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As usual, Stephanie awoke at the first sound of the alarm clock and hit the snooze button. She swung her long legs off the bed and sat there momentarily before heading, naked, for the bathroom. She and Roger, her stepfather, preferred to sleep nude, and neither one saw any need to wear a bathrobe in the bedroom they shared. They had been sleeping together ever since the night of her eighteenth birthday, when he gave her the ultimatum of sex with him or be kicked out of the house into the streets. That night and every day and night since, Stephanie had been thankful she chose to stay. She was already a sensuous young woman, and Roger had shown her how great sex could be with a partner who was knowledgeable and considerate.

Before flushing the toilet, she noticed the blotches of blood in the water. “Damn, it looks like my period is on time again,” she told herself. She was disappointed because it was Friday and Stephanie had been hoping she would be late by a few days. On Friday nights, she and Roger always liked to enjoy some very strenuous sex, getting the weekend off to a rousing start. It wasn’t that menstruation was ever painful or even uncomfortable to her, just inconvenient, especially this time when it was starting on Friday, and would spoil their fun for the whole weekend.

“I guess we’ll just have to settle for a blow job tonight.” This would not exactly be a hardship for either of them. She really liked sucking cocks; even with her previous boy friends, it was her favorite thing to do. Now that she was sharing Roger’s bed, she especially liked to suck him off and swallow the cum he pumped into her mouth, almost as much as he liked having her do it.

Stephanie returned to the bed, raised the top sheet and noted the streaks of blood where she had been lying. She raised it a little more and smiled at the sight of Roger, still asleep and facing where she had just been. She smiled again when she saw his cock, big and hard and beautiful, and thought of the great times they had shared already, and the even greater times they would be sharing in the future, hopefully starting that night.

They wanted to avoid any controversy. Even though they were not related by blood and she was 18 years old, some busybodies would have considered their relationship to be sinful and incestuous, so Stephanie had her own bedroom where she kept her clothing and personal things. After her pleasantly erotic thoughts about Roger’s cock, she went there to finish washing, comb her long, blonde hair and get dressed for school, including inserting a tampon.

When Roger came downstairs to join her in the kitchen, she kissed his cheek in a daughterly way. “Good morning, Daddy. I’ve got some bad news. She had always called him “Daddy”; he was the only father she had ever known. In the bedroom, this form of address had the sexual connotation but in other parts of the house or in public, it was just what an affectionate daughter would call her male parent.

“Good morning, Steph.” He kissed the cheek she presented to him. “This is Friday. How can you possibly have bad news on Friday?”

She looked around before answering. She knew there was nobody to overhear the very personal news she had for him, but there was no such thing as being too careful. “I started my period today, Daddy.”

“Okay. That means you’re not preggers.”

“It means that and it also means we can’t have the fun evening we like to have on Friday.”

“Don’t worry, Steph. We’ll think of something to do.”

Stephanie’s day in school was uneventful. There were classes to go to, where she answered some questions and avoided others. She studied, chatted with friends and brushed off boys who wanted to date her that weekend. For at least the last two years, she had a deserved reputation for enjoying sex and not being too fussy about her partner. The former was still true but the latter had not been correct since she and Roger had started sleeping together. With a man to take care of her sexual needs, she had no interest in boys.

Roger’s day at work wasn’t very exciting either, but it was less normal. What he did out of the ordinary was to buy a tube of Aqualube and some lubricated condoms. On their first night together, when Stephanie had given in and agreed to be his sex partner, she had briefly tried to delay the start of their sex life by standing with her back to him while undressing for their mutual shower. Roger had admired her succulent, creamy ass, and later, when his fingers strayed to her rosebud, they had both enjoyed the contact. That night, and many times since, he had fucked her ass with his finger while eating her pussy. He had also resolved that he would eventually fuck her ass and, after learning her menses had started running, he had decided that Friday night would be the time.

Stephanie arrived home from school and started preparing the dinner that she and Roger would be sharing. When Roger arrived, they embraced in the hallway, away from any windows. This had become their preferred place to greet each other in the evening because bahis firmaları they could freely express how much they enjoyed their rather unconventional relationship with no fear of nosy friends or neighbors. As their tongues mingled between their open mouths, Roger ran his hands all over Stephanie’s womanly ass and hips, thinking about the new pleasures that awaited them later.

After dinner, they relaxed together in front of the television set and talked about their respective days. At nine o’clock, as was their custom, they rose from the sofa and headed upstairs to the master bedroom and bath. They didn’t shower together every day but they always did on Fridays, making that the starting point for their highly enjoyable weekend sex. Stephanie didn’t know exactly what would happen that evening but she expected to suck Roger off in the shower and again after they had gotten into bed. He had never suggested anything other than that before while she was menstruating and she hoped he never would. Much as she enjoyed fucking with Roger, and having him eat her pussy, she considered such activities to be gross in the extreme at that time of the month.

As usual, they started their shower together with Roger washing her back and shoulders and working his way down to her voluptuous hips and ass. When he reached there, he paid more attention than usual. Using the same mild soap Stephanie uses on her face, Roger started carefully washing the cleft of her ass. Very gently, using the pads of his fingertips, he ministered to that very sensitive place. She smiled at his attentions, and arched her back slightly to get the most from the pleasant sensation, especially when his fingers were rubbing across her rosebud.

“Oh!” she expressed her delighted surprise when one of those fingers slipped inside her. Roger didn’t usually do that in the shower. Her surprise immediately gave way to pleasure and she bent forward and arched her back more, letting the invading finger slide in so far that she could feel Roger’s knuckles pressed up against her cleft.

“Oh, Daddy! That feels good. Funny but good.”

“Just an experiment, Honey. I’m glad you like it.” Roger fucked his finger in and out of his stepdaughter a few more times, gratified at her murmurs of pleasure and the way her ass squirmed involuntarily, much as her pussy did while he was eating her out. She was really enjoying the presence of his finger and wanted to get the most out of it, and Roger believed she would enjoy what he had in mind as much as he did. He removed his finger from her and finished washing her legs, as he usually did when they showered together.

Although she had enjoyed it, Stephanie was a bit worried. Roger always fucked her ass with his finger while he was eating her pussy but that would not be possible that evening. She remembered that one of her friends had told her how she had allowed her boy friend to fuck her ass while she was in her period, and how painful it had been. Even when she told him how much it was hurting her, and begged him to stop, he didn’t, and she was sore for a week afterward. The friend had even bled a little and considered herself lucky that she didn’t get an infection, because she had been too embarrassed to seek any medical treatment. Stephanie had gotten a lot of pleasure from Roger’s finger going in and out of her ass, but his cock was much bigger and might be very painful.

The rest of the shower proceeded about as usual. He washed her legs and feet and Stephanie turned toward Roger so he could wash her arms and the front of her body. After rinsing her, he spent a long time licking her nipples until they were fully erect, and sucking her breasts. While she washed her own pussy, Stephanie felt her pleasure building at the caresses of his tongue and lips. After the washing was done, his mouth still pleasured her and she stroked her clit until the desired level of arousal was reached. She anticipated masturbating to climax while sucking off Roger.

Anxious to get to that point, Stephanie washed his back and buttocks and legs and feet and, after he had turned around, did his arms and torso. As she knelt to wash his cock and balls, she was surprised at how stiff he was already. Usually, he reached that point after she had stroked him several times with her lips and caressed him with her tongue. After the front of his body had been rinsed, he turned back to her, still kneeling, and she let his rigid cock slide into her mouth, relishing the feel of the hard tip against the back of her throat.

Stephanie enjoyed almost everything about sucking cocks and had since the first time a boy friend had talked her into doing it for him. Roger was the best of all, though, partly because he filled her mouth so well, but mostly because he let her set the pace and do what she wanted. She strongly objected to some guy grabbing her head to shove his cock in farther or faster or to take control in any way. All Roger did was to rest a hand affectionately on her shoulders and let them both enjoy her expertise.

With his other hand he turned kaçak iddaa off the shower and held to the grab bar that was bolted to the wall. Roger murmured happily as he watched Stephanie’s blonde head moving back and forth in front of him and his cock gliding in and out of her pretty face. “You’re really good at that, Honey,” he told her.

She took his cock out of her mouth and smiled up at Roger. “You’ve got such a nice cock, I love doing this.” After licking under the ridge and the slit at the end, she took it back into her mouth and resumed sucking.

One hand was cupped under his balls while the fingers of her other hand slowly massaged her clit. She wanted Roger to cum first because she knew the spurting of his semen into her mouth, and its taste, would trigger her own climax. Slowly, her head moved back and forth, engulfing and releasing his cock. Stephanie reveled in the way his thick cock felt sliding between her lips and how the head pressed against the back of her mouth. As usual, her tongue licked the shaft as it went in and out, caressing its entire length, and she loved the way the skin felt, stretched tightly around its hard roundness. Stephanie was glad the shower was off, allowing her to hear Roger’s moans and sighs of pleasure and she silently matched them with her own.

While he was progressing slowly toward climaxing and filling her mouth with his delicious cum, her own level of pleasure was mounting. Two fingers stroked her pussy lips and her thumb massaged her clit, building toward what would be a small orgasm, not the earth-shaking climaxes that Roger’s cock or tongue would bring her the day after her menses had stopped flowing. They enjoyed sex on the weekends more than any other time, but a close second was the night after Stephanie’s menstruation ended.

She felt Roger’s cock throbbing in her mouth and, a few strokes later, it was jerking. Stephanie tightened her lips and sucked faster keeping her tongue in position to catch his cum. He gave a loud sigh and a short thrust while his knees buckled slightly and, seconds later, the first gob of his semen landed where it was wanted. Stephanie savored the taste and swallowed it just in time to catch the second spurt, followed quickly by the third. She swirled the viscous fluid in her mouth, relishing its taste and its texture before swallowing. Roger’s cock was still mostly hard and she milked the rest of the semen out with her fingers, finishing by licking off the head and under the ridge. She greedily swallowed it all before leaning back away from the cock that had provided the delicious treat. Supporting himself with one hand on the metal bar and one on her shoulder, Roger smiled at the way his stepdaughter had enjoyed herself so much.

As anticipated, the extreme pleasure of having her man ejaculate into her mouth and swallowing his cum was enough to trigger her own climax. Stephanie’s pussy fucked hard against the hand she was stroking herself with until she sighed happily and climaxed. A little weak, she leaned against Roger’s legs while both of them caught their breaths. A minute later, they stepped, clean and happy, from the shower and, after drying each other off, the naked man and woman walked into the bedroom. Roger brought the damp washcloth, expecting to use it later.

Stephanie’s apprehension about Roger possibly wanting to fuck her in the ass had almost disappeared but it returned with a vengeance when she saw the condoms and Aqualube on the bedside stand. She was sure what they signified but hoped to prevent what she thought would be unpleasant and painful. “You know, Daddy, I’m in my period so we can’t do as much as we usually do but I’ll suck you off again when you’re ready.”

“I’ve got something else in mind. Do you remember a couple of summers ago when your mother and I painted the front porch?”


“We couldn’t use the front door for a while, so how did we get in and out of the house?”

“Well, er, we used the back door. Oh!” With her very strong suspicions virtually confirmed, Stephanie was even more worried. She told Roger what had happened to her friend.

“That son-of-a-bitch ought to be horse-whipped. For one thing, he didn’t stop when she told him to and that’s rape. He could be in prison for that, and maybe he should be. Even worse, he hurt her and endangered her health for his own fun. He doesn’t sound like any kind of friend, and especially not a boyfriend. He sounds like a selfish jerk. I hope she dumped him for that.”

“She did, a few days later. But doesn’t it always hurt a lot?”

“Not if you do it right.” He turned to face her and continued. “Steph, you know I love you as a father and as a lover. I would never do anything to injure you or cause you any pain. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes. I know that, Daddy.” For as long as she could remember, Roger had been nothing but kind and supportive and considerate toward her, probably more than most biological fathers. She couldn’t imagine him ever doing something that would hurt her. The only time he had ever even caused kaçak bahis her any distress had been with his ultimatum on her eighteenth birthday, and she was extremely happy how that had turned out. Even so she remembered what her friend had told her and was still concerned.

“Are you sure it won’t hurt?”

“It will, just a little, at first. After a couple of seconds, though, it’ll feel really good. You liked my finger back there, didn’t you? You like it when I’m eating your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but your cock is a lot bigger.”

“So it should feel even better. Look, I promise I won’t hurt you. If something’s wrong and there is any pain, just tell me and I’ll stop.”

“Okay, Daddy.” Stephanie moved against the bed and started to climb on. “What do you want me to do?”

“Get on your knees, with your pillow under your face.”

Stephanie did as directed, and wrapped her arms around the pillow. She turned her face toward Roger and asked “Okay. Now what?”

After leaving the washcloth where it would be available, he climbed on the bed close behind her, admiring her lovely ass. “Reach your hands back and spread your cheeks.”

When she complied, Roger gazed rapturously on the creamy cleft surrounding her adorable pink rosebud. The thought that his cock would soon be inside there, pleasuring both of them, made his erection even harder. There were some other fun things to do first, and he leaned forward, sniffing the delightful clean and fresh aroma of her body.

“Daddy, aren’t you going to use that stuff in the tube?”

“Not yet, Honey. Have you ever known me to put my cock in you without eating you out first?”

“But I’m in my period.”

“I know. That’s why I’m eating out your back door.” Without another word, he leaned forward, put his thumbs inside her ass cheeks to open her farther, and pressed the tip of his tongue against the top of Stephanie’s cleft.

Roger’s wet tongue against her very sensitive skin was a pleasant sensation and it got better as he slowly licked downward. “Mmmmm, Daddy, that feels really nice,” she murmured, moving her knees farther apart to give him better access.

He didn’t answer; his mouth was much too pleasantly engaged too be interrupted. Roger reveled in the soft and exquisitely smooth skin of the inside of Stephanie’s ass cheek as his tongue slowly traveled downward. When he reached the puckered area, he avoided it for the time being, Licking around it and all the way down to her crotch. Once he reached there, Roger started up the other cheek, again avoiding the puckered part.

The feel of a tongue caressing this very private area, where only Roger had ever even touched her before, was incredible, and completely outside Stephanie’s experience. It was delightful, though, and she arched her back and spread her cheeks even farther apart, presenting her ass as well as she could. She was rewarded when the pleasuring tongue moved more slowly and covered its path even more thoroughly as it licked upward to the point where it had begun.

Roger smiled inwardly at the way Stephanie was moving to get the most pleasure from what he was doing. It was tremendous fun for him too, of course, and it got even better for both of them when his tongue slowly traveled down the middle of her cleft until he was licking where the wrinkles begin. His tongue swung to the left again but this time it covered the entire area that was puckered, painting a circular path all around her precious rosebud until it was back above the ultimate goal.

Stephanie was cooing happily from the incredible new sensations her ass was experiencing. Her hips started swiveling, making her legs thrust down against the mattress as Roger’s tongue painted her rosebud, first going down and up for a few strokes, followed by a side to side motion. As she felt the tip of his tongue seeming to try to burrow inside her, she moved her hands close together to pull her ass open, wanting to help with the intrusion he seemed to desire. A great burst of pleasure flooded her body as the tip of Roger’s tongue actually squeezed inside, and Stephanie pushed her ass back against his face, trying to get it in farther.

He was immensely gratified at how much the sensuous young woman was enjoying what his tongue was doing for her ass. “She’s really going to love my cock inside her too,” he told himself. His tongue was too soft and supple to penetrate any farther but he wiggled it inside her, every movement sending even more pleasure rippling through her body.

Although she was a bit disappointed when his mouth left her ass, Stephanie looked back and smiled at Roger. He was still resting his hands on her cheeks, but had straightened up. “That was wonderful, Daddy. I think I’m really going to like this.”

“I’m sure you will, Honey. So will I. But first, I have to get us ready.”

Roger went to the nightstand, unwrapped a condom and rolled it onto his cock. He opened the new tube of Aqualube, punctured the seal at the top so it would flow properly, and returned to the bed. Stephanie knew what would be happening so she again reached her fingers back to the sides of her rosebud and pulled it open. Roger inserted the neck of the tube inside her ass and squeezed in a big dollop of the lubrication.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32