.”

We walked to the bar and repeated what we’d done after the last game. Bill gave us cold beers, and we resumed playing pool. When it was Carol’s turn, she lined up on the three-ball. She took her shot, and the three hit the nine-ball, sinking it in a side pocket.

Laughing, Kim whipped off her tee-shirt and bra. Bill removed his shirt and looked at his wife. She shrugged her shoulders and cocked her head toward the bar. We all had another shot and started the next game.

I felt something was up when Bill missed an easy shot, allowing Carol and me to win. Kim was quick to remove her skirt and show us her tiny thong. Bill removed his slacks and, without saying anything, walked to the bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32