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Stephanie was a girl I first met in the university four years ago. We went out together a couple of times; movies, restaurants and so on. But we never got any further though, nothing serious anyway. Somehow we had lost touch completely until I saw her by change a week ago. I ran into her on the street near my place. I was delighted to see her and invited her for a cup of coffee. She did not have time right then, but she promised me to visit me next afternoon. I went home whistling happily. I even caught myself masturbating in the evening, dreaming about her gorgeous body. Oh boy, waiting for her the next day made me very nervous. I was very anxious to see her again, but not so sure what she had in mind about me.

The next afternoon Stephanie stood at my door. What a beautiful sight she was: a tall, slender brunette with nice long legs, round ass and quite big boobs. I let her in and we sat on my couch telling each other what we had been doing these last years. There was a certain tension in the air. She told me about some mishap in her family and how she therefore had given up her last relationship, more than a year ago. She sounded so sad about it, that I moved towards her and took her in my arms.

“You know…we never…” I began, holding her tight in my arms.

“…made love together,” she completed my sentence, adding “I sure would like it now.”

We started kissing passionately. She unbuttoned my shirt, her hand wandering on my chest.

As I removed Stephanie’s white woollen jumper, I admired the swell of her firm breasts under her t-shirt. Standing up she helped me take off my clothes. She left me only my pants. When she slipped off her trousers, it really hit me, her white-stockinged legs were long and lean.

What a beautiful girl she was, and so sexy dressed. I could tell she had been preparing this seduction in advance. She pulled her shirt over her head and stood for a moment in her underwear: a simple black cotton bra and black panties and tan hold-ups. She did not miss the bulge in my pants due to her wonderful body.

She reached for my hard on, letting her fingers slide on it through my pants. “Do you want me to wear my shoes?” she asked, and without waiting me to reply she went to the hall and put her high-heels on.

I followed her. She was about my height now with her shoes on. I took her in my arms and we kissed again. I felt her tongue dancing in my mouth. Her body pressed against mine I started do undo her bra. After I removed ataşehir escort it I stepped back and touched her breasts with both hands. I pinched her nipples, now hardening, erect between my fingers. I rolled them both causing her body to shudder slightly. Then I took care of her thighs, sliding my fingers all around them. The smooth cloth, which her stockings were made of, felt good, not to mention Stephanie’s smooth skin underneath.

She pulled my body closer to hers, forced a kiss on my mouth and grabbed my ass, so grinding her pussy against my now very hard cock. I pulled her knickers somewhat down and she did the same to my shorts, so having our bare sexes rubbing each other. I helped with a hand a little, feeling her neatly shaven genitals with my fingertips as I directed my cock along her Pussy, not aiming to enter her yet. No hair there at all, I can tell. Stephanie stood with her legs as tightly together as possible.

With my stiff cock in between her legs, I too took her Ass in my hands, squeezing her firm buttocks. On my cock I felt the warmth of her cunt. She moaned a little trying to hump on my cock. I took her hand and led her in my bedroom.

On our way we took off our pants. I laid down on my bed begging her to come on top of me.

Stephanie did not, but just stood beside me and let her fingers run all over my stiff pole. “Nice member you have here,” she said, her hands sliding smoothly up and down my hard-on.

She pulled the foreskin back and forth causing me to moan. “With my shoes on?” she then asked, obviously not meaning it very seriously, because she already climbed on the bed.

She still held my cock in her warm fist stroking it slowly. “Yes. That is the way I like it,” I groaned and added, “Stockings, high-heels and a shaved cunt…and now show me yours.”

Stephanie stopped to stroke my rock hard member and climbed on the bed. With her nice legs on both sides of me she let me watch her pussy from beneath. She kneeled over my head parting her swollen labia, so as to give me still a nicer view into her red love hole.

“See how bad my pussy wants you,” she sighed.

“Yes, yes, sit on my face Stephanie. I want to taste your cunt,” I told her.

At once she took the invitation and lowered her pelvis a little. I nuzzled my face onto her cunt. I brushed my lips over her slit without pressing down on it. She bucked backwards straining to get more of you closer to her. I put my lips right on top of her slit, kadıköy escort kissed it gently, then harder. I felt her hair on my cock as she was lowering her head, her tongue rolling over the tip as she stroked the entire shaft of my cock. I paused to groan. Then I used my tongue to separate her pussy lips and run my tongue up and down between the layers of her pink pussy flesh. I felt her twat on my lips becoming more and more wet and started to lick the opening of her cunt feverishly.

Meanwhile Stephanie had taken my cock deep into her mouth and was gently sucking it. I quickly pushed my tongue in and out of her wet pussy, alternating between quick and slow thrusts. I run my tongue up the full length of her pussy lips just nipping at her clit before I run down again. It was difficult to concentrate because Stephanie was sucking and stroking my cock like crazy. Due to her skilful play with her mouth I almost reached my orgasm right then.

I stopped to lick her and slipped one finger deep inside her cunt instead. I felt her hot pussy contracting around it. She moaned, so giving my cock nice vibes in her mouth. With my finger in her I just enjoyed her sucking my cock just another while. I felt my precum start to flow into her mouth, and she paused instantly leaving me at the edge of spurting my whole cum out right there. She really knew what she was doing. She hold my cock tight in her fist, pressing it, so as not to let any more of my cum come out.

I relaxed a bit and still fingering Stephanie’s slippery cunt, I inserted another finger inside of her.

“Oh baby, you are so wet,” I told her, pulling my fingers out again and rubbing her juices on her clit.

“I want you to fuck me honey,” she replied as she rotated her twat on my fingers. “Please shove that big fat cock in my little wet pussy, please”, she begged and let her body fall from top of me.

On her back she spread her legs wide open inviting me to penetrate her. I kneeled between Stephanie’s legs and placed my cock just near her pussy. I rubbed her clearly swollen clit with the sticky head of my cock, just teasing her a little more. I felt her wetness as my cock glided over her labia. She thrust her hips toward me, trying to force me inside of her. As I then plunged my cock with one motion deep inside of her, a loud moan escaped her lips. I grabbed her ass in my hands and started to fuck her slowly. Her tight cunt all around my cock I thrust hard into her always pulling my cock out bostancı escort bayan slowly until only the tip of it remained in her labia.

“Yes, give it to me…faster…faster!” screamed Stephanie.

I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt, faster and faster, causing some very sexy wet sounds in addition to our heavy breathing. I took two pillows and put them under her bottom, in order to penetrate her in somewhat different angle and hit her special spot. She raised her legs higher and locked them around me grinding her hips against mine. I slammed into her soaking pussy with my cock, my balls hitting her buttocks with every stroke. Her pussy was milking me violently. I took one of my hands away from her ass and touched her clit with my thumb. Between my thrusts I rubbed her button in circles. She was going to cum soon, I could tell. Me too!

“I want you from behind,” I managed to cry out just before we were over the point of no return.

We changed positions. She got on her hands and knees on the mattress. I kneeled behind her slowly thrusting my cock back inside her waiting, warm and wet pussy. As I began to fuck her again I smacked her ass with my hand enforcing her to scream. She began to finger herself madly in between my hard thrusts deep in her cunt. With my cock I felt her hand on her twat.

“Yes hit my ass…harder!” Stephanie panted.

I was madly smacking her buttocks now, as I was pumping in and out of her cunt. She sure knew how to work that little cunt around my cock. I could feel her hot juices splashing against my hardness. I thrust faster and faster, feeling my cock still growing a little in her soaked cunt. Soon I felt her cunt violently contracting around my cock.

“Oh fuck honey…I am cumming,” she screamed as it hit her hard. She shuddered and her cunt milked my cock mercilessly.

I could not hold my load back any longer. I felt my orgasm to come at last.

“Yes baby me too,” I panted as I lost control of myself completely..

Just another thrust, then I pulled my throbbing cock out of her cunt, shoved her over and climaxed by spurting my cum all over her belly and tits. As soon as she felt my hot cum hit her nipples she started playing with them, while I was still shooting more of my load all over her.

She rubbed my white juice all over her tits pleading for more: “give me your cum…please…cover my tits with it.”

She took my cock into her hand pressing it hard, so as to empty every last drop of my come on her breasts. I enjoyed the moment. Then it was all over. My God, what a fuck.

We both collapsed on my bed eventually. No talking. We just hold each other for a while. Then she needed to go. She promised to come back next week at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32