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Days passed by, and the summer went on. We had the most amazing time together. Nicky proved to be a gift sent from heaven for me. He was everything that I needed, and I had never been happier to have made the decision of having incest with him. He completed me in those few days.

After he returned home that evening, we just couldn’t have enough of each other. We spent all the time close, as if making sure the other won’t spend a single minute away. I told him stories of my life and he did too, and the evening was one of the few quiet and romantic ones we had during the time he spend there that summer. After that day of mutual affection, our days would be filled with more passion than anything else.

We slept together, and the morning came. When I opened my eyes I was a little scared of seeing him gone, but there he was, sleeping soundly by my side. I was delighted, and after kissing him, I got up as quiet as I could. I walked up to the balcony’s glass door and opened only enough to let me through. It was the one facing the back of the house, and had that gorgeous sight of the city. This morning it was looking even more beautiful, and I stretched my arms up and and took the soft and warm sun in me. I felt great, and wanting of some morning sex. Sure enough, here came Nicky.

“Hello there,” he said, while hugging me from behind and grabbing my titties.

“Did I wake you?” I said, stretching my arms back to grab his hair and caress it.


“Good. I left the door a little open so the wind and sun could reach you.”

“You wanted me to come here after you, right? You bad girl.” He said softly, in almost a whisper. with his hot breath on my neck. I was feeling his thing already poking me in my thighs. We were both naked in the morning air, except for the night robes that I had on me, but it was open in front exposing my body to be seen its full nature. It shone with the sun reflected on it. The hot air and the arousal of sexual desire made me start sweating only slightly. He slowly started finding the spot with his hand guiding his dick. Even though there was quite a distanc between it and my nose, I could sniff the strong smell of his cock being ready for me, mixed with the scent of love and sunrise. I lowered myself a bit for him, and rested my arms of the balcony’s handrails. I had my eyes closed and a smile, while I bit lower lip. I felt excited to have what I had come here for, and the anticipation was killing me. He teased me with the tip, until my pussy got wet enough for the whole thing, and he slowly pushed his hips forward, filling me. I love this position so much! I can’t see his face or body, but I feel it, and closing my eyes, the sense of touch and smell become greater. Every contact of the skin made me tremble. He started fucking me from behind a little faster while he let a few moans out. I made the sound of sucking my own saliva with my mouth, that one we do to express either pain, or pleasure. I wanted him to know that I loved what he was doing to me. He slapped my buttock hard, and this sent heat and electricity through my body, giving me goosebumps. A “Yes!” escaped me without my permission.

“My cock feels very tight,” he said with a voice broken with feeling, “you are filling me with ecstasy Jannie, even my hands feel good from touching your rich ass. Your waist is so perfect too, you fucking goddess. I feel like raping you in this balcony all morning. Fuck! What a good breakfast! The best!” he said. He the proceeded to move his torso forward while still fucking me from behind, to reach my back with his lips, and kissed me there all he wanted. He bit chunks of skin very softly, and licked me too.

“Nick please pound me harder. I want to cum honey. I want that big sausage to hurt me! Please!” I said quite loudly. Right at that moment, the guy who cleans the pool opened the gate that went from the front of the house straight to the back porch and the pool. I could see him from the third floor, and if he looked upward, he would see me, but not Nicky. He must have heard me say this to Nicky, but not really discerning what exactly I said, the poor fool just looked up and waved me good morning. I had my nephew’s dick inside of me ,and he was fucking me harder as I had asked. His cock was now making me go crazy, and I had to wave back at this guy without letting him know what was going on! I don’t think I did such a good job. A few moans escaped me and I even drooled a little while I responded his greeting, not to mention the faces I was making.. I don’t know what he thought of it, but I sure as hell was cumming harder that I had anticipated.

This whole situation made me more sensitive, and only a retard wouldn’t have noticed that I was fucking somebody that wasn’t my husband. My legs shook a little with my contractions, and I lost strength in my body. I almost fell down into the pool! After I came, the pool guy kept at his business for a few minutes before looking up again and, hesitating first, asked me if I was all right. I was more composed now because Nicky had taken his dick out and was spraying his milk all over my ass and back. I felt the hot sensation that tickled me all over, but managed to say I bahis firmaları was OK, but laughing a little at this sensation and the whole situation itself. From were I was, the guy below couldn’t notice I was naked, since I was a little lowered and the angle just didn’t let him see me too well, but I quickly covered myself really good with my robes -back still sticky with cum- and ran into the bedroom laughing and pulling Nicky in with me. He laughed a lot too, and we both kissed and kept on going, giving more length the morning pleasure.

Our experiences together just kept getting more fun and passionate. Later that evening we watched porn together, and he learned a thing or two about the woman’s body. He used some of is new skills on me, and while we watched women with exquisite bodies and men with long penises on the screen, we satisfied each other some more. He gave me a finger fuck, but this time correctly finding my g spot, and while talking dirty things into my ear, he moved his hand up and down inside my vagina, messing with the little horny spot, until I squirted all over. He licked his hands and told me how he had never drank a tastier liquid before. He was becoming at expert with me. He knew now when and how to touch me. He knew the spots I liked most, and learned every corner of my body.I gave him a titty-fuck as a reward for being so sweet, and I sucked his dick at the same time. He came in my mouth while I blew him, filling it up so much that I choked a little bit with it, and a lot of cum spilled out onto my boobs. I drank it all.

One day, we decided to go do some shopping. He was really excited that afternoon to go out with me somewhere, anywhere. It was our first time out of the house together, like a date. We went to a mall to buy him and myself some nice clothes to wear that night. The shop we went into was a little small, with only a clerk there to attend every costumer. I would be looking at the nice dresses and blouses, while he always said how good this or that would look on me. He touched my waist some times and my butt, when nobody was watching us, and explained how good they would fit in these areas and what not. He had a charm that day that kept me happy the entire time.

The shop had the changing rooms in the back, and I went inside one of them while he waited outside. However, he took a chance when a fairly big family went into the store and kept the only clerk very busy, and went into the small spot with me. He then watched me try the clothes and gave opinions. We playfully touched each other while doing so, and eventually couldn’t resist the urge to fuck. I gave him a quick blowjob right there to turn him on a little more, and then hastily got up and raised a leg that he held with one arm, and stood in front of him, looking a little down to his face, and pulling my pantie to the side under the skirt. He put his dick in and we started the action. Good God, his cock was always good, no matter where or how we did it. It set my body in flames as soon as I felt his roughness in me. The family never noticed us, but we knew they were there and this got us all the most horny.

He pounded my cunt with such a fury that I had to put his hand on my mouth and suck it not to scream! We kept silent, and didn’t say anything dirty like we always do, but he looked at me in a way that was enough to tell me “do you like it, you fucking whore?” I took his hand out of my mouth and rapidly bit his neck and sucked at it and licked it hard. He had to close his eyes and tighten his lips to resist the temptation of moaning at this. I kissed and sucked his mouth too with my red and wet lips, and used my tongue to lick his. All this while he penetrated as deep as my womb. The tip of his dick gave my womb a passionate kiss every time they met. He pounded me hard enough for me to drool over his shirt a little bit, because I was loosing myself.

“I’m cumming!” he said, and God help me, but right then and there I felt for the first time the need for him to cum inside of me. I really wanted his load of thick milk to fill me entirely and make me scream out loud for the world to hear me, and to impregnate me with his beautiful child. It was some fucked up shit to think about, but if I wanted any sperm to ever impregnate me, I wanted his. However, I quickly lifted myself off his penis and put my hands around the head of his dick to hold the cum from jumping at me, since I had the store’s clothes on. He started having an orgasm and all his cum spread in my hands and the floor of the changing room. It was a lot, and I was still very horny, and more when looking at this sight. The family had come to try the clothes they had chosen, and while some of its members entered one changing room, the rest were knocking at ours right when I was trying to lick the cum off my hands.

“Occupied!” I said. They stopped, but not before me and Nicky had a big scare.

“Is everything OK? the clerk said a few minutes later.

“Yeah. We’re fine” I responded. The clerk must have been extremely used to asking the same question several times every day, and receiving the same answer, for she didn’t notice that I said we instead of I! I wanted to laugh at this stupid mistake as well as Nicky, but kaçak iddaa we both held it in, and decided it was time to get the hell out. I got out first and returned the clothes while Nicky skillfully escaped the little room and got out of the store before the clerk realized that we had both been inside. We left the room full of cum, and without any new clothes to wear.

For the rest of the day, we just walked around downtown, ate Ice cream, and saw the sunset sitting near the beach. We sat at a bench at the end of the day while watching the scarlet sky get darker and darker, and felt the warm breeze mess with our hair and arouse our bodies when it touched our skin.

“Aunt, I… I have learned to like you a lot,” Nicky said, “I have never been happier with someone in my life! What we have been through these last few days… I never thought it even possible. This things you make me feel, they are unnatural. It’s the greatest feeling I had the pleasure to share with someone. I feel like I never want to leave, and yet I have to in a few more days. And you will go back to your husband,” he said this while looking at the sun disappear in the distance, with the now cool air of night passing through our bodies and making us feel comfortable still, but tragic.

“Nicky… I think we should just enjoy the company of one another while it lasts. You can always come visit me any time, and of course, I’ll be here for you. You are now part of me, and I can’t help but liking you as well. However, I can’t divorce my husband just like that and leave him. He has used his money to tie me down. He made me as useless and simple as possible, so I could never leave him. I left college to marry him, and now, I depend on him to survive. It’s a little complicated. Besides, I can’t leave him for you, my nephew!”

We kept silent for a while. I really liked him a lot, but I also preferred that we stayed the way we were. If “love” intervened in our relationship, things could get very bad, like him doing stupid things for me. If he told his mother out of spite, or my husband, I would be ruined.

“I understand aunt,” he said, as if reading my mind or something, “don’t worry about me.”

After about nine days of sex and passion, we were spending our last consecutive evening alone, for my husband was on his way home. In fact, once we drove back to the house, he was already there. I saw his car in the garage and immediately a feeling of dry repulsion came over me. I didn’t want him to spoil the mood and interrupt the nice time me and my nephew were having.

“Honey?” I said coming inside and looking around. Nicky looked like his normal self, but he gave me glances of pain as well.

“Hey! look who we have here! The beauty and the beast! ha ha!” said my husband with an overly cheerful tone at our sight. He was very happy that night, and he looked as charismatic as he had been years ago when I met him the first time. He looked fairly attractive, just not as before; however, he had no room in my heart anymore, and no matter how handsome he could look, my mind didn’t leave Nicky.

“You don’t kiss your man when you see him?” he said, and I approached him coldly and kissed him in the lips. “How have you been behaving young man? Out with your aunt for a ride? Where were you guys?

“At the movies,” I said. “There was a film Nicky wanted to see, And I was bored,so…”

“Oh really? Which one?” he inquired. This took me by surprise, and before I could say anything. Nicky responded,

“Indecent Proposal. They were putting it back on the big screen for a few weeks in the cinema near by, so we took the chance to watch it. Today was the last day.”

“Isn’t that movie not too appropriate for an aunt and her nephew to watch?” said my husband, in an awkward manner.

“Oh , please. He is a grown man, he can handle it. Besides, it wasn’t so bad.” Nicky scared me there for a moment. To pick such a movie! And to lie so coldly about it. He had to be thinking right there that my husband was a complete idiot for being cheated by me. That’s the only explanation of how that title sprung to the tip of his tongue in the perfect instant.

“I’m just glad to see you guys are home now, for I have big news! Honey, I struck a huge deal! We are going to make millions, baby! We just became a little richer thanks to that little trip I made! We are finally buying that Maserati! Tonight we have to celebrate!” my husband said, lifting me up in the air and spinning me around briefly.

“Oh honey those are wonderful news! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” I said in an overly excited tone, but feeling nothing inside. More money? For what Another car? I had loved this man so much in my life before. If it had been some years before, perhaps I would’ve felt joy for such news, but today I could only think about how this little scene could be making Nicky unbearably jealous. I still felt something for my husband. It could be affection, gratitude, even love, but not as a husband anymore, maybe as a friend only. The only man I cared to make feel good was listening from a corner now, and not feeling as happy as I acted.

“Hell yeah they are good!” my husband exclaimed, “and we are going out to dinner kaçak bahis tonight to celebrate! If the young man wouldn’t mind spending the evening alone here of course,” I hated him for saying this.

“Oh not at all. I’ll look after the house while you enjoy this time together, uncle.” said Nicky.

“Good. You do understand we need some privacy, right? Of course. You are almost 19 now, you should understand. Me and this doll need some time to ourselves and have a romantic dinner!” he said taking me in his arms and kissing me with such awkwardness that even the entire house had to feel it in its walls, for it spread an atmosphere that sent Nicky in motion and out of our sight.

I got dressed while feeling very depressed ,and went along with my act the rest of the night. The dinner was lame and boring and he couldn’t keep me interested about his business or anything that he said. He would have made me fall in love with him all over again if I hadn’t met Nicky. He was finally paying more attention to me, complementing me, and taking me out for dinner after so long. But the dumb-ass was just too late. He would love me only for a night or two anyways, to throw me to the side again when his money called for him.

The evening passed slowly by, and we eventually got home after a tedious time together. Tedious for me, because he never noticed the lack of interest in me. No matter how I behaved all night, he wouldn’t let anything spoil his good mood. He touched me a little with his hands that night, he would caress my neck and call me beautiful while we stood in the extensive back porch of the expensive restaurant, and take no notice of my involuntary jerks of the head away from his hands, or my face looking away when he touched or kissed it. So after long hours of this, we got home, and Nicky was not around. He was most likely in his room already. It was a little late. Before we went upstairs, my husband opened some good wine he had stored somewhere, and insisted to prolong the night a little and to make a brief toast, to the future.

“Cheers!” we both said while touching glasses. He drank it in one sip.

We stayed around the living room talking and drinking for a while, and eventually (finally) up to our room we went. The first thing I saw entering the bedroom was the majestic bed. It made me tear up a little without notice from my nervous system, and I had to struggle to keep the moist eyes in control. I remembered my nights with Nicky spent in that bed, and a huge fear overcame me that the previous night could’ve been our last one sleeping there together. Frustration made me have a tough time keeping my emotions in check, because I was blaming for my sadness the very man who was now trying to undress me. He had interfered with my happiness, something I waited for so long to happen, but how could I stop him now? He was my husband after all, and after so long without sex, and such a big moment for him and his business, refusing to make love that night would have been too suspicious. I let him take off my dress and kiss me a little on my neck without resisting too much. He said to me that I looked gorgeous that night one more time, and then he pushed me roughly to the bed.

I knew I would not like it. I had stopped liking him as a man some time ago, so I decided to just get it over with and wait until he was done. It would probably be a quick one, as always. I took off my bra to avoid his taking to long to undo it, and my panties too. I couldn’t help having a serious face all along. It was hard to act happy or needy of his penis in this situation. He took off his clothes and went straight for penetration. He kissed my neck and lips and sucked a little on my tits, while he struggled to stick his dick in. I wasn’t enjoying anything, when I suddenly had an idea. I actually was horny for a dick, not his but Nicky’s, so I decided to think about my real sweetheart while this man fucked me. It started to work, his kisses were pictured in my head as Nicky’s, and his dick suddenly became larger by a strong force of my imagination. I opened my eyes and I saw Nicky, and no longer my husband.

“Yes, put it in!” I exclaimed. My poor husband got excited thinking that I actually wanted HIS penis inside me, and shoved it in with no elegance or regard for my pleasure. He started banging me now that my pussy was finally wet. It worked to some extent, but the voice was different, the the moans, the sweat, the smell, the taste, and everything he had to offer to me spelled “not Nicky” in my brain. I was getting off my mood again, but I kept acting otherwise. I moaned a little exaggeratedly, and while my husband kept at it, I started to look around the dark room, and noticed that the only light source in it came from the hall outside the door, which was a little opened. However, this source of light was being slightly interrupted by something standing in its way and acting as an obstacle for it to come through. It was a figure, a man! Nicky! The young man was standing outside the room, spying at us from the little separation of the door from its frame. He noticed that I saw him. I looked at my husband, he was involved in his action and didn’t notice. I looked at Nicky again, scared of him, what was he going to do? Something reckless and stupid? Nicky beckoned me to be quiet by putting his forefinger in front of his lips, and got the door a little more open, making the room look brighter, only a little bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32